Reasons To Let Of A Guy Who’s Not Sure About You – Almost every woman has experienced the trauma of being in an irresolute and unfulfilling relationship. More than that, it is hard to let go of a man with whom you are in love and who isn’t sure about you. Sometimes couples jump straight into a relationship but as time passes, the bond starts fading. Also it might happen that one of the partners seem less interested in continuing the relationship.

If you are in such a prejudiced relationship and are feeling that your partner is not sure about you, it’s time to analyze your relationship and say goodbye to the trauma. Even if he’s the best guy you have ever dated or he most handsome looking man, don’t let him take you for granted and hurt you.


Reasons To Let Of A Guy Who’s Not Sure About You

So if you are convinced that he is not sure about you and has mixed feelings, here are the reasons why you should let him go.

1. Because you’ll Regret it Sooner or Later

Life is important and what’s more important is to spend it with someone who loves you, acknowledges your love and is sure about his decisions. You might refrain yourself from breaking up with him thinking that these feelings are temporary, maybe he will change, maybe he needs some time to think etc. However, these are just your reasons to hang on and prevent the relation from breaking.

Now that you know what you need to do, do it. Don’t let yourself suffer because sooner or later you’ll find yourself crying and regretting over the time you wasted on a man who didn’t love you back. So take a step and let go of that man because you deserve way more than regrets.

2. Because you Have to Take a Deeper look at your Future

The person who is not sure about you will also not be able to think about your future together. He probably doesn’t even see your future together and thus, it is better to take a deeper look at the scenario and move on. Especially, if you are serious about the relationship and want to settle down in life, a partner who doesn’t think in the same direction is certainly going to affect your plans negatively.

It is tough to let go, it will simply take some time but letting go is the only option you have to consider. If you are concerned about your future and are willing to settle down with your partner, if you are not sure that your current partner can give you the same commitment, you have to let go of the relationship. After all, you don’t want to be in a relationship with a person who takes you for granted and has commitment issues. Simplify things out and take a step towards a better future.

3. Because he Wants to Breakup but doesn’t have the Courage

There are some people who aren’t good with communication when it comes to relationships. Some men would simply continue their weird behaviour instead of conveying their partner that they are no more into the relationship and want to break up. It might be the case that he is concerned about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt you. But either way, the person who’ll suffer because of this entire situation is you. If he is unable to convey the message to you, you have to do this task for him and break up. If you are aware about his feelings, acknowledge it despite of the resistance you’ll face from within yourself and let him go for your happiness.

If he is not dedicated in the relationship and stays with you as per his convenience, and doesn’t reciprocate your love the way you want, you’ll eventually end up sobbing. So before it’s too late, let him go and get yourself stable. After all, you don’t want to live with a person with whom you can’t even share your feelings.

4. Because the More you Delay it, the More you’ll get Hurt

You’ll definitely get your heart broken when he’ll become sure about his feelings for you and leave without worrying about you. When he will realize that he was wanting to breakup since long and will take a step ahead, he will not think about your feelings because you won’t be able to make him feel the same way for you. Be quicker and you won’t have to get your heart broken from him. This is not a competition but the fact is that if you’ll walk out of the relationship right now, the pain will be less than when he breaks up with you.

While being in a relationship with a person who shies away from accepting and acknowledging it, you are risking your future, your emotions and are being stupid. Don’t let him make you wait and break up with him if you are convinced that he is unsure. It’s better to break up and move on quickly rather than being dumped. You have an opportunity to save yourself from pain and thus, make use of this opportunity.

5. Because there are Plentiful of other men out there

It is foolishness to look for other guys when you have a committed and loving partner but when you are in a troubled relationship that doesn’t make you happy and neither lets you free, think about the world outside. Why waste your life for a person who loves you sometimes and sometimes makes you feel like a stranger? A man who is unsure about you will never ever commit to you whole heartedly. Even if he tries, his insecurities will never let him do it. The best thing for you to do is to move on and find a person who can commit to you and love you the way you want.

Remember, he is not the last person on the earth; you have plentiful of amazing men out there waiting. Everybody deserves a loving and caring person and if you are not getting the love from your partner, you should not hesitate from getting it from someone else who is willing to give you his all. Don’t deprive yourself of a man who is capable of loving you and giving you all the happiness and care you need. A true man wont doubt his decisions; wont question your love and will commit himself to you. If that’s exactly what you want, walk out of the relationship, take your time and find a man is sure about you.

6. Because It is Simple a One Sided Relationship

Nobody wants to be in a one sided relationship because it hurts. If you are constantly assuring yourself that one day he will come back and you guys will fall in love again, you are in a one sided relationship. No matter what issues a person is facing, if he is sure about you, he will never make you feel love deprived. He will deal with all the situations with you. If he constantly avoids you, asks for more time, doesn’t discuss the future with you and acts weirdly when you talk about your relationship, it’s time to understand that probably he doesn’t have the same feelings as you and it has become a one sided relationship.

If he doesn’t prioritize your relationship like you do, if he is unavailable for dates, dinners and outings, if he has started giving excuses to avoid being with you and if he is aloof suddenly, you don’t have to be the one to suffer. If you are the one to stay alone waiting for him and waiting for him to show some basic gestures of love, you are depriving yourself of the love you need. Let him go and start your new life.

7. Because these are Red Flags and False Hopes

As discussed, if your man isn’t behaving the same way he did before, he is not into you anymore and is delaying the breakup just because of his lack of courage. This is a red flag that signifies that your relationship with him isn’t the same anymore. If he is giving reasons for not being with you, not discussing the future, not taking you out with friends, not letting you meet his parents or anything else, it’s because he is not sure about you. He isn’t brave enough to convey his feelings to you and thus, is keeping giving you false hopes. Understand that these false hopes are going to end up in a bigger disaster.

You don’t want to long for the relationship and at the end, feel like a looser. Don’t get your heart broken because if he loves you truly, he won’t keep you waiting for anything. Save yourself form this pain and misery and let him go if you feel that he is constantly giving you false hopes. Be a spot and acknowledge these red flags; move on and give yourself a chance to begin a new fresh life.