Different ways to wear denim jeans: Denim pants have revolutionized the whole world in general and the fashion trends in particular. Initially invented for the working class, today denim pants are worn by all and sundry. Be it men, be it women, be it rich, be it pauper, be it child, be it oldie; denim pants have made a place in every wardrobe. Denim pants are the most versatile piece of apparel.

Still wondering how you can wear your denim pants? Read on different ways to wear denim pants

Ripped Denims

Ripped jeans have made their mark. They are a fashion piece by themselves. You can purchase your piece of ripped jeans or create your own. All you need; some imagination and your pair of scissors or blade and here you go girl to be your own artist.

Rip it less, rip it more and rip it the way you like. It’s as simple as anything and as funky as nothing can be. Wear a simple white top with your ripped jeans. You barely need anything else with ripped jeans. Leave your hair open and you are there to glam everywhere you go.


The High Waist Denims

The high waist denims have again occupied the fashion scene. Not only they hide your belly fat, they are comfortable and chic. You can pretty well style it with a short black crop top. Tuck it in and show off your waist belt. Fold up your denim pants for that rustic look.

Wear some tie up sandals in pastel shades. Leave your hair open. You can also opt for an off shoulder or backless top. It is an ideal wear for an office party or a girls day out. Plum your lips pink. To add some more beauty, embrace an arm candy in golden.


White T shirt And Jeans

Jeans look good with pretty well anything but an unbeatable combination that has been worn by majority is of blue denim pants with white t shirt. This combination is simple yet catchy. Adorn this minimalistic look with a black handbag and shades. It is a summer essential must try.


The Fitted Denims

When winters knock your door and nothing strikes you, ‘what to wear’ is the question on your mind, wear black. Yes black. Black looks extremely gorgeous on any body type or any skin color. Go for black high neck sweaters or a tees that is fitted and helps you accentuate your curves.

Tuck it inside your classic blue fitted jeans. Wear a simple leather belt. Boots can give you the much need style and elegance. Go for black leather, high leg boots. Not only will they protect you from all the cold but also look extremely classy.  A black sling bag will look graceful. For your lips, go for nudes. Add some pink blusher to your cheeks.


The Over Sized Look

Oversized shirts and sweaters are gaining popularity and are called papa t shirts and papa sweaters. You can wear these oversized tops for any part of day for any place you wish to go. But over-sized look needs to be worn cautiously, because it is tricky.

Just remember to rock them with fitted jeans and not a loose pair of denims. Open your hair, giving them a center partition. Carry a big hand bag in neutral shades. For your feet go for your favorite boots or bellies. Be confident and you need nothing else.


Long Coats With Denim Jeans

Long coats and denim pants are a must go combination for any lady who loves elegance and simplicity. A straight fit denim is all you desire for. A coat can make you look great for any occasion.

Choose a long overcoat wisely. It is an investment that lasts real long. You can choose from the vast patters, colors and designs that are flooding the apparel stores.  A black handbag can help you further to style your denim pants. A pair of classy shades and black boots looks great for this winter look. A light pink lipstick looks great.


The Long Shirt And Denims Jeans

Denims pants can also be worn with long shirt. Opt for a cotton long shirt in blue with a regular pair of blue denim jeans. A summer sandal in metallic color can be worn with this attire. Carry a statement clutch along with. Add some bright color to your lips. Curl your hair if you so desire.


The Formal Look with Denim Jeans

Who said jeans are not for work? If you the one who thinks such, we will cure your myth baby. Wear your favorite pair of jeans with a formal white blazer over a pink casual top. This looks simply elegant for your any day of office; be it your interview or a board room meeting, its girly yet formal.

Choose a baby pink lipstick and a pink blusher. A sling bag in black looks great with this look. Wear a tip toed bellies with this formal look. Add a statement watch with this. You can either tuck in your top or just leave it that way.


Double Denim

Denim with denim is a great combination. But do not go for denims of same color. If you are going for a darker bottom denim pants, go for light shirt in denim. Darker denims are a safe option if you are heavy bottomed, unless you wish to flaunt your assets.

This look is ideal for an evening with your girls or for a weekend office work. You just need to add some color to your lips and there you go to love your day.


The Winter Beauty

Denim pants are blessing for winters. Wear your heavy winter black leather jacket with some fur on its cuffs and collars and your denim pants in blue. If black is your color, go for black t- shirt under your jacket. Match with a black clutch and black footwear. Apply some brown lipstick for day and nude pink if it’s a night look.

Black, is beautiful, so are you. Keep your hair open. It’s just a beautiful winter dream materializing into reality. Spot this look; you sure gonna make a mark everywhere you land up to.


The Colored Denim Combo

Not all denims have to be blue. Denims today come in varied color, you can pick as per the occasion it is. The next famous color after blue is olive green, because we love our soldiers.

Pair your fitted olive green denim pants with a basic black white t shirt or any solid single color t shirt. Do not go for prints and this will make you look over catchy. You do not wish to grab all the eyes with all the color on you. Accessorize with a long chain and yellow footwear.


Stripped T- Shirt And Denim Pants

Stripped t shirts look great with a mid rise fitted denim pants. Stripped t-shirt is a casual wear outfit that are simple and stylish and can are easy on maintenance. Mid rise jeans add to the comfort. Try a black and white stripped tee with a basic blue pair of denim pants.

Wear them with a matching black and white boots. Straighten your hair for that sober beauty look. Add some pop of color to your lips, pink or peach go real well with this outfit. Add some eye liner and some blusher and be the glowing beauty miss charming.

This outfit looks great on all body types and shapes. It can be worn for any casual occasion. You can add some silver or white strapped watch with this look.


Lenin Shirt and Denim Pants

Denims are not just apparel, they are way of life. Denims last a life time. Lenin shirts are ideal for summers as they are light on fabric and come in light color options. Women often are under a misnomer that this combination is for males.

But fashion labels are housing it for female office wear. Go for blue denim pants and white lenin shirt pairing. This blue denim pants with white lenin shirt combination is a best work place dress option.

Charcoal Shirt and Denim Pants

There is yet another way of wearing your denims pants. It is the uniqueness of denim pants that they blend pretty well with anything. A regular t shirt looks great with denim pants.  Pair your favorite well fitted denim pants with a charcoal color t –shirt.

Carry a brown sling bag along and some girly footwear to jazz up your outlook. Shades, you must carry along. This dress is ideal for office, college or a shopping spree with your girlies.

It’s comfortable and easy to carry look. You can splash some color by adding some hues to your lips. Some pink or nude brown works great with this pair of denim pants and charcoal tees.. A hint of mascara also works awesome with this casual look.

Denim pants are all about styling it with the right kind of accessories. You can never be wrong with a pair of denims. Denim is a way of life. Its beauty is its versatility, comfortable and sexy. Denim pants are like fine wine, they get better with time. So take out your old pair and be the damsel in denim pants. So style them your way.