Leggings are the real deal today and in fashion. Gone are the days when women wore thick and skin hugging denims. Comfort is the order of day! People don’t want to look trendy at the expense of letting go off their comfort so they always try to find ways in which they can look hip yet relaxed, and all thanks to fashion designers who always find new ways of surprising us with different forms of dressing.

Legging is the most commonly used garment today by most women. It is easy to wear, no hassle of zipping up your pants or buckling it, when you are rushing into your busy day, just slip into one of these wonder pants and you are off to create magic.

Many of us wonder how to wear a legging and what can best match up to it. In this column you will find creative ways to match up various garments that go well with leggings, and mind you, they not just look great but are good enough to get people to notice you! Buckle yourself up, and here we go!

Loose Tunic, Paired With Denim Jacket

A loose tunic with a chic denim jacket, wrapped up in a navy shawl is your ideal choice for a black legging! When you are out on that cold winter night and you don’t know how best to make that lasting impression, all you can do is slip in to one of these comfortable looking black leggings, a loose top accompanied by a denim jacket and a navy blue scarf and you can rest assured that you have made many eyeballs pop with those sturdy boots and those beautiful brown hair coiled down your shoulders. You can pair this up with vintage hoops of rusty golden tone, a light peach shade of lip gloss with dull brown eye make up for a deadly party night!

Metallic Short Dress with Black Legging

A metallic short dress with your hair laid down, and a full length legging can make you look like a stylish diva! Wanna steal the show with this gorgeous looking metallic golden dress? Pair it up with a modish legging, high boots and blood red polish.

Everyone likes to be the most desirable woman at any event and get those eye balls rolling. What better way can one do it than to get those dramatic smoky eyes and lustrous long hair to peer at you? Take a Mercer Metallic Michael Kors black wallet; add the right amount of attitude with a dash of extravaganza and create this exuberant look.

Casual Top with an Ankle Length Legging

There are days when you just want to be you! The simple, comfortable, careless and the unpretentious you! You are not trying to impress anyone or appeal to anyone. All you want is to snuggle up in a corner and enjoy the quiet company of lovely friends over a cup of coffee filled with lots of laughter.

In order to have the most pleasant outing with your friends while making sure that you still maintain your persona, wear a brown ankle length legging with a beige loose top and teem it up with rusted gold canvas to add that bold look any man could die for. Don’t forget to leave your hair undone with a light orange lip gloss and some pitch dark mascara and you are on a roll!

Crop Top Teemed with High Waist Legging

Who could have imagined that leggings could go well with the sexy crop top? Fashion experts know no end to finding creative ways of adding meaning to our wardrobe. If you have a high waist legging with a great fit you don’t mind showing off that flat belly with a seductive crop top and an Urban Original backpack.

Keep it casual by wearing it with high-top shoes, blow-dried hair and a pair of hip cooling glasses. When you choose a light colored legging such as peach or pistachio green, pair it with a printed crop top, rubber wrist bands and light make up for the cool summer look, it keeps you looking youthful and outrageously beautiful.

Fitted Leggings with Body Defining Sports Bra

Bored with your regular lycra gym tees and three fourth pants? Don’t fret! There is no dearth of fashion concepts in this world. Hitting the gym requires tremendous encouragement and when you have shed that huge amount of weight you don’t want them hidden behind lousy clothing.

You can flaunt your sultry curves and your unarguable aura for that hot gentleman in the neighborhood while you visit the gym. Pair your printed legging with a smart looking sports bra, work out sneakers and your hair let loose and you can be sure that you have a line of men waiting to be mesmerized by your fashion sense and your pretty locks.

It is not just invigorating to see yourself winning hearts but also patting yourself on the back for all hard work being paid off quite well.

Long Tunics Paired with Leggings and High Heeled Boots

Leggings have been fashionable clothing in the last couple of years. All thanks to global warming, days are getting hotter and clothes are getting shorter and lightweight. Denim pants have been overtaken by light and soft leggings. They are sold in different lengths, prints and different hues.

There are jeggings, leggings with gathers, three fourth leggings and ankle length leggings, each with its own fashion statement. This wonder garment can be worn with absolutely anything and it will still not lose its charm.

Look at the lovely lady in a maroon tunic, brown boots, golden tresses and a black legging. Isn’t she looking gorgeous? There is a fashionista hidden inside every woman; how creative can you get with a legging?

A long tunic is the most comfortable and the trendiest garment that can really light up your world when teemed with a jegging or a cool colored legging. Depending on the tunic you wear your legging can be plain or printed, dark or light. While boots go great with these leggings, don’t miss trying out your stilettos or those high wedges to add a pinch of ruggedness to your look.

Long Dress with Front Slit and a Stunning Legging

When trying to add fashion into your lifestyle, you don’t want to ignore the fashion language of Asia. While high boots, long tunics and crop tops may look phenomenal, nothing can beat the splendid beauty of long dresses and high heels that define Asian women of today.

They dress simple with long braided hair, light makeup, glossy lips and an attitude to die for. They are voluptuous, euphoric and are one among the most impressive fashion experts.

Printed Leggings with Colorful Tops

Have you ever thought what life would be like if fashion sense never graduated from lousy designs and no creativity? Just when we were bored of wearing plain leggings of different colors, we were bombarded with overabundance of printed leggings of different patterns.

We all like to add variety to mundane life, as the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life”. Clothe yourself with a lovely printed legging and a closed neck plain top teemed with long boots or high heels, long neck chains and studded hoops with entwined tresses to give that sensational appearance of a fashion goddess.

Leggings and Mini Skirt- Fashion Revolutionized

Leggings are a versatile garment and one can really explore the kinds of garments that would match with it. There is no limit to your imagination of what you can really do with your plain or printed leggings and the types of occasions you can wear it for.

Be it a casual dinner, camping out with your college mates or just walking into the cold night with your beau, leggings are the best thing one can have in their wardrobe. When you want to look hot yet modest or you are caught in the cold of winter you can pull out one of your leggings to combine it with your mini skirt and short tunics with a shawl wrapped around your neck.

A black legging with a multi colored or a checkered skirt and a black top with a dark colored shawl matching your boots will totally define the kickass fashion girl in you!

The list goes on, it is inexhaustible and there is no right or wrong with fashion. You can wear the queerest outfit but clothe yourself with the right attitude and confidence and you can get yourself to walk out with a dozen people staring at you! Check out these absolutely stunning options mentioned above and tell us what you think. Don’t forget to style your gorgeous tresses and your lovely accessories before you step out of your house for an eventful day. Until our next fashion blog, keep blushing, keep beaming with joy and find the wonder woman inside of you!