Long nails are always sexy to have. Dressing them with beautiful nail arts will enhance its prettiness. But sometimes having long nails is not possible when you are working on hard things or when you are a home maker where you will be busy working at kitchen most of the time. Your nails may break or cut while you are on manual works. Few ladies might have got brittle nails which are hard to manage when they grow long. Then going with short nails is the only option left with them. Now there is no need of thinking bad for those short nails!

Even these tiny nails can be beautified with these easy tricks. You can be ready for any party, events or occasions without thinking of long nails. Because, your short nails can do it all! If you are a lover of fashion, you can go with multiple nail arts available specially for short cute nails.

Even for your kids you can apply these nail arts. They really get excited to get these charming designs on their cute little nails. Now check here to know how to decorate your short nails for your outfits.

1. Polka Dots

Polka dots are fun to be seen on nails and easy to make. You can vary the size of the dots and the pattern of placing them on the nails. Though this nail art looks awesome, it is the simplest one to design on short nails. Apply any plain nail paint light or dark colored. Take a drop of opposite colored paint on a sheet and using a hairpin or a pen tip create dots over the dried plain nail paint. That’s it!

2. Chic Leopard Print

Leopard print on nails is the trendy art. Specially for short nails, it looks perfect. You can make it with a combination of dark and light colored nail paints. On a plain base color generate different shapes, small and big. Draw outlines using black nail color. You can wear this for night parties with matching attire.

3. Go Monochromatic

Stop worrying about so many styles. When just two colors can create magic on your nails, why to waste time on choosing colors! Yes. Black and white are those pretty basic colors. Using them you can create any number of nail designs for your short nails. Stripes, checks, dots, rays everything looks perfect with monochromatic colors. Try it out for your next outing.

4. Striped Short Nails

The easiest nail art ever is this striped design. It can even be done by the beginners. With two or more colors you can draw horizontal, vertical or slanted line on your tiny nails. It looks simply superb for short nails if you draw horizontal lines which make them look longer than they actually are! It is said to be an effortless nail art. But you should be careful about the thickness of the lines you draw, because thicker lines spoil the beauty of smaller nails.

5. Diced Short Nail Design

Bring out the playful you on your nails. Five sided dice can be drawn on to your short nails to make it look sportive. It is one of those basic nail arts which can be done effortlessly.

Using black and white colors create the dice on your nails. As shown in the image it looks simple and decent and it just needs a very less time to get done.

6. Tiny Shoes Nail Design

Being one of the trendy nail art, it has become popular among the college going girls and youngsters. Though it looks complicated, in practice it can be done by yourself easily in few minutes. Paint your nails with any color completely and paint the tips with white color with little curve. Design white crosses for laces and using black paint pot a curved line in the front with a small gap and dots at the end of laces. Done!

7. Flying Butterfly Short Nail Designs

Who doesn’t praise the beauty of butterflies! In your childhood you would have fascinated about the design and colors or them. Even now we admire the appearance they have got. The same designs can be brought over your tiny nails. You can use multiple colors to get different designs for different occasions.

8. Zebra Stripes Nail Art

Though most of us have never saw how the zebra looks like in real, we all are well known with the unique pattern on its body. You can see zebra stripes on almost every accessory like clothes, carpets, curtains etc. The pattern has remained a popular nail art design too. For long or short nails zebra patterns are commonly used.

9. Chilling Winter Night

Being known as the Christmas season, winter is full of magical snow fall, chilling weather, charming dresses and celebrating the festival out in the nights. The season can be carried on your nails with this nail art.

Dark or navy blue or black background with shining white or snow white nail paint is used for trees, stars and snowfall out there!

10. Yummy Dark Chocolaty Nails

The cuteness of short nails cab be made even luscious with choco nail designs. Just the dark chocolate color is enough to make it. You can even draw the choco bites patterns over the nails. Doughnuts, desserts, candies can also be made using suitable colors to make your nails look more chocolaty!

11. Glittery Short Nails

You don’t need to worry for not having long nails to shine at the parties. Here is this nail art for you to look charming. Using glitters and shiners you can always make your short nails ready to celebrate. Use the shimmer nail paints or you can use nail glue for adhering the glitters over the nails.

12. Blooming Flowers

Make your little nail get best attention when you are out with friends. There are many floral design stickers are available in the market. Else you can follow these steps to create beautiful flowers on your own. Play with the colors to get different patterns and designs. You can also make them to match your attire or hairband. That looks attractive.

13. Go Simple, Go Plain!

When you like to go simple with your attire for any functions, you can always try this simple design. Here you don’t need two or more colors to dress up your nails. Use a single gentle color, may be you can match your dress with that.

Even if it looks simple, it gives the elegant appearance because of its simplicity.

14. Trendy Matte Style

Nowadays matte nail colors have gained the momentum in market as well as fashion. The texture of matte is adorable. You will get addicted for its soothing appearance after using just once. You definitely have to try it out. You can add up different designs and patters for this too rather going plain as in the image.

15.  Match It Up

As you try different dress for different occasions, you can also combine it with the matching nail design. Your dress may have stripes, checks, mix of shades or floral designs etc. Bring the same pattern as on your dress and you will just be surprised with the attraction it gives to your attire.

16.  Rainbow Nails

Rainbow is one of those lovely natural beauties. Create the clear blue sky, the clouds and the rainbow on your kid’s tiny nails for her school day or birthday. She will feel proud of your creativity. Even when you are left out with no other nail arts, you can mix up multiple colors to generate the rainbow colors on your short nails.

17.  Palm Trees On Blue Base

You may remember drawing palm trees during drawing classes in school days and felt how easy to draw them! The same easy pattern can make your nails twinkling. With sky, water or dessert background you can draw these palm trees silhouettes. It looks different in its own way.

18. Wooden Patterned Nails

Sometimes we feel nice to see light or dark brown wooden textured patterns over furniture, clothes etc. The same pattern looks amazing for your nails. It can be considered as the formal and decent nail art ever. It gives you a modish look along with the modern attire. You can always consider the wooden nail art for any events you are going to attend.

19.  Mosaic Nail Designs

Mosaic designs look puzzled but are very easy to make. You can create them using different eye catching colors. You just have to simply draw the lines over the plain base nail paint. Fill up the gaps created between crossed nails using different colors. You will feel yourself as an artist while doing this. It is such a creative nail art.

20. Lovely Hearts

If you are planning for a date with your Boyfriend, bring the love mood on everything around you. Even the tiny nails can join the party with their heartful dress. Yes! Dress up your short nails with hearts. There are many patterns to make hearts and of different colors too. Create the best one for your best moment.

21. Pretty Rhinestone Design

Rhinestones have become important not only for designing clothes, but also nail arts. When you got short nails to be ready for wedding events, this design with rhinestones is perfect. It gives an extraordinary look because of its shiny texture. This is also popular as bridal nail art design nowadays.

22. Sheer Black Nail Design

You may think this design is the difficult one and only can be done by the designer. But practically this is also one of those easy nail arts. The only thing you need to consider is, every color need not to be applied to give opaque texture. If you give single layer with any color, it actually looks transparent. Over that you can make designs with darker colors.

23. Zip Nail Art

This nail art looks extraordinarily unique. Obviously this is one of the recent times nail design. Using stickers of zip shapes you can create this design on your tiny nails. This looks beautiful if you are a college going student and you can definitely be called as a trend setter.

24. News Paper Nail Design

Newspaper nail art design is easy to make using alcohol or water. You have to apply nail paint and dip your nails in water and cover up with newspaper having letters inside and wrap around the nail. Now wipe over the paper smoothly with water using cotton ball. Now you can see the imprints of newspaper over your nails.

25. Melody Musical Notes

If you are a lover or music and going to attend any music concerts, get ready with this melodious nail design. For short nails this nail art looks ideal. It is easy to do as well.

But you need to be careful while designing the notes as they should look perfect as they are in real. You can try different color combinations to make it much more enchanting.

26. Shaded Checks Pattern Design

This pattern is commonly seen on the clothes we wear or the furniture covers. The similar shaded checks design looks fabulous on the short nails. Two may need more than two colors and tapes to create the alternative stripes of colors. Though it is considered as the decent design, it can be made gorgeous using other accessories like rhinestones, shining tapes etc.

27. Chess Board Short Nail Design

short nails look ultimate when they are painted as chess board. The master minds needed to play the game is not needed for creating this simple black and white nail paint design. You should take care of not letting them mix at any stage. It is better to paint one after the other, after one color properly getting dried.

28. Caviar Beads Design

Caviar beads are not so new in the field of fashion and dressing. They even have their space in nail designing. When you feel your short nails are out of fashion and nothing can be done to make them attractive, you can use these tiny caviar beads of same or mixed colors to decorate your nails. You can choose between ornamenting all the nails over few of them.

29. Velvet Layer Over Short Nails

Who doesn’t need a smooth and soft velvety nails! Using crushed velvet powdered nail polish you can effortlessly get this nail design for your short nails. It looks different and gracious over those lovely nails of your kids’ too.

Different colors may be used according to the attire you wear for the occasion.

30. Beetle Nail Design

When you go on finding unique nail arts for your kids’ short nails, you will get this special kind of nail art design. It looks stylish and modish for tiny nails. You yourself can draw this design using just three colors. They are black, red and white. It looks interesting for school going children.

31. French Lace Design

French tip nails have become universal in these days. Everyone likes to go for this simple and artistic nail art rather going for entire nail covered designs. Drawing the lace closer to the tip of nails makes your short nails appear sophisticated. Try this once and you will enjoy having this for every other occasion.

32.  Media Player On Nails

Don’t you feel this nail paint design is the most distinctive one! Instead of having plain nail colors, you can create this simple and thematic nail art. People will definitely feel amazed to see this. When you want yourself to be noticed among the crowd, do this design to match up your casual attire. You will rock over the party!

33.  French Multi-colored Short Nail Design

French manicure is not just restricted for long sharp nails. Your short nails look cute with this artistic nail art. Easy to paint, less time consuming and gives your nails a stunning appearance. What else is needed!

Choose the colors to match your outfit. That is most important when you are planning for official parties. You look decent when everything goes hand in hand.

34. Adorable Hello Kitty

Though we are all grown up, we still fall for the cuteness of cartoons. Hello Kitty is one of those cartoons loved mostly by girls. Even after years we still can see them exist on handbags, pouches, headbands etc. The adorable kitty’s can obviously occupy their place on short nail. You need to have stickers to create kitty’s unless you are good at minute designing.

35.  Lovely Paw Prints

Wow! I can say the cuteness overloaded! This nail art looks lovely. If you are an animal lover and would love to have this paw prints on nails, just go for it. It doesn’t need many accessories. Your time, two colored nail paints and a hairpin will do the work. You have to create paws using pin over the plain nail color base on short nails.

36.  Made for Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the festival of the year. The whole world enjoys the month of December with family, friends, fun and parties. You have lot many options for dress your nails for Christmas. Here you can see the mixed designs. Paint Santa, snowman, candies, deer, stars, cold sky and whatever you feel good for the parties. You can use this design for your kids’ nails as they will enjoy having them when they are with a group of friends.

37.  Play with Colors

This is another effortless nail art design for short nails. You need to spill or spray multi-colors on your nails using water colors and brush. The colors play their magic on your nails. It looks cute over children’s tiny beautiful nails. You give colors to them and let them paint their nails themselves. It makes them feel they are creative.

38.  Strawberry Nail Design Short Nails

Have a delicious fruity nails with this strawberry nail art design. This nail art look like it is just made for short nails. Because of its funky emergence it gives the best impression on you among the crowd. When you are planning for a family trip with kids, all of you can have the same design to maintain uniformity and it really feel amazing for your kids.

39. Lovable Pandas on Short Nails

Try this cute experiment to make your short nails look fantastic. Pandas are the cutest and adorable animals on the earth. Everyone would love to have them closer. You can make your wish true by having them on your nails. All you need to design is black and white nail paints and dotter tool or a pin to draw those tiny eyes, nose and ears.

40. Leaves on Nails

Leaves manicure is not very new. But you can make them look new and trendier by following different ideas of having leaves on your short nails. The color of the leaves need not to be green always as you can draw autumn red or yellow leaves! Yes. Fall leaves create the beautiful atmosphere in the autumn and the same happens over your nails.

41.  Playful Angry Birds Nail Art

When you can’t wave your kids’ mind out of the video games, make them feel contented with this angry birds nail design. It looks colorful and playful for your children. They will also get good impression on their creative mom! Make those short nails interesting by changing cartoon characters often.

42. Classy Bow Nails For Short Nails

It is the time to go professional with those short nails. The bows do the job here. Over the light colored nail paint bring the soft black bows. It can be easily done using a nail art pen or simply with a hairpin. For your official attire this nail art looks elegant. Office is the place where you cannot grow long hairs sometimes because of rules and other times because of heavy work. So this design will suffice your style.

43.  Pinky Ponky Polish For Short Nails

Pink! The favorite color for almost every girl. Even you would have dreamt of wearing a baby pink gown like a Cinderella. The craze of pink is shown on girls nails often. You can see few girls will always wear different shades of pink as nail polish. You can go for different designs mentioned here that you can do using pink nail color for short nails.

44. Scary Owls On Short Nails

Owls are easy to draw using nail polish on short nails. You don’t need any special accessories for making this. It looks best on both youngsters and kids hands. It is one of those funky nail arts. The special look of owls can be made using different colors for the same design or different design using the same colors.

45. Exemplary Ombre Short Nail Art

How beautiful it feels to see the colors merge in in each other. The perfect example is the rainbow. Where you can see the beauty of merged colors. You can’t get an idea how they got blended so well. The same ombre art can be made for your short nails. Apply colors on sponge or cotton keeping them free and now squeeze them and rub over the nails. Here you will achieve this fabulous nail design.

46.  Glittering Half Moon with Yellow Sheet

Who doesn’t love the moon? From kids to elders everyone feel soothing when they see the moon. Using shimmer nail color or glitters you can create the half-moon on your curvy short nails. The glitters will make your nails charming at the parties or wedding events. It is worth keeping a glitter nail polish always in your makeup it. Within minutes you can get ready like a bride.

47. Cutie Rabbit On Short Nails

Most soft and tender animal on the planet we could see and feel is the rabbit. It is sure that your children also would love to feel the cuteness of these rabbits. You can make them enter your short nails using this unique nail art design. Use light and cute colors to develop these beautiful and kind rabbits.

48. Combine Mickey and Minnie On Your Nails

Disney is the home of beautiful and naughty cartoons. They look extraordinary with the bright colored dresses and their unique chic looks. Mickey and Minnie are the most famous fellows of Disney family. Bring that naughty smile of mickey over your children’s short nails and give them a lovable present this holiday.

49.  Smiley Emojis On Nails

Emoticons are being used almost everywhere nowadays. They have gained the trend in this stylish modern era. The appealing smileys are lovely to be seen on your short nails. You are allowed to create some delightful nail designs using these emojis for your casual outings. They keep remembering you to smile.

50. Simple Grids On Short Nails

Checks or grids are so common in the area of fashion and fabrics. Even though they are common, they have not lost their importance even today. You can see grids on almost everything and people still love to see their simple presence. You can create them on your nails effortlessly using just two or three colors. It attracts your surroundings because of its simplicity and sweet look.

51. LOVE for Nails! Love on Nails!

Express your special love to your valentine in a different way this time. Show off your care for their love through your short nails. Write your tiny love letter or create those pretty red hearts on your nails. It can all be done with your love for your loved one using the simple colors and designs. It will definitely give a lovely impression on you.

52. Water Marble For Short Nails Design

Water marbles are another trendy nail art design. It looks awesome for both short and long nails. You will get an unexpected design when your try to create water marble design. Add two to three drops of different colors in a small bowl of water and mix them. They don’t get mixed up with one another. Now place your fingers one by one to catch up those colors. Wipe off the colors applied aside your nails or you can apply oil to your skin beside nails to avoid the colors.

53. Blue Sky on Short Nails

Go along with the season. Get a clear blue sky with lovely clouds and the sun and the rain drops and everything else you could see on the day sky. As you think beautiful about the night sky with those twinkling stars, you should also be proudly love the day sky with the brightest sun and the snowy clouds. Create the heaven on your tiny nails and you will feel lightened up because of its charming color combinations.

54. Birds and Feathers Nail Art Design

Feathers carry the beauty of birds in the sky. Its smooth texture and wonderful shape makes anyone feel astonished. Small brushes need to be used to create these ultra-thin feathers over your short nails. You can even add flying tiny birds to enhance the beauty of your nails. Use black or light colored background to differentiate whether it is a night or day sky.

55. Never Old Tribal Fashion

An ideal nail art design for your short nails is this tribal nail art design. It is no more an old fashioned pattern. Nowadays people would love to see this pattern on their clothes and other accessories. With your time and patience go for this minute and simple nail art design this winter. Better to get it done with a beautician since it has thin curved lines all along the design.

56. 3D Colorful Candy Nail Art Short Nails

Sweet chocolaty nails are done in a minute using super cool multicolored 3D gumballs. You need to just sprinkle them over the nail paint base when it is not dried. Then only it can get glued to the nails. This fake candy nail art makes your kids feel interesting about their nails. The colorful nails look as if they are glued with real choco balls.

57. Giraffe Skin Pattern On Short Nails

Sometimes we feel surprised to see the beautiful patterns on the animals. They got them naturally and we can steal the non-copyrighted designs for our purposes. One of those animal having a special pattern giraffe.

The color and pattern can be created easily over the short nails using yellow and brown color nail paints.

58. Go Clear with Transparent Short Nail Paint

The baby pink color is the real nail color and you can show off your real nails using this clear nail paints available. You can add up some glitters at the tips or bottom of the nails to give them a dazzling appearance. It looks simply superb to wear the transparent nail color always.

59. Rosy 3D Short Nail Art

The rose 3D design is appreciated everywhere. Whether you have short or long nails, the roses brighten up the look of your nails. 3D stickers are available in the shops with different size and colors. You can choose them to match your attire and mood. You can even create using wax or plastic color fluids directly on your nails.

60. Floating Pearl Drops Short Nail Art

Who doesn’t like lovely pearls? Pearls are heart stealing material for women. You may love to wear pearl jewels and dresses with pearls designs. Pearls can even be made present over your short nails. For your snow white long gown this pearly nail design looks astonishing. This is also famous as a bridal nail design. The length of your nails doesn’t matter here. The presence of pearls covers up the entire beauty.

61. Juicy Watermelon on Short Nails

This sunny hot summer, keep yourself cool with this fruity juicy watermelon nail art design. It suits best to your little kids for their holidays mood. Apply dark pink nail polish on plain nails and green nail color for tips.

Use black nail color for dotted texture over the pink layer. Your watermelon short nail art design is done. No extra accessories are needed.

62.  Horror Halloween Short Nail Design

Spider webs, skeletons, skull, blood, mummies, horror and horror everywhere! That’s how a Halloween party happens. Be special and look different among the crowd by this nail art design. It gives a best look when it combines the scary outfit and the mask you use. These designs can be done easily by yourself using horror colors and patterns. Go Crazy! Go Scary! This Halloween.

63. Dripping Blood Halloween Nail Design for Short Nails

A perfect design for Halloween parties is here. It looks as if you are bleeding at your nails. Wear this scary nail design for your short nails for Halloween evening. Follow the shown steps to get red blooding nails. This is an amazing scoopy design which scares your fellow buddies and keep you distinct from others at the horror nights.

64. Zig Zag Pattern Design

Zig zag patterns are commonly seen on fabrics and curtains etc. Since it is easy to draw on short nails, you can consider this as a good choice for your short nails. You can even get zigzag shaped tapes available in the market for applying colors effortlessly over nails. Apply base paint first and paste these zigzag tapes evenly. Now apply another color you like. Remove the tape once colors are dried.

65. Patriotic Short Nail Design

May it be national festivals like independence day or republic day or the international sports matches, the first thought comes to our minds is our tricolor flag.

We will try to show our patriotism by apply in those colors on our foreheads, nails, dress etc. You can easily use the nail colors as in the flag to design your short nails. It brings out the nation lover in you.

66. Dotted Tips Manicure For Short Nails

When you have no design in your mind but want to make them look at least a little different from the plain nails, always remember the dots, which can beautify your short plain nail design in seconds. Having dotted tips for short nails make them look amazing all the times. Though it appears to be simple, it looks gracious when colors which match the attire are used for the dots.

67. Short Cherry Berry Nail Art

Cherries and berries are known for their attractive colors and luscious taste. Make your short nails fruity by applying this nail art design. Small red or pink cherries with green leaves will make your nails look delicious. You can create them using just a hairpin or dotter tool and suitable nail colors. The cherries look good on the light colored base paint.

68. Naughty Crazy Minions Nail Art Design

Minions are so much loved these days by the children. For most of them it is the favorite cartoon. If you are thinking to be loved by your kid for your care for their looks, go for it. Try this naughty minions nail design this vacation. If you also love their presence, you can have them on your nails too.

69. Scattering Light Rays

Ever fascinated about the bright sun rays? And felt lovable to see the rays of rainbow after the rainfall? Why can’t you try to form those rays on your lovely short nails? Yes! Use different shades of a color to create the rays of light on your nails. The rays may emerge from any corner or side of the nails.

70. Sunflower Short Nail Art

No other flower can beat the shine of these sunflowers. With the bright natural yellow color, they prick our eyes with their charm. The beauty of sunflower will definitely get appreciation when you wear this for an event. It can be effortlessly done by yourself at home. You can even try this for your kids’ minute nails.

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