Nail Art Colors And Designs With Black Dress- Women do nail art to match their attires, events, party themes, and more. The best nail art appeal can be attained when you match the colors and patterns to the dress and accessories you will be wearing over the evening. Black is a trendy color never going out of vogue. No matter where you use the monochromatic black shade it looks awesome. Black outfits lend a bold and sexy appeal to the women. Pairing your nails with colors that enhance the beauty of your black attire will make you stun the crowd.

Nail colors that pop up your looks with black dresses are bright red, shocking pink, warm orange, serene white, bold black, sparkly silver, dazzling gold, wonderful violet, and many more. Let’s look at some chic and trendy nail designs that suit your black outfits perfectly.

White Nails With Black Butterfly With Black Tulle Dress

Paint your nails in white background and black butterfly patterns on the middle finger and ring finger. This design was worn by Anne Hathaway on the red carpets with a stylish black tulle dress. The dress has silver embellishments to give a dazzling look while the white nails give a classic makeover to your persona.


Warm Orange Nails With Black White Stripes

Orange colored nails give a bright contrast to your black outfit. Look warm, stylish and beautiful. This nail design will stir may heads to your direction. Be prepared for the many compliments you are about to receive for this amazing nail art. The black white stripes blend with the color of the dress while the kiss print in the orange tone is strikingly beautiful.


Glamorous Black And White Lace Nail Art For Women

Lace nail arts are perfect for weddings, prom nights and fashion shows. Walk around the stage with this glamorous nail design and look stunning. The woman has matched her nails with her black and white dress adorned with lacy patterns. The nail pattern mimics the dress with the shimmer-packed black base and floral lace patches.


Black Dress With Golden Nails For Dazzling Appeal

Golden and silver nails give you a dazzling appeal at parties and discs. Here the golden and black combination with mix patterns looks appreciating and chic. The black dots over golden base highlight your black dress marvelously. Addition of a black striped nail and gold sparkle nail makes the design more empowering.


Beautiful Grey Nail Design For Understated Effect

If dazzle is not one of your kinds, go matte! The matte grey nail color with amazing rhinestone work and caviar pattern attracts your attention. The understated yet poised look that these nails lend is worth complimenting. If you are planning to attend a prom or wedding in a black gown use silver accessories and pair up the look with this cool grey nail artwork.


Bright Red Nail With Bronze Accent

Accent your nails with the lovely bright red nails. The nails are kept plain to compliment the designer gown Underwood wore over the red carpet. The intensely patterned black gown is accented with simple bright red and bronze nail design. The smoky eye makeup and blonde tresses add to your charm.


Amazing Blue Coffin Nail Art For Designer Look

Blue nails on black dresses might seem a bit ‘out of the blue’! However, give it a try. Color your coffin nails with a stunning bright blue shade, and top them with beads. The matte effect lends a modish touch to the nail design.


Multi-Toned Ombre Nail Sparkle For Jazzy Appeal

Today’s generation of rockers will love to flaunt this multicolored nail on black dress. Gone are those days when black nails met back dress for every event. Now times have revolutionized; women like to dare with newer nail arts. The multi-toned sparkle nails lend a lively and happening aura to the ladies. Vibe positively with such daring and bold nail designs.


Simple Grey Nails With Yellow French Tips

Grey is more underrated color when it comes to nail art. However, when you pop such nails with yellow French tips you ought to become the center of attraction. These nails are ideal to be worn on grey, yellow, silver, and black dresses. The simplicity of the nail design gives you a pretty and striking makeover.


Violet And Blue Water Marble Nail Design

Marble nails look awe-inspiring and sumptuous. The technique requires some practice to get the perfect blend of colors and patterns on the nails. Highlight your black dresses with the lovely pastel mix of violet and blue. Pastel colors add a subtle effect when worn on black dress.


Eva Longoria’s Bright Pink Nails With Black Outfit

Simple black outfits can be coupled with bright pink nail colors. You may pattern them with stripes, polka dots, French tips, or keep the nails off the pattern. Eva shows off her pink beauties with her stylish black dress. Her pink lip color and subtle makeup goes with her celebrity looks. Avoid baby pink shades as they will look dull against black outfits.


Black Paw Nail Design With Silver Background

Paw prints have transcended from the skin to nails beautifully. Nail art with dog paws look classy, flirty and creative. Trim your nails square, paint them with a pink tinted silver nail polish, using a stamping tool make paw prints, and finally finish the look with a glossy topcoat for a dazzling effect.


Rainbow Colored Nail Art For Rocking Appearance

Colorful nails are ideal for summer and spring seasons. They bring life to your nails and add an intense and cheery look to your character. Rainbow colored polka dots in different sizes on white background will enhance your look in that black summer maxi dress. Complete your look by carrying colored handbag and fancy jewelry for a perfect summer look.


Half Moon Nails In Nude Colors

Half-moon nail art design is the inverse of French tips. The artist paints a small moon at the base of the nail in a color contrasting to that of nail base. Nude colors add a subtle makeover when worn on gorgeous black dresses. Your extravagant black dress should be accompanied with something simple yet classy like the nude half-moon nail design.


Gold Embellished Green And Black Nail Pattern

Black dresses look excellent when paired with dark green shades. Are you looking for ways to merge these two colors at the evening party? Wear a sheath dress in black with an embroidered green yolk and sleeves. To pull off the look of this stylish attire design your nails with a matte green polish, black and gold foil work and sparkling gold rhinestones.


Black Stamp Nail Design For Artsy Appeal

Stamped nail manicure creates a fancy and artsy appeal for your nails. You can design your nails with complex patterns and artworks. The combined look obtained from matte and polish black nail color makes you look beautiful and stylish. Black nail color is evergreen to be worn on black dresses. With a bit of creativity, you can get fashionable black nails with black outfits.


Sexy White Stiletto Nails

White nails are just so modern and cool. These extend a charming and sophisticated appeal to the wearer. White nails are an awesome complement for black dresses. The almond shaped nails are colors in matted white polish with index finger nail studded in rhinestones. You can never go wrong with this look and will rock the party.


Cute Celebrity Nail Art With Smiley Patterns

Celebrities are great inspirations for women to become style divas themselves. All women like to follow the stars and their fashion statement. Same is with this chic nail art done with smileys. The yellow nail color adds a dramatic contrast to the black dress while the pattern makes you smirk with style.


Classy White And Gold Dual Tones Nail Art For Black Dress

Grace yourself with some awesome nail art using white and golden hue. The simplest of patterns that can be sported on one’s nails is French tips. The dual tone nail art is a head turner and modern design winning every heart. Rock the floor with a sexy black dress and classy white gold nail art.


Pastel Blue Nail Color For A Soft Contrasting Look

The nails are trimmed short and painted in the soft pastel blue color. The shade of blue is a subtle contrast over black sequined dress. Injecting specks of black will give more depth to this nail color. Pastel nail hues are good to go on formal or casual errands. Try them on!


The contrasting colors with beautiful patterns on the nails give women a lively and fresh personal appeal. They are ready to rock events with amazing nails and sexy black wears. Charm and envy your friends with these cool nail designs and colors with black dresses.