How to Tell a Guy You Like him – It is quite natural to like somebody in our day-to-day lives as we go about our routine. The everyday hustle and bustle of our daily schedule ways us down to make our life mundane. In such times, you might suddenly come across somebody who is fun, entertaining, or just a good person whose company seems delightful. You see that person as a bright shining light falling over you in your otherwise dark and sad world of rush and despair. Sometimes there are so many reasons to like a person and other times there are none. That particular moment draws your attention to that person.


There are many times in life when you have liked a person as in kindergarten you liked a fellow student, during school or college you like somebody in your class. It is also possible that you like them without ever actually meeting them or talking to them. The actors and actresses that you like are a very good example of liking somebody that you have never met before. It is nothing to worry about as it happens to everybody. It is the lighter side of life that brings some color to our otherwise sheepish daily routine.

Here are some ways in which you can hit the that you like him –

Listen Carefully and Try To Understand Him

If you like a person then you are always curious about that person. In your mind, you always want to know more about the person. You wonder what this person will like and do not like and you can also get a pretty good idea about what you can do and say to the person in order to put your best foot forward. It will also help you to make a very good impression of yourself. You know as they say, “the first impression is the last impression,” however you can take a lesson from this saying and slightly improvise it to – all impressions will help you to make a lasting impression.

You do not have to be over attentive to everything that the person says. It might just do the opposite of what you intend to do. It might just look odd and the person may consider your behavior to be strange driving them away from you. You need to strike a balance between paying attention and being over attentive towards the person. The last thing you want to do is make the person think of you as crazy, irrational, and irritating being.

You Can Show Your Interest With Compliments

It is always nice to receive compliments; it is motivating and helps you to become confident. You can complement the person you like during your conversations. Complementing is the subtle art of hinting. By complimenting, you also show them that you notice them and their efforts and you are appreciating them. You know it will show your presence of mind and help you make a good impression.

Do not go on an endlessly complementing it will only lead to bad impression and it will make you look like a flirt. The person will not take your compliment seriously even if you really mean it. A compliment shows your sincerity and your attention. Give the right complements at the right time and you will score many extra points without having to do much.

It is also very necessary in the beginning to give compliments to get to notice you. It will help them to take you into account and consider to be of importance. Your appreciation will give them an incentive to trust you in the future.

You Can Try To Be Helpful And Be There In Hour Of Need

If you can take some time off your schedule then you can help the person you like for things that you wish somebody had helped you with in your life. You can help the person to make new friends by introducing them to the people you know. You can help by giving those advice and your opinions based on facts in a situation where the person seems to be having a hard time.

You can even help with some errands such as shopping and grocery if the person does not mind. It is always nice to know that someone is ready to help you even though the task is not very important. It shows that you are willing to help and they can count on you, it makes you worth trusting.

Helping is always a good way to build trust and happens to be a much underappreciated thing. Helping will always give you satisfaction and relief that you have done what you could in the time of need. It is a simple way of showing care and importance and these two things are the foundation of building a strong bond.

You Can Show Interest In Spending Time With The Person

You do not have to ask out the person directly if it is too early, you can take your time to get to know the person and give them a chance to know you. Instead you can spend your time with the person when you are at event, socializing. You can ask the person to hang out with you and your friends. You can volunteer for activities with them such as in yoga, zumba, movie, or a trip with friends.

If you both have inclination towards adventure then you can invite them to your outdoor activities such as cycling, running in triathlon, biking, trekking etc. You can also share books if both of you are into reading. You can also write letter to the person, buy gifts, and chocolates to let them know what is going on in your mind. Other activities such as cooking and playing games like chess, cards may also bring fun and joy.

Share Your Thoughts and Memories

The subtle hints of telling the person you like him is by opening up to the person. Sharing your thoughts and your memories is a best way to let them see your mind and let them get a glimpse of your past. It helps them to understand you and let them have an idea about your background and your mindset. It will also help you to make them comfortable and relatable and help you to fill those empty silences and awkwardness with some meaningful talks.

Sharing your thoughts and ideas may give them clarity in how to perceive you. It will also help to build a rapport and help both in understanding each other. You do not always have to share sad and nostalgic things about your past; you can also share funny stories and incidences that were outright hilarious. You can lighten the mood by sharing your experiences that were in hindsight filled with humor.

Be Honest And Don’t Hide Your Thoughts Or Lie

If you like the person then there is nothing wrong about it and there is no need to conceal your feelings. Liking someone is not a crime, it is universal, it is human nature to like something and be curious about it. Human beings are capable of liking other species and are capable of taking care of dogs and cats.

It is what makes a human being unique, due to the intelligence bestowed upon us. You should have no guilt about liking or not liking anybody. It is ok to feel what you feel. Policing your feelings is not helpful in life, as bottling up emotions will make it draining.

Although you can begin with small things, eventually it will be necessary to express your emotions. However, this is a nice way to begin a relationship. There is nothing like getting to know someone for the first time, so cherish it.You should be honest about liking the person and do not lie or hide the fact.

Lying will only make you miserable and it can make you look like a fool. Your actions and words may show otherwise and denying and lying about something, which is untrue will always lead you to trouble. You do not have to be emotional about liking someone either. You have to keep your mind in check and not harm the person with actions or your words. By being truthful, you will leave no doubt about your decision and give them an idea of how you see that person.

Accept Rejection and Learn to Cope-up

It is not always that you will get what you want, as sometimes; you have to deal with what happens and learn to live with it. The person you like may not like you in return, which is difficult to understand. However, if that is the case then you have to accept it and there is no denying it. You cannot make anybody like you, it is not the end of the world, and it will not be. It will be fine, you will go about your life, and one day you will see that it made you a better person.

It will take some time, particularly if you have little to no experience communicating your emotions to others. We all fear rejection, and when you care for someone and put yourself out there, the fear still arises. Always note that telling someone your feelings is a brave thing to do and you should be proud of yourself for taking that chance.

Whether the odds are in your favor or not, consider it a lesson to be learned in the future.If the rejection is driving you to anxiety, depression then you can seek help from your friends and relatives. You can also seek professional help to unlock your mind and unburden your emotions.