A perfect look needs to have everything at check, which is why maybe the ladies have so much time to try out nail designs. The attraction a nail design gets might seem to be very less, but it holds a very important part in dressing up. Now, the real deal is to select the best design for your nails to make you stand out of the crowd. And to help you from getting confused, here are some of the best nail designs for red dresses.

Parallel Silver Glitter and Red Paint

Since we will be dealing with the designs compatible with red dresses, the involvement of the color red would be the most, to increase the compatibility with the dress. This nail design consists the usage of a silver glitter that is symmetrically placed at the top part of the nail. You can use a third color like blue or black to create a division as well.


Metallic Wine Red Finish

For all the people who want a design that is limited to the shade of red, this metallic design is bound to swoon your heart. This would probably be one of the simplest nail paint designs you would come across and it is easy to apply as well. Just select the right kind of base and nail paint and you are good to go. Highly suggested for parties.


The Tangerine and Gold Duo

The usage of tangerine is pretty low in this design as the gold color outshines this quite beautifully in its own regard. The idea of this design is simple, paint all the nails with a golden glitter, leaving out on of the nails for the tangerine color to have a unique appearance. You can also add a few lines of white to enhance the look of this nail design. This is a perfect choice for you to make if you are sporting a red evening gown or cocktail dress to a party.


Glitter with Crystal Beads

This is a great nail paint design option for the people who admire fancy designs for their party wears. This design consists the use of silver glitter, crystal beads and a plum red paint. You can also use a white color as a base to highlight the other colors used. The usage of beads is an innovative idea that you can take up in many ways. Beads can be arranged in a pattern to form a particular design or you can align them randomly and form an abstract design. Either way, this is a great choice for you to try out on your next party.


The Fancy Red Beetle Design

Even though the base color is deep red and all that is noticeable is the red tint on the nail with this design, there is a presence of black and even white there. This nail paint design in one of the finest choices for the people who want to sport a red dress. Since, it has so many different colors with a unique design it would be easily one of the best fancy designs out there. But the twist is, the nail design actually forms a lady bird which can be clearly visible from a short distance. The rest of the design just the smart use of the colors to for the beetle.


Heart Design with Simple Paint

A cute design that looks absolutely gorgeous and lively and would definitely fascinate all the fun loving people. This design can be worn to parties as well as casually, depending upon your usage. Since the major colors used are in between the shades of pink and red, this would be an amazing compatibility design for the red dresses. You can modify the heart designs in any way that you like. Some of the best instances would be having multiple hearts or a single heart at the center of the nail.


Shiny Red Floral Design

The major colors used in this design are a glittery red paint and silver paint for the floral prints to be carried out. The idea of this nail design is generic and simple, and probably most of you have already tried it out. But one thing that is certain to have in this nail design is the compatibility with red dresses. You would be getting a lot of attention for a perfect look in the parties. The color of the red glitter paint can match the color accent of your dress in order to have the perfect combination.


Matte Burgundy with Beads

The matte burgundy or the deep red color is a dark and unique color that you can sport with your red dress of darker shade. This design is accompanied by crystal beads that you can arrange symmetrically or randomly to create unique designs. Even though it is a not so colorful design, it is suggested that you limit its use to parties only. You would not regret sporting this color on your next party.


Black and Red Crossfade Design

The blend of two colors of high contrast and almost same brightness is said to be a bad choice, but this combination totally proves it wrong. The colors black and white are among the supreme colors and both of them go beautifully with red color dresses. The proportion of the crossfade depends upon your choice, but it is suggested that you go for an equal proportion for the best results. The crossfade can be carried out by painting multiple layers of the colors over each other until you get the right blend. Also, you can use small beads which is optional, if you think you need something fancy for a party.


Funky Use of Colors

The major colors that are used in this nail design are, white, light red, black and a little bit of golden glitter. The color combination is definitely something you can drool for and the designs are just something that gives the colors a great shape. However, you can go out of the box and try for some other innovative designs like this. Use the glitter wisely by painting one nail with it and the rest of the nails can have various designs. This nail design is funky and can be worn casually. Since all the colors go well with red dress, you would not have any problem sporting them with the same.


Cute Santa Clause Design Nails

Again, this nail art design uses the least colors and yet makes it appear gorgeous with a red dress. The colors used in this design are white, black and red which grabs the attention beautifully. The colors are beautifully arranged to make it appear as the head of a Santa clause. Further, any enhancement in the design can be of your choice by the use of beads.


Classic Polka Dots Design Using Red

As you already know the compatibility of these colors with red dress, this combination would be absolutely gorgeous together as well. There is a minimal use of only two colors which makes it so attractive, that is, white and red. You can create cute polka dots pattern by using white and red as the base color alternatively on your nails. You can sport this nail paint design both casually and to your fancy parties.


Glaze with Heart Design

Heart design for the nails never gets old, but it is highly important to use it in a witty way to get the most out of it. The colors that are used in this nail paint design are cherry red and glaze. You can use a nude shade as well, but the glaze enhances the texture of the nail and also supports the designs of the nail paints in a better way. You can create hearts in the French tip style to create a unique nail design.


Snowflake Design

The snowflake design is perfect for the time of winters or Christmas. This is the time you can put your creativity on your nails with this amazing design. The major colors used here are maroon and white. The maroon color is used as the base while the white color is used to paint the snowflakes. You can choose the size and quantity of the snowflakes according to your own choice and the dimensions of your nails. This nail design is unique as well as beautiful and can be worn in multiple occasions.


Attractive Bow Design

The colors used here are black and red which go pretty well together. This is yet another easy design that you can try out. Paint your nails with the base color red and draw cute bows with the black paint to achieve this design. The shape and size of the bows depend upon your choice and dimensions of your nails. Overall, this is also a unique design that you can try out now with your red dress.


Most of the nail designs can get better if they are matched with the design of the dress. However, you are free to try out all the designs as they can be removed and applied over easily.