Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women – Designer Nail Designs You Will Love A Lot – As the years passes, as the seasons change, the trends in fashion will also change. You can never guess what comes when as a sparkling star in the area of fashion. You can see something very unique and new things appear suddenly and become so popular. Same way sometimes what you think got outdated can comeback with new feathers and steal its lost space in fashion. All these things happen even with nail art designs what you may think covers a smaller space and can be neglected. They are enough to show off your mood and creativity wherever you go.

Trends set new phases every time. You can see dull colors creating wonders and sometimes bright colors cover everything without making your outfit much boring. Choose the style which suits you, may be your skin complex, nature of your skin and your interest.

Here you have modish nail art designs to go with this year. You may feel some designs are dull, but wear them for a perfect occasion, you will definitely fall in love with the design.

Black Tribal Polka Dots Nail Art Design

Polka dots are the first choice for a passionate nail art designer. They can create wonders on the nails, when they are used in different designs or patterns. Same way tribal nail art design is another popular design which gained its popularity because of its decent and clean miniature art.

You try combining the two most famous nail art designs to get this one. It is left to you to decide the base colors and the patterns. Try different colors and designs for different occasions if you love to wear this nail art always.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women

Transparent Nail Art Design

Sheer nails are amazing to look. It makes someone feel curious about your nails when they see it for the first time. Be happy to let them know about your special nail art design. There is nothing much needed to get this design except a simple trick or using your usual nail paints. Apply them over your nails in a single layer in such a way to not make it look opaque. That’s all! Your transparent nails are ready to be popular among your peers.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -2

Valentine French Nail Design

You are a French fashion lover and worried what to wear for a special evening of Valentine’s day! Here is a great idea. Never miss to have those red hearts but still there is a lot of space to appear as French nails. Dress up your nail tips using white or black or any color you wish or your dress matches and draw a red line at the intersection. Make two tiny hears scatter over your nail base. It looks very simple and lovable. It is sure that your Valentine will love to see this on you.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -3

Autumn Nail Art Design

Autumn is a soothing season with lovely weather. In this freezing weather deciduous leaves starts falling off the trees to survive the temperature. Nature has its own beauty everything it does. The fall leaves create a beautiful mood across the people. Bring on the autumn mood on your nails using this nail art design. You can just concentrate on creating leaves only or drawing the whole tree as shown in the image also works well. Maroon, yellow, red and orange are the colors of autumn. Have them and get a pleasant look.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -4

Scary Snake Pattern for Long Nails

Snakes have a fabulous pattern over their skin. Though we feel scared to touch them, try once to see them closely to enjoy the look of their skin.
For your long nails you can bring those snake flake design using this design. You need to be careful about choosing the proper colors here.

Apply a layer with black nail paint. Use a mesh having rhombus shaped openings for applying glittery green paint. You will have a pattern not exactly as the snake’s, but surely it will be close enough to reflect the snake pattern on your nails.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -5

Trendy Tribal Nail Art Design

Tribal nail art design is a cool and trendy design. It goes well with both long and short nails. You will be loved to have those well-defined nails as a part of your outfit. It needs to be created with utmost care and perfectness. Better you get it done by a designer to not lose its pleasant look. It is also one of the adorable winter nail art designs. You can create the same pattern your sweaters have on your lovely nails. It completes your look for this chilling winter.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -6

Juicy Watermelon Nail Art Design

After winter summer will surely come. You can’t always wish to enjoy the chillness around you. But you can even be cool in the summer because of this fruity nail art design. Water melon is a lifesaving fruit and food in the hot summer days. Our mouths start watering when we hear the name watermelon in the warm days. Create the colorful watermelon on your nails using green, white, pink and black nail paints. You can decide between having the fruit cover, pulp or both. You can see the mixture of both cover and pulp or watermelon in the image. It is easy to create both.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -7

Honeybee Nail Art Design

Yummy! Honey is the name for yummy taste. We all have wondered how beautifully the honeybees create their unique designed honeycomb and how busily they work to collect the nectar and finally to produce honey for our taste buds. The honeycomb pattern is a famous one in fashion. You can see them on wallets, bags, dresses and many more things. You can design them on your nails along with the bees. Use yellow and orange colors to give a natural look for your honey nails.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -8

Full Moon to New Moon Nail Art

Moon is a forever friend for girls. Trends may change from year to year but the moon is always beautiful and looks awesome every day. The sky looks totally boring without the moon’s glare.
Same thing can be applied for the field of fashion. There is moon on everything you wear, everything you use for furnishing. From kids to old people, moon gives a soft mood and assures to be with them forever.

Create the white moon on your navy blue background. Shape it in a way to see its growth from new moon dat to full moon day or reverse.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -9

Peach Floral, Glitter, Modern Nail Art

When you are confused about choosing a perfect design for your soft nails, keep this as a first option. Peach manicure is loved by most of the women. It is obviously a girl’s color. Being close to the color pink, it totally deflects from it in its appearance. You can never say pink is similar to peach. Draw flowers or geometric patterns or anything you love having peach color base. It looks astonishing for any dress you war for parties. Peach is neither bright not a dull color, hence it can be matched for any outfit and for any occasion.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -10

Healthy Kiwi Nail Design

Don’t know where this fruit was for these many years. Since a decade it has become world famous because of its nutritious component. It is full of proteins which any other fruit doesn’t have. Since it is an imported fruit for many countries, it is known as a costly fruit. But to create them on your nails, it doesn’t take much money or time from you. The seeds in kiwi are tastier. Draw them using a toothpick and black nail paint as in the image. You can go for bright or light green for base paint.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -11

Yummy Mc Donald’s French Nail Art for Short Nails

Short nails are easy to maintain and look cute when they are nude. But when it comes to dress them up, you may get upset thinking you can’t make them look gorgeous as I can be done for long nails. But the fact is, short nails can be made much cuter using proper simple ideas. Here is an idea for your short nails. Do you love French fries and that yummy burger! Draw them on your nails. You need red, yellow, black nail paints which you can see on the Mc. Donald’s restaurant. It is a simple and tasty nail art design. You can make your friends feel wonder to look at your nails at next McD. Party.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -12

Fish Nail Art Design

Fish is another living being which got a distinctive skin. The scales on fish skin looks as if someone have pasted a layer of mother of pearls. So natural it appears.

There are many types of fishes you can see. They differ with color, shape, size and many more. This aqua nail art has not only blue color in it. It also got start fish in it. You can create the shape of scales using stickers. It looks amazing when done by blending light and dark colors. It looks like fishes are moving around your nails.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -13

Trendy Facebook Nail Art Design

Facebook is so addictive! Even in the area of fashion. You can already see how Facebook has acquired every corner of world. The blue colored logo can be seen on ladies bags and few other accessories too. You can take a chance to show off your love for Facebook. Blue is a theme color of Facebook. Have different shades of blue before you start making this design. Not just Facebook logo, you can also use symbols for like, share, tag, message etc. Get almost everything from Facebook page and draw them on your nails to get a trendy nail art design for your short or long nails.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -14

Adorable Pug World Nail Art Design

Because of its smooth texture, cute look and kindness pug has a great place in girls’ lives. Most of the girls would love to own a pug at least once in their lifetime. But once if you start having it, you will definitely get addicted. You can make your pug life reflected on your nails. There are pug stickers available in fashion stores. In addition, you can create the bones shape or anything related to your pug on your nails. It looks so adorable. You can wear this nail design for any event and express your love for pets.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -15

Sharp Pencil Nail Art

Your children will go crazy when they get this pencil nail art. Holidays are over and you need to make your child’s mind for school. Don’t worry! Try this nail art design. You can draw books, cartoons or anything related to their school instead of pencil too. But this pencil looks really lovely. Your children will feel amused to have this design on their tiny nails. Be careful not to make the edge too sharp. It may hurt your kids’ soft fingers. Even adults go crazy for this crazy nail art design. It shows how much we miss our school days.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -16

Night Sky Nail Art Design

Dark night sky is treasury of so many prosperous things like starts, moon, comets etc. It looks as if someone have dressed up the sky with precious jewels.

Even in real nothing can match the beauty of the sky. Shining with all the natural light it gives light to our earth too. The glittering sky is easy to draw on the nails. All you need is a dark blue or black nail color for background and white nail paint for drawing stars. It looks beautiful for both you and your children’s nails. You can add glitters to make it more shining.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -17

Peacock Feathered Nail Art Design

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. Same applies for peacock as well. Nobody in the world can hate peacock. Such a beautiful look it has got from the nature. We all have kept peacock feathers in our books in childhood and waited for that to give birth to another feather. Though it was a fairy tale, whenever we see the feather, we used to get stunned for its glamorous appearance. Peacock feathers make your nails look gorgeous for any grand celebrations. You need to play with the colors properly on your nails to get a perfect peacock feather.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -18

Colorful Nail Art Design

As they say everything is fair in love and war, here we can say every color is fair in fashion and trend! Yes. Nowadays no one discriminates between colors. When it comes to fashion, no color can be neglected. Each of the million colors are important. And also no one cares about how bright or dull the color on their nails look. They want to look trendy! That is the ultimate goal of every youngster. Use vibrant colors. Don’t hesitate to choose brightest colors like yellow, orange, red for coloring your nails. More colored merrier your nails look.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -19

Swoopy Bony Nail Art Design

One of the modern Halloween nail art design is a skeleton nail art design. It looks really formal when the lights are on. You can use radium colors to create those bony designs. When the lights are off or dull at the Halloween parties, your nails look scary. The radium effect makes your nails attractive among the kids and the crowd at evenings. This is one of those unique Halloween designs. You can set a trend by having them this Halloween.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -20

Kiss Nail Art Design

Girls have the lovely lips; guys love those lovely lips. You know how beautiful they look when you color your lips with pink lipsticks.

Pink lips can be drawn on your nails easily. Apply a baby pink or beige color nail base. Over that use pink color nail paint for designing lips. This nail art design is specially made for girls who are ready for valentine evenings. Show off your feminine love this way. It looks fabulous for your modern attire.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -21

Tartaruga Colorful Mosaic Nails

Tartaruga means turtle. You might have seen the rigid turtle cover and wondered how strong it is. And you might have not seen multicolored over them. But here the same mosaic pattern is drawn on your nails with beautiful bright colors. You yourself may feel confused while designing this nail art. Using black nail color paint draw mosaic pattern haphazardly on long or short nails. Start filling them up using different colors. You can also make it little simpler by coating a layer with any one color and drawing the pattern over that and then coloring that.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -22

Spring Floral Nail Art Design

Spring is a season which comes after winter. The trees and bushes which have lost their leaves will start blooming up along with the blossoming flowers. You can see the climate warming up. Everywhere there will be colorful flowers and their fragrance. It is feast for our eyes to see them. The flowering season is wonderful to see on your long nails. Draw flowers of orange, yellow or blue colors with green tender leaves. Let the fragrance of spring get spreaded around you in a soothing way. It looks awesome for formal or casual events.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -23

Loving Heart Balloons Nail Design

Love is a special feeling. It opens up two hearts for each other. You can never guess when and how this love can happen. When you fall in love and you are getting ready to convey the message to your partner, wear something superficial. Let your partner get his answer just by looking at a tiny part of your body, that is nails. Draw these floating hearts on your nails using red and white nail colors. It brings on the love mood between you both. Make your meeting a memorable one by showing even a small part of your body cannot go without the feel of real love.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -24

3D Dotted Nail Art Style

You have already come across the prettiness of polka dots. 3D dots, though they look as same as polka dots, they give a totally different texture. In real you feel the presence of those dots on your nails. You can touch those tiny balls.

There are 3D nail paints or accessories available in fashion stores. Buy them and use to get this elegant nail art design. It looks beautiful for both short and long nails. Use colors to match your attire when you want to have this for more than one occasion.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -25

Brown Coffee Nail Art Design

Wake up with a cup of strong coffee and you will never go low the whole day. Yes! Coffee has become so important in one’s life in recent years. There are hundreds of coffee shops erected around us and we can see them almost always filled up with people. Coffee is special for its healthy components, color, taste, texture and everything it has got. You can design your nails with coffee colored nail paint, coffee cup, coffee beans etc. Use matte finished nail paints to give a nice texture to your nails. Your choice of having coffee nails will never go wrong for any big or small occasions.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -26

Nails of Choco Bites

Anyone irrespective of age will fall for chocolates. The smoothness it has along with an unforgettable taste will melt in out hot mouths immediately after having them. Not only kids, even adults go crazy for chocolates. Specially for girls it is an unexplained feeling. Design those yummy coffee bars, milky bars, candies and many more choco nails for this school get together. Be careful! Someone may bite your nails seeing those yummy chocolates. Applying brown color nail paint itself gives a choco pleasure on your nails.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -27

Dripping Paint Nail Art

However you apply colors, they look fabulous in their own way. You can see color droplets, stripes, floating colors or dripping colors. They all look unique and different than each other and equally dominating. Sometimes by mistake when you take more nail color in your brush the color may drip along your soft nails. Let us make it as another beautiful nail art. Apply any nail color base and take a darker shade of base color or you can use multicolors to give a dripping effect. It looks so natural.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -28

Robin Eggs Candy Nail Art

Robin eggs nail art design looks crazy. Never someone can think of getting eggs over nails. At the same time robin eggs are super with their unique appearance.

They got natural blue color with uneven dots all over it. That is what has inspired to make robin eggs candies. It is obviously popular among kids these days. You also can take its inspiration to design your long soft nails. Take any pastel polish for base coloring and use glitter nail color for dotted layer. You can also use old toothbrush for creating uneven dots.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -29

Mom’s Love for Baby Girl Nail Art

Pink is a color to indicate it is a new born baby girl. A mother knows that beautiful feeling of having a tiny baby on her lap. Soft and tender foot, hands makes the baby so delicate. It is so adorable to hold a new born baby. The same feeling comes when you design your nails with pink color and draw your kid’s feet on them. You can be much more creative in designing them with mom and baby related things like feeding bottles, swing etc.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -30

Love You Dad Nail Art Design

Surprise your dad this father’s day or on his birthday by this lovable nail art design specially made for those super dads. Dads are always super special for girls. He is our here forever. He is an inspiration; he is a real man in the world we feel. You can draw mustache, book, pen, coat or anything he uses every day. Show it to our dad and be ready for another sweet hug of the day! The warmth you feel in your dad’s arms and the feel you get with this nail art; both can never be compared for anything.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -31

Sparkling Caviar Nail Art Design

Caviar beads look so adorable. It is a joyous feeling to have them on nails. They are well known for their sparkling look and tiny structure. It looks equally beautiful when you mix them up and when you use the same colored caviar beads for nail designing. Applying them all over your long or short nails looks superb. But since you don’t get enough space in short nails, you can apply them all over the nails. But try making some other pattern for long nails to make it much more attractive.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -32

Soft Velvet Nail Designs

Your nails become so soft and adorable unlike ever before just in few minutes. You may be aware of velvet nail paints.

They carry that softness along with the beautiful colors in a small bottle. Never miss a chance to have them with you. It may be rarely available in normal fashion shops. Have more than one when you get them at any fashion outlet. It is available as velvet powder. You need to stick them on your nails. Choose different color for different events. Go soft with your soft winter attire. You can also make designs using more than one color like applying them diagonally, creating stripes etc. can be easily done.

Latest Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -33

Ombre Nail Art with Glitters

Ombre nails shows how fabulously two colors get blended in each other. Here you can’t draw a line between those two shades of a color. You will not be able to find where they have met each other. You need to be perfect while creating them on your short or long nails. Choose any color like orange, blue, yellow, green with its two shades like dark and lighter one to make ombre design on your nails. Add up some glitters to shine them up and make them ready for the celebration. It has become so popular because of its simple elegance in recent days.

Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Women -34

Musical Notes on Nails

Melodies are sweet to hear anywhere. Our ears go crazy when they got to hear a beautiful music. There is a music lover in everyone. Your love for music can be expressed on the accessories you use like wallets, bags, earrings etc. Draw the musical notes on your nails to go different in showing off your love towards melodious music. It looks superb with any color on both short and long nails. In order to create perfect shapes, you can choose to draw them using stickers. Else you can make it by a designer. It creates a joyous mood within yourself when you have this nail art design.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -341

Poker Cards Nail Art Design

Poker card game has become something more than gambling nowadays. Even kids love to play card games now. Even in the field of fashion cards have never lagged behind. In olden days, poker cards were symbol or manhood. In current times you can see the shape of spade, diamond, club and heart on almost everything like furniture covers, dresses, bags etc. Nail art design looks playful having these symbols. You can design them with their actual colors like white, red and black along with the perfect shapes. It is one of the craziest nail art designs.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3412

Puzzle Nail Art Design

Life itself is a puzzle game. We don’t know when and where we get fitted up with whom. In the world of puzzles, we live with vibrant colors called our dreams and wishes.

This nail art, though resembles a board game because of the colors and shapes they have got, the deep meaning in it is about our own lives. You can see the image and feel how easy it is to create them using multiple colors. Go for it when you feel bored of other designs and rock at the parties.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3413

Apple Nail Art Designs

An apple a day keeps doctor away is a great saying. You will have not one but five apples on your nails with this nail art design. This is a unique nail art design where you will have a red apple on each of the five nails. It looks simply lovable for your short nails. It can even be done for your kids’ nails.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3414

Golden Glamour Nail Art

This can be selected as another elegant nail art design which can be made in a very less time. Nowadays fashion has covered everything like however you apply colors, it is a design. Here you can see a very simple design which catches our eyes because of its glamour. Selection of colors plays an important role here.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3415

Fabric Floral Art

You might have seen those overlapping floral design on your mom’s old salwar and loved the design. Though the color looks shabby, it brings on the soothing atmosphere around. You can use that retro floral design for decorating your nails. Old is gold so as this nail art for your modern outfits.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3416

Funky Fruity 3D Nails

Didn’t you feel surprised to look at this 3D fruits! I believe you would have started finding a store to buy 3D fruits already.This is a perfect nail art design for you and your kids’ vacation mood. You will not feel thirsty for whole day with these juicy fruity nails.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3417

Pink Pearl Nail Art Design

Pearls are again another precious gift by the nature. Wherever they are present they create a sparkling atmosphere. It looks rich when you wear pearl as a part of your outfit for any kind of celebrations. Match it with pink once and you will fall in love with the elegance you see when they get combined. You can stick them using any pattern you love, either for one among five nails or all the fives.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3418

Zigzag Flowers on Nails

Floral designs have already acquired a large space in fashion. Here you can see the nail art design where flowers got blended with zigzag lines and cheetah prints at one side. It is one of the trendy design to mix the patters and get a fabulous output. Base paint can be changed from pink to any light color.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3419

Stunning Black and White Nails

Black and white are two most dominant colors. When they are used for making a design, they give their best ever design always. This is one of those stunning nail arts. Here just two stripes of black and white done the work for you. That added golden beads make your nails even more enlightening. Apply this for any official or personal events, it goes well with anything you wear. You look even more attractive in your black knee length western skirt.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3410

Spider Nail Art Design

When you hear about spider nails you may think it as a Halloween nail design.But look at this image. It looks so ornamental over those black nails. It is not at all scary. Indeed, it is looks glorious on those long nails. Try this once soon for upcoming party.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3511

Soft Teddy Bear Nails

Most of the girls never live without teddy bears. They want him all the time. Girls have teddy bears on beds, key chain having teddy bear, teddy bags they use. They are crazy about teddies. If you are a teddy lover and think you cannot live without him for any day, this nail art design is specially for you. There are teddy bear stickers available for designing nails. Else you can perfectly draw those soft and tiny bears on your long or short nails. Express your love for spongy teddy bears through nails.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3512

Pointy Nail Art

When you got long nails, you can shape them off to flat nails, almond nails or pointy nails. Pointy nails look so sharp and poking. These soft nails can be designed using different methods as shown in the image. Draw zigzag lines on one nail, cheetah print on the other, add up rhinestone on another nail. Like this dress up all the five nails with different designs to get a mix match nail art.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3513

Long Matte Nails

Matte is a finishing texture of paints. Because of its smooth texture you will forget about decorating your nails with anything else. It is so much fabulous to get your nails painted using matte color paints. It is available in all colors. You can make designs like stripes or anything you wish on your matte nail paints too to make your nails look much more elegant.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3514

Splatter Nail Paint

You might have splattered water color paint in school days using toothbrush or paint brush and wondered how beautifully colors play with each other to create an unexpected art over your drawing sheets.

Same way you should allow the colors to play on your nails too. You will be wondered to see the final look of your nails after splattering the colors. Your nails look amazing with this nail paint art.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3515

Emoji Nail Art Designs

Nowadays everyone expresses their emotions via emoticons. They have grabbed a most of our feelings. You can see how popularly they are being used while chatting to show our feelings to our friends. Sometimes they look crazy. They are helpful in conveying few emotions which we cannot describe through words. Yellow is a major color used here. Draw the emotions using black nail paint.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3516

Dessert Nail Design

Mouth starts watering immediately after seeing these yummy ice-creams. Desserts will get dressed up for servings at ice-cream parlors. Those already designed desserts can be easily drawn on your nails using suitable soft colors like pista green, soft pink, peach, cream color etc. It cheers up your kids’ mood when you are out for picnic. You can design them even on their tiny nails. As shown in the image, create biscuit cone on one hand nails and the scoop on the other. You can make them dripping from the tip and design another fantastic dessert nail art design.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3517

Birds Nail Art Design

Birds are the beautiful creation of nature. We all have wondered for the colors they got and the skills of flying high in the sky etc. Many a times we feel jealous for the freedom they have got by the nature. You can create those tiny birds over your nails. But using different colors, drawing those tiny birds sometimes won’t come out perfectly. You can draw them using just two or three colors. As you can see in the image it is done by grey and black. Only the eyes are being done using red dots. You can let those birds fly on your nails or sit or you can also design its nest with twigs of a tree. There are many designs which can be done keeping birds as a prime object.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3518

Zodiac Signs Nail Art Designs

Zodiac signs are the best example for concluding even traditional things can jump into fashion with trendy looks.

Few people don’t believe in horoscope at all but they do love the symbols of zodiac signs to use for their fashion assets. You can see them on ear studs, bags, wallets and much more things.

Draw those ancient epics on your nails using white nail paint onto a black nail base color. It looks like those twinkling starts have fallen on your long nails. You can also draw your zodiac sign on all the five nails to express your love for that.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3519

Symbol of Peace on Nails

Peace is what our nation wants from everyone. People of our country also be peaceful in every situation and peace is an instrument to solve anything here. There is a symbol for peace. You can see them at funeral ceremonies, where garlands are woven in the shape of symbol of peace. The same symbol can be designed on your nails easily using white nail paint. Since the color we use for peace symbol is white, better to have a dark background. It suits well for both short and long nails. It shows how much you love peace.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3520

Misty Snow Flakes Nails

Winter is famous for two important happenings every year. One is the world famous festival Christmas and the other is snowfall in western countries. Snowflakes have become a symbol of love, care and festive mood. The foggy weather is beauty to watch and enjoy. The chillness is overloaded because of non-stop snowfall. Show off the soothing weather on your nails and get ready for the Christmas evening celebrations. With that blue background, white dots look like starts twinkling in the sky. And snowflake designs are drawn over them to finish the art. It looks celebratious when you wear this for your western festive outfit.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3521

Metallic Mosaic Pattern Design

You might be familiar with mosaic nail art design done using different colors. But metallic nail art design is a unique one in this mosaic pattern. It looks simply superb on your long or short nails. Apply any dark color for base painting on your nails. You can either go for metallic nail paint or metallic nail sheets which can be glued upon your nails. Stitch them haphazardly over the base paint and that is it! You are done with making up your nail for rock party. There are different color metallic nail polishes available. Go for one which suits well for your outfit.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3522

Orange Marble Nail Art

Marble nail art was thought to be a difficult design in olden days. On continuous research and trials in the nail art designs, an easiest way to get marble nails got evolved.

Now you can see marble nails on almost every girl’s nails. Here the marble nails done by orange and yellow color is amazingly different than others. You need to add one or two drops of orange and yellow nail paints in a bowl of water. Dip your nails inside to catch up the design on your nails. So simple and so elegant it is!

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3523

Glittorious Nails

This ready to rock nail art design is a best choice for red carpet events. This gives a stunning look for your modern attire. Use dark colors like red, black, dark brown, navy blue as base paint. You will get shimmer nail paints in fashion store, you can buy some for making those dark plain nails glittering. You can also apply only shining nail paint for whole nail but it looks over filled and it loses the pleasing appearance. Anything should not get excess in fashion, it loses its value and look.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3525

Half Striped and Half Plain with Golden Beads

It is such an interesting design I have ever seen. Sometimes when you mix match the designs, it will go awkward. But here it has created a wonderful design by combining two nail arts. Here the gold beads are used to clearly distinguish between them. Apply a nail color for half of your nail vertically and the other half with other color. Now draw horizontal lines for one half of your nails either to the right or left. Glue up the beads at their intersection. It does two works for you, it covers the uneven intersection and also it add up the glow.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3527

Multicolored Stripes for Long Nails

Colorful nails are marvelous to have and also to see. When you got long sharp nails make them look even more longer using horizontal stripes. For your short nails you can have them to make them look bigger. It is simple to design your nails with stripes. The lines may be horizontal, vertical or crossed. Try them with more than four colors to enjoy the look of filled nails with multiple colors. This simple and elegant nail art design looks as if it is made for western wear only. So lovely it looks for party wears.

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Japanese Nail Art Design

Japanese nail art design looks so unique and inspirational when we understand. Unlike other nail art designs they don’t choose to go simple or uniform.

They don’t apply plain nail paint for all the five nails nor they choose any single design for all the nails. They mix up the thinks. They use shimmers, glitters, 3D accessories, shaded nail paints etc. to dress up their five nails. That is why Japanese nails never look bored and they will be ready for celebration anytime with any kind of outfit.

Nail Art Designs  Ideas For Women -3527

Almond Nail Art Design

One of those trending nail art design in recent years is Almond nails. There is no secrete in designing them on your nails. Almond nails have got their name by a crunchy dry fruit almond because of resemblance of its shape. Use nail shaper to shape your nails as almonds. They look so natural for your long nails. Color it up according to your mood and need and may be the occasion you are wishing to attend. Make them charming using glitters or shimmers available in the stores. For your long gowns almond nails look wonderful.

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Aqua Nails

Aqua symbolizes blue color. When we hear the word aqua, our imagination runs from an ocean where waves of water are flipping on the sea shore to those lovely fishes you have in your aquarium. The beautiful blue nails are so cheerful. You can design to have lace design, floral paints, glitters, velvet or anything using aqua blue color nail paint. It looks licious to see those watery nails at family celebrations.

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Back to School Nail Art

Not only kids, everyone would like to go back to their school days if they get a chance. Crazy games, silly fights, funny incidents, strict teachers and school everything will play like a movie in our minds when we think of our schools. Back to school nail art design is not for kids who go back to school after a vacation. It is for us, youngsters to show our love and remembrance towards our school in alumni meets or get-togethers.

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Baby Shower Nail Art Designs

Motherhood is the best period in a women’s life. She can never forget that happy moment of giving birth to a baby.
It will always remain as the precious moment of her life. Along with a mother everyone will be curious about whether it is a baby boy or baby girl. The baby arriving gets a showering before coming to the earth itself.

Baby showering is a ceremony to bless the mother and child for a healthy and happy delivery. You can draw this design for mother to be on her nails. Blue is a symbol of baby boy and pink is for baby girl. Decorate the surrounding with suitable color after delivery to show the guests about new born baby.

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Birthday Celebrations on Nails

Birthdays are special for everyone. So does to your friend and sister. We enjoy our friends’ birthdays more than ours. Celebrations, full of surprises, friends gathering, party, pastries etc. etc. are filled in your friends’ birthday. From your end you make her this surprising nail art design. Have something to show off to everyone at the party on your nails. Draw happy birthday designs, balloons, cupcake and many more things your friend loves. She would never forget this unique gift from you.

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Floating Butterfly Nails

Butterflies have got the most beautiful skin texture ever. You will go crazy to see millions of monarch designs with charming colors on butterflies. Though we are jealous of the beauty they have got from the nature, we shall be super creative to design them on our nails. You can use any color and any combination to make butterflies fly over your nails. You can decide about having the whole butterfly along with flowers or a wing of butterfly which defines clearly about the color and design of the butterfly. It looks awesome even on your children’s tiny nails.

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Neon Nail Art

Go super attractive this summer with eye catchy neon nails. Neon nail colors are trending these years because of their brightness. Your nails get lots of attraction over the beaches or get-togethers among your friends. There are various neon colors available from bright pink, yellow, green to orange. Apply neon colors in a plain design or try different combinations to go complementary along your outfit. These hot colors make you look much more pretty this spring season.

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Squoval Nails

You have heard of square nails and oval nails. But definitely not the squoval nails. It is a mixture of square and oval shapes. You cannot see a nail which is completely a square in shape.

You will have that curvy base. You can see another shape when you mend your nails straight for squared edges. Apply soothing colors to match your dressings for any occasion. You also can choose between many deigns based on how important the vent is or what kind of event you are going to attend. Never be negligent thinking your nails are a tiny part of your body and why so much care for them.

Long Lasting Shellac Nails

Shellac is another name for get polish. It is an excellent choice when you want durable nails. When you don’t want to change your nail art designs often because you don’t have time or patience and at the same time you don’t want to see your nail polish gets chipped off or gets scratched texture, here is a way to control it. When you apply shellac polish over your nails it lasts for more than 30 days. You can see no chips, breaking of nails or you don’t have to apply extra coats on your nail paints for whole one month! Looks interesting right! Try it out when you are busy to change your nail art designs.