55 Lower Stomach Tattoo Designs For Women That Are Stunning – Tattooing has remained popular since many centuries. Earlier it was the royal who used to tattoo themselves to show their ranking, power or leadership. In modern days tattoo art has taken a style mark which embarks upon every young and old. Tattoos are permanent inks that boost your style. They add drama and spice to your life. Tattoos with their unique designs and varied styles have become a popular form of body art.

Lower Stomach Tattoo Designs For Women

Lower abs with stylish tattoos is sure attention-grabbers! The ink sinks into the dermis to result into amazing permanent designs that are marked as your fashion statements. The post brings you 55 awesome lower stomach tattoo designs for women.

Gorgeous Ride With Kirk Tattoo

Most women like to sport scripts and quote tattoos. This is a cute and stylish example of tattoo work. The lower stomach is etched with exclusive fonts and a green feminine silhouette for an empowering look.


Bright Red Cherry Blossom Tattoo For Women

Cherry blossom tattoos look feminine and are exclusively related to fertility, birth, innocence and fragility. The cherry blossoms are of great cultural importance in Japan. The blossoming flowers inculcate a sense of freshness, charm and energy to the wearer.


Ornate Honesty Key Tattoo On Lower Abdomen

The side of the lower abdomen is carved with a beautiful ornate key. The sexy tattoo represents that honesty is the key towards success. A chic representation of inspirational quote through ornate and traditional key patterns leaves you awe-struck.


Beautiful Quoted Stomach Bird Tattoo Design

Express the feeling of happiness through this beautiful scripted tattoo with two colorful birds swinging on either side of the quote. The calligraphy looks attractive and captivative. The colorful birds represent cheerfulness and feminists attitude of the tattoo wearer.


Large Lotus Tattoo With Colored Shading

Lotus flowers when carved on human body spread a religious and spiritual aura. Lotus is a flower that lives in the murk but looks so pure and serene. The large flower below the belly looks captivating with the detailed shade work in beautiful colors.


Lock Heart Tattoo With Wings

The lock tattoos are very popular amongst women. They embody beautiful and strong relationships between individuals. The artistic heart lock design has eagle wings to express the desire to fly high from the bondages of life and world.


Shaded Rose Tattoo With Fairy And Butterfly

Women have a soft corner for roses and thus most of them want to etch roses if they are selecting a flower tattoo. The tattoo wearer here has coupled a fairy and butterfly with roses on either side. The black and white sketch looks beautiful.


Cute Flying Swallow Bird Tattoo On Stomach

Sailors used to sport all types of swallow bird tattoo before the modern navigation technologies were developed. The appearance of swallow birds was indicative of the nearing shore. The flying birds carved on the lower stomach appear so cute and independent representing modern women.


Shy Angelic Tattoo Design

Angles symbolize protection and guidance. The shy angelic figure in the tattoo is a miniature representation of spiritualism and faith in God. The tiny tattoo on the lower abdomen makes a sexy and everlasting appeal to viewers.


Colorful Star Tattoo Design On Lower Stomach

The side of the lower stomach is beautifully carved with tiny stars of varying sizes. Stars bring in hope and surprises. They teach us to fight the darkness in our lives and shine up brightly. Women love to wear stars on any part of their body. They look so cool in the colorful design.


Love Outline Heart Tattoo For Lovable Appeal

Smaller tattoos on the lower abdomen look more lovable as compared to the larger artworks. Those women getting you inked for the first instance can try this lovable heart tattoo design. The simple outline writes “Love” and closes the heart design for eye-catching appeal.


Elite Peacock Tattoo Art On Lower Abdomen

Peacocks are a symbol of consciousness in Buddhist culture. Peacock feather have numerous eyes that represents watchfulness and alert attitude. You may make the tattoo more colorful for an added zing to the design. Drawing just peacock feather also looks smart on the stomach.


Lower Stomach Carved With Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoo represent your religious faith. Crosses are symbols of Christianity and women carry such tattoos with pride. Lower stomach region etched with a simple bold cross in deep black with a liner along is definitely attractive and pristine.


Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design For Chic Appeal

Tribal tattoos are much outlined, crisp and look sexy on women and men alike. The tattoo design on the side of lower stomach steals the show. The beautiful dragon with wings sits fiercely on the stomach symbolizing power and strength. All tattoo designs featuring dragons are fascinating and chic.


Intricate Elephant Tattoo Design On Side

Elephant tattoo have immense cultural importance. They represent success and emotions. Elephant tattoo can be large or small depending on the placement idea. The intricate detailing on the tattoo sported on stomach looks amazing. Enlarge the elephant across the stomach to lend a dramatic appeal.


Dandelion Women Tattoo For Fascinating Appeal

Dandelion tattoos remind us of delicateness and uncertainty of life. As the wind blows you are taken to different places and need to get adjusted to the new environment. Likewise women resemble acceptance to change and fragility. This is one perfect tattoo idea for women.


Bold Skull And Rose Tattoo For Girls

Inked inn dark black this bold skull sketching with roses around looks mind-blowing. Skull tattoo represent death while roses symbolize life and beauty. The combinations likely convey the life cycle and truth of life and death. The artistic strokes at the side of the design attract your attention.


Colorful Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo For Artsy Look

Bubbly butterflies are harbinger revelry, cheerfulness and eminence. The fairer sex looks for creativity in butterfly tattoo for artsy appeal. Add fun to your tattoo with this stylish butterfly design with a punch of colors and art. The tattoo shares a vibrant and beautiful aura to the wearer.


Blue And Pink Lily Tattoo On Lower Stomach

Floral tattoos are also a famous group of tattoo arts that express femininity. Lilies lend an exotic appeal and are known for its innocence and abundance. Lilies also relate to Virgin Mary and are one of the most sought flowers in the world. They fall into the category of women favorite tattoo designs due to their vibrant hues and elegant appeal.


Gorgeous Large Lotus Tattoo Across Lower Stomach

The large red and orange lotus flowers gracing the lower stomach look gorgeous. It represents the high spirits and sensuality of women. The artistic stokes and wonderful color combination makes the tattoo design immaculate. Lotus flowers symbolize purity of heart, love and mystical faith.


Infinity Faith Tattoo Art For Simple Approach

Infinity tattoos are remarkable representations of endlessness. This philosophical idea of infinity traces back to ancient times and can be etched in the form of a simple twisted loop. The word faith inscribed along with the symbol states the ladies infinite faith on God. Other words can also be instilled along with infinity symbol for variant tattoo designs.


Fairy Tattoo Art In Splendid Tones Of Blue

Women who think they have the magic in them are popular to sport fairy tattoos. Fairies are tiny little creatures from the world of fantasy that make wishes come true. The divine soul sprinkles the magical fairy dust and works her magic through. The blue toned dancing fairy looks splendid and artistic.


Pretty Hello Kitty Tattoo Below The Belly

Hello kitties with a bow or flowers on her forehead are a most liked and adorable tattoo design. The pink hello kitty with wings and a wand is the epitome of cuteness. The cherubic kitty represents an angelic feeling of love and desire.


Devils Kiss Bold Tattoo Art On Stomach

This attractive lip tattoo with a skull and cross bones makes a bold and sexy statement of style on the lower ab. Kiss tattoo lend a seductive appeal to the wearer. A permanent kiss tattoo can look so hot and breathtaking. The playful and fashionable look with lip tattoo work is desired by many women.


Adorable Mandala Tattoo Flowers For Women

Mandala flowers are tribal motifs mostly found in circular representations. These flowers symbolize wholeness, creativity and art. Mandalas are etched popularly in black ink however, adding a colored twist to the flower can never be unnoticed. The adorable Mandala tattoo enhances your fashion sense greatly.


Stylish Crown Lock Tattoo With Feather Patterns

The large tattoo piece with a crown and lock pattern lends a bejeweled appeal. Check out the amazing feathers that encircle the crown and lock with a flowy pattern. The crown shows outward viewpoint of a woman which is locked by orthodox thinkers.


Amazing Belly Crown Tattoo Design

Crown tattoos are representations or power, royalty, liberty, influence and authority. Crown tattoos can be ornate looking or simple. You can add text to the crown tattoos or include cross motifs. Stars and flowers also pair up beautifully with crown tattoos.


Sweet Bird Silhouette Tattoo For Girls

Birds represent good will over bad will. They are cute and sweet flyers which are regarded supreme for liberty of soul and mind. The silhouette of tiny birds can be coupled with feathers, dandelions, tree of life and so on. The bold black imprints express freedom and flight.


Gracious Grapevine Tattoo On Belly

According to the Latin phrase “in vino veritas” is the inspiration for grapevine tattoos. The phrase means in wine lies the truth. Grape tattoos look cool on the belly. The stylish tattoo means the purest essence of divinity and godliness. The gracious turns of grapes encircling the belly is mind-boggling.


Stomach Tribal Tattoo Print For Bold And Beautiful Look

Tribal tattoos are inked in bold black outlines. The tattoo below the navel looks damn artistic. The pattern symbolizes a winged horse that’s a forerunner of success, speed and status. You can inscribe any pattern or motif in tribal imprints.


Endearing Moogle Tattoo From Fantasy World

The cute creatures from the Final Fantasy Series look endearing. The white and black moogle on either side of the belly represents the good and bad side of a person. The angelic and devilish avtars of the Moogle are looking lovely.


Small Infinity Heart Interlocking Tattoo Design

Another infinity tattoo represents the endless love when interlocked with the heart. The simple black outlined tattoo looks clean and modish. Similar tattoos can comprise of roses or vines that throw off an exotic appeal to the tattoo design. The tattoo may be injected with colors for a more dramatic impact.


Japanese Inspired Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom tattoo cover up looks pragmatic and fresh. The lower stomach flaunts a branch of cherry blossom and sparrows fluttering around for a cheery effect. Sing the tunes of energy, beauty and freshness with this Japanese blossom tattoo.

Butterfly Wing Sketch For Bubbly Appeal

Butterflies are so delightful and colorful. The tattooist has opted for a pencil sketch tattoo of butterfly wings for interesting appeal. Though colors add drama to the tattoo, a black and white sketch equally looks attractive.


Yellow Black Aquarius Tattoo For Women

People with Aquarius zodiac sign are water bearers with a perfect mix of emotions, warmth, love and affection. They have leadership attitude and sport the zodiac symbols with style and passion. The unique color combination wins your heart instantly. The symbol represents water waves with life-giving qualities.


Colorful Eagle feather Tattoo With Bird Silhouette

Earlier we have seen simple bird silhouette tattoo on the lower stomach. Eagle feather represent lightness and high spirit. Eagle is a bird that has learnt to rise high and soar through the mountains. Inspired with this tattoo we should aim to fly high in life and achieve our goals.


Classic Orchid Tattoo For Beautifying Appeal

Orchids are rare species of flowers and the most delicate and beautiful ones. Orchids are interesting and gracious elements for tattoo designing. Flowers in exotic colors make your life playful and exciting. Some cultures regard orchids as aphrodisiac and thus these tattoos lend a seductive appeal to the wearer.


Text Tattoo On Lower Stomach

The internet is filled with numerous images of text tattoos. The lovely quote live fast and die fun represents the will and personality of the women. The outgoing person can impress you with this simple inspirational quote. You may select from the varied choices of fonts to give artistic twist to the tattoo design.


Falling Feather Tattoo Art For Pretty Women

A falling feather tattoo signifies cultural origins to Native Americans. Feathers represent a spiritual realm and are very popular amongst women who want to pull off a stunning hippie vibe. Feather tattoos can be given geometric or abstract twist for many heads to turn.


Stylish Henna Tattoo For Presentable Appeal

If you are scared with getting a permanent ink then why not try some stunning henna designs. They look real and you may change the tattoo prints as often as you want. The artsy artworks of henna incorporate flowers, leaves and many strokes for fancy living.


Awesome Skeleton Tattoo Artwork

The amazing x-ray of skeletal tattoo on the lower abdomen of women looks fantastic. The idea in itself is unique and impressive. Generally skull tattoos represent end of life or death, however, this chic tattoo shows a different angle towards skull tattoo. It’s the sign of rebirth as a baby skeleton in stomach.


Pretty Purple Flower Tattoo For Exotic Appeal

The floral pattern with stylish black outlines looks dazzling. The flower tattoo evokes a sweet and fragrant feeling. It gives life a cheerful meaning with its beauty and looks. Flowers convey the message of love and sacrifice.


Beautiful Revolver Tattoo Carved On Lower Stomach

The gun tattoo art offers great mechanical beauty for the gun lovers. Gun tattoos are famous amongst men however girls like to flaunt such tattoos in style. Gun tattoos also represents someone who has hurt you or betrayed you in the deepest ways.


Hourglass Tattoo With Wings For Attractive Appeal

Hourglass represents time while the wings denote flight. The tattoo portrays the fast passing time and change that is a part and parcel of our lives. Accepting this change with fun and colorful attitude injects beauty and envies friends.


Knuckle Tattoo Art For Fashionable Women

Knuckle tattoos are themed for rugged and tough personalities. Women with the steel knuckle and birdie tattoo look fashionable. The exact meaning of the tattoo may be personal to her, however, the look if the combination is unique and astonishing.


Dot Work Mandala On Women’s Lower Ab

Dot work tattoos are very detailed and intricate. A group of dots come together to result in a beautiful tattoo design. The Mandala with Ohm and moon shows spiritual beliefs of the wearer. The lovely artwork depicts the fine hands of the tattoo artist.


Horny Bull Tattoo Design For Flirty Women

This horny bull tattoo below the navel represents the sexy side of the women. Her flirty nature is revealed with this flashy tattoo work along with her rugged appearance. The wearer portrays strength and style in conjunction.


Dog Paw Print Tattoos For Adorable Feel

Pay homage to your pets by sporting simple and discreet paw print tattoo designs. They are so small that tattooing requires lesser time and money with less pain and agony to get one inked. The canine tattoo idea germinates from the loyalty and affectionate nature of the pet.


Delicate Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonflies describe the delicateness of women. The fragility of dragonfly tattoo is popular in all fraternities. The flimsy wings jog our memory to avoid barging into the tough storms and bad weather. Live coolly and gracefully with stunning tattoos.

Cupid Struck Red Heart Tattoo Art

Feel positive and cupid struck with this lovable heart tattoo art on your lower stomach. You can increase the aesthetics of design by adding stars or flowers to the tattoo art. Heart tattoos represents inner feeling of longing love and care.

Musical Notes Tattoo For Passionate Musicians

Music is an art that soothes and heals all. The smart musical note tattoo is best for passionate music lovers and players. Musical symbols can be placed on almost any body part and yet look very enticing.

Tattoos are motifs that express and communicate ones experiences, feelings and desires. Your inner self is portrayed across the world in a stylish art form. Lower stomach tattoos are suitable to boost your seductive appearance too.