What Color Legging You Can Wear With White Tops – Wearing your clothes right with the right style and color combination is always a tedious job. Whether it is a date or an official meeting and you are pulling out your wardrobe for the best outfits but you are almost clueless on what you can really combine them with. Here are some tips on how you can match your tops, especially the white ones to appropriate colored leggings! Check ‘em out!!

White Top with a Black and White Printed Legging

You wake up late in the morning and rushing out for a meeting. You don’t have the time to look too elaborate but make the minimum impression possible but the clock is ticking. Well, it is not too difficult if you have one of these printed leggings to go with your white top. They look effortlessly beautiful! Wear it with a black leather jacket to add that stylish edge to your look. Don’t forget to match it with a black pump shoe and a brown bag to make you look perfect for the meeting! Do remember to wear your smile on while you head out!


White Top with Teal Spandex Legging

A stress free day requires seamless clothes that make you look great and does not require a lot of effort from your end. There are those days you want to wear the simplest outfit yet look extraordinary. This is one of those outfits that don’t take a lot of effort but make you look absolutely stunning! Wearing a white flared top with a printed teal legging is an ideal match that truly makes you stand out! Teem it with a white and beige wedges and a dark beige hand bag with light make up and it sets the mood for a great day ahead!


White Tunic With a Sequined Legging

Going glittery is fashionable today! Who cares about the daylight while wearing a shimmery legging? Fashion is anything you wear with a dash of attitude. Wearing this shimmery sequined legging with a white long tunic and a blazer can really make you look one hell of a woman on an offbeat event! You can enhance this look with a lovely maroon lipstick and a red hand bag for a quirky fashion tag!


White Tunic with Wine Legging

Leopard prints are quite trendy and can really be used to style up your outfit without a lot of hassle. Especially when you are wearing a plain white top with a plain colored legging, you definitely want to try something that takes away the plainness of your look! What better way to do it than to wrap yourself up with a leopard print shawl and brown boots? If you want to turn the look into a bold one, try curling your hair up and smearing your eyes with a dark black kohl and a nude lip balm.


White Concave Top with Royal Blue Legging

Are you in a quirky mood and want to wear something totally outlandish yet impressive? Teem this white concave top with a royal blue legging, one of the most striking color combinations! Add a beaded necklace with a black handbag and a red wedge to add a twist to your fashion language. When you have a remarkable confidence level and can pull it off with just about any outfit you will only make news everywhere you go!


White Tee Shirt and Floral Leggings

Light up this spring season with these cool floral prints that look chic with a plain white top. You can always add that extra emphasis on your clothing by picking up a high brown boots to make you look extremely stylish. Complete this look with winged liner for your eyes and a light pink shaded lip gloss and don’t forget to do your hair, because it doesn’t matter so much of what you wear than how your hair looks!


Zebra Print Legging with a White Shirt

Zebra prints never go out of fashion because black and white never becomes history! They look unique as well as trendy! Pick up one of these zebra print leggings and wear it with your white shirt and a white shoe. It is one of those really comfortable outfits one can wear anywhere they go. Be it for shopping or for a cup of coffee with your old friend. Color your lips red maroon and it will be all you need for a gorgeous looking you!


White Woolen Tunic with Orange Printed Legging

One color that looks absolutely gorgeous with white is orange. You can never go wrong with this color combination. Planning an outing to the mountains with your friends this weekend? Wear a woolen white top with a floral orange legging and a long brown boot. It is the perfect dress code for a seamless trip to the mountains with your friends. Team this with an orange grand necklace to add a ladylike feel to your look and you can be sure to catch a lot of attention.


White Sleeveless Top with a Grey Legging

There are days you don’t want to spend a lot of time dressing yourself up. You have a list of things you have to shop for and very little time. You want to wear something that is weightless, comfortable and something this is not too fancy. Here is a great way to ensure that your outfit is able to achieve all of the above, wear a light weight cotton tunic with a grey legging and complete the look with a printed shawl around your neck for the perfect shopping experience.


White Transparent Top with Pink Legging

Feeling enthusiastic about that zoomba class you attend bi-weekly? Want to look and feel great? Here is a great way to make an impression for that highly energetic zumba class. Wear a transparent white top with a pink legging and a hello kitty or some other print tube top for a captivating look. Who said working out has to be boring? Make it fun and fashionable!


White Crop Top with Fish Scale Green Leggings

What is fashion unless it gets bizarre? Sometimes you just want to look eccentric and funky. Find a group of friends, call for a theme party and put yourself into one of these outlandish outfits and have the night fly away in laughter! Wear this cute white crop top with a metallic green legging and those geeky glasses to make for a crazy party night! Go red head and get everyone spinned!


White Crop Top with Red Legging

What is white without red? It is one of the most stunning color colors one can wear with white. It is a great color code for a youthful looking teenager. Wear this white crop top with a red legging and black low boots and step out for a fun day out with your school friends. Don’t forget to try out those black shades for a trendy edge! Teem it with a grey jacket for a more modest and vivacious look!


White and black are two colors that don’t need a lot of effort to be styled and can be worn with just about any color. What one needs most importantly is a language of fashion that they can carry with themselves, no matter what they wear. Because fashion is what one makes out of it!