Lighten Dark Feet At Home Fast Using These Home Remedies For Dark Skin- Our skin care is often limited to taking care of our glorious face. Undoubtedly, the face grabs all the attention when it comes to skin care routine. In such circumstances, we sometimes might forget that even our feet require proper care and conditioning routine.Especially if you are more of an outdoor person, you might damage your feet skin by stepping out into the sun. Also your feet can get exposed to dust and germs if you like to move barefoot.

Instead of getting embarrassed by the dark feet, you must start a feet care routine to banish all the pigmentation and darkness. Here we have gathered some of the most powerful home remedies that will make your feet even toned and super smooth.

Lighten Dark Feet At Home Fast Using These Home Remedies For Dark Skin

Lemon Juice For Fighting Extreme Pigmentation

Lemon juice is filled with uncountable benefits for your skin. First, it fights pigmentation, second it removes patchy skin and third, it wipes off sun tan as you never imagined. Lemon juice is a natural beaching agent which is used widely to remove tan and darkness. It consists of bleaching properties, vitamin c, antioxidants and brightening agents that will help you make your feet even toned and light.

How to use lemon juice:

You can use lemon in 2 ways for lightening your feet. First, you slice down the lemon and rub one half on your feet and other half on your other feet. Leave this juice on your feet for 1-20 minutes and rinse with cold water. Another way to apply lemon juice on your feet is to mix 1 spoon lemon juice and half spoon aloe vera gel.

Massage your feet with this mixture and let it work on your feet for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with water and tap dry. Both these remedies are quick and will consume no more times go for it and make your feet light and beautiful again.

Yogurt for Lightening Your Dark Feet

Yogurt is also one of the most prominent bleaching agents and consists of lactic acid that can transform your tanned and pigmented skin. If you are tired of using anti-tanning products that are no way effective on your skin, this natural ingredient will help you get rid of those dark feet in no time.

How to use yogurt:

To get best results, let your feet rest in lukewarm water for a while. Then take 2 spoons yogurt in a bowl and gently massage it on your feet. For best results, take immensely sour yogurt and apply it on your feet. Rinse with a mild soap and water and tap dry. Try this treatment everyday and you will notice difference soon.

Cucumber Slices To Make Your Feet Even Toned

Cucumber is a natural astringent and thus, can lighten the skin. Cucumber consists of fibers, anti oxidants and Vitamin A and it can control production of melanin in our skin thus, reducing pigmentation and dark patches. Thus, cucumber is a great ingredient to reduce tanning on your feet and make them even toned.

How to use cucumber:

Cut the cucumbers in small pieces and blend it in a blender. Extract the cucumber juice and apply it on your feet. You can also add some lemon juice with cucumber juice to make the tonic more effective. Apart from this, you can also rub the cucumber slices on your feet and leave it for 15-20 minutes. This will considerably lighten your dark feet.

Orange Peels /Juice to Brighten Dark Skin

Without any doubts, orange is a nutrient rich fruit which is loaded with vitamin C and natural ingredients that can treat pigmentation and skin tanning. You can use orange peel or juice in different ways and with different ingredients to repair your dark and tanned feet.

How to use orange peels:

If you are willing to use orange peel for brightening you can use the dried orange peel powder along with honey to fight tanning and to keep your feet gorgeous and even toned. Instead of the peel, you can also use orange juice on your feet. To treat hyper pigmentation, squeeze orange and extract its juice and apply it on the dark areas. Let it remain for 15 minutes and wash it off with normal water.

Tomatoes to Revive and Repair Dark Feet

Tomatoes are filled with lycopene which is an amazing anti oxidant that not only protects the skin but also removes tanning and pigmentation. This amazing anti oxidant makes the skin less reactive to the UV rays and prevents skin from getting even darker.

Not only with anti oxidants, are tomatoes rich in vitamin c which is known to have magical effects on the skin in case of brightening. So if you want bright and light feet, use tomatoes.

How to use tomatoes:

To use tomatoes for feet brightening, you can slice one tomato and rub it on the dark area. Keep rubbing for 15-20 minutes and let it dry.

Keep it for another 10 minutes and rinse it with normal water. If you have more time and want some enhanced results, extract some tomato juice and add 1 spoon of lemon juice and honey.

Apply this paste on your feet and on the dark areas and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Rinse with water and repeat every day for best results.

Potatoes for Lightening your Tanned Feet

If you don’t take enough care of your feet and your feet have become pigmented, patchy and rough, this is the remedy that will bring your feet skin back to normal. Potatoes are rich in multiple nutrients and help you get rid of the extra melanin pigment in your feet. Thus, try this remedy and make your skin shiny bright.

How to use potatoes:

To use potatoes for fighting dark feet, slice down a potato and scrub it for 15 minutes on the dark area. Keep massaging it on your skin and leave it dry for 10 minutes. Get some luke warm water in a tub and soak your feet into this tub. Tap your feet dry, moisturize your feet and follow this procedure daily. No more dark feet and no more rough skin!

Coconut Oil Remedy For Feet Lightening and Moisturizing

Sometimes, your feet may appear dark and rough due to dryness. Extreme dryness, especially during winters can cause your feet to darken and thus, you can use coconut oil to revive your feet skin and make your feet look stunning as never before.

How to use coconut oil:

To use coconut oil for feet lightening and to nourish your feet, daily night, massage some coconut oil on your feet while massaging gently. After massaging oil, put on your warm socks and wear them overnight. This will make the moisture get absorbed in your skin. This will promote even toned and bright skin on your feet.

Gram Flour Turmeric as a Anti-Tanning Mask

Gram flour and turmeric are the most promising 2 ingredients that work miracles on dark and pigmented skin. Gram flour makes your skin smooth, nourished and glossy while turmeric is a miraculous ingredient that fights tan, darkness and is an anti bacterial herb. The mixture of these 2 ingredients will simply help you fight dark skin within few days.

How to use gram flour and turmeric powder:

In a bowl, add 1 spoon gram flour and half spoon turmeric powder. Add 1-2 spoons milk and mix it. apply this extraordinary paste on your entire feet and especially on the dark areas and leave it for 20 minutes.

Rinse with normal water and tap dry. Don’t forget to moisturize your feet twice a day for better results.

White Vinegar and Salt Remedy for Gorgeous Feet

Both of these ingredients are highly beneficial when it comes to fighting tan or dark skin. To make your skin light, bright and glossy, you can use the mixture of white vinegar and salt and it will nourish, cleanse and brighten your feet.

How to use white vinegar and salt:

To use these ingredients, add half spoon of vinegar and 1 spoon rock salt in tub filled with water. Take luke warm water and soak your feet into this water. Let your legs rest in the tub for 15-20 minutes. You can also scrub your feet with a mild brush and rinse with normal water. Tap your feet dry with a soft towel and use lotion to moisturize your feet.

Apart from these, there are many other ingredients like sugar, ripe papayas, rose water, sandalwood powder etc that can be used for lightening the dark feet. To make your feet look nourished and even toned, it is necessary to pay attention to your feet care routine.

Daily wash your feet with mild soap, use any of these remedies on regular basis and don’t forget to nourish your feet by using a natural lotion twice a day on your feet. You can also carry socks to keep your feet hydrated and smooth. When using these  remedies , you will be able to mark significant difference in your feet within few days.