Inexpensive Ways to Turn a Cheap Apartment in to a Chic Apartment – To be honest, decorating a house on budget is such a challenging task. We all love those cozy and elegantly designed houses but we also refrain from trying something similar worrying about the dangerous expenses. Sometimes, we also have to manage work with a small space along with a budget and this becomes even more hectic. However, some people fail to understand that the key to chic decoration is not only expensive stuff. You can make your apartment look stunning while trying some creative ideas.

If you have always dreamt about building a cool chic apartment but always dropped the idea due to budge issues, we have gathered some inexpensive and extremely chunky ways to build a chic apartment. Scroll through these fabulous ways to transform your apartment into a chic apartment and get creative with your home décor. Using these ideas, you can build a customized chic apartment that reflects your style!

Try your Hands on Bottle Decorations

Are you running out of some chunky and yet elegant décor items> well, adorn your living room space with this creative and highly inspiring bottle décor. Bottles can be recycled in many ways and this is probably one of the most creative and chic ways to do so. You can use wine bottles with LED lights to create a serene atmosphere or you can go with this absolutely elegant idea.

Cover the bottles with the paint of your choice and use floral elements, letters and other décor items to customize the bottles. This pretty HOME themed bottle décor create will create a soulful corner in your living room in minutes!


Go for Elegant Wall Art Stickers

undoubtedly the fresh coat of paint will brighten up your entire home but what if you don’t want to spend too much and need a simply trick to spice up your walls? Well, you can always try some good wall stickers and it’ll not only make your room pop but will also help you save a lot of bucks. Especially, if some areas of your home lack paint and need a retouch, you can choose some chic stickers and fill the gaps.

The wall stickers are unique and don’t require more time. You simply can choose the stickers that match with your wall color and the interior and you’re done! What’s not to love about these serene and budget friendly wall stickers!


Try Customized Accent Wall Decor

Make your walls shine with this inexpensive and innovative trick. To make your living room standout, you won’t need any expensive décor items. Simply use your picture frames, some chic and tiny décor items along with some cool letter art work. Choose a single base color to paint the wall and hang the photo frames with the wooden finish.

Choose different sized frames, a chalkboard, and some letter décor items and arrange them on a random fashion on your accent wall. You can also add some tiny flower vases or any chic stuff you have. Hang cluster of stunning pictures of yours and create a very dramatic look for your accent wall.


Try labeling everything in your Kitchen, it works!

Trust us; this is a trick that’ll make your entire kitchen look classy and luxurious! The labels are fun and chunky; they can redefine the way your kitchen looks. Remember, your kitchen is a very important area of your home that too needs some transformation and to create a cool and cozy vibe, this is what you can do.

Choose some funky fonts and create stickers or labels using those fonts. Apply those fun and creative labels on all your jars and containers to make your kitchen look like a clean and fab area. The labels make your kitchen look organized and fun and there are plentiful of details that you can try.


Try Some Pillow Décor

The items you use for designing your interior makes a huge difference and specially, the stuff for living room needs to be cozy and stylish. If you have a tiny living area and seating, grace the seating with some unique and chunky pillows. Just like this peppy and bling gold printed cushions, you can try something creative and revive the way your living room looks.

Stock up your seating with such creative and highly funky cushions. Choose the pillows that match the interior of your home and these tiny décor items will add more color, individuality and pattern to any room! Dress up your sofa with such colorful and vivacious cushions and you’ll love to see your home transform!


Get Some Chic & Elegant Curtains

When there’s a tight budget that you have to maintain while decorating your home, it’s important to pay attention to the basic décor elements around your home. Curtains play a huge role in amplifying the appearance of your living and bedroom and you can get chic curtains at quite inexpensive rates.

Add more elegance and lavishness to your apartment while trying vibrant curtains with blissful colors and patterns. These fabrics are life savers and will transform your living and bedroom into a serene area. You can also try ravishing drapes or chunk curtains that can complement your interior and walls in a perfect way.


Sparkle Your Home with Candles and Lights

Good lighting can make anything look awesome and bright. If you want your home to look serene and chic, grab some interesting lightings. You can try some vintage themed chandeliers or candle stands. If that’s not economical, you can also use such cages and LED’s to make your home pop. There are plentiful of lighting fixtures that are comparatively less expensive and offer a great atmosphere.

Especially, if you love a subtle and cosy environment in your home, choose yellow LED’s, lamps and such vintage styled lighting options. You can find hanging lights, wine bottle lights, cage lights etc and brighten up your apartment within budget!


Add Shabby Chic Mirrors

What’s the best way to make your tiny space shine? Well, go for a cool mirror studded décor and you’ll love each and every corner of your home. If you don’t want to stuff your home with a lot of expensive décor items, load your walls with chic mirrors. Not only you’ll love to have a glimpse of yourself everywhere, but he areas will mirrors will look brightened up naturally.

Mirrors are no less than art work and can play an important part in making your home shine. From the floor-to-ceiling mirrors to the chic bathroom mirrors; from the flattering diy mirrors to the ravishing vintage themed royal mirrors, you can choose any of these and transform your home. Mirrors are unique, inexpensive and can make your home look luxurious in minutes!


Try some Floating Furniture

The best thing about floating furniture is that it not only looks ultra edge modern, but it also saves a lot of space. Compared to the bulky and huge furniture, when you go for the floating furniture, it’ll save a lot of bucks for you. This works perfectly well also if you have a small living space.  For your living room, try this interesting idea and grab some floating shelves that complement your other furniture and interior.

A chic apartment is not stuffed but is creatively decorated. Also if you have a very tiny space, instead of purchasing those huge and spacious furniture items go for these modern and serene wooden floating shelves.  Trust us; this is a very refreshing and chic way to style your apartment!


Add Plants to add a Natural Bliss to your Apartment

You can see how some plants can transform your apartment wonderfully. Plants are mood enhancers as well as inexpensive home decorators.  Not only the plants will increase oxygen flow but will also make your home look chic and refreshing. If you don’t want to invest in those pricey décor items, you can always choose some promising home plants and accommodate them in different areas of your home.

There are plants like succulents, orchids, epiphytic bromeliads, aloe vera, fishtail fern, lavender etc are the most loved home plants that’ll make your home look luxurious and blissful. Around the corner of your working area, on your kitchen cabinet, on your dining table, on the bedside table etc, you can place a small plant and instantly revive your apartment.


Add Fabric in forms of Rugs, Carpets and Covers

This is one of the most awe inspiring ideas to make your living room look exceptional. Use your creativity and decorate your living room in an unimaginable way. This chic living room has all the elements that you can steal and build your customized living room décor. The floor carpet is worth all the attention while the furry rugs and sofa covers are impeccable.

This is a very random and modish way to style your living room with fabrics. Choose rugs with chevron, striped, polka dotted and different prints to create a very unique look. This is a perfect way to make your living room pop!


Try some Vintage Themed Décor Elements

Antique or vintage themed décor is promising. You can choose any antique item and make your living room look way more stylish. To make your room look more polished and chic, you can grab some vintage inspired paintings, vintage style chandeliers or lights, vintage accessories, vintage furniture railings etc and create a scenic corner.

The best thing is that you can purchase the vintage items at affordable rates. You can find vintage looking unique items are nearby shops and also at garage sales. Invest in such kind of vintage inspired furniture or décor items and you’ll simply love it!


Try Curtain Rails for your Bed

There’s something special about curtain rails! This is a key to decorating a really vibrant and fabulous bedroom interior. If you have been dreaming of a stunning bedroom design, this is something to try right now! The flattering curtain rails with high curtains can make your bedroom look dreamy within minutes. If you don’t want to invest in expensive bedroom furniture, you can simply frame your bed with a stunning curtain.

This is a promising idea to make your bed look serene cozy and eye pleasing. Make sure that the bedroom area is well lit and add complementing curtains to the railings and give it a stunning finish. Try this idea and you’ll save a lot of bucks.


Try Building a Large Hand Art

The best thing about hand art is, you can customize it as per your needs. Imagine if you bought a very expensive painting but it doesn’t go with the walls and interior of your living room. If you are a gifted artist, try your hands on hand art and build a stunning customized wall painting for your living room or other areas.

You can choose anything from an abstract painting to a ravishing wall art made from plates. A high end wall painting will simply make your walls look subtle and delicate. Try using some vibrant colors and a perfect theme to match the walls of your home.


Accessorize your Home Creatively

Many people underestimate the power of good accessories. A lot of homes look dull and not-so-interesting as these homes lack proper accessories. The accessories bring a really blissful and fine touch to your apartment. You might think that accessories are out of budget but it is not true. You can choose themes as per your choice. The golden accessories are more for homes with vintage style decor while the chunky colorful accessories will suit the apartments with modern and serene interior.

Pretty chevron pillows, vintage themed wooden frames, handmade baskets, vintage style lighting, chic containers, elegant window accessories, modern lamps, unique crockery, inexpensive but unique chandeliers etc are the best things to try. Believe us; these accessories will simply augment the lavishness of your apartment!