Believe it or not, losing weight is an elusive thing. You might be losing weight but cannot understand. The same happens for gaining weight as well. Many women complain that in spite of following a healthy and balanced diet and regular working out, they are not being able to lose weight in the way they want. It is evident that something is going wrong somewhere. These loopholes have to be plugged in to get desirable results.

Mentioned below find some real reasons, which are preventing your weight loss in spite of various efforts being made on your end:

Skipping Breakfast

Many people think that skipping breakfast can help in saving from piling of calories. But the interesting fact is that people who take their breakfast regularly and properly tend to lose more weight. So every morning, make sure that you have your breakfast as it kick-starts the process of metabolism in the body.

Also, breakfast should be proper and not anything that you pick up. Breakfast should contain right amounts of protein so that the body gets sustainable energy along with fibers so that you remain full for a long time and hunger pangs are curbed.

Exercising in Empty Stomach

There are many people who start exercising right after they get up in the morning without eating anything. If you are doing this, change the habit right now. Working out in empty stomach leads to the burning of calories from the muscles and not from the fat.

Muscles help in burning more calories than fat. Greater the muscle mass in the body, better it is for weight loss. Eating food before exercising helps the body in avoiding losing muscles. Not only this, the body gets required energy for working out with the food intake.

Drinking Less Water

Drinking water helps in keeping the system hydrated. Moreover, drinking water can help with weight loss too. Drink water before a meal as it will help in encouraging controlling portion of food that you eat. Also try including fruits and vegetables in the diet with high water content.

This helps in filling you up faster and you will eat less in the process. Study reports have found that drinking cold water can help in speeding up the process of metabolism. Cravings for soda, juice and sugary drinks can also be combated with this.

Overeating Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods is highly recommended for maintaining a fit and healthy body. But overheating healthier foods can lead to excess calorie gain. We know that avocados, nuts, olive oil, whole wheat pasta, dark chocolate is all healthy foods. But they are also high in calories.

Overeating healthy foods can lead to increase of calorie intake in the body significantly. While eating healthy foods, it is important to monitor the serving size and the amount of the food so that calorie intake is controlled.

Leaving out Entire Food Groups

Many people make the mistake of leaving out entire food groups. This does not do any good and leads to nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, you will notice that foods which are restricted come with higher cravings. Instead of leaving the whole food group, it is recommended to choose good foods from the group and consume the same.

For instance, do not eliminate all kinds of carbohydrates from the diet. Concentrate on consuming whole grains in the right portions. The extra servings contribute to the waistline and not the foods in total.

Lack of Vegetables in the Diet

When people think of losing weight, they start cutting down on all kinds of foods and these include the useful foods too. Health experts recommend eating minimum 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruits per day.

A diet that is completely based on fruits and vegetables will provide the body with different kinds of nutrients without adding up more calories.

Not only this, fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fiber as well and gives a feeling of staying fuller for long. This directly reduces calorie intake in the body, helping to lose weight effectively.

The Toppings and Condiments in the Foods can be Killing

Don’t all health experts and nutritionists recommend eating a bowl full of salad? Believe it, this is one of the healthiest meals that you can eat. But the place in which we go wrong with salads is adding toppings and condiments to the same.

Nuts, dried fruits, goat cheese, bacon bits, ranch dressing are some of the most popular and favorite toppings that we use in making the bland salad sumptuous. And in a moment, the calorie intake, amount doubles up. Avoid the salad extras as much as possible.

Distractions While Eating

This might sound strange but eating is an activity that should be done with utmost concentration and focus. Most people align their eating time with watching TV or working on the computer or staying glued to the smartphone. These activities might upset the weight-loss goals.

Meals should be taken without any kinds of distractions so that proper connection with the food can be established. This also helps in eating the right portions. Eating while doing something else takes off the mind from the food and one ends up eating more in the process.

Eating while Standing

Have you ever thought that why do we sit and eat? There must be a scientific reason behind the same. Many people have the habit of eating while standing. They take the food plate in hand and stand by the counter in the kitchen or by the fridge and eat.

This neither saves time nor energy; rather it leads to mindless eating and one always ends up eating much more than needed. Designate time for proper meals when you can sit and properly and have the food.

Getting Less Sleep

You have no idea how much importance sleep has for the body. Many people sleep less so that they can manage more time for the workout sessions. But if you intend to lose weight seriously, get the proper amount of sleep daily. To maintain the exercise and workout regimen, you need additional energy.

And sleep deprivation will lead to less amount of energy in the body. Moreover, lack of sleep affects the body’s capability to control appetite and you might end up eating more.

Not Practicing Portion Control

Just eating balanced diet will not be sufficient for losing weight. Portion controlling is also a major thing that needs to be handled with caution. Try using measuring cups and spoons for deciding the right portion sizes. In fact, always keep these spoons and cups handy so that you can measure the portions at all time without feeling lazy about the same.

When the serving sizes are appropriate, the body will give signals that it is full. And the moment that signal comes, drop the knife, spoon and fork and get up from the table. Eating after this will add to extra calories in the body.

Concentrating only on Cardio

Fitness does not come from cardio only. You might sweat it out on the treadmill every day, but never lift a weight. This might be the missing link in the fitness puzzle, which you might have been looking for. Weight lifting is mandatory if you intend to lose weight successfully.

Weight lifting helps in strengthening the joints in the body along with preventing injuries. It also plays a pivotal role in increasing the metabolic rate in the body and helps in building muscle mass as well at the same time. With increased metabolic rate, the body burns fat even after working out is complete and releases energy.

You do not Eat as Required

There is no point in starving for preventing calorie intake in the body. Starving messes up with the metabolic system in the body. Ultimately, when you decide to eat, you end up eating quite a lot. Depriving the body of food will in no way help in weight loss. So eat properly at the right time and in the right amounts for better weight loss results.

Lack of Fitness Motivation

When you see results of weight loss, you get charged up and get motivated. One way to motivate yourself is by wearing clothes that are fitting. This will help in understanding the actual silhouette that you have and you will get an idea of the body image. This will inspire you to lose weight and stay in shape as much as possible. Boost up your motivation and you are sure to get great results.

You are Highly Stressed

Stress leads to incessant weight gain in the body. If you are looking to lose weight, stay away from stress as much as you can. Though this might seem practically impossible, there are ways of keeping stress levels under control. Try implementing them for weight loss. Find time to unwind and relax. Have fun. Indulge in activities that make you happy and you could feel losing weight naturally.

Rectify these things in your life and you would get results from weight loss techniques that you are following.