Signs a Guy is Serious in Courting You – Courtship is when a couple takes a step forward and get to know each other with the intention of getting married and thus, this idea might seem a bit conservative to some people. However, just like dating, even courtship can be fun and exciting especially if you are much interested in getting married to your partner.

Courtship can thus be considered as a more serious commitment and willingness to get married. Probably, most men who are willing in courting you also intend to marry you but if you are still skeptical if your guy is serious about you, here are some signs that’ll help you decide. If you are very concerned about your relationship with a guy and want to know if he is serious in courting you, watch out for these signs and you’ll know!

Signs-a Guy-is-Serious-in-Courting-You-Check-These

He Openly Expresses his Feelings

Nothing can be a more prominent sign than he himself, telling it to you. Courtship is something that’s expressed bluntly and if your guy is telling you about his intention and asks you about your feelings, it’s crystal clear that he loves you. Courting is serious than hanging around and going on dates and he probably intends to spend his life with you. So if he has been telling you that he likes you and thinks you are the one, don’t doubt his words.

Not only words, but if you see him doing impressive things for you and if he is expressing his love for you by actions, here’s no way you are going to doubt his intention. If he expresses his feelings directly by actions, cheer up because he is genuinely serious in courting you.

He doesn’t want to see Other Girls

When a man is serious about a girl, he doesn’t look for other girls. If your man stays steer clear of other women and wants to be loyal and faithful to you, take it as a sign. Even if you haven’t still committed to him and are unsure about the decision if he stands by and doesn’t see other girls, it’s because he is very serious about you. He doesn’t look for any alternatives because he doesn’t want any alternative of yours.

This means, he’ll not be on any dating website, he’ll turn down even the most amazing women who come to him and will not see any woman other than you. If he is exclusively honest and faithful, it’s because he has developed the bond with you and loves you enough to be loyal with you. He is committed to you already and doesn’t want anyone else.

He wants to Bond with your Family

When family comes into picture, it’s good to assume that things are getting serious. Courtship is often conducted with the approval of parents but when he starts making extra efforts to bond with your family; it’s time to believe that he is pretty serious about you. You can see him working hard to gain their trust, to entertain them, to serve them with respect and love. When a man falls in love with a woman, he wants to gain the trust and love of her family too.

If he comes to your family trips and dinners, he helps your parents and family do chores or other activities to become a part of the family or if he stays there with you during all your family events, it’s because he loves you and wants to become a part of your family. This is the biggest sign that he is serious about courting you.

He Introduces you to his Family

Courtship is crucial than dating and it’s a step where families get involved. If he is serious about you, he surely wants to show you off to his friends and family members. He is no more in doubt about your relationship and wants to show that you are the one. This is a very significant sign that he is serious about courting you and loves you. He introduces you to the people he is close to, he wants you to bond with his family and it’s great.

If you are skeptical about his decision, this step of his should ensure you that he is quite serious about you. When he starts taking you to his family events, it shows that he sees you as his family member and wants you to play a huge part in his life. His efforts to make you feel like family, is a clear sign.

He’ll Treat you in the Most Amazing way

When a man falls I love, he’ll make his best efforts to make you feel special. It’s obvious for any man to feel this way. He won’t take you for granted, he’ll respect you more than ever, and he will take care of all your necessities and happiness just because he is serious about you and loves you. When a man cares for a woman, he’ll do anything and everything to keep her happy and if your man is doing so, he is an absolute keeper.

If he doesn’t disrespect you and always encourages you, inspires you, offers his support in everything you do, it’s because he loves you and cares for you. Take this as a strong sing that he is serious in courting you. He knows your worth and will treat you nicely.

He is Consistent in Showing his Feelings for you

He won’t be able to hold back his feelings for you when he is serious. He simply wants to show off his love for you. Now that he is serious about you, he wants you and the world to know it. If you are not the one, he won’t wait for you or the right time but if he thinks that you are the one, he won’t stop himself from sharing the true feelings.

If he is very consistent about showing off his feelings and you can think of the time he doesn’t make you feel special, it’s because he is very serious about you and wants you so bad. His consistency in expressing his feelings and in making you feel special is the proof of his affection towards you. If he’s always on time, and is willing to spend time with your family, and does little things all the time to make you feel special, you don’t need more signs!

The makes Future Plans with you

Here’s no pint of discussing the future with someone who isn’t going to be a part of it and if your man has started discussing his future plans with you and his plans also includes you, is because he wants you to be with him in his future. Guys are very specific while talking about their future because they don’t want to give away wrong signals and thus, when your man plans his future with you, it’s because he sees his future with you.

If he brings up his thoughts about his job, his choice of place to settle down, kids etc, is a clear indication that he wants your opinion on these matters and your opinion matters to him. He wants to share his private space with you and is thinking about his future with you. This is probably the biggest signs to notice.

He Opens up in Front of you

A man won’t open up in front of anyone and this is the space where doesn’t let in some random girl. If he opens his heart out in front of you, it’s because he wants to share his space with you. If there’s something that’s bothering him and he comes to you and talks about it, it’s because he trusts you enough and wants your opinion. This is the kind of closeness and attachment you probably want from your spouse and thus, it’s a sign that he is serious about you.

He won’t discuss important things with you if he dint think of you as his ultimate partner. He if lets you in his private space and opens in front of you whenever he feels happy or sad, it’s because he is serious about courting and wants you to be with him. You are no more a stranger to him and by sharing things with you he wants to get even closer.

He Lets you in his Life

When a man is not serious about a woman, he would keep a slight distance from her. He won’t discuss personal things, won’t let her in his private space and won’t involve family. But if he has started to share all the personal things with you, does the things he has never done with any other girl and tries to blend you in his life, it’s because he wants you forever in his life.

These things include talking about his fears, his goals, his past, his family matters and stuff that’s quite personal. He trusts you enough to share everything and is okay with you knowing things about him. Not only physically, but emotionally if he lets you in his life, it’s because he loves you and is very serious about you.