While speaking of leg tattoos for women the first word that pops out of your lips is ‘Sexy’! Sexy leg tattoos are the ones that are appealing and arresting to the eyes of the beholder. To make any simple tattoo design look sexy you need to put it in an interesting spot – the leg, may be! Tattoos on the legs are not easily visible as they are usually covered under your skirt or pants. Thus these will be seen only if you wear your sexy bikini at the beach or ultra-short pants and miniskirts. Now don’t you think placing a tattoo on the leg will make it fascinating and eye-catching?

Leg tattoos can cover the entire space from thigh to toe or it may be a small artsy piece place anywhere in between. Women are crazy about placing tattoos on their legs. Tattoos remain with you forever and that’s why it might be a challenge choosing the correct design for your legs.

Before you put your finger on any particular tattoo consider the expertise of your tattoo artist, the spot, the pain factor, the time factor and of course the cost of getting the artwork etched. Keeping in mind differently structured women’s legs this article rounds up some gorgeous and sexy looking leg tattoos as inspiration for your next tattooing venture!

Gorgeous Geisha Leg Tattoo With Spider

People fascinated by the Japanese culture know how deeply the traditions are entrenched with the pretty tattoo designs. Just as Geishas have an important place in the Japanese culture the geisha tattoo has equal popularity in the fashion industry.

Geisha is a renowned feminine entertainer in Japan with roles quite different from those of prostitutes. They are an epitome of femininity and allure. Geisha tattoos represent style, passion, love, mystique and power. They can be carved on the legs with different motifs – the spider web in this case.

Gorgeous Geisha Leg Tattoo With Spider

Cute Animal Inspired Lower Leg Tattoo Idea For Fun

Animals have their specific places in the tattoo world. Each of them represents different inborn qualities that would portray the character and dominance of the wearer. Tattoo artist twist and turn the animal art in fun ways that please to the eye, from bold and fierce images to the cuties like in the below image. The girl chose to carve her lower legs with a spectacled deer and owl amidst the punch of flowers for a sexy and cute appearance.


Music Inspired Leg Tattoo Art For A Jazzy Appeal

Music lovers are quite passionate about the tunes, instruments and artists related to the music world. Go around the globe to find some cool tattoo inspirations to be etched on your leg. You can see the beautiful notes emerging out of the microphone along with stars and hashtags. Such music-dedicated tattoo often finds room on women’s legs. You may recreate this design with your own ideas, instruments and portraits for a more personalized image.


Beautiful Blue Rose Rosary Tattoo For Women’s Leg

Rosary tattoos have shown the wearers inclination towards spiritualism and connection to God. Tattooing a rosary with cross is a sacred way to show your love for God. Beaded rosary tattoo carry a divine aura and look beautiful on the legs. Pairing the rosary with blue colored rose is just too cliché. It represents accomplishment of rare and impossible deeds. So combining the blue rose with rosary can portray impeccable faith in God.


Adorable Rabbit In Cup Tattoo Art For Girls

From amongst the various animal tattoos rabbit is the most adorable one you can place on your skin. The tattoo artist from Berlin has beautifully carved out this piece injecting soft pastel shades to bring out the feminist personality of women. Rabbits are loved by people due to their link with Easter and upcoming springtime. They also have significant values like wealth, luck, prosperity, and fertility. The cute animal sitting in the floral decorated cup looks so cute and is rightly placed on the leg.


Hawaiian Sea Turtle Tattoos On Legs

The art of tattooing is prevalent in the Hawaiian Islands not only as talismans of spirituality and protection but also as beautifying tools to exhibit their status. Turtles, protected by their hard shell are Earth’s oldest creations. They navigate both land and water and are long-lived.

The Pacific Ocean being the realm of sea turtles, the tattooist has drawn elements of oceanic waves, Hawaiian flowers with tribal design in the sea turtle. Isn’t it too awesome? Injecting colors adds fresh and positive vibes around.


Fierce Brazen Dragon Leg Tattoo Design For Women

Dragons are the most mystically revered creature in many cultures. Dragons in Chinese traditions symbolize power, strength, fierceness, bold character, longevity, wealth and good luck. This brazen tribal dragon tattoo art on the leg adds a lot of individuality to the wearer. The design looks as if the dragon is embedded into the skin with the hint of tribal artwork. The outstanding shade work adds an extra pop to the design.


Sexy And Small Flower Tattoo Above The Foot

You may have seen ample number of flower tattoos etched by men and women. But every design you see seems unique resembling your own beliefs and style. This one is sure to pep up your tattoo fashion sense. The single stalk of flower with a tiny bud signifies birth, life and fragrance. The delicateness of the flower shows the soft nature of females. Placing the tattoo just above your foot is the best spot for this cool and sexy tattoo for women.


Ballerina Miniature Tattoo On Ankle For Wondrous Appeal

The sheer beauty of the ballerina dancers is wondrous against women’s skin even in such miniature sizes. Women with strong connection with the most traditional art forms – dancing, choose to carve Ballerina tattoos. The bold solid black dancing tattoo has an awesome poised position on the leg. The subtle grace that this tattoo adds to your personality is absolutely stunning and classic.


Lovely Maple Leaf Tattoo For Autumn Lovers

Flower tattoos are really gorgeous and lend a lively appeal to the wearer. Flowers are known to express love, spring and delightful summer while the falling leaves auburn, dry and sun kissed mark the start of autumn. It reminds us of change and transformation which is the basic characteristic of women nature. Maple leaf tattoos gives you the access to chivalrous charm with a striking wilderness.


Long Red Rose Vine Tattoo Across The Leg

There are copious ways to pull off a dynamic, romantic, and seductive appeal using the rose vine tattoos. Rose tattoos are literally so flattering, especially the red roses. The roses flourishing on the vine are a great addition to your leg. You may also change the flower of your choice along with unique coloring techniques for a streamlined appearance.


Awesome Aquatic Bird Tattoo Idea For Women

Inspired from the lead character in the movie ‘Happy Feet’ or by the simple appearance of these cute aquatic birds? Penguins are birds that mate for life and are known for their life-long devotion and love. Apart from their grace, penguins are known to flourish in climate that’s unbearable to others. The little surfer waddling across the ocean looks stunning on the legs. The tattoo does look extra vibrant with the hints of colors.


Mickey And Minnie Disney Tattoo For An Artsy Appeal

Disney tattoo on the thighs transform from cute to sexy appeal. We all have grown up watching these characters in cartoons and movies, thus these tattoos express the child in you. From Mickey Mouse to Tom and Jerry and from Alice in Wonderland to the Little Mermaid, these tattoo ideas are sensational and refreshing. The tattooist has just outlined the design to keep it subtle. If you wish the design to be chirpy introduce some colors to the design.


Breathtaking Skeleton And Roses Tattoo For Women

Tattoo design sporting sugar skulls and roses are commonly seen on women. However, the artist has tried to pull off a deeper meaning through a skeleton embedded in roses. Many celebs have been flaunting skull or skeletal tattoos which is why they are gaining much popularity in men and women alike. Skeleton reminds us of the fact of death and life after that. Insignias can be changed depending on the story the wearer wants to narrate through her tattoo art.


Black And White Floral Sketch Looks Marvelous On Thighs

Another cool floral patch over the thighs pulls off your attention. What’s different here than the usual floral tattoo designs? Yes, it’s the lack of colors. A few times sketching the tattoo in black and white may add depth to the design and result in unique remarkable artwork. This tattoo has nothing much to do with the species of flowers; it’s a sketch that is attractive and makes hundreds of heads turn towards you.


Gun And Roses Tattoo For Most Fancy Look

Here is another fancy tattoo art posed on the thigh of this sexy woman. Two different motifs, the gun and roses, are clubbed together to result in a cute and awe-worthy tattoo work. Both gun and roses have their own significance, but when put together they could mean ‘too much love and passion that could kill’.

Alternatively if you are a die hard fan of the band ‘Guns and Roses’ this tattoo is best suited.


Bold Head Of Ram Tattoo Design For Women

Tattoos consisting of ram head or its skeleton are usually known to depict the satanic symbol. A few women who are bold and on the other side of faith in religion will love this brazen ram tattoo art. The dark tattoo is perfectly placed on the thigh making it less visible and secret. Ram tattoos are also associated with the zodiac symbol of Aries and have altogether different meanings to the wearer. So don’t be judgmental!


Leg Tattoo For Women With Sugar Skull Design

Sugar skulls are not merely pretty tattoo designs but they represent deeper cultural meanings. Many of us are not aware of the importance of these amazingly decorated candy skulls. These skulls are an integral part of Mexican culture during the Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls are utilized to deck up graveyards of your beloveds. Flooded with lots of colors and artsy designs this tattoo design captivates our minds. Without further ado go ahead and sport one such skull on your leg too.


Small Octopus Tattoo In Black Ink For Exuberant Look

Octopus is also a very striking and interesting creature of the oceans. Aka squid tattoos, the octopus tattoo lend a fantastic appeal to women tattoo wearers. With a few unique attributes octopus takes place in the tattoo industry as an admirable tattoo insignia. Doesn’t this tattoo on the woman’s calf look exuberant? Octopuses have short lifespan but are known for its intelligence, flexibility and voraciousness. It is diversified in terms of its placement and designs to ink them on the body.


Unbelievable Picturesque Seascape With Realistic Aura

Animals of the sea are quite an inspiration for gals to etch exclusive body artworks on the skin. The image below shows how the lady modifies her lower leg into beautiful underwater arena. With sharks, sea turtles, fishes and corals the underwater image shows some ship wreckage and rays of sun entering deep down the sea. You will definitely be impressed with the magic of the sea stylishly carved on to the woman’s skin.


Red And Black Lace Tattoos On Thighs For Voluptuous Appeal

Any of you women are looking for simple yet provocative tattoo ideas? Rest your search here, with this stylish and sexy lace tattoo on the thighs. Lace tattoos are little more than just feminine tattoos; their delicateness can be transformed into fierce look still appearing feminine at the same time.

The red black lacy pattern on the thighs looks voluptuous and inviting. Let your creative juices get flowing while you head to the parlor to get tattooed.


Women With Lovely Pinup Mechanic Girl Tattoo On Lower Leg

Hey fashionista! Are you ready to flaunt some hot chick tattoo designs on your legs? Are you ready for some naughtiness? Come up with this sexy and stunning pinup girl tattoo designs. They are an expression of feminine beauty and strength. Setting a theme for your pinup girl will add a fun element to the design. Traditionally pinup girls dressed as cow girls, princesses, warriors, devils, angels, pirates, etc. In this picture, the pinup girl is a cute and sexy mechanic on the lower leg. Tattoo courtesy by Ricky Carr!


Small Virgo Zodiac Symbol On Thigh For A Cute Look

Women falling under the Zodiac sign Virgo tend to be of calm and composed traits. These females have great personalities and make very good companions in life. If you are proud to be a Virgo do sport this tattoo art. The woman in the photo has put the cute symbol on the side of her thighs; you may want to deviate from her in your style. The artistic line and dot works lends a cute appeal to the zodiac design.


Arrow Tattoo Design For Girls For Simplistic Approach

The small and simple single arrow tugged into the female’s leg is so enthralling. It sure has a deeper meaning to it. Arrow tattoos are directional own their own, however, when clubbed with different kinds of arrows and motifs they change their meaning. Be very specific when you ought to choose an arrow tattoo for yourself. While the single headed arrow tattoo reflects a sense of achievement, two oppositely placed arrows depict war. You may consider this one as a broken tattoo art depicting harmony and peace.


Miniature Cloud Tattoo On Both Legs For Women

Cloud tattoos are best options if you want to depict nature, God’s creation, beauty, and a classic look. Clouds act as backgrounds for various picturesque tattoo creations and they also can be placed as solo entities. The girl chooses simple, cute and tiny cloud miniatures on both the legs – one with sad face along with lightning bolt and the other shoves off a bright shiny sun with a smile. The tattoo represents good and bad emotions which are a part of human life and we have to learn to live with them.


Best Ever Inked Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

You may have seen ample tattoo designs over the net which inspire you to flaunt a cherry blossom tattoo. But you’ll agree this one is the best inked tattoo you have observed. Cherry blossoms being one of the significant flowers in the tattoo world, etch marvelous design on to your delicate skin.

Cherry blossom adds attributes of femininity, fertility, rebirth and strength to your personality. Nevertheless it looks so sexy when it covers you entire leg. After having inspired the Eastern countries cherry blossom tattoos have taken its course to the western lands also.


American Flag Bow Tattoo For Patriotic Girls

Bow tattoos are one of the gender specific designs worn commonly by women. Bow tattoos are quite fascinating and feminist. From young to old, all girls can etch themselves with a pretty bow tattoo design. The bow resembles something that has been tied and then released. So do the liberated women of the current era feel and this is why they would want to sport a stylish bow tattoo. The American flag bow on the legs represents your patriotism and love for your country.


Chicano Style Masked Girl With Gun Tattoo On Calf

Chicano tattoo are a creative burst of cultural designs that cannot be matched with anything else. The Chicano designs are very meaningful and possesses powerful capabilities of stylish grandiloquence. The classic Chicano tattoos depict insignias of beautiful girls with cars, money, weapons, and religious icons. These designs create a swoon-worthy look and are all you need to boast yourself in the crowd. The Chicano tattooing art mixes up the daring settings of urban motifs along with legendary incarnations to lend a cutting-edge appearance.


Polynesian Masterpiece In Black Hue For Swoon-Worthy Look

Polynesian tattoo designs originate from the ancient art forms of Polynesia. It’s a popular choice for tattoo enthusiastic men and women. The tribal Polynesian tattoos lend a rugged look to men while look sexy when carved on woman legs. The tribal patterns are often freehand drawing straight out of the personal imaginations of the tattooist. Ornate patterns win your heart and flow around your legs smoothly. Many Polynesian designs from the tribes have culture specific significance and create wonderful masterpieces.


Vintage Framed Mermaid For Feminist Tattooing Approach

You might have picked a few mirrored tattoo designs from the web, but here we leave them behind to see some gorgeous vintage frame tattoo ideas for your legs. Framed tattoos do add more character to your designs. These tattoos are so cool that they can be personalized with anything you want. Put up the little mermaid in that frame or replace it with your lover’s photo; add flowers to the frame or bejewel it, the framed tattoos have their unique stand in the tattooing industry.


Discover your favorite tattoo pick that you can sport on your legs from the image inspirations above. More often women have been in a state of confusion of wearing tattoos that will improve her physique and beauty. Tattoos are also utilized to conceal scars and skin damage that may be disfavoring your beauty.

Intricate geometric tattoo, floral patches, sea creatures, portraits, animals, stars and moon, hearts, animal prints, ornate pieces, precious stones, birds, inspirational quotes, and remembrance of loved ones are some examples of leg tattoo ideas that women adore. Combine a few motifs together to recreate your own tattoo art with a fresh new vibe showcasing your thoughts and views. The list is endless; keep exploring!