When rain is on its way to the earth, it brings up chilly weather, moist surroundings, muddy paths and the dullness in the light. For an outdoor woman, her dressing and the matching assets are always of foremost importance. Specially with rains the choice of even a pity thing matters a lot. May it be a footwear, a shawl or a bag, it all needs to be taken care, might not be much but it is a must. The color of the dress you wear, it’s length, material, the shoes or sandals you wear, the bags you carry, hair do, everything needs to be defined for a rainy day.

A bit of ignorance may spoil your outfit at your workplace, making you uncomfortable for the entire day at work. When you shop specially for rainy season you really have to be aware of a very few important things. As you follow through this article you will be able to figure out what are those significant things you should follow to be cleverer under the rains and also let yourself enjoy the season, without affecting much to yourself. These outfit ideas will not end just with clothes, but every accessory needed.

Knee-Length skirts

Skirts are the favorite attires for most of the girls. Irrespective of age, woman enjoy wearing them. Skirts loving ladies need not to escape from wearing them in rains. Knee length ones are just made for the season!Choosing the one with the right length makes your best choice.

Go with vibrant colors and designs. You can always opt for the one you love from your wardrobe to dress up yourself to look super classy as always. It will sure make you look unique at your office space.

Knee Length Flat Boots

Muddy roads and continuous rainfall may not match with your stilettos or flip-flops. Boots are the one who perfectly matches your outfit. A knee high flat ankle boots will save you from getting spoiled lower legs and pants. Using rubber slippers or shoes are preferred over leather ones to not to spoil them up.

Boots are available with plenty of designs and colors to match any kind of dress you wear at your workplace or shopping etc. You can try out water-resistant boots for their better performance during rainy days.

Waterproof Jackets

Rainproof coats are the must to be kept in your wardrobe to use the one for a rainy day. Be easy with the colors and choose the bright ones to look outstanding during the dark rainy days. Pairing them up with the light colored tops inside will add up to your asset.

Try not to choose very much thicker shirt inside, which makes you look plumpy with a number of clothes. You can wear it on almost everything like jeans, leggings, skirts and many more!

Short & Cute Frocks

Wishing to look cute even in the moist weather is every girls’ dream. Frocks are never meant for kids in the present generation. Every girl loves to be inside frocks at least for once in a while. Going out always with plenty of cloth layers makes a women get bored after few trials.

Frocks are the one to vanish the boredom with their cuteness. Short length frocks are the most beautiful outfit you will ever love. Choosing from vast colors and designs, you can always stand out from the crowd with its beauty. You can also try pairing with tights to avoid the chillness.

Opaque Leggings:

Skinnies looks amazing on an urban girl. Specially during rainy days,the opaque skinnies down the coat makes a perfect match for the outfit. Go with different colors and patterns.

Bright colored leggings looks great in the foggy dull atmosphere. You can pair a legging with a short skirt, knee length tops, frocks, t-shirts and anything else. Being skin tight it keeps you warm and also saves you from the chilling weather outside.

Bright Raincoat

Without sacrificing the fashion in you, you can always go for a bright colored raincoat in the rainy season. The dusky sleepy weather can be turned into something interesting with these bright colors.

They play magic with the other important accessories like umbrella, a sleek bag etc. in the outdoor. You can always be ready for the rain by keeping just a coat for yourself and may be nothing else.

Getting secured from the cold breeze and the tiny droplets, raincoat plays an important role on a moist day.

Platform Sandals

If you are bored of boots and thinking for an alternative for this rainy season, here you go! These platform sandals are the best for a comfortable outdoor outfit. When boots won’t go well at office areas, these sandals make a positive impact around you.

These are stylish and gives elegant appearance for your dressings. Wearing this with stockings looks amazing for the rainy outfit. These sandals appear decent and also cute for any occasion.

Wrap the Scarf

Scarf remains a perfect accessory for the rainy season. As decades passed, scarfs became more and more trendier. Nowadays any outfit is incomplete without a scarf. Wrapping scarves around in different styles adds up the beauty to the dressing for different occasions.

While saving you from the cold, it can also be used as an instant jacket, a turban over your head etc. Being available with beautiful colors, patterns and looks, scarves have covered up every trend within it. It appears to be adorable to out simple with the scarves on rainy days.

Sneaky Loafers

Though rain boots are a must accessory for this season, they can always be replaced with something else. For being rigid and heavy, sometimes you may not feel comfortable with the knee length boots on for the whole day.

These chic platform loafers are something must to try out for the rainy season. With their stylish appearance they add up to your elegance.

Can be matched with skirts or pants to make them look cutest than other types of footwear. You feel much more comfortable with loafers compared to any other types of footwear during the season.

Long Shrugs

To wrap yourself in the chilling weather, you can always choose shrugs for their sheer smooth feel. Unlike jackets these have no hoods and looks very simple on any kind of dress. Rainy days are may not be always cold. When there comes a little gap over the continuous rain, you may feel the warmth under the thick jackets.

Using soft and thin shrugs will suffice for both the needs. You can choose among multiple colors to match your dress for the day. Going for bright colors will be an advice to add on to your bright looks on the dull mood.

Trendy Sweaters

When you think the sweaters are outdated nowadays, you are wrong with your thought! They always have place in a women’s wardrobe. You might have seen your grandma wearing them, your mom wearing and you may also see your child loving to be shrugged inside the sweaters.

So it’s even for you to enjoy its sleekiness. Going parallel with the trend, it has sustained its value in the dressing. You can enjoy the knitted sweaters during rainy days.You feel the real warmth under the sweaters.

Floral Dresses:

Being between the dull atmosphere, the cheerful colors are always welcomed over your outfit. Flowers add a natural look for your outfit. Adding a splash of colors into your dressing, the elegance of your dress will sure be doubled up.

Floral patterns are always a favorite one for ladies. And rather going for flowy long gowns, knee length dresses with floral design will add the awesomeness in the surroundings.

High Rise Jeans

It’s always better to keep yourself away from those long trousers and denims on rainy days. Choose high rise or three-fourth jeans over the long ones. You can avoid yourself getting dirty with the muck and mud on your way.

Being already trendy, they also look formal, getting perfect for the office outfit. Wearing jeans during rainy days are not so advisable, since they take long time to become dry.

Trench Coat:

These trench coats are always popular for their cuteness. Irrespective of the season, you can wear them whenever you wish. But specially for rainy days, the same coats can act as rain coats or jackets.

It looks stylish with a trench coat. Being trendier, it also adds up the formal look to your attire. Trench coats are available in different lengths and colors. You look versatile with the outfit with a trench coat.

Beanie Caps

These beanie caps are the perfect ones to keep yourself warm during rainy season. Without affecting your style and looks, it takes its place in your outfit. Pompom caps are also well known for ladies’ trendy attire.

You look delightful with the caps on rainy days. You can choose the colors and styles to go along with your dressing style. The cute looks of long free hair with the charming cap will always be overwhelmed.

Thin Shirts

Wearing thin and soft shirts inside your jacket, sweater or coat will looks well fitted on you. If you wear heavy clothes underneath, you look bulky and it may not be comfortable for you to move around at your work place.

So avoid using heavy clothing under the coverings. It looks soothing when you wear well fitted dress. Who doesn’t want to show off their curves!

Simple Shorts

Denim shorts are always best for this season. Be it for a picnic or for a shopping, it perfectly matches. Pairing it with a t-shirt or shirt is enough to bring up its darling look.

Enjoying the cool breeze around, you can always be comfortable in these shorts. You can also wear shrugs over them to add up to your accessories.

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are a highly recommended outfit for the rainy season. Rather going with the shorts, full pants, three-fourths always, why don’t you try these pants! They go very casual with any kind of tops and footwear.

Be it for office, parties or shopping, these cropped pants are perfect. Choosing the one with different colors, shades and designs is always up to you, may be according to the occasion you want to attend.

Sweatshirt with Hood

Sweatshirts are a common outfit for the season. They are always useful for the one who is really not ready for the rains. Having hoods attached to it, it saves your hair getting drenched in the rain. Hoodies look playful and absolute for the chilling weather. You are always allowed to wrap yourself with the sweatshirt. It avoids using multiple accessories like jacket, hat, scarf etc.

Turtle Neck Sweaters

This is the season favorite outfit you can think. For the one who likes to be free under the sweater and also avoid the chilled breeze attacks them, this turtle neck sweater is the best one. Being constrained inside the jacket may be irritating sometimes. But these soft sweaters will never hurt your skin. There is no doubt that it looks adorable as your outfit for the rainy season.

Along with all these outfit ideas, another common idea to be added is to use dark clothes. Dark clothes are better compared to light or white dresses for this season because, when you are drenched in the rain it won’t become transparent as it happens with the lighter shades.

Rains are not just connected to the clothing. To add up the elegance to your look you need to use proper makeup, hairdo and other required accessories like handbags are also to be taken care of. Being perfect can be taken over by being comfortable. Always choose something which is comfortable for you for the season to enjoy your choice better.