Qualities that make you a good woman- We are currently in an era where woman empowerment is finally taken seriously from getting the rights to vote and getting equal basic rights as men. As women we are often treated as an inferior to our male counterpart, we may be weaker in terms of strength, we may not be good at fighting wars, we may not be brave and courageous like soldiers on the battlefield, but we do have our strengths.

We are more understanding, empathetic, kind, and selfless. We women are proud and strong in our beliefs as daughters, sisters, a mother, a grandmother, a wife, and as a friend.

No matter how many rights and equality, we get the qualities that make a good woman will not be influenced by something so small like fundamental rights. Likewise, a woman will not have good conditions just because she is treated as equal to men.

Qualities-That-Make-You A-Good-Woman

There are qualities which makes a good woman which has been so for thousands and thousands of years, if you have these qualities or if you try to inherit these qualities as a woman you are in the focused direction to become a good woman.

Here are the qualities which makes a good woman

A Good Woman Will Understand

Human beings are often misunderstood, and often, conflicts arise and arguments to prove who is right and who is wrong. One of the qualities that often show in a woman is that she is the one to keep calm first and observe the situation. In other words, she tries to understand, and when she does that she often understands.

Yes, a good woman will understand no matter the situation, no matter what circumstances faced, no matter what adversary lies ahead, she will understand. She will understand her parents, her partner, her children, and most of all, she will understand what it means to love and what sacrifices are needed for love.

A Good Woman Has No Time For Petty Jealousies

Women are shown to be a little more protective of their partners than their male counterpart. This is natural, and it shows that you are truly interested in your partner. Jealousies are bound to occur in a relationship, but how you handle that situation determines what kind of person you are. A good woman will never bother herself with petty jealousies. If she feels so, she will not show and just talk to her partner and try to solve the problem together.

A Good Woman is Ambitious

During yester years as children, we wanted to be air hostesses, fashion designers, and most of all, a mother. When we become older, we often forget our dreams, but dreams give us direction and a goal to aim at. A good woman is focused on her goals and dreams and will strive to achieve it. Even a goal that you want to make your family happy is a pretty good, darn ambition. A woman without a dream is often passive, and active women are the ones that shine.

A Good Woman Does Not Try To Change Their Partners

As mentioned before women are the ones that truly know how to love. If a woman loves someone, they will never try to change you the way she wanted to. She will love someone for something which they truly are. In a relationship, days become months and months becomes years and years turn into decades a good woman will love you for what you are no matter what changes there may be.

A Good Woman Knows How to Take Responsibility For Her Actions

Many men often complain about their partners that they are unable to cooperate with their female partners since they always take full responsibility and how it is not fun at all. Even when it is not something that they do, they have to fix it for their partner. A good woman will never let a man take responsibility for her actions. She will never allow such injustice to happen.

She understands that she is held responsible for her actions and that no one is going to take responsibility for her.

A Good Woman Knows How to Have Fun

One of the qualities that make a woman extraordinary is that she knows how to have fun. Having fun can be in all kinds of activities from feeding your children to working in a job. No matter what she does, she is positive and knows how to turn a dull session to a playful and fun time. Even when she is alone with her partner, she knows what topics to talk about and keeps it interesting. A good woman will always know how to have fun period.

A Good Woman is Honest 100%

A great quality that all humans should have is honesty. As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy; it is still today and will be for the years to come. Honesty is the key to winning hearts, trust, loyalty, and respect. Honesty does not mean being honest only to others you also have to be honest with yourself. Do not doubt your faith and principles and be honest in everything that you do. Integrity and the truth always persevere.

She Will Not Settle for Less

A good woman will not settle for less than what she deserves. A good woman will know that she has rights, and nobody can abuse her or harass her. She deserves everything which is promised to everyone born into this world be it wealth, family, and children. She is not interested in mere gossips going around and does not talk bad about a person behind their back. She is dignified and strong and will never settle for less than anything she deserves.

Loyalty is Her Greatest Strength

A good woman is loyal to her friends, family, and most importantly, to her husband. Her husband needs her support, and she knows this. She will not betray anyone and will always protect her family. Remaining loyal to those she loves is a woman’s greatest strength and asset. As long as she is loyal others around her will be loyal because she is the greatest inspiration to all those around her.

She Encourages

In a world where many people shoot down other peoples dream and make fun of them, she is the encourager for them. She helps and supports her partner, she helps her children to follow their dreams, and she takes care of her family selflessly.

What does the Bible say?

You can be from any religion and cultural background or even be an atheist; it does not mean that you should neglect the words from the Bible about the qualities of a woman. Some of the conditions that it mentions are praised by many philosophers and non-believers, which means that it is worth believing and following. Here are some of the sayings from the Bible:

• From Proverbs 31 verse 13-15 we got

“She selects wool & flax and works with eager hands.”

She is like the trader boats, bringing her meals from afar. She stays awake while it is still night; she gives food for her family and parts for her female attendants.A good woman takes care of her family and provides food for the family. The closest example you can see is probably your mother. Mothers are wonderful, and no other mom can beat our mom in our perspectives. So good quality of a woman is a woman who provides for her family and prioritizes her family first.

• From Proverbs Chapter 31 verse 20 we got

“She unfolds her arms to the underprivileged and helps the needy.”

A good person feels bad for the weak, a great person tries to help the poor, and an even greater person helps the poor. Just the fact that she is kind enough and is generous to people who are in a smaller or worse situation than her earns her a medal in humanity. A wife that looks down or poorer families and friends will only make you enemies, while a generous woman will give a lot and get tons more in return and give your family true prosperity.

• From Proverbs Chapter 31 verse 10 we got

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.”

A woman with a great character is deserving far more than rubies or diamonds or anything precious in the world. In this society, there are all kinds of a woman, but ones that remain true to themselves and firm in what they believe are the greatest treasures in the world.


A good woman will have almost if not all these qualities which have been mentioned. A bad woman will have none of the above or only one of the qualities. Nobody is perfect, and this is often used as an excuse but remember that there are some qualities which make you the best version of yourself. Take ride being a woman and encourage others more.