Best Stretching Exercises To Increase Height : They say that height is just a mere number. But ladies, don’t we all love to stand head and shoulder above our gal pals and flaunt our height like a diva? In fact, the vertical body height can even boost the personality and heighten the self-confidence level indirectly, thereby contributing to the success of a woman.

So, it can definitely be said that looking tall is not only about looking beautiful, but it is also about feeling beautiful.

However, not all women are blessed with enviable heights and it makes some of them desperate to try tons of so-called height-increasing medicinal formulae for adding a few inches to their length. Girls, just keep those unsafe choices aside and embrace stretching exercises that are super effective in increasing height naturally.

Let’s talk about 10 best stretching exercises to increase height:

1. Bar Hanging Exercise To Increase Height

Well, you cannot break the ‘Law of Gravity’, but you surely can make some efforts to prevent as well as reverse its adverse effects on your height just by giving ‘bar hanging’ a try. Hanging on a bar allows the gravity to pull the entire body further while enabling the weight of the lower torso to stretch the spine instead of compressing it by squeezing the cartilage. Both simplicity and effectiveness of the exercise have made it one of the most popular choices of shorter individuals.

Best Stretching Exercises To Increase Height

How To Practice:

Support a horizontal bar in between two vertical stands and place it at such a height that your entire body can move underneath. Clutch the bar with your palms facing outwards and hang your body freely. If there is not enough space to stretch your body fully, keep your knees a little bent.

Your shoulders, arms, and hips should be completely relaxed. Hold the position for 20 seconds and repeat at least thrice in one go. Regular practice can increase your height a couple of inches over time.

2. Dry-Land Swimming Exercise To Increase Height

Don’t get confused by the name! Even though this common stretching exercise is actually meant for swimmers, it is known to focus on the lower back, thereby impacting our height positively. And, guess the best part? You do not need to dive into the water (that’s why it is called ‘dry-land’) in order to practice it.


How To Practice:

Find a sturdy base (a concrete floor is always a good choice) to lie down on your stomach and extend your body fully. Stretch your arms straight out in front with your palms facing the floor. Lift the left arm a little higher than the right one.

At the same time, raise the right leg off the floor as high as you can by keeping both legs straight. Stay in this position for 4-5 seconds and relax. Repeat the steps just by changing the hand and the leg. Keep practicing to increase the strength of your lower back muscles and you should gradually be able to hold the position for up to 20 seconds.

3. Pelvic Tilt Exercise To Increase Height

It may sound a bit weird, but tilting your pelvic area on a regular basis can actually help you grow taller. All you need to do is change the orientation of your pelvis in respect of your thighbones.

It helps in stretching the entire body up and down right from the backbone as well as hips, thereby giving more flexibility to the front hips and increasing the vertical body height. Seems too complicated, right? Trust us, it’s NOT!


How To Practice:

Find a flat, sturdy place to lie on your back. Rest your entire back area on the floor while keeping your shoulders and arms placed on it firmly too. Fold both of your knees together to draw your feet inwards. They should be positioned close enough to your buttocks. Now, push your pelvis in an upward direction by arching your back slowly and steadily. Try to remain in that position for 20-30 seconds and relax. Practice it at least 3 times in a row.

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4. Reverse Table Pose Exercise To Increase Height

If you want to increase your height without performing complicated stretches, just turn into a ‘reverse table’. Yes, we mean it! The ‘reverse table pose’ is one of the easiest yoga postures that comes with tons of stretching benefits while making your body look just like the reverse tabletop.

Work on your spine along with the entire front part of your body (shoulders, chest, and abdomen) and give your height a boost almost effortlessly.


How To Practice:

Sit upright on the floor with your legs spread out straight in front of you. Your palms should be placed on the floor alongside your buttocks and your chin should be tucked in your chest. Now, push your palms against the floor and straighten your arms slowly to raise your body off the floor.

Also, bend your knees in order to provide support to your lifted body. Ideally, your arms and lower legs should be perpendicular to the floor whereas your torso and upper legs should be positioned horizontally. Try to hold the posture for 15-20 seconds and repeat 3 to 5 times.

5. Cobra Pose Exercise To Increase Height

The name says it all! Yes, this yoga exercise posture looks really similar to ‘a cobra with its hood raised’. However, when it comes to growing taller, the stretching benefits of this invigorating backbend become extremely helpful.

It improves the flexibility of the spine and promotes the growth of cartilage between vertebrae through stretching, which eventually leads to an increase in the vertical height.


How To Practice:

Choose a flat surface to lie on your stomach while keeping your face down. Both of your arms should be folded and placed on the floor to put your palms right under your shoulders. Now, straighten your arms a little so the elbows form 45-degree angles with the floor and arch your spine up gradually to lift the chest off the ground.

Arch back and maintain the height as far as possible while distributing the backbend all though your spine evenly. You need to hold the position anywhere between 5 seconds and 30 seconds based on your capacity. Repeat at least 3 times in one go.

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6. Pilates Roll Over Exercise To Increase Height

Got good control over your muscles? This ‘pilates roll over’ is exactly what your body needs to grow taller!

No, not all ‘rollovers’ are lazy girls’ way to cheat a vigorous workout session. Rather, this one is going to give your spine and back muscles a good stretch, thereby lengthening the spine as well as the vertebrae of the neck.


How To Practice:

To start with, lie down on your back right on the concrete floor or any other flat surface. Place your arms along the sides of your body with the palms facing downwards. Raise your legs off the floor, hold them together in the air, and stretch them straight up so that your feet point towards the ceiling.

Then, start bending your legs together in the backward direction and throw them over your head. Keep stretching yourself until your feet touch the floor. Stay in that posture for 10-20 seconds and repeat at least 3 times.

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7. Spine Stretch Forward Exercise To Increase Height

You don’t need much introduction for this one, do you? As the name says, it is an exercise to stretch the whole spine in the forward direction, which is highly effective in increasing height through the enhancement of flexibility of the neck and the upper back. Though this simple pilates exercise might appear to be tough at first, regular practice will make the stretch much easier for you.


How To Practice:

Sit upright on the floor (using a mat is even a better idea) with your legs spread out in front of you. Make sure that they are placed shoulder width apart with your feet slightly bent inwards. Now, spread out your arms in front, stretch your spine and neck as much as possible, and bend your upper torso forward so that your palms can reach your feet.

Try to touch the tips of your toes with your palms while maintaining that posture and stretching your spine to its maximum extent. Hold the position for 15-20 seconds (or even more, if you can), relax, and repeat.

8. Cat Pose Exercise To Increase Height

Ever thought of following the posture of your favorite pet to add a few inches to your height? Well, you should try it, ladies! This super easy yoga exercise called ‘cat pose’ can stretch your spine, open it up, and lengthen it significantly while making other parts of your body, such as chest, back, shoulders, and palms stronger.


How To Practice:

To start with, stand on all fours by placing both your palms and your knees perpendicular to the floor. Keep your arms shoulder width apart and extend them completely in order to lock them out.

Your legs should also be hip width apart. Now, thrust your stomach down and lift your tailbone up with your buttocks squeezed as you tilt your head backward, raise your chin, and breathe in. Stay in that posture for 5-6 seconds.

Now, for the next phase, inhale deeply as you hold the previous position and start exhaling while arching your back as well as relaxing your buttocks slowly. At the same time, drop your chin to your chest, look downwards, and hold that posture for 5-6 more seconds. Finally, return to the starting position. Repeat the entire exercise 3 times a day for the best results.

9. Down Dog Pose Exercise To Increase Height

Not only cat but stretching like a dog can also have an amazing effect on your height. In this ‘down dog pose’, you actually need to stretch your entire body just like the way a dog does every now and then. It is extremely good for lengthening the spine and offers a number of health benefits too.


How To Practice:

Place your palms and your feet on a flat and sturdy surface and stand onto your fours. Your hands should be shoulder width apart and your legs should be hip width apart in order to create a firm posture. Try to keep your limbs as vertical as possible with your back kept horizontal to the floor so that it forms a reverse tabletop pose.

Start pushing your tailbone outwards and upwards as you breathe out and straighten your knees as well as your elbows gradually. Make sure that your hands and legs are parallel to each other and your toes are pointing inwards. Your body will look like an inverted ‘V’ at this stage.

Now, push your palms against the ground and widen your shoulder blades. Meanwhile, stretch your neck and let your ears stay in touch with the inner arms. Hold the position for 4 to 6 seconds, relax, and repeat.

10. Single-Leg Hop Exercise To Increase Height

You probably have heard a lot about how hopping can influence human height. Well, it’s time to give the hopping exercise a try and unlock its potential benefits. A ‘single-leg hop’ is a simple and easy way to add a few inches to your length and that too, without performing = complicated moves. It basically stimulates the secretion of growth hormones in our body and stretches our legs as well.


How To Practice:

It is all about hopping up and down on a single leg. Stand erect on the plain ground with your hands pointing upwards and start with your left leg. Hop on it 7 to 8 times by following a rhythmic motion. You need to ensure that you use your toes instead of your heels during each landing.

Once you are done with your left leg, start hopping on the right one and continue for 7 to 8 times. Repeat the entire set of moves for at least thrice a day to enjoy the benefits.

It is always advised that you consult a fitness expert prior to practicing any of these exercises in order to prevent the occurrence of unexpected health conditions. However, if paired with a well-balanced diet and practiced the right way, these stretching moves can contribute to the growth of your body significantly.

So, are you ready to take your BODY to a NEW HEIGHT?