Your wardrobe is your treasure trove and every item in it is your precious treasure. …More so as you choose every one of them with utmost care. But face it, you have been repeating the same outfit too many times. It’s  the same old style and you’re absolutely bored wearing the same thing over and over again. So what do you do? Go shopping? Or think of clever ways to wear your old outfits in a spanking new avatar. Incidentally, there’s no reason to be glum.

There are fashion tricks that can bail you out especially when you are not so sure what to wear and where to wear it? Take your gorgeous maxi skirt for example. You’ve worn the maxi skirt at so many events and though it is still very beautiful, you really can’t wear it one more time… Or can you?

Try out these wonderful new ways of wearing a maxi skirt and watch your friends tell you how your wardrobe sense rocks!

The Iconic Maxi Dress:

This has stood the test of time and has been a favorite wardrobe classic. And no matter how old you are, you’ll always grab the versatile maxi dress. It’s smart, stylish and also hides the figure flaws.


The long comfortable yet chic maxi is indeed an instant draw. Yes, this is the orthodox way of wearing it but if you style it differently, you’ll end up making it look super elegant yet different.

For instance, pick up that halter crop top that shows off your elegant shoulder blades and your flat tummy, and watch the world go ‘WOW’! Wear it to the club or an event, and be the belle of the moment.

Biker Denim Jacket With Maxi Stripes:

Chic yet casual, this is so uber cool. Yes, we are talking about teaming your maxi dress with a denim jacket. You had earlier tried teaming the striped maxi skirt with a white or a black top but now try matching it with a salmon pink top and a denim jacket knotted up just below the bust. And what do you know?


Your maxi dress outfit looks so different. It’s a casual outfit so you can wear it to a friend’s place or hang out with your gal gang at the mall.

Versatile Jackets Galore:

Your  pink maxi dress has always been your favorite but what next? You’ve teamed it with that boring top but now it’s time to change. Team it now with different hued jackets. Try an off-white jacket with a cobalt blue top and dark glares,  and you are ready to walk into a day event with élan.


Or if you’re going shopping, dress up your maxi dress with a full-sleeve shirt and a denim jacket.  It looks super cool, doesn’t it? But now it’s time to change again.

Get rid of the top and just walk around with a cool blue denim shirt, and watch everybody gape at you with awe. All these changes will make your outfit seem new and you are definitely going to be standing out in a crowd.

Pristine White Top:

Your lovely flowered maxi is a stunner. So why don’t you try out your white tops with it. Check out an asymmetrical lace white top with long sleeves or work on one which is sleeveless and cool. Just a change of the top will make your maxi look so different.


You can wow the crowd in your white top with maxi dress look. And be sure that your friends will think your wardrobe is stacked with new ensembles. Team it with the right accessories and you’re sure to hit the right note.

Elegant Long Jacket:

You’ve worn your black top over your favorite chiffon maxi zillions of times but now it’s time for a change. Just top it up with a nice long jacket of the same shade and watch your outfit look uber new.


The jacket covers the top and gives the maxi dress a new silhouette so the entire look changes completely. It’s an evening wear and if there is a nip in the air, this will not only look stylish, it will shield you from the winter frost. Wear it to the club or a night out.

Super Sexy Sleeveless Top:

A sleeveless top always looks very chic but it can look boring. But you can change the look by teaming it with a belt and new accessories. Another look could be without the belt and instead of the black accessories; you can carry a nice peach hued bag with sky high heels. The entire look will seem absolutely awesome. You can wear it to an event or a social do.


Sexy Black Top:

Lift up your maxi dress a little bit to give it a high waist look. Team it with a nice lacy top and a snazzy choker, and you’re ready to paint the town red. Instead of the maxi covering your feet, it’s now a sassy ankle-length little number, making it look very different from the original outfit. Wear it to go dancing or to a club.


Gorgeous Slip Bustier:

You’ve worn your maxi with umpteen hued tops. But now pick the slip bustier. The slip or the inner wear ensemble works wonderfully well as a day wear. It’s trendy and smart, and can make your maxi look very sexy. It’s also ruling in the fashion chart. The maxi when teamed with the slip will look super sexy. It’s an instant hit at any party.


Leather Jacket:

It’s time for some biker moments. Pick up your snazzy leather jacket and team it with your maxi. It not only looks very fashionable, it also makes the outfit look a little edgy.  Walk into your college canteen in this and you’re sure to turn heads.


Super Ribbon Maxi Dress:

You’ve got this very pretty ribbon maxi dress which you normally would team with a black top. Well, this time too, top it with a crop black top which is off-shoulder.


This looks super sexy. Under the ribbon maxi dress which is transparent, why don’t you flaunt a pair of skin tight leggings? This will make the outfit look super daring and smart. Also, you figure will look super sexy in this. Go for a party or club hoppin’,  and you’re sure to be voted as the party gal of the night.

Mismatched Top:

Enough of matching tops. Work on changing your look by teaming your maxi with a mis-matched top. Of course, it should gel with your outfit too. For instance, try a cobalt blue to go with your sun-burst orange maxi. Or try an emerald green full-sleeve top to work that magic with your maxi. This is a night wear so you can make heads turn at that party hole you plan to frequent. Team the outfit with a nice colorful choker and you’re ready to hit the high spots.


Sensuous Fitting Top:

Get rid of the long-sleeved tops that you generally wear with your abstract patterned maxi. Team it with a snazzy fitting top in black, white or a light color. This makes the outfit look very sexy. The maxi which tends to billow,  hides the figure so your fitting top will be the spotlight grabber, and will make the outfit look super. Go for a day out with your boyfriend and watch him look at you with admiration.


Shiny Boots:

Get those wonderful boots out of the closet. You’ve flaunted your sky high heels a tad too much. Now show off your legs in shiny boots under that very pretty maxi. It not only changes the look of the outfit, it makes you look super stylish and cool. You can flaunt it anywhere – at a friend’s place, shopping or even at an intimate party. And you are sure to find a queue of admirers chasing you around.


Belt It:

When you use accessories cleverly, you can change the look of any outfit. So instead of wearing your top loose, cinch it at the waist with a slim belt. This is an instant outfit changer. Your maxi will evolve into a new outfit and you’ll be ready to hit the social circuit looking super smart. The belt will also enhance your waist and make your figure look very good. You can wear this outfit anywhere and if you want to change the look, just remove the belt.


Fantastic Florals:

Become the hottie you are by teaming your maxi with a wonderful floral top. The maxi is self-colored so it can team up with different hued tops. But a floral top will instantly style it differently. Add a colorful neck-piece and you are ready to look super stunning. Wear this anywhere –  from the club, party to even a beach-side setup.