How to Dress if you have Big Hips- In general, women having gorgeous curves and those stunning hips are considered attractive and represent fertility. A lot of women majorly tend to have a lot of mass around the areas like hips and thighs unlike men and this amazing physical structure for a woman makes her body more empting. Big hips, wide shoulders and clinched waist are something every woman desires of.

However, when you have bigger highlighting hips and a petite upper body, it is important to create a balance and make the body look perfectly sculpted. If you have bigger hips and a pear shaped body and are struggling to find the right outfits that can make your curves look gracious and in sync with your other body parts, here are some awesome dressing tips you can try.

Wear Dresses with Crisp Shoulder Pads and Full Sleeves

If you want to create an hourglass body illusion, you will have to focus on 2 areas mainly, on your thighs and on your upper body. A perfect hourglass body illusion can be created with this awesome outfit.

Choose a sequin golden and black outfit with shoulder pads and a regular hip length. This will make your shoulders look broad and in sync with your hips that will ultimately lead to a clinched and smaller waist.


Go For Some Raunchy Midi Peplum Style Dresses

Every woman who love and adore her curves must accommodate a stunning peplum dress in her wardrobe, reason being the outstanding structure of the dress. Midi style peplum dresses drive the attention at all the correct places. Peplum dresses come with a ruffled pattern from the lower waist which will make your hips look chiseled and your waist tiny.

Carry a cool full sleeve peplum dress and it will make your body look sculpted and toned. Don’t forget to add strappy heels and a sparkling metallic belt for highlighting your tiny waist.


Try your Hands on a Pretty Printed Wrap Dress

This awesome printed dress has plentiful of elements that will make you look lean and yet curvy. The tea length dresses can make you look length while the wrap pattern will avoid any unnecessary highlighting of your wider body parts.

A black and white printed dress with sleeveless pattern and a wrap style closure is perfect for women who want to flaunt their curves in an elegant manner. Grab any printed tea length wrap dress for semi formal occasions and you’ll love this casual everyday outfit.


Grab a High Waist Pant and Pair it with a Button Down Shirt

One of the best ways to embrace those gorgeous curvy hips is to wear high waist outfits. You can choose anything from high waist skirts to high waist jeans and pair them with some funky and semi formal tops.

If you are looking forward to accommodate some professional and semi formal outfits that can make your hips look fab, pair stunning high waist jeans with a striped loose fitted button down shirt. This amazing combo will make your body look fuller and chiseled in the best way making you feel super comfy and stylish as well.


Brace your Curves with the Contoured Pencil Skirts

While you go out on a formal meeting or for a social gathering, if you want to look professional and decent, this is an elegant outfit option you need to try. To give your wide hips more dimension and a chiseled shape, wear a shape wear and layer it with a cool pencil skirt.

The trick is to wear a beautifully fitted full sleeve top with the pencil skirt and complete the look. Also for a leaner and taller look, wear those gorgeous strappy heels and you’ll simply fall in love with this awesome combo.


Choose Loose Fitted Striped T-shirt Dress for Casual Occasions

This pretty and catchy plus flounce sleeve striped black t-shirt dress is surely something you need. If you have big hips and need an outfit to feel comfy and free during your weekend trips or for a shopping spree, this is an awesome outfit.

The striped pattern is catchy and bubbly while the beautiful patterned sleeves will drag all the attention from the hips to all the correct places giving you a lean and chiseled look. You can pair this look with a pair of sneakers and some accessories and get ready for your day. Thus, this is a pretty dress when you are willing to unwind and feel free.


Dress Elegantly with this Appealing Pastel Flared Dress

If you are getting ready for a family gathering, a wedding event or even if you are attending a party where you need to dress elegantly and in a feminine way, this is the trick you can use to make your body look beautiful and your hips correctly defined.

If you want to hide the wideness of your hips through a dress, choose a stunning pleated or flared pastel dress with bandage pattern and you’ll fall in love with this sophisticated look. This dress will drag the attention from hips to the clinched waist, beautiful and long hands and your chiseled legs instead of your wide hips.


Get into a Cute and Sultry Puffed Skater Dress

Skater dresses are the go-to dresses for some gatherings and shopping sprees. Especially, if you are running out of time and need a quick dress that you can trust on, skater dresses are always there for your rescue.

When you need an outfit that can make your hips look more toned and your legs leaner, try a cute puffed dress with medium sleeves and belt. The puffed pattern will cover your hips and will make your legs look stunning. On the other hand, the belt will make your waist look tiny and toned. This is the tricky way to make your curves pop and to also highlight your legs.


Try Knee Length Chevron Skirt with Halter Crop Top

Here is a brand new way to redefine your hips and look flattering in an inspiring outfit. Chevron prints are highly recommended for women who love a sleek and taller look. The slightly pleated and flared skirt is perfect if you want to highlight your legs and waist while covering your wide hips.

The high waist skirt when paired with a sassy halter neck crop top, will work magically for your fuller hips. You can pair this look with strappy heels and get an even better result.  This is a promising outfit for night outs and parties.


Grab a Cool Floaty Floral Printed Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are just amazing for all body types. Especially, it’s cool and easy to choose customized jumpsuits for your body type. If you are all concerned about your hips and want to dress in a comfy way for a casual event or for a street style look, wear a stunning floaty floral printed jumpsuit.

The huge floral prints and loose fitted structure will make you look lean, toned and gorgeous. On the other hand, the clinched waist and buttoned pattern will make your upper body look perfect while the tea length will make your legs look lean. Pair this look with nude strappy heels and get ready quickly!


Experiment with a cool Printed Asymmetric Dress

One of the promising ways to create a highly lean and toned body illusion is to wear asymmetric dresses. These dresses can simply make your body look in shape and stunning. This pretty long asymmetric dress with vertical straps and a strappy neckline is something you need to try for your casual look. The dress is fitted from the waist while it flows down wide in asymmetric pattern that will cover your hips and legs neatly. This is a perfect dress for night outs, parties and for vacation trips that you can pair with white strappy flats or heels and look exceptionally gorgeous without worrying about your hips.


Accommodate a Refreshing Floral Maxi Dress in your Wardrobe

Here is another dress that will make you feel super comfy and carefree throughout the day. Long and refreshing maxi dresses not only give a very comfy feel but are highly tempting and can make your body look sunning. You can try a long floral printed blissful maxi dress with a pretty neckline and long sleeves.

Pair this amazing dress with heels to create a tall appeal. Especially, a belted and wrap maxi dress is a perfect choice if you need a customized dress that can make your waist look tiny and gorgeous.


Get Into a Modish Wide leg Pant and Lacy Top

This promising look straight from the streets of Paris convinces a lean and stunning result. You can grab some cool wide leg pants with bright and refreshing colors. Pair the pant with a sultry lacy full sleeve top and you’ll love the voguish vibe of this outfit.

This is a perfect outfit for parties, outings and for office too. With this amazing outfit you won’t have to worry about your hips and will in fact, fall in love with how they look!