Remove dirt and oil from face: Oily skin isn’t just a skin type but a condition that comes and stays as a package that includes acne, white and blackheads, and a skin that is magnet to dirt, until you roll up your sleeves to combat against it. If you have tried most cosmetic products formulated for oily skin but to no avail, here are some easy peasy methods to get clear, clean and fresh looking skin. After all, your skin deserves to look fabulous and youthful, just like you.

How To (Remove) Get Rid Of Dirt And Oil From Face With Easy Remedies

How To (Remove) Get Rid Of Dirt And Oil From Face With Easy Remedies

#1 Your Skin needs Hydro Treatment

Wash your face at least twice a day with hot water as it will help to break down the oil and detach it from your skin. This water therapy keeps your skin hydrated and helps to repel oil. Use face wash that contains tee tree oil, Neem or other herbs meant for oily skin to keep your skin matte for longer.

#2 Think About a Wet Towel Scrub

Soak a towel in water and squeeze it. Use this wet towel and scrub to clean your skin and remove all the oil and dirt by exerting a little pressure, however, don’t be harsh on skin as it might irritate the acne if any and cause burning sensation.

#3 Smear with Blotting Sheets

Many cosmetic brands offer oil blotting sheets that can be used during the day especially when you are out to wipe your face and unclog the pores. This not only removes the oil sheath from your skin but also prevents pimples and acne. If you do not come across face blotting sheets, you can also use tissue paper, cigarette paper, dryer sheets or disposable toilet seat covers you get handy in offices, hotels and restaurants.

#4 Try Face Cleansing Pads

These are disposable cleansing pads that are convenient to carry and use when you go outdoors. Some cleaning pads contain face toners, astringent, soap while some are dry, meant for only wiping. Choose the one that suits you the most and always carry a small pack in your handbag when you’re on the go.

#5 Splash a Toner

Dab a splash of face toner on a cotton ball or cotton pad and swab your face with it to remove all the oil and dirt, especially after a long day before washing your face with soap. This will give your skin a fresh, healthy feel and will remove all dirt and impurities that might damage your skin.  You can also make your own face toner with apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio.

#6 DIY Face Cleanser

Ever heard diamond cuts diamond? Use 2 parts castor oil and 1 part extra virgin olive oil to wipe your face and remove all excess oil from your skin.

If hot water doesn’t do the trick, this oil combination surely will. You can also add a few drops of lemon or your favorite essential oil for aroma and store this solution in a bottle. Use this cleanser every day, preferably twice daily.

#7 Scrub a Lemon

Slice a lemon and sprinkle salt on it. Rub it on your skin to get rid of dirt and oil from your face. Lemon not only has a cleansing property but is also a lightening agent that can make your skin look refreshed, lighter in tone and oil-free. However, do not overdo this as it might hurt the skin. Once a week should be good.

 #8 Give your Skin some Saline Squirt

Salt is a strong desiccant that can help your skin get rid of excess oil. Make a water and salt solution in a spray bottle with just a spoon of table salt and shake well.

Spray this water on your face (with eyes closed, of course!) once daily and soon you will feel the difference. You can use this solution for a few days, the replace it.

#9 Hide Behind a Clay Masque

Clay masques can help exponentially to reduce the excess oil from the skin, clearing and closing the pores, and hence reducing the risk of acne.

Unlike face cream, a clay masque will tighten the pores and eliminates dead cells and dirt, eventually reducing the oiliness from the skin.

Clay masques work best when mixed in rose water. You can use multani mitti pack, sandalwood pack, red rose clay or dead sea clay for that matter

#10 Treat the Oil the Acidic Way

Vinegar helps in exfoliating your skin and controls the oil on face by restoring the pH balance of the skin due to the acidic nature of vinegar.

White vinegar or apple cider vinegar can be applied to the skin before bedtime with the help of cotton ball or facial pad and should be left on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water before hitting the bed.

#11 Care for some Lemon Juice?

Lemon juice works in a way similar to how vinegar works. It balances the pH level of the sin and controls the hormones responsible for causing skin oiliness.

Apply it to the skin and rinse off after 10 minutes for an oil-free, revitalized and rejuvenated skin. Unlike the lemon scrub, this can be done every night before bedtime to wake up with a fresh, clear and younger looking skin.

#12 A Yummilicious Tomato Masque

Tomatoes can be found in the kitchen everyday of the year. Simply puree a tomato and apply it on your skin like a mask to tighten the open pores and remove excess oil on your face.

Rinse off your face and pat dry after the mask dries up completely. Tomato also has anti-tanning properties and that’s an added advantage.

#13 Scour with Baking soda

We’ve all been using baking soda to wipe clean many household appliances and get rid of grease, stains, to whiten the teeth and what not. Ever thought of using this wonder salt to clean your skin?

Here’s how it’s done- make paste with 2 tsp of baking soda and a few drops of water and apply it to your face. Leave it for 5 minutes and wash off.

This will not only remove all dirt and oil from your skin but also gently exfoliate your skin and remove all dead cells. pH balance? That’s taken care of too.

#14 Let Charcoal Mask absorb the Toxins

If there’s a buzzword for skincare, its activated charcoal. Charcoal mask is a magnet to oil and dirt as it attracts all impurities, pollutants and toxins out of the skin; leaving your skin cleaner, clearer and healthier.

Nothing works more effectively the way activated charcoal does. You can also make your own charcoal mask at home with multani mitti, activated charcoal powder, essential oil preferably tee tree and aloe vera gel.

#15 Fenugreek: the Bitter treatment

This might not sound to be the easiest way, but if you can make a paste with fenugreek leaves and water, leave it on the face overnight and rinse in the morning, you will find a new skin that’s not oily at all, clear of all whiteheads there ever were, clean like never before and glowing like a crystal. Do give this one a shot at least once and you will fall in love with this remedy you won’t even need often.

#16 Gentle Care with Aloe Vera

A lot has been spoken and written about Aloe vera so far and there isn’t probably an ailment that cannot be cured with Aloe Vera.

The probability of it giving you an oil-free skin is just as good as the weekend ahead. White heads? Check. Blackheads? Check. Acne? Check too.

#17 Fruity Facial Cocktail

Treat your skin with fruits like papaya and watermelon to naturally cleanse your skin, revitalize it and find a clean and glowing skin. Simply puree the fruits and apply on the face.

Leave it on till it dried off and rinse with cold water. You will surely become the head turner in the crowd with this fruity facial cocktail and attract a lot of compliments too.

#18 Pick Only Gentle Skin Products

Oily skin is generally sensitive due to its higher acidic nature and it never hurts to remember that sensitivity always needs more care.

Harsh soaps and products that contain high levels of chemicals can cause skin irritability, burning sensation, aggrevate acne and trigger eczema. Use products formulated for sensitive skin, especially when it comes to cleansers and makeup removers.

#19 Give the Sun a Break

Avoid sun exposure to skin and if you must go out in Sun, always use sun protection. Be it in the form of sun block lotions, using a sun umbrella or wrapping a scarf, the more you save your skin from Sun, the less likely is the oil to explode out.

#20 Watch your Diet

Surely, beauty isn’t just skin deep, and you reap what you sow. If you are on an oily, unbalanced diet, expecting an oil-free, clear skin is really too much to ask for.

Watch your diet, exclude fried food, and embrace a healthy, green diet that not only keeps you fit but also keeps your skin in best form.