Hidden Signs That A Married Man Is Attracted Towards You :Love, affection and attraction all come when we meet people, develop a bond with them and fall for them. But many a times what might seem to you as a normal attachment happens to be a lot more than it which needs to be controlled at earlier times. Marriage is one of the greatest commitments and no one would like to see one breaking because of oneself. Even after a happily married life many people fall for someone else which is often due to hidden aphrodisiac desires.

So, let us now have a look at some of the most basic and major signs which clearly indicate that a particular married man is attracted to you and is falling for you.

Is Complimenting More Than Often

Hey! You look amazing. I love the way you have dressed. That actress is nothing in front of you.

If you are coming across these statements very often then you need to be keen enough as the man is finding interest in you.

Complimenting once or twice is a natural thins, but if someone compliments you for each and every thing you do and admires you than he is definitely attracted towards you.

And when it comes to married men, they do it in an exceptionally pleasing way which makes you feel as if you are the greatest beauty on the world and that particular man is your biggest admirer.

Criticizes Their Wife In Front Of You

I really like your way of living, make company with my wife and teach her the same. You are so fashionable and classy ask my wife to join you sometime. My wife is more like an ordinary person I would like her to be like you!!!

If a married man is often criticizing his wife before you and picture you better than her then he is definitely attracted towards you. You might see it as a friend stepping for help in order to change the personality of her lady, but actually he is the man wanting to replace her lady with you.

Hence, if you come across such a situation many a times then do not go on the words of the man, the man is just trying to please you and increase contact with you as he is deeply attracted towards you.

The Accidental Meetings Happen Daily

Hi! What’s up? I was just passing by and saw you so stopped in case you need any help.

Hello! What are you doing here, I visit this place daily.

If your accidental meetings are happening again and again then don’t believe in coincidences and analyze if the man is actually following you. Your meetings are the clear sign that the man is falling for you and hence is finding new ways to meet you.

He will meet you at your workplace, your shopping place, your favorite food place or in the vegetable market. If you are meeting him more often, with all unplanned meetings then trust me those meetings are not actually unplanned but have been well-planned by your secret admirer who is following you.

The Attractive Body Language

It is true that many times the body speaks a lot more than mouth does. The same thing happens with married men if they are attracted towards a woman. If you have a doubt on a married man and want to clarify if he has feelings for you then do check his body languages.

If he is attracted towards you his body will be tilted in your direction. His hands, shoulders, pelvis will all point towards you indicating clearly that the man is falling for you and finds you attractive.

Hence, body language is also a clear cut and an amazing way to know the feelings of a married man towards you and for you. So, check it and analyze whether the man finds you attractive or not.

Always Tries To Impress You

Oh! I have been working in this field for years and I do have a great experience. I am the boss of my own wishes and my company is extremely happy from me.

If a married man is using such kind of statements with you and is trying to impress you again and again with his achievements, accomplishments and flaws then he is definitely attracted towards you and is trying to attract you towards him.

Men can’t stand the fact if the woman is not responding affectionately to them and hence with their moves they try to impress you and make you fall for them if they actually are falling for you. Hence, the other clear sign to know if a married man is attracted towards you is his continuous attempts to impress you and leave a great impact of his personality on you.

Men usually try to be gentlemen and hardly talk to women directly by looking into their eyes. But if they are attracted towards a woman they look deep down into her eyes, talk straight forward making a direct eye contact with her and make the woman fall for them.

Hence, a man who finds you attractive or who is attracted towards you will talk directly by looking into your eyes and will make a clear eye contact. In his clear conversations he will try to come as close as possible and will also try to make body contacts if the situation permits.

Hence, if you find a married man behaving in the above stated way with you then it is a clear sign that he is attracted towards you and has feelings for you.

And Of-Course That Angry Jealous Look

No matter how much man try to hide their feelings but one thing that they cannot stand is watching their girl with another man. The same happens with married men as well. If a married man is attracted towards you he will not like you being with anyone else and jealousy will be clearly reflected from his face.

He might be able to stand his wife with another man but if he finds you with anyone else he will get mad and sometimes may even become aggressive with his jealous feelings. From his looks you can clearly predict if he is attracted towards you.

Hence, to test if a married man is attracted towards you, test for his possessiveness and see if he is jealous for you. The greater will be his jealousy the more will be his attraction towards you.

Tries To Get Comfortable In Adult Conversations With You

You look so fresh and clean, he is doing it right I guess. I just hate it when men try to take over and don’t give girls a chance!!!!

If a married man tries to get comfortable with you in such kind of adult conversation then he is definitely having strong feelings for you. He tries to make this conversation so that you both make a string connection.

Also with his talks, he might try to please you and excite you so that you may find him attractive and not mind to be with him. This is one of the clearest sign of a married man being attracted towards you and it also depicts that he strongly wants you.

Hence, know better when a married man make such kind of adult talks and conversations with you and know that he is actually attracted towards you.

Make Emotional Connection Of A Bad Married Life

My wife does not love me anymore; I guess she is having an extra-marital affair. My wife does not respect my parents; I am badly frustrated from her behavior. I am trying too hard on my marriage but it is not working any more.

To increase connection with you a married man would never want you to think that he is happy with his wife and his married life is going great. Else he will try to build emotional contact with you stating that he is not at all happy with his married life and his wife is a monster.

He will try to gain sympathy from you and will take your shoulder as a medium to make you emotional and support you. This will make you empathize for him and will somewhere mould you towards him.

This is one of the favorite practices which married will adapt to please you and gain your trust and attention emotionally making a strong bond or connection with you.

All the above stated statements are some of the clearest signs indicating that a married man is attracted towards you and have feelings for you which are more than friendship. So, if ever you find doubts in your mind for a man, do check all these parameters and then analyze of the man is attracted towards you. Knowing this in advance will save you from destroying someone’s married life hence analyze these well and make sure the feelings of the married man towards you.