Overcoat Outfits Ideas For Women – How To Wear Long Coats In A Stylish Way ( With Pictures ) – The trend of wearing long coat over shirt and comfy pants has evolved through years since the Victorian era.It has descended into casual wear for women as it adds a stylish touch and it blends easily with everyday clothes. While it has its style quotient, it also helps you to survive the dreaded cold and rough weather. It is the perfect pull over for you during those chilly days when you do not want to hide your clothes behind a sweater and look like a puffy sheep.

It is that time of the year when the day is beautiful and you feel like taking a stroll outside or you just want to hang out with friends. This is the time when you have a wardrobe full of pullovers and you are wondering what would be the perfect outfit for such a pleasant day. Especially during the days when the sun hides behind the clouds and the breeze ruffles through your hair you want to pick something warm and trendy for your outfit. The long coat is the solution you are looking for and here is how you can pull it over adding a little charm.

Beige Long Reefer Coat over Polka dot Midi Dress with Leather Beige Pointy Pants & Middle Heels

A refined old trend in long coats inspired with a sleek, tailored silhouette is made from a warm wool blend in a variety of neutral hues.A long, rich beige coat with cuffed sleeves,bulging collar, relaxed fit over a black midi dress with white polka dots and beige colored leather pants tucked into ankle booties or medium heels. This semi-casual style will give you a perfect winter look for lighter mood to engage in a social gathering or an outing with friends.


Knee Length, Broad Shouldered Reefer Grey Long Coat over Casual Jeans, Top & Shoes

It is the perfect girl-next-door look for you when you want to run an errand or just go grocery shopping in the neighborhood. The knee length plain grey coat is just an addition to the simple everyday casual jeans and pain top. It is plain and simple and yet classy and stylish with the benefit of being lightweight to help you chirp around swiftly without any difficulty.


Long Red Trench Coat with Hooded Collar for Some Adventure

The trench coat is designed with durability in mind. The coat was designed to keep the wearer warm and dry in the harshest of climates, and it is more waterproof alternative to the woolen greatcoats worn in WWI. This long red trench coat is for you if you are feeling adventurous. You can complement the long sleeved coat with bow tie belt at the waist with black stilettos. It’s the red riding hood look, inspired from the tale of the adventurous little girl wondering through the woods. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowed.


Angelic White Long Reefer Coat & You are Back to the good old Black and White Era

Are you tired of experimenting with colors in your wardrobe? Nothing makes more impression than the good old black and white. They are virtually impossible to style wrong thanks to the neutral nature of the black and white color combination, making the fad especially open to anyone who is interested. This season’s black-and-white pieces should be your favorites. This pure white long coat is a classic pull over accomplished with a handbag and a black woolen cap over black top and casual jeans. Lady, that angelic coat gets all the attention! Just put on medium heels and you are ready to go.


A Long Cape Coat for a Medieval  Look

Do you remember the flowy big gowns of the medieval era? A long cape,which is sleeveless that falls over draping the arms, back, and chest, connected to neck.As you pass, the patterned lining is revealed through the large arm holes and open side slits. The cape is a common piece of clothing for superheroes such as Superman, Wonder women in American comic books and in period dramas. The capes create the illusion of motion in still images. You can finish the look with a hat on your head to give you a cute and bubbly impression.


Quilted Parka Long Over Coat over Casual Clothes with Comfy Shoes

Puffer over coat is also known as quilted jacket as it has a signature quilted design typically these are sections that are “puffy” between the stitching. They are properly filled with synthetic fibers or are insulated, which can provide warmth depending on the quality of the synthetic fibers.Puffer jackets provide a rare combination of warmth and lightness as compared to wool or leather. Quilted puffer jackets are perfect for work and casual wear because they are lightweight but still cozy, and they are suitable for both cold and warm weather.


Duffle Coat for Simple, Classy, & Royal Attire

A classic duffle long overcoat has at least two rich layers of wool fabric and it is woven on a loom. Duffle coats are warm and heavy as they are made for extreme cold. A good quality duffle coat can weigh up to nearly 2kg.There you go girl, you have your own stuffy warm blanky-coat.


Long Coat to Pamper Yourself like a Princess

This attractive woolen Princess coat is made with light gray wool blend and it has lining inner, which is enough to keep you warm. The winter coat is a beauty overcoat for the coming winter; the waist buttons fasten the long coat. The hem of women coat is like a frock or a skirt. It has deep V-neck, and has two side pockets.Let this coat make you feel beautiful with the soft gray wool coat design.


A Simple Blue Car Coat over Sun Dress and Black Stilettos

Car coats – don’t be fooled by the name. They were, in reality, the preferred outerwear for fare car drivers back in the day. The coats not only kept them warm and shielded them from the elements, but they also allowed them to move freely. Today’s car coats, on the other hand, are designed for more than just driving in a convertible. Although the theme remains, the same, modern trendy car coats are no longer made of thick wool fabrics. Lighter fabrics with more daring colors, and designs, are now available. These timeless coats are your all weather friend and you can use them for any occasion.


Get a Swing Coat if You want to Go Retro

Swing jackets are form-fitting at the shoulders and flare out at the feet primarily designed for women. As the jacket flares out the open and loose portion,it moves fluidly while walking, hence the name. Swing jackets can be dressed up or down, depending on whether you’re wearing them with jeans or dress slacks or skirts.In the early 1950s, the 1950s princess suit, also known as a retro swing coat was a rage. It was nipped in at the waist, and it flared out over full swing skirts and dresses. If you want to go retro you can try it the way they did in the 50s.


Military Coats for Your Charismatic Aura

This military coat will give you a disciplined but charismatic look of a private soldier or a military sergeant. The front and shoulders of a long coat are embossed with silver tone military buttons. The zip front allows for quick bundling, and the black stretch panels on the sleeves provide a comfortable fit. It is made up of shell, polyester, acrylic, and wool. Left and right, you take a salute girl!


Wrap Coat for Your Fun and Jolly Mood with Matching Woolen Cap

The wrap coat was initially designed to provide unique detailing that is seasonally fresh and still irresistibly comfortable. It is renowned for overlapping panels secured with a soft belt. One of the best things about the wrap coat is that it’s flexible because you button it yourself. You don’t have to fidget with those clumsy zippers or obnoxious buttons. Wrap coats appear to look a little oversized, so pair them with skinny trousers or jeans to prevent your outfits from looking too bulky. Choose slip-on flats, white sneakers, or classic pumps to go with a chain strap cross body bag or large tote, depending on your personal style.


Capelet Coat To Add Some Mystery Look to Your Persona

The long wide open shaped sleeves with tight fit full hand long sleeves underneath is a princess-y cape coat. This gives you a fairy cum mythical look from all those characters from your favorite mythology land where the witches and fairies dwell. These being have adorned these capelet coats in all those dramas that you have seen. Now is the time to take some magic into your wardrobe and feel special and mysterious.

Furry Long Coat to Make You Feel the Warmth and Softness in Cold

If want to look and feel fancy, then pull your silk slip skirt or pants out from the depths of your closet, throw on a wool knit top, and finish the look with your richest-looking fur coat. It gives a free bird look and it also adds a certain luxury to your outfit. There is something for everyone in furry coat trend, from the ubiquitous neutral color combos to a plethora of vibrant colors.This winter wear coat will make to comfortable and put you at ease. It is for occasions such as going to a movie theater, you just have to put it over your shiny pants,and you are done.


Leopard Print Long Coatto Bring Out Your Extravert Mood

Leopard print is one of the fashion trends for 2020, considering the fact that its success has never waned and it is unlikely to go on in 2021. Leopard print was popular for most of the twentieth century, and it is seeing a revival in popularity as we reach the twenty-first century.So for your inner adventurous self and for that little inclination towards extravert nature you can glow around with this animal print coat.


Leather Long Coat to add a Glamorous Touch

The leather jacket is a timeless fashion staple that belongs in everyone’s closet. A cool leather jacket is the ultimate layering element, and it can do anything from dress up a T-shirt and jeans to make a slip dress look more casual. It is a one-of-a-kind hero piece that can handle anything. It can be a year-round layering piece or a seasonal jacket to wear on repeat in the spring and fall, depending on where you live.


Jeans Long Coat the Old Rusty Casual Look Never Gets Old

Regardless of the season, a denim jacket is a must-have in your closet. You can wear it alone or under a warmer coat;it is the ideal layering piece for the fall. A versatile item can be worn with almost any outfit. Wear it with your favorite dress or dress it down with more jeans (yeah sure!) and a t-shirt.

If you just want to stand out in a crowd, go for a brightly colored jeans jacket. Denim jackets are also available in olive, pink, and even purple, thanks to a slew of new labels. You may select a color that is more suitable for the season, such as white in the summer and orange in the fall. Dare to be special!


Long Coat with fur Collar For an Uber Modern Upbeat Look

If you like, fur but do not want to invest in a full-fledged fur coat, look for winter coats with a cool trendy fur collar. Whatever type of coat you choose; it will make your outfit fashionable and beautiful while still keeping you warm. You have seen how men wear fur collar coats, so here is how women can wear this style of coat and look chic in the winter season. So pair it up over a tight fit pant with black stylish boot wedges.


Red Tartan Checks Long Coat is a Must have for Every Girl

Tartan coats are the staple of every autumn and winter season; it is something you can wear every day and (hopefully) every winter for the next few years, so you are set. To remind you that check prints were one of the most common trends on the catwalk for winter. In addition, nowhere does such a print look better than on the most fashionable of coats.There is a tartan coat out there for everyone, regardless of the budget or sartorial specifications. If the thought of a bold pattern outer layer intimidates you, try tartans with leathers and a plain tee for full effect.


Sheepskin Coat for Channeling Your Inner Calmness

There are many explanations why sheepskin coats are one of the most common forms of winter outerwear in Polar Regions. To begin with, a sheepskin coat, particularly one made of natural fur, retains heat well even in the cold. At the same time, and more importantly, it does not obstruct air circulation, so the space or transportation in it would be cooler than in a lighter jacket made of synthetic materials. Sheepskin coats are robust enough to last a few years due to special care of the leather. Finally, they are much more fashionable than sports down jackets, and they can be worn with every urban attire. They are naturally soft and you can feel calm, they are not just for coziness but they are also easy on the eyes.