Reasons why many Women aren’t Getting Married these Days – There are experts everywhere trying to figure out why women are denying getting married these days. We know that there are some solid and ample of reasons apart from marriage being an old school and patriarchal concept. There’s a severe decline in rates of marriage not in a particular area but globally and this states that there are some solid reasons for women to opt out from the entire concept of marriage!

Women always look for men who can offer something they need and can match their caliber. Most of the women look for economically stable, matured and supportive men and when they can’t find such men, they disagree to settle. Most women hope to get married some day if they find the man they need but only if they find the partner they want. Men provided and protected women while women used to take the responsibilities of maintaining a home and taking care of children.

Reasons Why Many Women Aren’t Getting Married These Days

Things have changed now and independent women refuse to play the same role when they are equally capable. Here are some if the reasons women aren’t getting married these days.


Economically Unstable Men

It’s not that marriage is all materialistic. Women still believe in love marriages but it is still a matter of lifetime and women need to have to look at the economic and financial stability of a man.  these days, men have very little to offer when it comes to marriage bargain as women these days are more educated and are employed with high paying jobs. All the sexist comments and predictions are simply drowning with such amazing growth of women.

Traditionally, men are supposed to bring some a lucrative amount as women always tend to suffer from gender pay gap. But when women gets paid more despite of the gender pay gap and men fail to bring home the needed pay check, what’s the point of getting married? Women need a secure and stable life and if a man fails to provide them the life they need, women find it unnecessary to get married.

Women think of Marriage as an Outdated Tradition

Marriage is a tradition that’s followed since thousands of years. Marriages are still set up by families for social and political reasons. Every marriage is not a love marriage as a lot of marriages are set up by families to improve business relations, to maintain the royal status of the family etc. some families even hunt for the women who come from richest families. These traditions are so outdated and women deny following such traditions.

Most of the women consider these traditions unnecessary and don’t want to get into a relationship that takes away everything from them. They have other objectives and feel that marriage is a tradition that would bound them. It’s natural to say that marriage has lost its allure!

Ample of men Still get Intimidated by Successful and Independent Women

Manliness is quite delicate. Men can’t take it when their manliness is attacked in any form. This is the reason that many men get threatened when they have to deal with powerful and super successful women. Women complain that men can be with a woman who have better caliber and are more successful than them. Living with a strong woman makes a man feel inferior and less.

It takes a very confident and matured man to not be intimidated by strong women. Men have to be stronger so that they can admire and support women rather than feeling threatened by them. The controlling and dominant nature of men is uncontrollable for self sufficient women and this is a strong reason they don’t want to get married.

Hookup Culture and Live-in Relationships Exist

Why go for commitment when you have everything you need without committing. There are plentiful of dating apps these days that have made dating more flexible and easy. Within minutes, you can find a partner of your wish without getting stuck in a serious commitment. This kind of hook up culture works perfectly well for women because they don’t have to deal with all the responsibilities that come along with a marriage!

Live in relationships and the hookup culture offers women the independence to live their life on their terms. They are not committed to perform any specific duties or to take responsibilities. They can even share their expenses without a lifelong commitment.

Women have Transformed and will only continue to Emerge

Women used to fight and still are fighting for equality. They want to live their life on their own terms without getting protected by any man. These days, men are suppressed by such independent and strong willed women. Women are transforming into the men they wanted to marry.

Self sustaining, reliant, financially stable, independent and highly respectful. Women can take care of themselves and this is a very basic reason for women to avoid marriages.  When you can give yourself everything you need, you’ll surely find marriage to be a very pointless thing.

Women don’t have to Marry to become Mothers

The society has changed and so are the traditions. Women no longer have to get married if they want children. There are plentiful of adoption centers and some advanced technologies that can provide women with a baby.

Previously, when women wanted to build a family, they had to get married but now, women go for adoption and ivf processes through which they can get pregnant or adopt a child. This is certainly a very convenient option for women who don’t want a committed relationship but want to embrace motherhood. This freedom to become a single mother also has a significant impact on the declining marriage rates.

Because Marriages bulk them with Responsibilities

Gone are the days when women used to spend their time in the kitchens and while cleaning their homes. Now that women have turned independent and have high paying jobs, why should they give up their passion for cleaning their homes and other homely responsibilities? Marriage doesn’t bring any benefit to women and can simply ruin their future.

Men opt for marriages as it is less risky for them but when it comes to a woman, she has to give up everything to deal with the marriage. Women are supposed to take care of the house, take care of her husband, and children once they get married. Her job and her priorities naturally take a back seat. This is the reason why women opt out of marriages and deny to get trapped!

Women Crave Freedom and Independence

It is still inappropriate to tell that women are free and independent. Since years, women have lived their lives on the terms of others and the presence of men in any form has always overshadowed women. Be it the father, brother, husband or a colleague at work. Men always overshadow women by taking decisions for them and by always telling them what to do. Now that it has changed a bit, the women don’t want to get into the same situation again. Women don’t want husbands who control their lives. They want to rely on their strength and want to discover the world!

These days, the percentage of working women has increased globally but still the cultural standards have not changed. Women are still expected to commit their lives to household matters, kids and husband. This is completely unbearable for women ho are passionate about their work. Once they get married, they know that they’ll never be able to live their old live again and thus, they prefer to avoid getting married.

They are Successful enough to not Worry about Financial Stability

As we discussed, previously, men were the providers and protectors for women but this has changed these days. Modern women have something that their mothers and grandmothers dint have; access to education, financial stability, independence and freedom to make choices. Women had to rely on men for their basic needs and that has changed today.

When women are educated, they land on a high paying job. They are become self sufficient and don’t have to rely on others for the basic needs. This is what transforms a helpless and dependent woman into a powerful and independent woman. No more marriage for financial reasons, so no more marriages!

Because Women are Enjoying Singlehood as Never Before

Singlehood comes with plentiful of benefits for women. They can pursue their hobbies and can do anything without worrying about their time! It’s simply not fair for women to get stuck in their homes as housewives and let their wishes and life behind. Being single, allows women to invest their time in something they find productive and interesting.

Women go on holidays, pursue their hobbies, and start their ventures and what not when they have enough caliber and time to do things. Why should they spend their entire life to just fulfill the responsibilities when they have this choice to live their life in a blissful way? There are lesser good men around who can support women, support their dreams and can spend their life without getting intimidated by women!