Natural ways to remove hair from stomach permanently- Did you know that in the entire dictionary of beauty and its entire list of dos and don’ts, what is considered extremely crass and ugly…? That’s right…. Hair on the tummy. That ugly stubble on your belly that makes you want to hide your stomach forever.

Furthermore, what is more  irritating is seeing someone flaunt an amazing cropped top but guess what, you can spot ugly hair growth on the tummy, and nothing is more off-putting than that, right? So what do you do….?

You’re not a fan of the ultra-modern sophisticated procedures dermatologists tend to advice their patients with. You don’t want to try laser or even cold wax simply because you’re petrified of them or you have your own reasons to say a firm ‘no’. No worries! There are quite a few home remedies that can tackle this nagging woe quite easily. So stay glued to your seat and read on all about how to remove those horrid belly hair.


History States:

In the olden eras, several cultures removed body hair for fashion, religious and cultural reasons. But the bottom line to the reasoning behind it was simply cleanliness. A hairless body looks so much better than one covered with hair, right?

Also many places in the olden days had a problem with louse infestation so to avoid lice creeping all across your body, they shaved off their body hair.

At that time, the ways and means they used were mostly home remedies and perhaps an early form of something that looked like a shaver which must have been extremely painful or caramelized sugar that must have been extremely messy.

Belly Up

There are many men and women who do have hair on their tummy so it isn’t ready a huge issue if you too fall in the same gang. But yes, it really doesn’t look too good. So what does one do to remove these tummy eye sores? Let start with the no no’s…

Avoid Shaving:

Well, most people tend to grab their razors and give those ugly stubs of hair a good go. Hold your horses please… Unfortunately, when you start shaving, you’ll have to keep doing that and your tummy may just end up feel like a grisly beard. This is rather uncouth and definitely not advisable.

Deadly Depilatories:

These come in the form of creams, gels and lotions which are easily available on the counter at any chemist. But the problem is the same… these creams, gels and lotions reach just the surface hair so the results may be great for perhaps a little over a week but beyond that, you’ll have those ugly belly hair growth back where it shouldn’t have belonged. So this again is a big NO.

Scary Waxing:

There’s something that’s really sadistic about waxing belly hair. It’s an extremely painful and quite a tedious and a messy affair. But then again, it doesn’t really work too well for too long. So the answer lies definitely on other sources.

Laser, Not Perhaps!

We can also talk about one of the most popular procedures that every beautician advices their clients to go through – laser. But since we are more interested in home remedies for belly hair, let’s skip this completely. You’ll not only save money but also, stay guilt free for not spending too much on belly hair.

Let’s Talk About Simple & Effective:

So let’s spotlight some very simple and effective ways to get rid of belly hair. There is a myth, by the way, that only men have belly hair, women too tend to have these embarrassing ugly strands of hair on their stomach which comes in the way of them flaunting their favorite cropped tops and fashionable low hip shorts. This for women are no short of a major woe. But like all problems, this unwieldy woe too has a solution.

Home Remedies To Remove Hair From Stomach Permanently

Well, most people tend to trust home remedies simply because it’s been done by generations before them and they have been proven successful. Also, they are much cheaper.


This is a traditional way that has been going on over the ages. It’s actually rather simple and very akin to our modern day waxing. However, it is painful and has the same side-effects as waxing.

Talk About Papayas:

Papayas are not only rich in vitamins, they are also great as a home remedy for various ailments including belly hair. You can start with the raw papaya solution. This is essentially pretty easy. All you have to do is grind raw papaya finely with raw milk and a pinch of turmeric until it is a smooth paste.

Apply this paste opposite to the direction of your tummy hair growth just like the way you do it in waxing. Then make sure it has time to dry. The drying process will take about 20 minutes. After that, use your hand to rub off the paste from your tummy.

You’ll notice the hair too will be coming out along with the paste. With regular use, the hair growth on the tummy too will thin. This way, the solution for belly hair is definitely better. It’s cheaper and also works pretty effectively without any side-effects.

Of course, as we all know papayas are very good as home remedies and this way, by rubbing it off your tummy, it works wonders for the skin quality too.

Turmeric Time:

The use of turmeric is age old and even the ancient eras used to swear by the magical qualities of the golden yellow turmeric. This wonder herb is excellent for medicinal purposes and is also effective for the removal of belly hair. If you note the hair on the belly is short and stubby, too stubborn for it to be taken out properly by other means.

But by using turmeric along with a little honey and milk, this beauty problem is tackled extremely well. What you have to do is get the proportions proper. In this case, make a paste of ground three turmeric roots with two teaspoons of milk and one of honey.

Mix this extremely well until it looks like a fine mix. Apply all over your belly and rest for twenty minutes. After that, you’ll find that the turmeric paste has dried and sits like a coating on top of your belly. Rub it gently off your tummy with your hands. After which, rinse your tummy off the paste.

You can also put a little soap to remove the tinge of yellow. You’ll find that along with the stubborn belly hair removed, your skin too looks very bright and smooth. Honestly, this is something many home grown beauty parlours swear by and it is actually pretty effective.

In fact, over time, you’ll find that not only has the belly hair reduced, your skin too looks really very nice and smooth. So go ahead and bring out those happy summer tops and flaunt your belly like never before. The magic of turmeric has done the trick, so might as well show off your tummy like never before.

The Elixir Called Lemon Sugar and Honey:

 Have you heard of this magical potion that has been used over generations to remove belly hair? If not, let’s tell you more about the magic of lemon sugar and honey mix. If you have a look at some of the herbal scrubs, check out the ingredients in it.

You’ll find that it always has the ingredients of lemon, sugar and honey as these three alpha plus products ace up beauty treatments. What you have to do is simple. Mix half a lime in six teaspoons of sugar and one spoon of honey. Stir it well. This incidentally is a natural wax too.

Apply all over the belly in the opposite direction of the hair. Sugar is sticky so will glue the hair together while honey presses it further and the lemon helps to remove it from the root. Wait for this to dry again for twenty minutes after which take a waxing strip and pull the hair out.

This is actually quite painless so you won’t feel as if you are in a torture chamber. Also over time, you’ll find that you’ll have an incredible hair free tummy. Try it, this is really effective.

Egg Works:

Okay, this may be a little smelly and messy but it is equally effective. You can use the white of the egg, mix it with two teaspoons of cornflower and a teaspoon sugar. Swirl it a bit like you would do for a cake mix. Let it rest for five minutes.

After which apply it on your belly and rest a bit for about twenty minutes. The egg mixture too is pretty sticky and so the hair is caught into the mix. After twenty minutes when it is completely dry, rinse it off with hot water. Pat yourself dry with a clean towel and guess what, you’ll find that the belly hair has been completely removed.

In fact, this also helps in thinning the hair so that over time and after using this procedure several times, belly hair will be non-existent in your dictionary. How’s that for an effective home remedy?

Chick Pea Flour Wonders:

This is every housewife’s special ingredient. In fact, no beauty home remedy treatment is complete without this magical chick pea flour. It may look ordinary but don’t underestimate the benefits of this flour. What you have to do is take two big spoons of chick pea flour, add one teaspoon milk to it and a pinch of turmeric to it.

Turmeric has antiseptic qualities while milk is an all-time healer. The chick pea flour is excellent for the skin. Anyway what you have to do next is apply it smoothly and evenly over your belly. Don’t do it haphazardly, take your time, and make sure it’s put evenly.

Wait till it dries off. This will take perhaps twenty minutes, and then either rub it off with your hands gently or rinse it off with cold or lukewarm water. Once this is done, pat dry with a clean towel and then look at your tummy. It will be clear of all tummy hair.

Not only that, your skin will look smooth, fair and glow. So if it is a nice summer morning, grab your bikini and rush to the pool. Now you really have nothing to hide yourself for, after all your skin especially on your belly is smooth and happy.

Fruity Banana Oatmeal Deal:

Nothing is as fruity as a banana mix. But hey, don’t think of the poor little banana fruit as ordinary. This ordinary fruit has extraordinary powers more so when you mix it up with a major ingredient like oatmeal. So are you still sceptical and question whether this banana fruit can actually remove belly hair?

Well, it can… simply because the mix is extremely sticky and as you know by now, the stickier the ingredient, the better it is for hair removal as the hair gets trapped in all the stickiness and comes out properly. What you have to do is get a ripe banana.

Mash it up well until it is smooth and then add two teaspoons of oatmeal into it. Stir well until the paste is even. Then apply it smoothly over the entire tummy. Wait till it dries. Be warned because the banana is really sticky, it may be slightly uncomfortable but the end result is definitely worth it. Wait for twenty minutes or so. You can feel your tummy to see if the paste has dried evenly.

Wash off with warm water. Make sure it’s thoroughly clean and then pat dry with a lean towel. You’ll find that the result is almost miraculous. Your tummy will be totally clean of all the ugly belly hair, and over time, it can even stop the hair from growing permanently, leaving your tummy glowing. Isn’t this a super way to get rid of belly hair?