Ombre Hair Color Ideas For 2017 – Trendy Ombre Hair Colors For Girls – Hair coloring has become one of the hottest trends around the world since the last few decades. From among them ombre hair dying is something undeniably fascinating and commendable. Ombre hair coloring is a technique which involves shading of hair darker at the roots, getting light gradually towards the ends.

You may also find many women going the other way round; that’s the reverse ombre effect. At some point in life all women have thought about getting the pretty and sexy ombre looks for their hair.

Ombre hair coloring trends are never to go out of vogue so make sure you don’t miss on the hottest ombre hairstyle.

Ombre hair coloring ideas are still evolving taking the hairstyling and coloring segment to the next notch up! The ombre hair coloring styles range from color melt to dip-dyed, balayage to sober, and juxtaposed to subtle with endless color options for a good hair-styling experience.

You may pick your favorite colors and get a bold or subtle makeover to your look. You can go for colorful ombre hairstyle to create a dramatic look at theme parties or vacations. Take a plunge into the list of various amazing ombre hair coloring ideas for 2017 sourced from different beauty blogs, Pinterest and Instagram.

Gorgeous Fading Red Ombre Hair Trend

Ombre hair coloring technique mostly involves faded shading for a gorgeous look. The coloring starts from the deep golden red roots gradually fading to pale pinkish blonde ends. The dying creates a subtle makeover and adds a modish twist to your personality. Curl up your tresses to give a dimension to your looks.

Natural Color Melt Ombre Hair Color For Brunette

If you want to maintain a subtle and natural look for your hair color try this color melt blonde ombre for soft brown hair. The lady has opted for a cute half up half down hair style which is a perfect match for this color effect. The twisted infinity rope braids are tied up with a white bow for a classy look.

Reverse Ombre Hairstyle For Thick Long Tresses

When you have thick long tresses you can style them in various different ways. The reverse ombre follows a different trend; the roots are much lighter gradually getting darker towards the ends. Switch up your look with this out of the box coloring idea from pale whitish blonde to the deep walnut brown ombre.

Choppy Layered Hair With Lilac And Blond Ombre

Create a drastic and noticeable difference in your look with this savvy hairstyle. The choppy layers are side parted to create sleek frontal bangs. The ombre color effect combines dark burgundy violet and deep blonde hues into a stylish hairstyle. The bold look gives us endless possibilities with bright shades creating a high contrast and fashionable look. Combine the hair color with a striking red lip color and smoky eye makeup.

Dreamy Ombre Black To Teal For Straight Long Hair

The ombre teal hue is perfect for gals with naturally dark colored hair. Getting a beautiful contrast with deeper hues of green, blue, brown with black hair is easy. The sleek long hair are left open with a center-part, paired with smoky eye makeup and nude lip color for the perfect dreamy look for all season.

Faded Blend Of Natural Brown And Bright Pink For Beautiful Appeal

Long hair often looks inert without style, color, cut, and dimension. Thus make sure you incorporate some stylish layers – symmetrical or asymmetrical, rocking curls, face framing bangs and a lovely ombre effect to lend you a starburst appearance. The coppery brown roots blend well with the soft peach color at the mid-shaft fading down to a bright pink shade for a beautiful appeal. Doesn’t this color add life to your simple long hair?

Mesmerizing Caramel To Subtle Pink Ombre For 2017

There are many shades from the pink palette which blend into your natural blonde hair without giving much of a contrast. The soft tone of this ombre blend looks pretty and mesmerizing. The ribbon hairdo is not too overwhelming yet is sufficient to grab attention. You may get the same hair done in the colors of your choice – soft mint, lilac, cyan, turquoise, and icy blue – to get a trendy 2017 look.

Vibrant Rainbow Ombre Tresses With Side-Swept Frontal Bangs

If you are obsessed with changing your hair color often but not sure which color to pick, this is the correct picture you have rested your eyes onto. Leave behind the cool image and get your hands on this vibrant rainbow ombre look today. Wear minimal accessories and makeup to let the hair take up the attention.

Effortlessly Cool Dual Toned Ombre For Beautiful Lady

You will surely die for this effortless cool look. Many a time’s mixing two tones from the same color family might seem inimical, but this idea worked with the two tones of browns. The contrasting copper hue blends perfectly with the deep chocolate color to give a complimenting look. The style is a low maintenance hairdo which will stand out in a natural way.

Shimmery Platinum Blonde Ombre Hair Color For Modern Women

Gone are those days when women used to dye their white hair black or brown. Whitening of hair was definitely an inspiration for this ashy blond look. The shimmery platinum blonde or silvery shades add character to your personality while hiding the whitening of hair naturally.

Amazing Black To Crimson Ombre Effect For Short Hair

You can get a rock star like appearance and applauses with this bleeding red ombre hair color. The bold contrasting look will become a head turner when you pair it up with leather and lace-up accents, jazzy accessories and alluring makeup. Iron your shoulder length hair straight for a chic appeal. This look will command attention the moment you walk through the door.

Juxtaposed Ombre Effect For A Trendy Bold Look

Juxtaposed ombre hair coloring is a new addition to the hairstyling scene. The bold color contrast is not for the faint of hearts. The look is best reserved for the courageous and daring fashionista. The dark black roots are colored ombre with bright purple and lilac thereafter for an attention-grabbing look. The pastel lilac tone is well selected to add subtlety to the bright purple color.

Subtle Blonde Caramel Ombre Hair For Everyday Look

Achieve an everyday look with this super cool blonde ombre effect. The deeper shade of blonde hair gradually fades away towards the mid-shaft and finally palest blonde hue embarks the ends. Women who want a stylish sun kissed glow all year round can opt for this casual ombre look.

Deep Chestnut With Honey Blonde Ombre For Glamorous Appeal

What do you think is the finest thing about ombre hairdos? Ombre style allows you to combine two attractive color tones in a seamless fashion. Ombre hairstyling creates a stunning fashion statement with a lively appearance. The deep chestnut hair color melts its way down into a softer honey blonde tone for a gorgeous appeal, rather than the chunky highlights of the past decades.

Passionate Blue Ombre Hairstyles For Chic Appearance

Blue hair dyes can be combined with different natural hair colors. Blue hair come in a variety of shades from the soft pastel tone, icy blue to the electrifying royal blue and charming cyan. The pastel shade of blue is combined with black, blonde and grey hair colors for a dramatically subtle look. Do whatever with your hair; curl up, straighten, or tie in a fine updo, it will just look awesome.

Smoldering Brown To Red Ombre Hair For Refreshing Look

Most women believe that red hair color is meant for the tough hearted and daring women personalities. Traditionally dying your hair red was meant only for the punk rock stars or bikers to get a bold appearance. However, choosing a soft blend of red with darker tints of browns gives you a delicate yet smoldering appearance. The loose layered hairstyle with wavy ends creates a femininity that lends a refreshing look.

Bright Silvery Violet Ombre Hair For A Seamless Look

Such a cute and rocking hair trend can be spotted from a mile away. The pastel ombre look in violet and lavender is perfect for girls who are on the fence for catchy and bright hues locks. This gorgeous hairstyle pairs beautifully with most haircuts, skin tones, and occasion. The lighter color may involve the use of bleach so consult your hairstylist before you go for the next coloring experience.

Fiery Ombre Look For Short Choppy Hair

This summer look hot and fiery with this choppy ombre haired look. Women with short hair find it difficult to try new hairdos, but here is a stunning solution. The messy haircut is highlighted with sunny tones of red, auburn and yellow. The blazing look will look classy, mod and inspiring for others. The look is worth the money you’ve spent.

Striking Yellow Ombre Hair Color For 2017

A striking yellow ombre with dark black roots and tousled wavy hair gives off the quintessential vibe. The gorgeous yellow toned hair is a great choice when summer transitions into breezier fall. Yellow ombre can be worn reverse to give an alternatively chic and stylish look.

Cyan Ombre Highlights For Shoulder Length Black Hair

If you have less voluminous hairline this look is best for you. The center-parted hair is delicately layered and cut short to brim upon your shoulders. Dip-dye those locks with ombre cyan for a lively, fashionable and low maintenance look. Touch up your look with decent jewelry, and light makeup for an exuberant party-like look.

Black To Ash Grey Lowlights For Pretty Ombre Look

The stylish from all over the world have been taken aback with the rising popularity of this color trend. Wondered why grey toned hair also looks so beautiful? It’s the new trend that adds a creative charm to the natural graying of hair. The smoky grey ribbons look fresh and fascinating.

Chocolate Brown To Blonde Ombre Fishtail Pony

This fishtail pony with smart ombre highlights look damn fascinating and elite. It’s a definitely popular back-to-school hair fashion. Transition from brown to blonde is subtle and very elegant. The fishtail braid is most adorable for young girls giving a sporty look.

Short Layered Reverse Ombre Bob Hairstyle

The light to dark ombre hair in pale blonde and magenta look attractive. It’s a carefree look obtained for shorter hair. If you are trying for reverse ombre make sure you have medium or thick hair for best results. Reverse ombre for fine hair emphasizes the fineness around the crown. Thus this style is fun for those gals with voluminous hairline.

Bold Neon Hues For The Trendy Unconventional Look

The long wavy hairs are boosted with bright neon shades, side sweeping bangs that frame your face beautifully.  Style your hair as you want – half updo or open. This is a fresh hair color idea for summer or fall. If you’re one of those unconventional color fans trying thus lime and aqua ombre is a must.

Emerald Green Ombre Hairstyle For Long Wavy Tresses

Green and black dual tone hair is hard to pull off because it may look quite unnatural. However, this can make a guaranteed head turning hairstyle. Young women too adore this quirky hair color because of its trendy fashionable look. Fading darker hair into brighter vibrant shades seems an easy ombre job without looking awkward.

The above article has put together amazing ombre hair coloring styles to inspire your next hairstyling adventure. From the vivid colors to charming hairdos, the combination of ombre effect gives you a mind-blowing makeover. If you are concerned with the chemical dyes for your hair use hair extensions for a glam yet harm-free hairstyling. Get up and get ready for some amazing ombre makeovers gals!