Signs He’s Totally Over His Ex (Even if you Think he’s Not) – Women often behave as insecure creatures when they get aware of the past relationship of their spouse. Especially, if a man has recently exited a relationship and has started dating you, it might become very tough for even you to accept the fact that he’s over his ex. This is quite natural as some men use other partners and relationships to get over the past relationships. However, the best part is, you can abolish such insecurities and learn whether he is over his ex in certain ways.

The reason you can effortlessly know whether he is over his ex or not is because relationships have a huge impact on one’s mood, one’s actions and behavior. Also is he’s not over his ex and is trying to hide it, he won’t be able to do it because the negative and suspicious energy will alert you anyway.

So if you are highly mistrustful about him being over his ex, here are certain ways to know if he actually is over his ex. These signs will help you determine that he’s truly and completely over his ex and has the intention to begin a new life with you.


He is Finally Happy and You can Notice it in his Behavior

When a relationship ends, it’s simply hard to deal with the sadness and emptiness that comes along. Especially, when a guy is unable to get over his ex, he’ll always seem sad and apologetic. This is because he simply is unable to erase the memories and is still longing to be in his ex’s company.

Well if your man is nothing like this and seems happy and grateful all the time, it’s time for you to believe that he’s simply over his ex. He will remain happier and grateful because he has understood that he has exited the past relationship because of unhappiness at the first place and now that he’s out of it, he must feel free and novel now. He is also happy that he has found love again in you and is infact grateful for the breakup so don’t let yourself get immersed into insecurities as he is completely over his ex.

He Completely Disconnects from his Ex and Becomes Detached

Communication is the thing which keeps any relationship alive. In fact, communication is very important if you are trying hard to make a relationship work and one of the signs that your man is over his ex is that he has eliminated all forms of communication with his ex.

In the initial stage, it is simple hard to completely cut off all the strings with the person that mattered the most for you but as you understand that the relationship has ended for good, it becomes easy to move away from it. If your man doesn’t communicate with his ex at all and avoids being in contact with his ex in any manner, he has moved on and it’s time for you to move on from this thought too.

He No More Brings her Up in His Conversations, not even Mistakenly!

It is common to spot people talk quite friendly about their loved ones. When a guy is in relationship, he simply can’t resist talking about his girlfriend. This is because he keeps thinking about his girl and can’t simply manage to control when their name comes up. When a guy is still attached to his ex, he will intentionally or unintentionally mention his ex and it is a true reflection of the fact that he isn’t yet over his ex.

However, if your man has completely forgotten his ex, doesn’t bring her name even mistakenly and any conversation about her is disappeared, you need to believe him. He not bringing his ex up doesn’t mean he is avoiding the conversation in front of you but it means that he doesn’t want to waste his energy talking about the one who doesn’t matter to him. He would rather focus on you because he is now willing to begin a new journey with you!

He Gets Rid of All the Memories and Belongings of his Ex

Wee preserve and keep the things gifted by someone special because we desperately want to cherish those memories and because those gifts and people are close to our heart. If your man has thrown all the gifts and memories that belonged to his ex, this clearly states that he doesn’t want to remember anything about his past and wants a fresh start.

When your man is giving up such important memories and gifts, he has completely eliminated his ex from his life as well as from his thoughts so it’s time for you to stop hesitating about his ex and trust him fully!

He Commences a New Relationship (Obviously, with you!)

The biggest sign that he’s over his ex is that he is dating you and is there for you. One cannot move to another steady and happy relationship until he is over his last relationship and now that he is with you, it’s a sign that he has moved on and that too happily. Don’t interpret it as if he needs someone to get over his ex and is using you.

He is done with the relationship he had with his ex and is in search of a better and satisfying relationship and that’s why he is with you expecting all the love and respect. If he tells you being upfront and straight that he is over his ex and surely wants to begin a relationship with you, let these thoughts stay behind and let your relation begin.

He Seems Cheery and Becomes his Previous Self

If you know your man since years and also you know how he was before he broke up with his ex, you might notice that post breakup, he has become his previous self. If you find his friends telling you that he has become a completely new person and has also become a cheery, happy and blissful being with you, he is surely over his ex and has found happiness in you.

Once you get this confirmation and can feel his internal happiness and cheerfulness, he is over his ex and that too for good. It is extremely hard to deal with breakups especially when you are not over your ex and this simply reflects in your behavior. His gladness and delight is a clear indication of his dedication towards you.

He Doesn’t Get Emotional or Regretful about his Past Relationship

When you imagine a person who’s not over his ex what could you possibly notice? A person immersed in tears longing to meet his ex and desperate to get back with his ex. If your man is nothing like this and behaves completely in the opposite way, girl, you need no more signs.

When a guy moves on, he develops a sense of maturity and understanding and knows that the relationship was not helping him and thus has ended. This would simply erase all the pain and sadness and will replace the emotional thoughts with positive and joyful thoughts. If your man doesn’t talk emotionally about his ex and reacts in the way that he is peaceful and happy for himself and his ex, you’ve got with the absolutely correct guy.

He Doesn’t Hesitate in Being Committed and Behaves as you have Him now

When a person is not sure about being in a relationship, he will fear commitment and will often hesitate when you talk about commitment or taking a step ahead. A man who is clear about his decisions and who is completely over his ex will only be able to do this.

If your man loves you delicately and is ready to take your relationship to a new level, he is over his ex and is completely ready to be with you leaving his past behind.   This doesn’t mean that you should rush in and ask him to commit quickly. If it’s a recent break up, let him take his time and discover his new love with you. This will only help you understand each other better and wipe off such insecurities.

He Doesn’t Rush in or Doesn’t Try to Make you Rush In

A man, who has broken up recently and understands the pros and cons of rushing in, would never tell you to commit quickly. He knows that it is important to know each other and take some time before committing.

Generally, the men who are using other women to get over a relationship would insist to jump into a relationship quickly and if your man understands the need of time and offers you enough time and space, he is all aware about how he wants his next relationship and is over his ex. He probably doesn’t even think about his ex and is all set to discover new relationship traits with you.

He Gives Some Mature Signs and Reflects that he is Satisfied with the new Beginning

When a person moves on from a relationship and finally finds peace, he knows that whatever happened happened for a good reason. He understands that it was important to break the relationship for both the partners and move on. When such kind of maturity strikes him, he is probably over his ex and is happy for himself and his ex.

This is a clear sign that he has understood the need and reason for the breakup and is now happy with his new beginnings. So ladies, if you have any doubts and this if he is not over his ex, look for these signs and if you find your man doing all the above things, he’s surely over his ex!