Neck Tattoo Ideas For Girls – 20+ Best Neck Tattoo Designs Ideas For Women – Neck is one of the most beautiful part of women’s body and tattooing the neck is considered feminine and graceful. Neck tattoo also give a sexy appeal to the girls. Neck tattoos are really promising and easily noticeable inks on a woman’s body. Make your neck look beautiful and seductive with some cool neck tattoo designs. Take advice from the experts or follow your own instincts to create marvelous masterpieces over your skin. Getting yourself etched with neck tattoos is awesome but do consider a few factors before you opt your neck for the engraving.

The area around the neck is too little, so smaller sized tattoos are easily placed there. Most fashion seekers go for dainty looking neck tattoos that are wow-worthy. Regardless the space constraints tattoo artists have come up with stunning designs to cover the entire neck.

Take a glimpse of various astounding neck tattoo artworks in today’s article and you’ll surely find chic inspirations for your own tattoo making experience. The look of particular tattoo design is reliant on the pattern, tattoo artist, the finesse in work, and the placement idea. Neck tattoo are easily displayed or hided when one wants to.

Flowers, Mandalas, Geometric shapes, religious signs, wings, dreamcatchers, stars, zodiac symbols, scripts and texts, hearts, musical notes, animals and birds, etc. are a few adorable concepts apt for neck tattoos for women.

Women With Kiss Print Tattoo On For Sexy Look

Inking red lips on the neck is super bold and creative. The hot look is definitely not for women with a faint heart. You need to be sexy, be confident and be daring to flaunt such quirky tattoos for life! The lady has the lip mark on the front neck that’s easily visible and a great head turner. The red lip tattoo art conveys your rebellious and sensual attitude.


Vertical Infinity Love Tattoo At Nape For Women

The infinity symbol or the lemniscates is known to express never-ending nature. The infinity tattoo can be combined with any other motif – roses, anchors, heart, texts and phrases, and much more. The infinity symbol with heart or love etched along the infinity symbol describes eternal, never-ending love. Infinity tattoos can be placed on any body part, but the nape shows it off the best. Style your tattoo in a twisted vertical position for a cute and unique appeal. Women love to etch names of their beloved with this infinity tattoo to show their limitless love towards the person.


Roman Numerical Female Neck Tattoo For Unique Appeal

The American social media star Jordyn Woods sports a cool Roman numeral “XXIII” on her neck to honor the basketball legend, Michael Jordan jersey number 23. Roman numerals were used to mark dates and wealth before the 17th century; however, time has given them a stylish and more innovative look – as Roman Number Tattoos! In the 21st century Roman numerals create an expressive image of one’s artistic and bold character. Inspired from the star model this girl carves her neck with Roman 13 – a number that’s significant in her life!


Angel Wings Side Neck Tattoo For Girls

Angel wings tattoo expands a mystical magnetism and a divine bond of good and evil. Angel wings make really interesting and eye-catching tattoos. Angel wings can be etched as back masterpiece or dainty little ones on the side of neck like this one. Angels are believed to be messenger of God and this adds subtle spirituality in your character. They are many ways in which angel tattoo can be represented – alone or with other insignias. The crossed wings with the angel ring above looks cute and blessed.


Bright Nautical Star Tattoo Art For Simplistic Look

Stars make a cool insignia having cool inking ideas. Nautical stars showcase special patriotism to the oceanic sense and have deep ties with the naval base of United Nation army. The ladies who love to portray the oceanic panache love to flaunt nautical start tattoo designs. In ancient time nautical star was flagged on the skin by sailors and men connected to maritime lifetime. But now, this star has gained widespread popularity amongst women too.


Blue Black Colored Butterfly Tattoo Around The Neck

Butterflies are one of the sweetest and most beautiful elements that women choose to get inked in. Flutter with the butterflies on the side of the neck right up to the earlobe. The delicate creature reminds us the reality of life that we have been born from a simple small cocoon and emerged as beautiful, gorgeous and resplendent animals.

Butterfly tattoos represent change and transformation in life. It symbolizes freedom, femininity, and elegance. You may add as many colors you want to the butterfly tattoos and make the piece as vibrant as possible.


Fashionable Afterlife Sugar Skull Tattoo Art For Women

Sugar skull tattoos are not like the other skeleton and skull tattoos etched for a dramatic and bold appeal. Sugar skull tattoos instead are pleasant and pretty looking. They are used to decorate the graveyards of people who have passed away, especially on the Day of the Dead in Mexican culture. The skulls are beautifully decorated with gems, flowers and injected with bright colors for an appealing look. Sugar skull tattoo designs can be etch on any body part and the options are endless. This sugar skull carved on the woman’s neck has a cute bow sitting on the head with pastel tones against the blacks.


Small Panda Female Neck Tattoo Idea For Girls

Enhance your look chivalrously with this cute and emboldening panda bear. The panda tattoos have a badass creature with a surprisingly loaded allure. The panda on the women’s neck is stuffing on bamboo shoots, which is why most vegetarians want to sport this tattoo style. The panda tattoo is tranquil oriented and charming. The panda bear is often related with quiescence, balance and inner peace. These giants create an overwhelming theme of gentleness and will naturally invite plenty of praises for you.


Pretty Downward Vine Tattoo Design In Black Ink

Vineyard tattoos or vine tattoos do not fall into the mainstream tattoo designs; however, the vine tattoos are alluring and eye-catching when sported on the neckline. The creepy vine tattoos are making their way in the fashion industry as cool tattoos that express evolution, continuation, and so much more in the little skin art. Originally vine tattoos were etched in greens and browns but exceptions are always added for a fun loving experience. These twirling designs are worth trying!


Leo Zodiac Symbol Tattoo For Females

Zodiac symbols are great way to describe your traits. Characteristics of a Leo female are similar in context to those of a lion. This may times the Leo zodiac symbol is teamed up with lion in tattoos. Leo can be paired with sun that symbolizes energy and vitality. Leo tattoos carved on neck define confident, encouraging, loyal, ambitious, and generous individuals ruled by the Sun.


Rihanna’s Brilliant String Of Stars Tattoo Work

Star tattoo designs are quite common amongst men and women. Many celebs, including Rihanna have etched the stylish star tattoo for a fascinating appearance. Rihanna shows off a trail of stars on her neck stretching to the back that looks tasteful and simplistic.

Her tattoo was etched by a tattooist in L.A. The tiny specked stars with different sizes look crazily beautiful and brilliant. Get inspired from the rock star and carve the star tattoo on your neck too.


Sexy Red Side Neck Heart Tattoo Design For Women

Heart tattoo can be etched in different styles to suit individual aesthetics and taste. Each different heart tattoo design has different meaning and significance. The women got her tattooed in red black colored hearts on her neck for a sexy modish look. Hearts represent love, passion, relationship, hope, faith in religion. Mostly inked in red, heart tattoo also have exceptions. Discover the exact expression you want to showcase using heart tattoo designs. The classic heart tops the popularity chart and imparts a sexy look.


Amazing Mandala Neck Tattoo For Awe-Worthy Look

Mandala tattoo were initially drawn as circular or floral designs and are popular amongst women tattoo lovers. The spiritually connected audience love to sport mandala tattoos. The tattoo designs are really magnificent and beautifully crafted on the skin. This awesome neck piece lends an extravagant appeal to the fashionista. Mandala’s never go out of vogue and tattooist come up with stunning alluring designs meant to grab appreciations. The central flower with geometric linkages around creates a swoon-worthy bold look around the neck.


Cute Angel Winged Footprint Tattoo Art On Back Of Neck

You have seen a stylish crossed angel wing tattoo design behind the ears above; this is yet another wing pattern that will leave you mesmerized and feel delighted. The twist here is that the wings are coupled with two little footprints and the angel ring is above the footmarks. The dainty tattoo looks quite minimalistic but has a powerful impact on the viewers. This tattoo can be sported to mark the birth of your child and may be etched along with the date of birth.


Illusionary Spiral Motif Tattoo Work On Women’s Neck

Spiral formations are seen in many natural phenomenon’s and creatures like the mollusk shells, DNA molecules, fingerprints, tornadoes and whirlpools, galaxies, etc. Tough it looks simple the spiral designs are quite complex and illusionary. Spirals represent vitality, predictability, recurring development, and inability to change. Thus these spiral tattoos may symbolize seasons, phases of growth, life and death. The illusionary spiral tat on the women’s neck looks calm, reasonable, realistic and damn fascinating. You can add a single spiral, increase or decrease its size according to wearer’s preference.


Striking One Eye Tattoo Art On Nape Of Girl

The eye tattoo designs are quire striking and have a unique weightage symbolically. Eye tattoo can be really intriguing and is worn by individuals of both sexes. There are so many cool variations of the eye tattoo; some like to sport the real eye – one or both, some women like the Eye of Horus, or some cartoonist versions to create humor. While getting the eye tattoo do consider what does it really represents or mean to you.


Inverted Watercolor Triangle For Attractive Appeal

Triangle is the simplest form of shape. It has a cute look with deep underlying meaning. A triangle is believed to have three angles representing the trinities, especially in Christianity. Christians use the triangle to symbolize holy trinity; the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. The triangle facing downwards represents femininity, passivity, and motherhood. The watercolor triangle tattoo shows the relation between art, creativity and simplicity. The tattoo on the nape adds style and allure to the fashionista.


Petite Tree Tattoo Design Etched On Women’s Neck

The tree of life represents growth, immortality, eternity, wisdom, knowledge, protection, strength, forgiveness and salvation. In short tree tattoo designs mean everything to women. Many of the tree tattoos are shown with roots and branches intertwined together to form the circle of life. The simple bold black tree without leaves may also signify autumn. Women may opt for tattoos of different species of trees like the palm tree, pine tree, willow tree, cherry tree, dead tree or bonsai tree for chic and stylish look.


Black Crescent Moon Tattoo Art For Women

Getting moon tattoos is worth awe for many women. Crescent moon or the half moon occurs while the moon is waxing or waning its phases in the lunar cycle. The moon is known to secretly bring out the hidden power in us. Moon tattoos show great connectivity with women and adds wow to her pure character. This life-affirming symbol is always changing its shape and so does our lives. Brilliantly express your dark and baffling nature with crescent moon tattoo on the neck.


Artistic Dragon Tattoo Art On Neck For Beautiful Women

Dragon tattoos are very attractive, bold and alluring when etched on women’s neck. The artistic dragon tats have different meaning according to different cultures. A few state that dragons are a symbol of vitality, longevity, wisdom and strength while some others call them as bad omens and greedy in nature. Women tattooing her with dragon tattoos very well know what they want to express. The fiery big creature on your neck looks breathtaking.


Little Birds Tattoo On Collar Bone For Adorable Look

Bird tattoo are common amongst women. They look chirpy and have some meaningful attributes associated with them. Birds of different species have vivid array of significance attached to them. Leaving the meaning of this tat for the wearer to describe, we just awe at the adorable design on the collar bone.


Paw Print Neck Tattoo For Cute Look

Paw print tattoos are very adorable and loved greatly by women. Paw prints designate movement showing the forward progression in life. Paw prints can also be sported to show your love towards the pet. Some paw tattoos that of wolf or lion may signify strength and power. Let the meaning be any of these, the paw tattoo on the side of neck looks elegant and cute. Black paws are classic for tats however, colors can be inject to get in more artsy look.


Beautiful Om Tattoo For Devotional Appeal

Its incredible how one spiritual symbol can tumble out so many meanings of devotion and spirituality? The Om or Aum symbol is the sound of life, especially enchanted by the Hindus. However, many researchers believe that emitting the aaaaaaauuuuuuummmmm sound from deep within you vocals is equivalent to mimicking the harmonious sound of creation. The divine call creates a devotional look when carved as tattoos on the neck. The curvy symbol in itself looks so captivating!


Colorful Dragonfly Tattoo On Collar Bone For Stylish Appeal

Tattoo artist have transformed each and every creature on the Earth and Universe, whether cute or fierce, into smart tattoo works that steal the aesthetic meaning of beauty. The collar bone is permanently inked in dragonfly tattoo to express fertility, transformation, swiftness, happiness and brightness. The vibrant looking creature is delicate and expresses femininity in abundance. The dragonfly tattoo is related to symbol of positivity and the capability to face hardships of life.


Chinese Symbols Tattoo Work On Neck For Women

Chinese characters are quite impressive and look gracious when sported on the neck. Remember to check what each of them means before you actually go ahead and ink them permanently. They are very unique and mysterious prints thus suitable for tattooing. Westerners adore such tattoos, but they can be a nightmare if done incorrectly. Make sure you get the characters translated from reliable sources before you opt tattooing those iconic art forms.


Date Tattoo Carved On Neck For Creative Appeal

Date tattoos are one of the most sought-after tattoos in the world of tattoos. These are very specific form of tattoos that are etched in remembrance of a special event or occasion you’ll want to remember for lifetime. Date tattoos can be inked in roman numerals or decimal numbers.

Both look minimalist and yet have powerful impact on one’s life. The date can represent birthdays, anniversaries or any such memorable day in your life.


Maori Neck Tattoos For Women For Fab Look

Indigenous to New Zealand, the Maori tattooing body arts are also known as moko. This artwork is considered as highly sacred in the tribal people of New Zealand. The body art originally was carved on the face and head, the designs being a wonderful blend of curves and spiral patterns. Maori tattooing was highly ritualized and revered beginning at the adolescence. Modern people are inserting different motifs to the traditional moko and creating fabulous form of body arts.


Black Inked Dreamcatcher Tattoos On Nape

A simple sketch of feathered dreamcatcher tattoo on the neck looks delightful. As you all know dreamcatchers are believed to filter out bad dreams and let only the good ones enter your sleep. The feathers hanging from the web are light and airy and twitch with passing of every good dream. The dreamcatcher lends you all the positivity required. That is why these stylish tattoos are highly desired by women across the globe. Introducing colors can enhance the look of a dreamcatcher tattoos.


Evergreen Pine Tattoo On Her Neck For Awesome Look

Pine tree tattoos are famous amongst individuals of both genders and all ages. Many cultures have associated trees with life and fertility. Our lives can be indigenously defined by the trees, as it goes through the phases of growth, survival and eventually destruction. Pine trees are evergreen tress that provides shelter and freshness to the surrounding. Getting the pine tattoo done in shades of green would look awesome.


Unique Barcode Tattoo Art On Nape For Girls

Barcode tattoos itemize things and are getting attention in the current trend. Barcodes are one dimensional symbols characterized by varying the widths of parallel lines and the spacing between two lines. The lady wears this black barcode tattoo with a message below the symbol. The message clearly states ‘INDIVIDUAL’ in capital black fonts. The woman here wants the society to respect her individuality and character as she is. What a lovely message!


Having covered a few possible designs for neck tattoos there are yet many ideas under the realms of tattoo fashion. The tattoo wearer can put up anything and everything on their neck as long as it suits her personality and looks stunningly captivating.

You can choose any spot on the neck, for example, the front, the nape, behind the ears, and on the collar bone to sport some exclusive tattoo motifs. Steal the style from celebs like Rihanna, Jordyn Woods, Britney Spears, Jessica

Alba and many more who have carved their necks with attractive tattoos. Get cheered and inspired with these awesome neck tattoo ideas and carve one of those at the earliest. Let your friends envy your modern fashionista look!