How to get rid of skunk smell from home easily: Skunk smell is horrible! You may find these black-n-white critters apparently innocent, but you surely cannot ignore how annoying the odor of their defensive spray is.It is quite challenging to remove that distinct stink out of your home or office. So, we have come up with the right solutions for you.There are more than a few easy remedies as well as commercial products that can help you neutralize the awful smell. Let’s find out how to remove skunk smell from home, office with easy remedies:

How To Remove Skunk Smell From Home, Office , Apartment With Easy Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell

How To Remove Skunk Smell From Home, Office , Apartment With Easy Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell

1. Ventilation Is The Key

When it comes to removing any type of smell from home or office, the first thing you need to do is aerate the place and freshen it up. Closing up a place will make the air stagnant and keep the stink inside by allowing it to settle into all things too deeply. No matter how many home remedies you try to get rid of skunk smell, nothing will work without proper ventilation.

So, focus on making your place well-ventilated first. Open all windows and doors in your home or office and turn on all fans as well. This will let some contaminated air out and facilitate the circulation of fresh air through the rooms, which will eventually counterbalance the skunk odour and dissipate it from the place.

It will also expose the rooms directly to natural sunlight, which is essential to neutralize the skunk smell from fabrics, furniture, etc.

2. Replace Old A.C. And Heater Filters

The second most important thing you need to take into account is the replacement of your old filters. Changing the existing filters in the air conditioners and heaters in your home or office can help a lot in minimizing the stinky smell released by the vents.

It has been seen that the skunk smell gets trapped into these appliances or remains stuck in the filters, which keeps lingering around for months and contaminates the entire place with foul air.

When you replace the old filters with new ones, the circulation of the smell stops immediately, thereby removing the odor right away.

3. Use Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda And Detergent Blend

Say the most effective home remedy for eliminating skunk odour and this powerful hydrogen peroxide mixture will certainly top the list. The proven recipe, which was brainstormed by Paul Krebaum and published on a 1993 edition of Chemical & Engineering News, is pretty simple and has gained immense popularity.

The best part about this homemade skunk smell remedy is that it can be used for anything and everything including humans, pets, fabrics, and so on.

Take 1 quart (or, 1 lt.) hydrogen peroxide (3%) and (1/4) cup (or, 60 ml.) baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a large container, and add 1 teaspoonful (or, 5 ml.) of liquid detergent (both laundry and dish detergent will do) to it. Make sure that you combine well and use it right away.

Covering the container and storing it for future use is strictly prohibited as the mixture is explosive by nature. So, pour the concoction into a spray bottle, spray it on all troubled areas, wait for 10-20 minutes, and rinse off. While using this remedy for your pets, spray it directly onto their body (skipping sensitive parts, such as eyes, mouth, and nose) and massage gently into the fur.

4. Use Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Hydrogen peroxide itself is a potent solution for fighting against skunk smell. So, if you are reluctant to use multiple ingredients, such as baking soda, liquid soap, etc. in your homemade recipe, simply replace them with warm water.

You can prepare a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution by mixing 6 parts of warm water with 1 part of hydrogen peroxide. This is not as strong as the previous mixture and hence, can be used for removing skunk odour from your clothes without causing damages.

Simply dunk your fabrics in it and let them soak for 1-2 hours before washing them thoroughly with a mild liquid detergent and plain water.

5. Treat Delicate Items With Diluted Vinegar

We all have some sort of delicate items (fabrics, towels, blankets, etc.) in our home or office, which usually need dry cleaning. These should not be treated with hydrogen peroxide or harsh detergents for eliminating skunk smell.

Rather, make a diluted white vinegar solution by mixing 5-7 parts of warm water with 1 part of white vinegar, dip your items in it for around 2 hours (soaking them overnight will be even better), and wash them finally with regular detergent.

Scrubbing the garments soaked in diluted vinegar gently and adding half cup of baking soda to the water used for washing can speed up the smell removal procedure significantly. As an alternative, you can use a vinegar-water (1:4) mixture for rubbing onto your garments for keeping stench away.

6. Place Vinegar Bowls Around The Rooms

Though garments, furniture, clothing, pets, etc. are known to be the most common sources of unpleasant skunk smell, it is not always easy to identify the exact sources. In such situations, nothing can be more effective than vinegar bowls.

Find a few old medium-sized bowls (or any container of your choice), fill them with white vinegar, and place them at different corners in your house or office focusing on the worst-smelling rooms.

Keep the bowls intact for next 24 hours so that the vinegar absorbs the smell lingering in the air as much as possible. If needed, change the bowls every 24 hours unless the entire home or office becomes odour-free.

7. Drive It Away With White Vinegar Spray

Apart from its diluted form, white vinegar can also be used in the form of a simple spray for the removal of skunk stink. The best thing about this home remedy is that it is simple, easy, and quick to both prepare and use.

Just pour a cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it to all appliances that help in air circulation (A.C. vents, air filters, air intake vents, etc.) through the home or office. After half an hour or so, wipe all those areas with a dry sponge.

If spraying is not a good fit for you, take 2 cups of white vinegar in a large open container and boil it. Let the vapour of the boiling vinegar spread around your home or workplace so that the natural oil spread by the skunk goes away and you get rid of the unpleasant smell.

8. Make Use Of Chlorinated Lime Water

Chlorine bleach is a wonderful solution for eliminating skunk odour from hard surfaces, such as wooden decks, porches, cupboards, other furniture, brick siding, buildings, and so forth.

It oxidizes the components and neutralizes the smell perfectly. Prepare a homemade bleach scrub by mixing bleach and water in 1:9 ratio (1 cup of liquid chlorine bleach in 1 gallon of water). Otherwise, chlorinated lime water is commercially available in drug stores.

Scrub all troubled things with this solution by using an abrasive sponge or a scrubbing brush or even a clean rag. Finish the process with a warm water rinse.

You should put on a pair of rubber cleaning gloves as bleach, being a caustic solution, can burn, stain, and even react with your skin. Make sure that there is no other chemical or cleaner nearby as they can react together and produce toxic gas.

9. Give Fresh Tomato Juice A Try

Tomato is the most common kitchen ingredient, which is widely used for neutralizing skunk odour in home. It is absolutely safe, easily available, and costs only a little. Moreover, if you are looking for a natural solution to eradicate stink from the mouth or fur of your pet, this will certainly work as the saviour.

Extract the fresh juice of a large ripe tomato in a bowl, dip a clean washcloth in it, and wipe your pet with it nicely. You can also rub the body of your pet with the juice-soaked washcloth gently if the smell is too intense.

10. Take Advantage Of Baking Soda

Most of us already know about numerous benefits of baking soda, but exploring the usefulness of this kitchen ingredient as a natural skunk odor remover is not very common practice. It is especially effective for leather items (clothing, shoes, furniture, etc.), which have got affected by the nasty smell.

All you need to do is fill up a pillow case (or any other similar thing) with generous amount of baking soda and cover the leather item with it as much as possible.

This will help in absorbing the horrible smell fast and quite efficiently. You can also pour (1/2) cup of the ingredient into the washing machine right at the initial stage of washing and continue.

11. Prepare Some Mustard Powder Solution

Here is another kitchen ingredient that can make the eradication of skunk odor from your home or office a ‘spicy’ affair. We are talking about mustard powder, which can be transformed into an effective spray by adding a cup to a bucket of warm water.

Mix very well and transfer the solution to a spray bottle. This is great for using on any large appliances, but you should be careful and skip the electrical parts.

12. Use A Handful Of Charcoal

The absorption power of charcoal is amazing and you must leverage it for getting rid of skunk stink from your home or workplace. Follow the steps we mentioned for the usage of baking soda for this purpose and the results will be awesome. If you are not ready to put charcoals inside your pillow case, simply place them in a piece of cloth and cover from all sides.

13. Clean Up With Ammonia Solution

An ammonia solution is a highly effective remedy to steer clear of bad skunk smell from leather items in home or workplace. Dissolve ammonia in water or dilute a pre-made ammonia solution by adding some more water to it and use it for wiping the affected things. Once the odour gets counterbalanced, rinse them thoroughly with a mild washing liquid, warm water, and conditioner.

14. Experience The Magic Of Old Newspapers

Surprised to see this one in this list? Well, old newspapers are really powerful when it comes to fighting against skunk smell without spending too much. In fact, any type of packing paper that is as porous as a newspaper can be used for this purpose.

Simply staff the leather items in your home or office with such old newspapers or packing papers and the fibres in them will lift the smell almost like a ‘wick’.

15. Choose Wet Vacuum Or Steam Cleaner

There are certain fabrics, such as carpets, curtains, cloth–made furniture, etc., which are really hard to wash. Hence, it is pretty tough to eliminate skunk stink from these items. However, you can choose a mild shampoo for these hard-to-wash fabrics or a good-quality wet vacuum.

It is even better to opt for a steam cleaner as the steam dispensed by it will open as well as expand the stitching, thereby letting the shampoo sink in easily, quickly, and effectively.

16. Use Commercial Diffusers

Are you annoyed by that stench but still not ready to take some time out of your schedule and make an effort to prepare homemade solutions? Commercial diffusers are what you need in your life. These exclusively designed odour removal products are available in both forms i.e. liquid and aerosol.

They break down the oil used and kick away skunk smell from anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, they can come with a number of exciting features to enhance your experience.

We have listed down 7 amazing commercial diffusers from various popular brands. Pick the one based on your budget and smell wonderful. Here we go:

NexGadget Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This BPA-free item by NextGadget is not only a high-quality diffuser but it also works as a wonderful decorative piece. Its classic tulip-shaped design and sleek wood grain finish complement its advanced functionality beautifully.

Use water-soluble essential oils of your choice to generate cool mist for humidifying the room along with lovely aroma to refresh the air inside. The diffuser with 18 months of warranty offers unique features, which include:

  •  Large 400 ml. reservoir keeps the diffuser running for 12 long hours without refilling
  •  Advanced ultrasonic technology (2.4 MHz) helps the item deliver noise-free functions
  •  Covers around 500 sq. ft. area while spraying 30 to 60 ml. of cool mist per hour
  •  4 separate timed setting modes to run for 1 hour, or, 3 hours, or 6 hours, or continuously.
  •  Smart mist control options to dispense strong and weak mist for definite timeframes.
  •  Waterless auto shut-off function
  •  5-in-1 multi-functionality that makes the gadget a diffuser, a humidifier, an air purifier, an ioniser, and a night lamp simultaneously
  •  7 auto-rotating LED lights (red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, and white), each with two options ‘dim’ and ‘brighter’ to make the diffuser easy to use anytime

Price: $42.99 (on discount). BUY HERE .

ISELECTOR Glass Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Manufactured by Parlex, this BPA-free diffuser is a perfect choice for sophisticated people. It is basically a glass-made item with amazing decoration and a wood grain base, which adds a touch of glamour to your room.

How To Remove Skunk Smell From Home

How To Remove Skunk Smell From Home

Get your hands on this unique gadget with 12 months warranty and improve your physical as well as mental health significantly. Check out the most attractive features of this diffuser:

  •  500 ml water tank for up to 18 hours of long aromatic experience
  •  Covers around 1000 sq. ft. of area
  •  Environment-friendly glass cover for safe uses
  •  Waterless auto shut-off safety feature
  •  Adjustable timer settings (1 hour, or 3 hours, or 6 hours)
  •  Two distinct mist modes (high and low) to choose from
  • Ultrasonic technology for a noise-free operation
  • Helps in de-stressing as well as relaxing the mind and body by ionizing essential oils
  • Purify and humidify the air by converting essential oils into micro-particles
  • Alleviates symptoms, such as cough, cold, flu, chapped skin, dry eyes, dry sinus, etc.

Price: $40.99 (on discount). BUY HERE .

Aromacare Large Aromatherapy Diffuser

The best thing about this Aromacare diffuser is that it uses only a little amount of essential oil and produces vapor without heat so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits of your favorite oils.

It is made of anti-corrosive material and features a nice bamboo wood grain color. Here are the best features provided by this diffuser:

  •  A huge tank of 600 ml. capacity to run for 12-16 hours in a go
  •  Modern ultrasonic technology ensures a very low level of noise
  •  Covers almost 200 sq. ft. of area with cool mist and beautiful aroma
  •  3-in-1 multi-functionality (works as a diffuser, humidifier, and night lamp)
  • Offers both high and low mist settings for utmost convenience
  •  Waterless auto shut-off option to make every use a safe use
  •  Delivers find and smooth mist to heal dry skin and ease breathing in A.C. rooms
  •  Offers benefits, such as better sleep, greater relaxation, and higher immunity

Price: $35.00 (on discount). BUY HERE .

MOSPRO Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

If you are looking for a unique diffuser with great water holding capacity and strong humidifying power, this MOSPRO item is the right choice for you.

It not only offers an interesting wood grain design to fit your decor, but you can also enjoy the best aromatic experience anytime as per your preference. Take a look at some of the most awe-inspiring features of this diffuser:

  •  Highly innovative design featuring 2 separated reservoirs for two different essential oils
  •  Large 500 ml. water tanks for all-night humidifying (60% more) effects without refilling
  •  Covers a huge 450 sq. ft. of humidifying area with a built-in ultrasonic atomizer
  •  Timer setting with 4 different modes including 1 hour, or 3 hours, 6 hours, or continuous
  •  Built-in 7-color LED lights with adjustable brightness (opt for either ‘dim’ or ‘brighter’)
  •  2 lighting modes that offer continuous lighting and lighting with changes in color

Price: $35.99 (on discount). BUY HERE.

SZTROKIA Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

You cannot help but love this incredible piece of craft by Sztrokia. It is apparently a diffuser that keeps places fresh and aromatic, but you can also use it as a perfect gift for your loved ones or a splendid mood lighting for your own room.

Find below the features offered by the portable and easy to use diffuser:

  •  A medium-sized water tank with 180 ml capacity for 6 hours of continuous running
  •  Adjustable mist output with 3 separate modes(light, intermittent, and strong)
  •  Ultrasonic technology makes the operation absolutely quiet
  •  2-in-1 functionality makes it a humidifier as well as a night / desk lamp
  •  Waterless auto shut-off feature to ensure the maximum safety during the usage
  •  8 different kinds of color lights with mind-blowing 3D effects and 3 types of brightness settings (bright, normal, and dim) for each color
  • Rejuvenates mind and takes care of health by reducing stress, healing dryness, combating allergy, and treating flu symptoms

Price: $39.99 (on discount). BUY HERE.

Stella Aroma Oil Diffuser

This diffuser from Stella is a creative combination of an ‘ultrasonic aroma diffuser’ and a ‘sleep noise machine’ that can give you an appropriate environment to relax.

Have a glimpse of the inventive features of this gadget:

  • Runs for 8 long hours continuously without refilling
  • Adjustable mist operation with 4 modes of timer settings
  • Waterless auto shut-off feature for higher safety level
  • Ultrasonic technology for whisper-quiet operation
  • 5 LED night lights with auto color-changing properties
  • Bluetooth feature to play 10 soothing and mood-lifting sounds
  •  Creates a relaxing environment to give you sound sleep at night

Price: $48.99 (on discount). BUY HERE

Remember, you can never get rid of the terrible skunk smell in your very first attempt, no matter whether you are using home remedies or spending money in an expensive commercial product. But if you try them out and be consistent, the odor will definitely go away.

Please Note: Product prices can change anytime , shall not be responsible for any change . Please check prices carefully before buying any product.