Impressing a girl might seem to be a very difficult job for many people. This happens when the guy is shy and reserved kind and does not understand how to approach the girl directly. Impressing a girl needs some skills and once they are honed, you can be friends with any girl you want. Men use various tactics and tricks for impressing women. While some of them become successful, some of them fail miserably.

Generally girls are not convinced when a man randomly wants to impress her. She usually feels that something is not right when a man goes out of the way in impressing her.

Subtle Methodologies of Impressing a Girl

Real men will never do things in an excessive manner for impressing a girl. They will use their brains and intelligence and do things in a subtle manner so that the attention of the girl is automatically driven towards the man. Mentioned below are some excellent ideas which help in impressing a girl in easy and simple steps.

Think Before You Open Your Mouth

The way a man talks can be a great factor for gaining attention of a girl and impress her. Girls don’t like men who blabber a lot foolishly. Rather, they are impressed by men who speak logically and have weight in their words. Use healthy words with the right kinds of expressions for impressing the lady. In fact, women love witty men with sense of humor. Men who can talk well are able to impress the ladies easily. Start working on your speaking skills and you can work towards impressing the lady successfully.

Show Respect

It is needless to say that all of us want respect from others. Show respect to the lady and see how impressed she will be with this simple gesture. When she is trying to say something, listen to her attentively. In case of taking decisions, ask her and seek her opinion. This will make her feel confident and wanted and she will definitely be impressed by this. You have to make her feel like a respectable woman and she will definitely respect you in return.

Refrain From Using the Phone

Everyone is staring down on their mobile phones nowadays. If you are looking to impress a lady, don’t pay attention to your phone until it is an emergency. Paying attention to the phone instead of the girl will leave a very bad impression on the mind of the lady. Let her feel and know that the phone is just a medium of staying connected with people and it is not an addictive device. This gesture is surely going to impress the girl and help her in taking you seriously.

Show that You Care About Her Family and Friends

If she knows that you are interested in her, you have a better chance of impressing her and take the matter forward. Show her that you are not only interested in her, but with her whole family and friends. The concern towards her family is a great factor for impressing her. If anyone is sick in her family, inquire about the health of the person on and off. Many girls have family issues and if she feels that she can discuss the problems with you, listen to her and offer probable solutions. She will be more than impressed with this.

Listen to What She Says Properly

When you listen to a lady attentively, it is a sign of great respect for her. It means that you are paying her complete attention and she will definitely like it.

If you don’t hear her properly, it shows that your personality is not as developed as expected. A lady immediately understands if you are listening to her attentively or not. When you listen to her attentively, she will feel happy and relaxed and comfortable. This surely is a way of successful impression on a woman.

Make Her Feel Special

You don’t need to go overboard to let her know that you have special feelings for her. Choose your expressions and words carefully to let her know that she is special to you. There are certain gestures too, which indicate that she is different to you from the rest of the people.

But in order to show that she is special, don’t do things that seem awkward in public. There are many little things about her, which you can notice and she will notice that you are watching making her happy. In case she needs any kind of help, offer your assistance. Make her feel protected and secured and she will be impressed in no time.

Well Groomed and Well Dressed

If someone says that dressing does not matter in impressing a lady, one is mistaken. Dressing is a great way of impressing women. Men who are well-dressed and well-groomed always attract women. Your dressing pattern should reflect your individual style and your personality should be enhanced by the same.

It is not necessary to be decked up in a suit or formal wear to impress women. But wear things that are sober, elegant and stylish at the same time. Grooming is not only related to dresses. It also goes with mannerisms, general behavior and gestures. Inculcating good habits enhances the personality and makes one more attractive.

See that You are not Always ‘available’

Providing assistance at the times of need is definitely recommended for anyone. But when you are trying to make an impact on the girl, don’t be ‘available’ all the time. If you remain available for petty matters to her, it will seem odd and she will have an impression that you don’t have any worthy work and have plenty of free time. Leave an impression that you are a man of action and have your own job, but you find time for her sometimes. This will enhance your importance in her eyes and you will gain respect in the long run.

Be Natural and Confident in your Gestures and Appearance

Women dislike men who pretend to be something that they are not. Try being your natural self with the lady you want to impress. Women like confident men, who are capable of taking strong decisions and stick to them. This does not mean that you have to be strict and stubborn and rude in your appearance. If you are confident and natural, it will be reflected in your personality and the woman will surely understand your true nature. But if you are fake, you can continue like that in the beginning, but finally your true self will be revealed and that will have disastrous results.

Use Your Eyes For Catching the Attention

You don’t need to use your full demeanor for attracting the attention of any lady. Your eyes can do the trick for you if you know how to use them properly. Eye language and expression is very strong and you can send the message across to the lady without needing to speak a single word.

However, don’t start staring at her in a manner that she starts feeling stalked and embarrassed. Swift glances now and then are just perfect to make her notice you. Also, while seeing her, look at her face or her hands or her feet rather than staring into her cleavage or torso.

Her bracelet or anklet might also be attractive to stare at! Looking at lesser noticed parts of her body will send her signals that you are different from the crowd and you might get back a sweet smile while glancing at her.

Know What to Say and How to Say

If you are lucky in getting a chance to talk to the girl, grab the opportunity in a smart manner. You can casually compliment her, but don’t keep on heaping praises on her. Also, don’t express your desperation as how badly you wanted to get introduced to her and talk to her.

While having a conversation, try talking about yourself, your hobbies and your opinions on issues and similar things.

Women like men who are self-opinionated and have their own passions and hobbies. It sends a signal that the man has a world of his own and he knows about things that can make life interesting.

However, you have to ensure that while speaking about your hobbies, passions and opinions, you don’t sound self-obsessed as that is a turn off for most women.

Don’t Stare at Other Girls in her Presence

Women hate men when they are talking to one girl and their eyes follow other girls. If you are trying to impress a girl, don’t do this at all. The girl will have immense negative feelings about you. The girl might feel that you have a flirting personality and you are just trying to pass time with her. So when you are with her, give all your attention to her without diverting your attention to other girls.

Never Speak ill about your Ex-girlfriends

You might have had girlfriends in the past and there is nothing wrong with it. There might be genuine reasons on her part or on your part that caused the breakup in your past relationships. When you are talking about your ex-girlfriends make sure that you don’t speak ill about them or abuse them in front of this lady.

She might get scared that you might speak about her in the same manner in the future if things don’t work out well. It also means that since you don’t respect those women, you might not respect her too.

This is definitely not a good thing for any relationship. Instead of hiding things, tell her clearly about the relationships you had and the reasons for breaking up. Women like transparency in all ways.

Talk About your Family

Many don’t know, but women like men who are family oriented. When you start talking to her, speak to her about your family. Tell her about your parents and siblings and how all of you stay together and share life together. Women feel comfortable and safe with men who are family oriented. If you are close to your family, it will act as a great catalyst for impressing her. Women prefer men who come from stable families as they know that such men have values and morals. This is a great point which impresses women. In fact, to make her sure, invite her to your home and introduce her to your family members. She will be happy and confident at the same time.

Sense of Humor is very Impressing for Most Women

Men who can speak well have better chances of impressing women. And if you have a good sense of humor, it acts like an icing on the cake. Any woman will fall for you and be impressed in no time. However, choose the words carefully. Use subtle humor as gross jokes and comments might become a turn off for many women. Your way of speaking is the tool that you have to use for best results in this regard.

Don’t run After Her

Women don’t like men who chase her all the time like crazy. It will make you look cheap with the woman and she will also feel scared as if she is being stalked all the time.

It is interesting to note that women may fall for men, who don’t fall for them. Unapproachable and mysterious men are always attractive to women.

The character of Darcy from the famous novel Pride and Prejudice is a living example of the same. Instead of pursuing her, keep track of her without letting her know that. She will come and introduce herself naturally.

Don’t Try to Touch Her at the First Meet

Never ever try to touch her when you first get introduced. This might make her think that you are s@x-starved and this is the only thing you want from her. Let her touch you first. If she looks to hold your hands or walk arm in arm, don’t feel shy. In fact, you will make her feel special as women like men of elegance and sophistication.

Try these steps and see how well a woman is impressed.