Hot and Beautiful plus Size models around the World : Plus size models have been rocking the ramps since many years now. More than the ramp, people are now worshiping the plus size models in real life scenarios because women feel quite relatable and connected with the plus size models rather than the bony models.

Plus size models have not only created a buzz in the modelling world, but also have created a lot of body positivity and confidence among plus size women! So cheers to all those jaw dropping beautiful and courageous ladies!

Let’s celebrate body positivity and self love while knowing about these gorgeous plus size women. Here are the world’s most celebrated and hot plus size models from around the world.

Katya Zharkova

Katya Zharkova is a renowned name in the list of the most sensational plus size models of all time. She is a stunning Belarusian actress as well as plus size model who has grabbed all the attention with her gorgeous body and amazing facial features.

Open up any of her picture and you will be amazed by her beautiful features and inspiring poses. She was considered as the very first Belarus plus size model and started her career at the young age of 14. She is well known for her bare/nude photo shoot for plus sized magazine. She has also modeled for some world class brands like Forever 18, Silver Jeans and Fashion to Figure.

She also appeared in Cosmopolitan Russia and has been chosen as Women of the year in 2013 during Plus model’s Magazine. This hot and adorable beauty with attention worthy curves and dazzling facial features is spreading body awareness and wants to be the way she likes. She loves Yoga and Snowboards and keeps herself fit and healthy.  Looking for a worthy inspiration? Look for this amazing lady with all the confidence and feel boosted with poise.

Candice Huffine

Look for the happiest and most confident plus size model carrying a beautiful smile and dazzling body, and you will find Candice Huffine all around! She is one of the fittest and hottest plus size models you will ever find. She keeps her fans posted with regular bikini and nude pictures flaunting her mesmerizing curves all the way long. As a formed teenage beauty queen in 2000, she entered the high fashion world with all the spark and confidence. 2016 and 2017 were her some of the most successful years where she appeared on multiple New York Fashion weeks’ runways.

Candice has posed for popular magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and is also signed by IMG. She supports a healthy body and inspires women to pursue a body they love. Eating healthy, working out and staying fit holds great importance for her while she doesn’t believe in getting a zero figure. She is the rising star in the world of modelling and there are ample of hr runway pictures that will flaunt the diva she is. She is truly an inspiration and a gorgeous model to look forward in future magazine covers and runways.

Ashley Graham

She is simply everywhere! If you don’t know about Ashley graham, probably, you are not much into plus size models. She is an adorable American plus size model with enviable facial features and a dazzling curvy body. She is one of the hottest plus size super models on board exclusively flaunting her hot bod on runways. She has appeared almost on the cover pages of almost every famous magazine cover such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also given interviews for various new Chanels and TV shows and became popular as a plus size model.

In 2013, for your surprise, Ashley also designed a lingerie line for Addition Elle a very well known retailer of plus size clothing while in 2015, a plus size swimsuit retailer named ‘swimsuitforall’ chose Ashley graham for their annual swimsuit issue and advertisement. She is one of the most celebrated plus size models in America and was discovered by an international agency at a shopping mall. Married to Justin Ervin, she is currently enjoying her boosted career and highly successful marriage. She is highly active on her instagram platform and keeps her followers updated with her adorable curvy pictures!

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn is a plus size lingerie model from Washington. She started her career with a plus size photo shoot for V and Elle and since then, there was no looking back for this adorable curvy model. She has constantly spread the magic of her beauty while participating in ample of amazing high profile photo shoots for Vogue Italia, Time magazine, Glamour and Elle. She is an empowering woman spreading message to stay confident and happy with the body women love to have instead of lurking for a think skinny body.

She is an ultra modern plus size model who participates in various lingerie photo shoots and has a great fashion sense. The beautiful voluptuous body and gorgeous curves are attention worthy and simply empowering.  She has also appeared in an H&M advertisement and also on the cover of Lucky Fall Jeans promotional edition. Active on Facebook and Instagram, she never disappoints her fans and keeps them posted with her mesmerizing pictures all the time. She dares to participate in some challenging and redefining Campaigns and keeps spreading message of healthy lifestyle and healthy body. Check out this amazing brunette beauty and stay inspired!

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley is a plus size model with all the beautiful curves and a dazzling fit figure women dream for! She is a beautiful healthy and tall Australian plus size model who began her career with a plus size photo shoot in 2006. She has names like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle and Dazed & Confused attached to her aspiring and inspiring career.  Along with multiple magazines and news outlets, she has also worked with several popular designers like Peter Morrissey and Elena Miro. Some of her famous campaigns are Calezdonia’s Summer 2012 campaign, Chantelle campaign and Barneys New York Holiday in 2013. She was also awarded as modelling Rising Star in 2011 and is the first plus size model to appear in the famous Ralph Lauren campaign.

She is well known for her beautiful facial features, a crisp jaw line and an ethereal body. She proudly appears in swimsuit and bikini photo shoots and has also launched her personalised plus size lingerie and swimsuit collection in 2013. This swimwear model has taken the world to storm with her elegant and beautiful poses. She is well known for her adorable height and glorious features and thus has become a celebrated and loved plus size model of this era.

Chloe Marshall

Love English models? Here is an extraordinary and gorgeous English plus size model proudly also carrying the proud title of Miss Surrey. She was also the first size 16 model to make it to the finals of Miss England tiara. She has also worked as a model for Plus Model magazine, for Ford Models and worked in the Lane Bryant’s runway for 2011.  This 5 feet 10 inch long and gracious plus size model believes in breaking stereotypes about models and the misconceptions people have about being beautiful.

Marshall was also at a receiving end of criticism due to her body weight but she graciously flaunted her body and reached the Miss England finals to prove that without being skinny, models can look stunning. Rocking her instagram profile, she keeps posting some awe inspiring and glorious pictures of herself. If you are like to look forward to some inspiring and motivated people, she is surely the one you should follow. While you will go through her profile, some flattering and gorgeous snaps would surely surprise you!

Barbie Ferreira

Plus size models are all rocking the world with their amazing bodies and their impeccable swagger. Here is an inspiration and young plus size model who keeps flaunting her hot and adorable body all over the social media and on runways.  Barbie Ferreira is a renowned name in the world of modelling and is a 21 old gorgeous American model. She works for Aerie     , a clothing brand from American Eagle Outfitters.

Barbie is one of the famous plus size models in instagram and is socially active on instagram as well as twitter. At the very young age of 21, she has achieved huge fame and aims to become an inspiration for curvy ladies. After the Aeriereal campaign, she started getting more contracts and modelling assignments and has a bright future within the modelling industry.

Anita Marshall

Marshall voted as ‘Model of the month’ for Essence’s Curvy and also she modelled under the label of khloe Kardashian. She started her modelling career and soon ended it because someone commented on her body telling her that she’s too fat to be a model.  However, her jaw dropping beautiful looks and a stunning figure dint et her hide in a closet and brought her back to the modelling world. She is one of the most loved and celebrated plus size women of today’s era and is still counting on some amazing campaigns.

She is literally an instagram star and is well known for her modelling representation with Dorothy Combs models. Born in Massachusetts, this fierce and gorgeous lady was also seen featuring in an advertisement campaign for universal standard.  You can browse through the mesmerizing and gorgeous pictures of her vacationing, working and enjoying the most of her time while also flaunting her dazzling hot body!

Fluvia Lacerda

There’s something so admirable and unique about this beautiful Brazilian plus size models that can drive people crazy. Fluvia Lacerda is one of the successful and ravishing Brazilian model got discovered in a Bus in America and since then has worked proudly as a plus size model. This beautiful diva has also been on the cover of Vogue Italy and has modelled in ample of countries like Germany, Spain, Canada, Brazil, England, Jamaica, France, Australia and many more.

She was considered as the plus size model of the year in an event named Full Figured Fashion Week and is currently is modelling for Ford models. She is proudly Brazil’s first plus size model and is associated with many well known magazines and brands. She had a sizzling photo shoot for Playboy Brazil and owns her label named Fluvia Lacerda Lingerie.  This label is a collection of plus sized swimsuits for women.  She has also been a face of Brands like Fashion Bug, Igigi, Kmart and Mar and Nua. She is one of the sexiest plus size models of this era and has ample of social media followers.

Jennie Runk

Jennie Runk is one of the fabulous American plus size models with some extraordinary facial features and a sizzling figure. She has appeared for H&M’s summer beachwear campaign. She was discovered by Mary Clarke and gained weight to become a plus size model. She then appeared on Good Morning America by Cosmopolitan. She has also worked with Wilhelmina Models and Ford Models. Her best editorial was on Vogue’s 2005 issue. Some of her other notable editorials are Glamour, Vogue, Seventeen, Marie Claire and Cosmo girl.

Her beachwear appearance has made her shine on the front page of H&M’s website and from there; she received intense media attention through blogs and over the social media. Also she has received the honor to become the first plus size model to appear on H&M’s swimwear collection.  Jennie started full time modelling in 2011 and currently is one of the most admired and followed plus size models. She surely has a breathtaking body, a strong confidence and expressive face that make her a very powerful model of this era.

Saffi Karina

The list of plus size models will be incomplete without mentioning this gorgeous and dazzling English plus size model. This model has worked rigorously for promoting body positivity and to help other people understand the importance and acceptance of self size. She has struggled a lot due to her 10 size in the modelling industry but is now considered as one of the most stylish and fresh plus size model.

She is well known for her advertisement campaigns for Debenhams, John Lewis, Speedo and Mark & Spencers. This British model is a blend of ethnicity like Cuban, Filipino, Irish and Hawaiian and flaunts her beautiful curvy body with grace. Though it is unbelievable that she is considered as a plus size model, but anyhow, her stunning hourglass like figure is beautiful and people love it. Saffi is also a TV presenter and actress who has worked with international agencies and well known brands.

Jessica Vander Leahy

One of the busiest and fab instagram accounts is that of the beautiful Jessica Leahy’s. If you are looking forward to scroll some dazzling and breath takingly gorgeous pictures of plus size models, here is the model you need to follow. Jessica Vander Leahy is a curvy and fabulous plus size model who is passionate about spreading body positivity messages and campaigns. She believes in showing her originality and natural beauty on her instagram account and has also launched some powerful body positivity campaigns.

Jessica is the founder of Project WomanKIND where she attempts to bring a lot of confidence and strength along plus size women. This beautiful Australian curve model has also worked for New York Fashion Week along with multiple well known brands and designers. Her body positivity movement has taken the social media with a storm.

Justine Legault

Justin legault is a dazzling and fabulous plus size model with looks to die for and a body to crave for! She is a self declared curvy model with some of the catchiest and bright facial features, adorable body and rocking confidence. She is a New York based model who has rocked her beautiful body on the cover of Elle Quebec and is still looking forward to rock other magazine covers. One of her highlighting feature is her beautiful smile and adorable body that are perfectly attention worthy.

She has also features in the Baba cool for Clin D’oeil editorial, Muse models, Elle, Q magazine, Lane Bryant Lanestyle Fall edition and many more. She has amazing fan following over the social media and she proudly keeps posting pictures on instagram where her followers love to explore her personal and work life pictures.  She also took part in a documentary known as A Perfect in 2017. This cover and editorial model is rocking the ramps and magazines with her gorgeous body and incredible confidence and women all over simply love her!

Victoria Lee

It isn’t easy to fight the world when a lot of people are criticizing you for your body! Salute to this amazing lady who has now conquered the world wither impeccable beauty and adorable body! Precious lee is now a renowned name in the world of plus size modelling. Precious was accidentally discovered on a call and soon she moved to New York for her modelling career.  She became extremely famous after her participation in the #ImNoAngel marketing campaign. Precious loves travelling, music and writing short stores when off from work.

You can see her in high waist pants, beautiful button down shirts and such clothes that perfectly embrace her curves. She looks adorably beautiful while carrying the wrap dresses and considers that wrap dresses completely suit the curvy figure. She considers being curvy as a confidence and strength boosting element. Precious lee became the first African plus size model to appear in the annual swimsuit issue in 2016 while some of her famous campaigns are #PlusIsEqual, #This Body and #ImNoAngel.

Rosie Mercado

Rosie Mercado is a lot more than an American plus size model. She is a fashion designer, a makeup artist and a television personality. She entered the modelling world as a photographer but was soon started modelling herself. A lot of agencies rejected her due to her size and so, became a plus size model. She is a celebrity makeup artist, and has launched her line of clothing in 2013 celebrating the glory of plus size women all around the world.

She is a very active personality on instagram and keeps her followers updated with her work as well as personal pictures regularly. She is an influencer and a personality embracing body positivity through her plus size modelling.

Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg is a model turned fashion designer with her amazing and affordable plus size lingerie. She became viral when she posted a picture of herself carefreely wearing a striped bikini and when she launched the swimwear collection named Swimsuitsforall.  In 2017, she also launched her plus size clothing line with Nicolette Mason.

She is currently a very inspiring blogger and a designer with a cool and swaggy clothing line where she launches some dazzling lingeries and swimsuits for plus size women. She keeps the promise to come up with some of the sexiest and fresh lingerie designs for plus sizes and provides a very refreshing alternative to the boring lingeries. Her brand ‘GabiFresh’ is currently rocking the markets and offers lingeries for full-figured women. Her brand simply reflects body positivity and has a very rigorous approach towards developing intimate and sexy clothing for plus size women all over the world!

These are the most stunning and adorable plus size models that have been rocking various runways, magazine covers and editorials all around the world. The best part about these models is that they are confident in their own skin and love to flaunt their curvaceous and stunning body with all the grace and pride. Most of these models also have launched their swimwear and lingerie collections to help plus size women explore a new and refreshing range of lingerie they generally don’t get from brands. Without any doubt, these women are gorgeous, extremely relatable and confident enough to idolize.