It is often brought into the debates that there is nothing like a good or bad body tattoo as they are something that defines someone. They are one the finest non-verbal expressions for some and a state of art for some others. Typically, a body tattoo is often used as a fashion medium to improvise the personality. This segment narrows down when it comes to specific areas of the body for a fashionable or artistic tattoo.

One of the most popular tattoos can be inked on the legs and you would have a lot of active options to choose from if you believe it is the right place for you to begin with.

The Wolf Raised in Feather and Roses

This tattoo can be carried out in your leg and would define a lot about your personality, keeping the art factor still aside. The tattoo needs a wider area to be inked, so the thighs would do justice to this beautiful tattoo. The major components of this tattoo are a set of feather, some roses and a fierce wolf.


The idea of having a wolf in itself depicts courage and strength as a whole, but the roses and feathers give the real artistic touch. Someone can easily interpret as the courage and strength blinded by emotion and aspiration is one of the commonly derived meanings. Either way, this is a beautiful tattoo that you can look up to.

Paisley Ankle Tattoo

The name gives a clear indication of what this body tattoo on the leg is all about, and with your creative mindset you can figure out the right position as well. This tattoo is meant for all the people who want to get inked only because of they want a new fashion experience in their appearance or the people who simply appreciate an artistic body tattoo.


This is best suited in the ankle area where you can have a horizontal piece of tattoo that would be evenly visible. The tattoo may or may not be perceived as something meaningful but it is definitely pretty artistic and beautiful that steals the show. You can moderate the patters you want on your tattoo according to your own choice.

The Gorgeous Rose

This has to be one of the most popular kinds of tattoos that women prefer to take up for getting their leg inked. The tattoo is again purely based out of the beauty of the art, but if paid attention a lot of meaning can be derived out of it as well.


A single rose represents immense love for something and the flares around it depict the struggle you have gone through to achieve it. It can be interpreted in various other ways as well. However, this tattoo is based mostly on its artistic touch.

The size of the tattoo is again dependent upon your choice and the dimensions of your leg. The most suitable position would be the lower leg where it can be easily visible. You can take it up as a fashion statement and you can wear it along with short evening dresses and party outfits.

A Star Tattoo

Just like the rose tattoo for your legs, this is yet another generic fashion tattoo that somehow has become quite popular.

Undoubtedly, this is a great design that can never go out of trend, but it might lack at the core deep meaning part for some people. The tattoo can be modified in the design by your choice. For instance, a common design is to have a large highlighted star surrounded by several small stars.


You can put 3 to 4 large stars or all small stars for a variation in the design as well. The reason why it is called artistic is because of the abstract pattern it forms on your legs. The size of this tattoo plays a vital role in determining the appearance as it needs to be clearly visible.

The ideal size would be covering the lower level of the leg right above the ankle. You can make further small changes in the appearance to make the most out of this tattoo. Even though it is stereotypical, you would not be disappointed getting inked with this.

The Skull with a Feather and Rose

A well-drawn skull with all the realistic effect in it appears to be pretty creative to the viewers, is not it? This tattoo design is pretty uncommon and needs a pretty good skill for you to get it done and carry it around. This can also be termed as a fashion tattoo for the legs but it also carries multiple meanings that can be interpreted by the onlookers.


The opinions would vary but one thing that remains the same is the beauty of the tattoo design is amazing. The best position for the tattoo would be in the thighs or the upper part of the leg as it requires a broad space to be successfully engaged. A fine meaning that can be derived from this tattoo would be a bare undying soul beneath the skin and other luxuries trying to reach out for greater heights.

However, the interpretations lies in the eyes of the onlooker. You can moderate the size of the tattoo according to the dimensions of your legs. This is one such tattoo you would not regret having in your leg.

A Musical Creeper

A simply amazing concept that lies behind the skills of a tattoo artist that can give justice to this great design. It is artistic as well as sends a good message along with it.

Again, here the interpretation makes all the way for it, but the commonly interpreted message would be the immense love for music and the creeper makes it appear even deeper. The size of the tattoo can be set to average for a more elegant look.


It can accommodate at almost all parts of the leg because of the compact size. You can also add a few more elements to it if you believe it can enhance the look of it. Lastly, needless to say this would work as a great fashion tattoo as well which gives it an extra edge over others.

A Fallen Angel Leg Tattoo

Not many people might adore it but this would definitely get all the love it deserves from all the girls out there who fantasy characters. These are basically considered to be emo characters but in reality, it is not. They have a magical touch of creativity in them and represent a true artistic image.


A common misconception that the people carry is, a fallen angel resembles a broken soul or a person who is constantly sad. But a broken or fallen angel actually represents a fighter within the soul who would not give up, no matter how much damage is sustained.

There are a lot of ways by which people ink a fallen angel and you can also choose your own design. The tattoo would take up very minimal space as it can be carried out in a compact part of the leg as well.

The size depends upon your choice and the dimensions of your leg, but it is suggested not to cover the whole area with the tattoo.

Striking Sailor Tattoo on Leg

This tattoo has a striking message that needs no interpretation in it because of the text already present there. The design consists of an anchor, some roses and a badge of a message reading ‘I refuse to sink’. This a motivational tattoo that reads out in a simplified form that to never lose hope or to never give up.


The anchor depicts pulling down while the roses around it depict the other great things in life. You can also try to add a few other elements in it which fascinates you according to your need.

However, this tattoo is pretty amazing in itself and would definitely be loved. The size and the position depends upon you too as it can be carried out anywhere on your leg.

You can also sport this tattoo as a fashion trend that would also hold up beautifully in this regard. Although, for to keep your fashion related options open, it would be the best choice to get this tattoo inked on the calves.

Celtic Symbol Design

Celtic symbols are cool, hands down on this one. There are a lot of people who appreciate the meaning and the design of the Celtic symbols which is an amazing option to consider. The best part about the symbols is, you can find any of them online and can go forwards with getting inked.


The evil symbol of Celtic is a trendy design and would fascinate the people who like to have such thrilling symbols on their body. The best part on the leg for this tattoo would be the area above the ankle while the size of the tattoo can be set to regular.

The tattoos need to be done at a certified place where they follow basic hygiene guidelines and ethics. Usually, a trusted and certified tattoo artist should always be your priority. So these were the latest tattoo designs on legs for women .