Getting your fashion statement right will not be possible without having a pretty nail art design. Achieve a complete rocking appearance with all the fashion gears in-line with your hot and sexy pink colored dress. The perfect manicure will not enhance your appearance until you have it matched or stylishly contrasted with the dress you are wearing for the occasion. If you are out for casual walks a simple nail polish with polka dots will suffice, however, if you are the bride the nail art should reflect the special day and glow with your bridal wear.

From simple to intricate nail arts designs and colors that enhance the look of your bubbly pink outfit are listed in the article below. Let’s gets inspired from them and design your nails with some of the most beautiful nail art styles for a refined and chic look.

Pink And Red Ombre Effect Short Nail Art For Pink Dress

A nail art that glitters gives you a jazzy makeover. Even nails that are short in length can look stunning with a stylish nail design. An ombre nail art looks impressive transitioning from one color to the other. Choose the sponging technique with pink and red nail colors to achieve this simple yet stylish nail design.

Gracious Butterfly Nail Art Design In Pink And Black Hue

Butterflies are cute and beautiful motifs to grace your nails in stylish ways. The color options offered by butterfly nail designs are endless. You can draw this design on both long and short nails. Inject pink and black shades from the color palette to this cool butterfly wing design; these nails will go well with all shades of pink dresses in your wardrobe.

Cute White French Tips With Pink Bow Nail Mani

Acrylic nail art designs look unique. Paint the nails with acrylic nude color. Take a white nail color and create French tips on the nails of desired thickness. Create a cute little bow at the center of the tip in baby pink color. Lastly top it up with a glossy coat for a beautiful nail design.

Embellished Long Pink Nails For Brides

Weddings are special moments when every bride wants to look her best, wants to look flawless and gorgeous. Along with a stylish, awe-worthy dress you need some classy accessories, in-trend makeup, smart nail art and a pair of modern heels. Long nails with white pearly embellishments lend a stunning look to the bride complementing her gorgeous wedding gown.

Classy Red French Tip For Stilettos For Retro Appeal

Red nail color always creates a popping appeal for your appearance. Going bold these days with bright hues is in vogue. If you don’t want to paint your nails all red, French tips are great alternatives. The woman paints her stilettos with V-shaped tips with a delicate gold border against negative spaces.

Elegant Leopard Print Nail Design With Pink Background

Leopard print nail arts are rapidly climbing up the popularity chart. You can add animal prints to your nails in stunning ways. The lady had to match her manicure with her pink dress and thus she painted the base of her nails in pastel pink hue.

The nails are then highlighted with lovely leopard print tips. Pair your outfit with leopard print accessories for fashionable makeover.

Multiple Metal Textured Nail Styles For Pink Outfit

Use a shimmery effect for your nail on the wedding day. Add stylish texture to each nail with beads, metal foils, sequences and more. Textures impart style and variation to nail patterns. Blending them together gives a classy feel. Silver nails go well with pink dresses. Couple dazzling silver accessories and studded sandals to complete the look.

Geometric Nail Design In Pink Color For Gorgeous Appeal

Geometric patterns have their own unique appeal; whether you see them on bed linens, curtains, garments, paintings, tattoos or nails they look awesome. If you want a perfect look pair a geometric printed dress with geometric nail design. You may match or contract the color combinations. Add a dual toned effect for the stripes to add more intensity to your design.

Glittery Purple And Silver Bow Nail Artwork

Women love to wear embellishments. They add charm to their stylish attire and persona. Purple nail color embellished with bows and a sparkly finish look attractive. Purple complements pink dresses well. The heart design created on the French tips give a feel of romance with style-packed look.

Bright Red Rose Nail Design For Almond Shaped Nails

Nails can be shaped in many ways to create the desired looks. Almond shaped nails look elite and chic. To magnify your fashion sense amongst the trendy mob get inspired from this beautiful red rose nail art. The brightness of color injects drama and bold attitude while the rose design adds a hint of freshness and style.

Pink And Grey Nail Pattern For Baby Pink Attire

Baby pink dresses lend a romantic aura to the wearer. Whether you plan on to gear up in a mini skirt or a casual tee baby pink is ideal to set up your mood.

You look cuter with pink and grey nail art with artistic stroke work. Enhance your look with long layered hairdo and subtle pink makeup.

Shocking Pink And Black Accent Nails For Stylish Look

The combination of shocking pink and black nail polish is astonishing. It quite quickly catches your attention. The nails are painted in base colors and the tips are painted with thin criss-cross stripes. This nail art is good to go for picnics, casual dinners, or even some formal meets. You may add rhinestones at nail base for dashing appeal.

Lovely Polka Dot French Nail Work For Women

These nails are perfectly styled for the retro look. The pink base with white polka dots with contrasting green French tips are eye-catching. All you need to get this pretty nails is a doting tool or toothpick, brush, nail paints, and topcoat. Polka dots are eminent for vintage appeal and the catchy green tips are head turners.

Pastel Hued Nail Color And Elegant Design For Pink Gear

Now-a-days, nail art designs have become an integral part of beauty and fashion. A mix and matched nail design and colors lend aesthetic elegance to the nails. Understated colors of white and pink with tint of black and sparkles make you look gentle and fashionable.

Warm Colored Nail Art For Upcoming Summer

This nail art will complement your pretty pink dress for spring and summer. A burst of colors on your nails could never have looked so beautiful. Pair up your beautiful maxi dress with this stunning nail design. You can pick up the colors from the maxi dress. Adding cross pattern in black highlights the pastel nail background.

Beautiful Floral Pattern On French Manicure In Pink

Design your nails with some floral prints for a feminine look. Pink is the color for all women. A pink dress, pink nails, pink lips, rosy cheeks, pink heels and pink accessories make you look girly and stylish.

You will showcase an eye-catching appeal with this pink and white floral nail art for short nails.

Blue Nails With Pink Flower Design For Adorable Look

Another nail art with flowers for young ladies is here. Bright blue shade against pink outfit looks mod. Paint some cute flowers on the nail base and tips and finish the design with topcoat. You might need some practice to get the flowers right. Try same design with red or green, these will also look great on pink outfits.

Metallic Purple Square Nails For Jazzy Appeal

Lend an urbane look to your nails with this awesome metallic nail art. All you have to do is buy a trendy, out of the box nail polish from the metallic color palette. The gorgeous purple sheen leaves you with a jazzy and sexy appeal.

Matte Black Nail Color With Golden Studs For Formal Wear

Black colored nails can be worn with almost any colored outfit. Long nails with matted black polish look plush. This elite idea enhances your appeal even more with the golden specks on the nails. Pair your pink outfit with golden accessories, black handbag and sandals, and pink eye and lip makeup.

Amazing Silver Striped Peach Nails For Pink Dress

Pink dresses range often from baby pink to shocking pink and many shades in between. We have seen different styles of nail art in pink tone to add to your pink dresses, however, orange and peach undertones can give you a classy alternative. Using silver striped pattern gives the accent nail a bit of punch and edge.

Now that you have a fair idea on how to choose nail art designs and nail colors for your pink dress, going out amongst trendsetters will be easier and confident. Do not underrate plain nail colors. They look equally edgy as the funky nail arts.