How to Clean a Kitchen – Easy Steps and Tips to Clean your Kitchen :- When it comes to kitchen cleaning, the hardest part is to think from where to start. Your kitchen probably turns into the busiest and dirtiest place especially if you have kids. Kitchen cleaning isn’t easy as there are sinks, electronic items, cabinets and plentiful of things that need timely cleaning. Your kitchen needs some attention every day after each meal and thus, it consumes a lot of time of yours. However, you can always expedite cleaning with some clever tricks and cleaning hacks.

If you are running late and need to clean your kitchen, here are certain hacks and a step by step guide that’ll help you sparkle up your kitchen within just 15-20 minutes. Just divide areas, use best tools to clean the kitchen and scroll down to unlock the best way to make your kitchen shine.


Step 1: Collect the Cleaning Tools

Gather some sharp tools and cleaning items that can make cleaning efficient and quicker. It is time consuming to collect all these items but once you do, make sure you store these items together. Here are the items you’ll have to collect for effective kitchen cleaning.

  • Wired scrubber for stuck food and burnt containers
  • Broom/ vacuum or a mop
  • A soft sponge to clean containers and sink
  • A DIY or effective dish soap
  • A sink cleaning liquid
  • Trash container
  • Basket to dispose unwanted kitchen stuff
  • Housekeeping gloves

Step 2: Wipe the Burner and Stove Surface

We all know that the gas stove burners are the messiest. You cook on the stove for the entire day and it’s obvious that the burners will get messy so start with those. Remove the burners and scrub off the excess food on the burners using a sponge or wired scrubber. If the burners are clean, just wipe them with a moist sponger. Make sure that you wash the burners carefully. If you use the wrong scrubber, the burners will become tarnished after few washes.

Once you are done with the burners, wipe the stove surface. Use a cloth to wipe any dry food on the stove and then use a mild moist sponge to wipe the surface. You can also use some cleaner if her stove has strong stains. Also wash the knobs with luke warm water and dish soap. Thoroughly clean and let the knobs and burners get dry before putting them back.

Step 3: Empty and Clean your Refrigerator

If you don’t clean your kitchen daily, the refrigerator becomes messy and stuffed with unwanted items. If your kitchen looks hideous, it’s time to clean the refrigerator first. If you find anything that’s expired, throw it in the trash can. Pull off the dirty storage compartments or containers into the sink. Start working from the top to the bottom; wipe every compartment with soapy foam and a clean dry cloth.

You can also drop the dust on the floor and clean the entire refrigerator. Use baking soda and lime water mixture if your kitchen to clean the refrigerator if it smells bad. In this case, empty the refrigerator and place the mixture in it overnight.

Step 4: Clear the Deck

When you have unwanted and useless things stuffed in your kitchen, your kitchen will not only look messy but will also become congested. When you bring in food items in your kitchen every day, there are plentiful of things to be disposed. Start arranging all the things that don’t belong in your kitchen. Put all the things to arrange somewhere else in a basket and all the waste items in the trash can.

Sorting the misplaced items will make your kitchen look not only spacious but clean. Is ok if some dirt gets on the floor as you are going to mop and sweep the floor later. Clean the corners of the countertop, fixtures and cabinets.

Step 5: Do the Dishes and Sink

Once you are done with the stove and burner, it’s time to focus on the dishes. Place the mixing bowls, knives, cutting board and other utensils in the sink. Place the trash can on your side and dump all the leftovers and waste in the trash can. Scrape the dishes and other utensils. Place all the dirty dishes and stuff in the dishwasher and empty the sink. Use the trashcan to dispose any dry food or dirt from the sink. For cleaning the sink effectively, you’ll need warm water. Use the dish soap or a high end cleaner in the sink along with hot water. Soak you can also soak things like dish drainers, large pans or bowls in the hot water-soap mixture.

Place all the soaked items in the dishwasher and drain the sink with hot water. You can use the vinegar or baking soda DIY cleaners to rinse the sink. Once the sink is clean, wipe the faucet and handles with a dry cloth.

Step 6: Clean the Countertop and Floor

Now that you’re done with the sink and dishes, it’s time to sparkle up the countertop and floor. Use the duster or broom to sweep the countertop and then the floor. Run the broom or duster under the cabinets, electronic items, storage cans etc to remove all the dirt.

Then use the mop or a steam cleaner to mop the countertop and floor. Don’t put anything in the clean sink so just throw the dirty water in the mop in your washroom. Let the floor and countertop get dry before you step in again.

Step 7: Clean the Surface of Appliances

You can use the soft sponges to clean the outer layers and vertical surfaces of appliances. Make sure the appliances are off before cleaning. Use the soapy water and damp the sponge. Wipe the front of the refrigerator, oven, coffee maker etc. Wipe the handles and outer edges carefully as these areas catch dust frequently. Use a dry cloth to clean the appliance surfaces. Pay attention to all the gadgets and small areas like the cabinet, sink, fixtures, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, blender etc.

You can always use the moist cloth dipped in hot water to clean the surfaces. You can also use vinegar or baking soda if the gadgets have become sticky and dusty. Hot water with lime juice will also remove stickiness and any smell.

Step 8: Put away the dishes and other utensils

This is the final step of your kitchen cleaning schedule. Once the floor is dry, the countertop and sink is clean and all the appliances are done, it’s time to arrange the dishes and other appliances. Start rearranging all the utensils at their respective places. Put the dishes, bowls, knives, cutters and other stuff where it belongs. Also arrange the other stuff you come across in the kitchen along with the dishes. While rearranging, make sure that none of the corner or area is unclean. If you find any such area, instantly use the cleaner and a dry cloth to wipe it off.

Other Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen

  • Oven is one of the important gadgets that’s used frequently and also needs quick cleaning. Clean the grates of the oven using soap water and hot water mixture. Soak the grates in this mixture for few hours and you’ll be able to scrub off any dirt quickly. You can also use salt, water and baking soda to clean the internal area of oven. Leave the mixture in the oven overnight and clean next day. Just make sure to cover the metals with a foil to prevent any damage.
  • To make an effective cleaning solution, mix 1 cup water, 1 spoon dish soap and 1 spoon white vinegar. Mix these ingredients and store the cleaner in a spray bottle. use this cleaning solution for cleaning the kitchen in minutes.
  • If your sink is clogged, it is important to sanitize it properly. You can use salt, vinegar or baking soda to clean the sink. Pour spoonful vinegar in the sink and run hot boiling water in the sink. The clogged sink will get fixed in minutes.
  • If your kitchen tiles look horrible due to the dirty residue and have become dark, use toothbrush to clean the area between the tiles. Sprinkle baking soda over the tiles, use cleaning vinegar and let it fizzle for few minutes. Scrub the dirt away and the tiles will look sparkling new.
  • To clean the faucets and fixtures of the sink, get a plastic or Ziploc bag. Fill the bag with vinegar-soda and water solution. Cover the faucet with this solution and put the bag over the faucet while securing it with a tight band. After an hour, remove the bag and rinse the faucet
  • If your pans are ruined and stained, pour some water in the pan, add a spoonful of vinegar and place it on the stove at medium flame. Get the pan off the stove and add baking soda. Use the scrubber to remove the stains and dirt. Rinse and dry the pan.

You’re now done with the cleaning task, get some rest and pack yourself in the couch!