You’ve got that wonderful red dress and you’re all set to party the whole night long. Of course, you have the right accessories that go with your gorgeous red ensemble but what about your makeup especially  yes, your lips? Well, get that adorable pout in place, we are ready to deconstruct the perfect lipstick shades that go with a red dress.

Pretty ‘N’ Pink:

Most makeup artiste will tell you that since your beautiful red dress is an attention grabber, you should go easy on the face. A light pink lipstick makes your lips look very chic. You can highlight the eyes with black kohl, and you’re ready to head to the glam spots and make heads turn. With the red dress, flaunt a pair of sky high white heels. As for your hair, leave it loose. You now look super glam and you are ready to reach for the stars.


A Tinge Of Orangish Gold:

Chic. Glitzy, And super glam. Just a tinge of an orangish gold lipstick makes your face look super glamorous. Your red dress is the scene stealer but your super glam makeup too makes you look like a high profiled celeb. And though the silver glitzy off-shoulder bustier of the red dress is extremely attractive, your makeup too stands out. For the face, daub a little foundation that matches with your skin tone. It will conceal all the flaws and make your skin look super smooth. Leave your hair loose. This looks extremely glam too. And now be all set to be the diva at every glam party. So go ahead, make your place amongst the high rollers.


Dark Maroon:

Super sensuous and sexy. The shade of maroon just lifts up the entire look. It makes your face look brighter and your ensemble stand out. The red dress that you flaunt is already very eye-catching but the entire look is enhanced by your glam makeup. You look dazzling and with sky high black heels, you’re out to make an impression. Try out a nice bronzer too for your face, it will give a lovely sheen and you’ll be sparkling at every event you go to.


Vermillion Vixen:

Your dress is an eclectic mix of red and orange and what better way, to stand out than flaunt the same shade on your lips. This red and orange shade on your lips though a little subtle, still stands out. Leave your hair in loose curls so that it looks messy chic. Your face can have a tinge of blush while your eyes are lightly highlighted with an eye pencil. This look though bright is absolutely right for day wear. You can wear it to a day event with élan.


Blazing Red:

Call the fire brigade. You’re looking super-HOT. Yes, you need to be extremely daring to wear a flaming red lipstick especially when you’re already flaunting a red dress. But hey, you live only once. So why don’t you go all out and daub some super glam makeup starting from a foundation in the tone between nude and beige, pink blush, kohl and that lovely red sparkling lipstick for your lips? You’re sure to scorch the dance floors and have all the men lining up just to get a smile from you. This look dazzles like none other and you’re sure to be a winner in this.


Peachy Pink:

This is actually a trendsetter in terms of makeup. Team a ravishing red dress with a peachy pink lipstick. The trick here is to highlight your cheekbones and lips with glitzy peach gloss. It gives the face a wonderful sheen. Perfect for a night look, you can dazzle at a party in your red number. Don’t forget to step into a pair of high heels or super chic wedges to get that added height. It makes you look uber elegant yet gives you a very sensuous look too.


Natural Nude:

It’s a no makeup look that works its magic during the day. Though your dress is a captivating red, the makeup on your face is subtle and natural. Just a daub of foundation and gloss, and your lips coated with a nude lipstick can give your face a healthy natural look. Your dress is already super chic and snazzy and with the subtle makeup that you’ve donned, you’ll look vibrant yet natural. Team this look with black accessories and you’re ready to stride confidently into a convention or a social event looking like a fashionista. So go ahead, and sparkle naturally!


Pale Brown Gloss:

Another amazing look to try out is a pale brown gloss. Again, this is a day look and so the makeup should be subtle and natural. Cakes of makeup is a big ‘No’ especially during the day. Use a light brown gloss on the lips without highlighting it with a lip pencil or filling it up with lipstick. The lips will look naturally moist and have a sheen to them. And with this natural look, you can dazzle in your red dress. Walk into a shopping mall or even your college canteen and make heads turn.


Daub Of Rose Gloss:

Your dress is a wonderful shade of claret red and you know you’re the cynosure of all eyes. But since it is a day wear, go easy with the makeup, Paint your lips with a hint of rosy gloss. This gives the lips a wonderful sheen but it still makes it look very natural. But the rosy pout of your lips look extremely inviting and you’re sure to win a lot hearts with this damsel in distress look.


Arresting Azure:

Highlight your beautiful eyes with an eye pencil so that the lashes look long. Daub a little powder and then concentrate on your lips. Pick a shade of azure in terms of a lipstick so that it is a cross between red and orange. This makes the lips look fuller and when teamed with a red plaid dress, it looks extremely stunning. Again, this is for the day so you can go to the club, canteen, and college and be the belle of the scene.


Captivating Coral:

This adds the oomph to the look. A simple slip dress when teamed with the right makeup looks amazing. The makeup is a cross between glam and natural. Your lips have a hint of light coral while your face has a light tinge of bronzer. This gives you a subtle dazzle and you are ready to go clubbin’.


Valentine’s Love:

This shade is a close mix of red and orange and looks extremely romantic. It matches the reddish-orange dress you’re wearing,  giving you a very lovely look. The dress is subtle reddish orange and is not too dramatic.  So the makeup too will be a tad glam but not too much. And the lipstick will be in a wonderful shade of Valentine’s red which is matte shade of red. It highlights the lips giving it a very romantic touch. Go ahead, wear it for a date with your boyfriend and watch him hang on to every word you say.


Sunrise Orange:

Normally, women think that red and orange don’t match. But when you flaunt this particular shade of orange, it works wonderfully well for your look. Your dress is a subtle red and it is eye-catching as it is an off-shoulder number with a wonderful chiffon tail. Your makeup here should be extremely subtle yet giving it a tinge of glam. The sunrise orange is a very vibrant shade and can make you dazzle at every party.


Bedazzling Brownish-Red:

An absolutely gorgeous shade, this color is not too flamboyant. It has a tinge of brown yet borders on red too. If your dress is a wonderful shade of rusty red, you need a matching lipstick that can off-set this look to the‘t’. And here, the brownish-red lipstick looks awesome. Just highlight your lips with a lip pencil and then fill the contours with this shade of lipstick. You’ll look mysteriously glam and you’re ready to make your presence felt at the high society party that you’re attending. So go ahead, gal, go and sparkle!


Wine Red:

Get drunk on the sheer lovely spirit of this look. The dress is an arresting red – glam and dramatic while the makeup is super chic. The lips are highlighted with a wine red lipstick that is glossy and inviting. The eyes are highlighted with black kohl and mascara. The cheekbones are further enhanced with a pinkish blush. And you’ll look super awesome. This is definitely high glam and is fabulously suited for an important night out or a glitzy party.  Looking like this, you’re sure to knock out the competition. Watch the men drool over you while the women… well, get ready to be envied!