Outfit Colors That Look Amazing on Darker Skin Tones: Choosing a right dress that compliments your look, depends on many factors such as body type, season and most important of the lot is choosing the right color to complement your skin tone. Color plays a vital role when it comes to choosing your dressing style and one wrong move in choosing a wrong color can ruin your overall look.But choosing the right color for your skin can be a hassling task and it is very difficult for darker skin beauties to pick a color which complements their gorgeous skin tone. The warm undertones present in our skin color makes it little challenging to choose the right color.

Don’t fret; we are here to recommend the best colors which will look amazing on dusky and darker skin beauties. Read on further to know which color is best for your skin tone.

Canary Yellow  Trench Coat Paired with Jeans

Yellow is a great color for dark skinned beauties and highlights the warm undertones of your skin. You can experiment with many shades of yellows such as canary yellow, neon yellow,and mustard yellow. In the image provided above, the model looks gorgeous in canary yellow trench coat paired with denim and matching yellow shoes. You can follow the same tip by pairing the color to instantly brighten your look.

Cobalt Blue Shirt Dress

 Blue is a bold and a gorgeous color which will brighten your look instantly. The color blue comes in various shades such as turquoise, aquamarine, royal blue, navy blue and cobalt blue. You can choose a gorgeous cobalt blue shirt dress paired with statement jewelry pieces to achieve a royal look and to bring out your gorgeous color.

Teal Green Cross Shoulder Dress

You cannot go wrong when choosing the color green as your choice for the dress. Green is primarily a jewel tone and is known to instantly brighten your skin tone. Try to choose darker shades of green, such as emerald green, teal green or embellished greens which will look amazing on your skin. If you are planning to attend a party, you can opt for a gorgeous teal green embellished one shoulder gown like Frieda Pinto which will sure make you look like a million bucks.

Fiery Red Top Paired with White Shorts

Red is a color which is chosen universally by women of all skin tones since it suits everyone. Furthermore, it looks hot and amazing on women who are blessed with darker skin tone. You can choose from a variety of red shades such as fiery red, dark red, light red or red with orange undertones. Pair a red top with white shorts, add a dash of red lips and you are all set to rule the World.

Sheer Strapless Black Gown

Like Red, black is also the first choice for ladies since it looks great on everyone irrespective of their skin tone. Dark skinned beauties can play around with various fabrics in black to achieve their desired look. Moreover, black color camouflages you problematic parts and makes you look slimmer. Like Bipasha, you can choose a sheer black fabric to highlight your skin tone and look like a sexy goddess in it.

Metallic Gold Dress

Metallic gold is an interesting color to experiment with dark skinned beauties. If you are a bit apprehensive about choosing a bright shade of gold you can go for dull shades of gold or better rose gold to achieve a muted effect. Deepika looks stunning in this metallic gold gown with a plunging neckline. If you are still edgy about going in for a full gold look, you can always pair a gold top with a contrasting skirt or a white pant to look amazing.

Hot Pink Top Paired with a Floral Skirt

Ah, the color pink! Which is a favorite color preferred by girls when choosing an outfit? You might be apprehensive to try it out, thinking that it might look very bright on you. On the contrary, hot pink looks beautiful when worn by dark skinned beauties and we challenge that you would be the most attractive woman in the room. You can pair a hot pink top with various colors such as black or white to achieve a sophisticated look.

Purple Shirt with a Metallic Blouse

Purple is considered as a color fit for the royals and suits well for dark skinned beauties. The warm undertone present in the color adds glamour and highlights your tone. You can opt for various shades of violet such as aubergine, dark purple or darker shades of lilac. Furthermore, you can pair a violet full skirt with a metallic blouse to channel your inner princess look.

Neon Orange Skirt with a White Shirt

Orange color imparts a shade of warmth to dusky and dark skinned beauties. The shade orange beautifully highlights your tan and makes your skin glow. You can never go wrong with this color and it is the preferred choice for warm summer days where you can laze around with your friends. You can rock an orange color skirt paired with a white shirt to create your signature look and make everyone envy your color.

White Peplum Top with Jeans

Last but not least, the color white is rightly called as the color of the angels. Look like a dark angel flaunting the color white since it is suitable more for dark skinned angels. White highlights your gorgeous skin tone and imparts a glow to your skin. You can never go wrong with a white top paired with dark jeans to achieve a classy look which will make men swoon over. Add a dash of color pop by wearing bright colored shoes and dark red lips to resemble a sexy angel.

The key to channel your inner fashionista is to always opt for dresses which complement your body shape and your skin complexion. Irrespective of whatever is your skin tone, you have to carry the dress with confidence and graciousness to flaunt your inner diva.

So, what are you waiting for dark skinned beauties? Choose your favorite color among the recommended ones and pair them up optimally to flaunt your inner fashionista and leave your unique mark wherever you go.