How to be a Better Boyfriend – It’s great that you are willing to take a step forward and want to become a better boyfriend. This urge to become a better boyfriend reflects that you are already in so much love with your girlfriend and want to get better at it. Although, it might sound complicated but being a good boyfriend isn’t that tough. A good boyfriend is not imaginary and there are plentiful of men out there who are perfectly amazing and care a lot for their spouses.

You don’t have to change yourself entirely but become a person with whom she admires trusts and can share everything with. All you have to do is to adapt and react as per the situations and know that nothing comes first but your love. Here are certain habits and behavioral traits you can practice in your life to become a better partner to her!


1. Give her all the Respect she Deserves

Respect in any relationship should be mutual. Women are often told to respect their man but the same implies to boyfriends too. Your girlfriend is a human being and she also deserves equal respect. Women are immensely emotional and some men take the advantage of her emotions and silence.

If you want to be a good boyfriend, become a true gentle man and respect her for her choices, her values and everything she is. Treat her in the most courteous manner in front of people and while alone. Speak politely to her, don’t lose your temper while arguing and mind your words.

2. Embrace her Dreams and Help her Grow

A true boyfriend is the one who supports her girl no matter what. Many relationships these days break because women complain about the unsupportive attitude of their boyfriends. A lot of men tend to restrict their girls in terms of personal as well as professional life.

If you want to be a good boyfriend, know her dreams and help her achieve those precious dreams. Let her become a successful student or an entrepreneur, artist or anything she wants to be. Nothing can beat a man who is willing to support and uplift his girl! Help her become the best version of herself and she will admire you!

3. Become an Inspiration and no a Control Freak

There are uncountable men out there who restrict and control he lives of their girlfriends. They make her personal and professional decisions and trap while taking advantage of her emotional nature. This is completely inappropriate. Rather than becoming a control freak and running her life, become an inspiration and let her free.

Don’t force her to take the decisions you want, don try to change her habits, her values or her thoughts just because you don’t relate to them. Become an inspiration to her by supporting her, helping her do better and becoming better in every way.

4. Show her that you Trust her the Most

Trust is the building block for any relationship and a lot of men don’t understand this simple fact. Without trusting your partner, you won’t be able to build a successful and happy relationship. When you frequently ask your girlfriend when she’ll get home, with whom she is or was, who the guy with her is in any random picture etc, this shows that you are insecure and don’t trust her.

Eliminate distrust and doubtfulness and show her that you trust her. Don’t question her in any unwanted way and let her enjoy her life freely. Remember, the more you control her life, the more she’ll feel trapped and the chances of your relationship to break would simply increase.

5. Make her feel Special and Extraordinary

Given above were the basic things that every boyfriend must become for her girl while this is something that you can consider doing to give your relationship some boost. Every girl loves to feel special and love surprises as well. If you want to make your girl feel special, arrange a date for her, cancel your meetings and give her some time, offer some gifts she loves and do the best you can to make a day special for her.

If not fancy gifts than surprise her by cooking for her, take her to the places she love, spend some quality time together and she’ll be more than happy. Remember it’s not about expensive gifts and trips but it is all about taking time off from your busy schedule and giving her some memories to live by! A valentines date, an anniversary gift, a candle light dinner is something you should randomly arrange.

6. Always be Honest to her

Nothing cherishes as amazingly as an honest relationship. From the beginning of the relationship, make your mind to stay honest and true to her. Girls don’t like when men hide and twist things. If there’s anything important that your girl needs to know, tell her immediately.

Some truths might hurt or can make her angry but the anger would fade within few days. But hiding things from her might ruin your relationship entirely. Your honesty will make her trust you more than ever and thus, whatever is on your mind, tell her instantly.

7. Show her some Affection and Closeness

Closeness and affection are important in any intimate relationship. One of the best ways to describe your love and warmth for her without words is to remain close to her and embrace her with your hugs and kisses. While walking together, hold her hands, whenever you feel loved and lucky to have her, let her know by kissing her, cuddle with her in the bed.

This closeness and affection will make her feel immersed in love and she would surely admire this closeness. A simple hug or a backrub after a tiring day would make her day and she would appreciate this gesture of yours.

8. Admire her Beauty and Tell her she is Gorgeous

Every girl wants a boyfriend who thinks that she is beautiful. Many times, women she themselves through their boyfriends’ eyes. So become the eye from which she looks extraordinary and stunning! One of the best things you can do for your girl is to appreciate her beauty every now and then.

Your girl always makes some extra effort to look beautiful for you and now it’s your time to make her feel amazing. Tell her how she looks like a surreal angel or how stunning her lips are. Tell her she looks like a dream when she wakes up. This appreciation of her beauty will fill them with confidence and admiration for you.

9. Compliment her Genuinely

Girls love compliments and especially the ones that come from their boyfriends. If your girl gets dressed up and you go crazy while looking at her, what are you waiting for? Go, grab her hand and compliment her. Let her know that she looks stunning. Not only on looks, you can compliment her confidence, her intelligence or anything you find attractive about her.

There are ample of things she does in a day so take some time, discover the qualities that you like and compliment them. Compliment her hard work, her beauty, her multi-tasking abilities, her confidence and everything that inspires you.

10.  Give Her some Space

If you need to hang out with your guy friends once in a while, even she needs to hang out with her lovely ladies and have fun. Don’t forget that she also has a life outside your relationship and let her enjoy that life too. Don’t trap her in your home and let her go hang out with her friends, her colleagues and family members.

Let her peruse her own interest just like a dance class, a spa session, a shopping spree or anything she wants. And by letting her enjoy her space we mean that you do it with all the honesty and freedom. Don’t keep texting or calling her when she’s out there with someone else. While she is having the best time with her friends, you can hang out with your friends and enjoy. This will create a perfect balance and will make her love you more.

11.  Help Her With the Everyday Chores and Tasks

If you are living with her or nearby her and if you know that she’s finding it troublesome to handle the household tasks and other work all together, be a gentleman and lend her your hand.  Sometimes, when she gets home late and is tired, cook for her, do dishes for her, do laundry or anything that takes her time.

We understand that chores are not fun but while sharing the tasks, you can balance your life without feeling stressful. Go grocery shopping with her, help her with any work related task and make her smile while doing it together. Thus, don’t forget to help her in her everyday tasks while showing your concern, care and love to her. She’ll love you for this amazing effort.

12.  Show Love Towards her Family and Friends

Not all her friends and family members are going to be good with you but what you can do is maintain a cheerful relationship with everyone. Be good to the people she is extremely close to. Her best friend, her father, her mother or her siblings, remember to be good, polite and caring to these people.

It will make her life even happier if her family and friends love you. After all, every girl wants a boyfriend who is loved by the most important people of her life. If not extremely friendly, you can at least try to stay respectful and polite with her family. She’ll melt watching you get along with her family and friends!

13.  Introduce her to your Friends and Family Members

So what’s the best way to make her feel special? When you introduce her to your family and friends, it means that you love her and are honored to have her as your girlfriend. This simply shows that she is not one of the girls you dated and have forgotten. Also if you are serious about your relationship, introducing her to the important people of your life will make her feel secure, confident and loved.

When you flaunt her as your girl, she’ll be happy that you are giving her that position and value in your life. Thus, if you truly love her and want her to feel special, let her meet your friends, family and other important people.

14.  Admire and Embrace your partnership

When you are in a relationship, you are partners. Act like partners and flourish your lives. Go on adventure trips together, try fun activities together, take important decisions together and make life easy. If you want to make your girlfriend feel special, include her in all your decisions and all your activities.

Share everything and become the ultimate partners in crime. Embrace your hobbies and wishes with each other and it will surely solidify your bond as never before. Become friends and partners instead of getting trapped into a conventional scheming relationship and your girl will never leave you! After all, every girl wants a best friend and a naughty partner in the disguise of a boyfriend.

15.  Love Yourself and take care of yourself

Let’s focus on one of the most important parts of enriching a relationship. To make your girlfriend feel amazing, you need to be amazing. Take good care of yourself, groom yourself, look good, pay attention to your health, set goals, work immensely hard for your goals and take your responsibility.

Every girl wants a matured and stunning man who can handle himself well. If you are unable to take care of yourself, how will you take care of hers? So simply develop a personality she loves and admires. Give her better reasons to fall in love with you again and again. Be proud of how you look, be self reliant, inspiring and confident and you’ll never lose her. Love yourself first if you want her to love you.