The physical beauty of a woman is defined by many parameters and breasts play a pivotal role in the same. Breasts in women start developing from adolescence and puberty and get into proper size by the time she is 16-17 years of age. There are women in whom the process of breast development is normal and they attain sizeable breasts at the right time. But all are not lucky in this regard. In some women, breast growth and development is really slow and low. While some women have small breast; another might be flat-chested.

Not having breast of proper size and shape can be quite disturbing and frustrating factor for any woman. In fact, this problem can lead to lower self-esteem and development of negative self-image. Also, many women have been reported to get into depression due to lack of sizeable breasts, which is quite saddening.

Cosmetic treatments for enlarging breast size

When women get frustrated and depressed with the issue of having small breasts, many of them resort to cosmetic treatments for the same. Breast augmentation can be done to increase the size of the breasts successfully. It is a cosmetic process and involves lots of risks in the same. Not only this, there might be serious side effects from the surgical procedure. Last, but not the least, these processes are pretty expensive and are not affordable by common people.

Instead of trying such cosmetic procedures, how about trying some natural ways in which breast augmentation can be done? The best thing about the natural processes is that they are safe and have no side effects whatsoever.

Highly Effective Natural Ways of Increasing Breast Size

You might have no idea that nature has the answer for all problems and issues. Even for the issue of small breasts, there are natural ways in which breast enhancement is possible. Some of the most important ways are as follows:

Doing Regular Chest Presses–

Chest presses are a great way in which the size of the breasts can be increased. For doing the chest presses, you need to lie on your back on some even surface. The knees should be bent and the feet will be flat on the ground.

Each of your hands will hold a dumbbell each. The elbows will be bent at 90 degrees so that the upper arm lies straight from the shoulders.

The weights should be lifted towards the ceiling and they should meet with arms fully stretched and extended. The pressure should be felt on the chest muscles. After some time, lower the weights and return to normal position. Three sets of minimum 12 reps should be practiced 3-5 times weekly.

Massaging the Breasts

Massaging the breasts help in encouraging breast development and growth in two ways. First, when there is constant stimulation of the breasts, the production of prolactin is increased. Prolactin is actually one of the most important reproductive hormones, which have an important role in breast growth. Second, with breast massaging, blood circulation is improved by quite a lot.

Breast massaging can be done by either sitting or by standing straight. To start the massage, rub the palms together vigorously so that heat can be generated. When the palms get pretty warm, place them in a manner so that they seem to be cupping the breasts slightly.

The massage should be done slowly and gently in an inward motion, which is like a circle. This massage can be done twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. Each rubbing session should be 2 seconds only and there should be 100-300 circular rubs at one go. If the palms go cold, they have to be warmed by rubbing them together.

Various kinds of massage oils can also be used during the massaging sessions for smooth, fluid rubbing motion and extra warmth. Massage oils, which have breast-enhancing effects, are commonly used in this regard. Make a mixture with 16 drops of ylang-ylang oil, 50ml almond oil and 9 drops of geranium oil and use the same during massage.


Hydrotherapy is one of the best and most convenient ways of getting firmer and fuller breasts. Hydrotherapy is mainly used for the purpose of relaxation. It helps in improving mental and physical health of an individual to a great extent.

Currently, reports have shown that hydrotherapy helps in enhancing sagging breasts. Blood circulation is increased in the body and this helps in increasing skin collagen production.

Hydrotherapy for breast enhancement is best done after the shower. For about a minute let warm water flow on the breasts freely. Then shift immediately to extremely cold water (extent you can tolerate) for 20 seconds. Repeat the process 2-3 times and see that it ends with cold water.

The duration of warm water on the breasts should be more than that of cold water on the breasts. This therapy will not only enlarge breasts, but helps in overall relaxation of the body and the mind.

Practicing Yoga

Yoga has shown to have great impact on natural breast enhancement. Many people think that yoga is only done for the purpose of meditation.

But yoga has many other benefits as well as it can help in firming and strengthening muscles, including that of the chest area. The posture is also improved significantly so that chest appearance can be improved and enhanced.

Poor posture helps in hiding smaller breasts and this is even worse for the self esteem of a woman. The best thing about yoga is that there are no side effects of the same. Moreover, there are no scopes of any muscle or bone injury with yoga. Hence, these exercises can be done without limits.

Chair Lifts –

Chair lifts are great exercises for enhancing breast size as the breast muscles are toned with these exercises. To begin this exercise, place a sturdy and strong chair against a wall so that it cannot move by any chance. At a distance, stand at the back of the chair.

Place both hands on the armrest of the chair in a manner so that they form a straight slanting line with the body. The grip on the arm rest should be firm and strong and the body will be pushed towards the chair.

Wait for a moment and lift the body till the arms are completely extended. This should be done minimum 10 times. Take rest for some time and do it again once more.

Herbs for Natural Breast Enhancement–

Many women might not know that there are herbs which help in natural breast enhancement. Basically the herbs help to trigger the hormonal changes in the body when a woman is pregnant, lactating or undergoing the puberty and adolescent phase. The three most important herbs in this regard are fenugreek, fennel seeds and blessed thistle.

Fennel contains the same kind of estrogen, which is present in the female body during the time of puberty or during pregnancy. Fennel is a well known herb, which helps in naturally increasing the size of breasts along with improving libido.

Blessed thistle is an excellent natural breast enhancer along with being used for various other medical purposes. The herb helps in increasing breast tissue and the growth of the same so that they look enlarged and enhanced.

Fenugreek is another herb, which is found in almost all households. In fact fenugreek is considered as the most popular herb, which helps in the development and growth of bigger breasts.

Fenugreek has attributes like diosgenin and these help in boosting the levels of estrogen in the body. In fact, natural fenugreek supplements are also available, which provide amazing breast enhancement results.

Concentrate On Items that are Being Used In Daily Diet–

Concentrating properly on the daily diet will definitely help in growing and developing your smaller breasts successfully. Including some foods in the daily diet will help in getting firm, bigger and well-shaped breast.

The foods that will be mentioned later abound in phyto-estrogen, which helps in enhancing natural estrogen levels in the female body and hence chances of breast development increase significantly.

Some of the foods in this regard include sesame seeds, fruits like cherries, raisins, oranges, melons, strawberries,soymilk, soybeans, flaxseeds, high protein natural foods like chicken breast, shrimp, lean beef and vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Dressing that Makes Breasts Appear Larger

All these above mentioned steps and instructions will take some time to bring in desired results. But what will you do if you have to attend a party over the weekend? There are breast enhancer bras available, which help in making the breasts look larger and voluminous.

With the perfect breasts and the pretty dress, you will become the center of attraction at the party at once. Higher neckline is always good for women who have small breasts. In low necklines, there will be no cleavage and people will understand what you have been trying to hide. Makeup can also be used tactfully to give breasts fuller appearance. With so many inputs, you can sure combat the problem of small breasts smartly and successfully now.