20 Latest Heart Tattoo Designs On Different Body Parts :- Tattoo art is becoming very popular among people this season. It is regarded as one of the most fashionable and has topped the trend setting body arts. The permanent inks on your body can define your persona or may be itched in remembrance of your loved ones.Speaking about heart tattoos, there are two main design outlines – one being the anatomical human heart and the other is the heart symbol.

Latest Heart Tattoo Designs

You can have the heart tattoos etched on any part of your body; the chest, the foot, the arm or even the head. Read through our post to find some stunning heart tattoo ideas for men and women.

Attractive Celtic Heart Tattoo Design Etched In Red

This heart tattoo on the arm can be etched by both men and women. The bright red ink evokes passion with the tribal celtic knot motifs to create a stylish and provocative heart tattoo design.

Heart Tattoo Designs For Girls On Different Body Parts

Heart And Leaves Tattoo On Foot For Girls

The symbolic heart in this tattoo is filled with red color for a bold appeal while the leaves emerging from the heart indicate hope and growth in life. This tattoo is definitely a great pick for girls.


Lovable Panda Flying Heart Tattoo Design For Cute Appeal

Panda is such a cute character himself. Portraying him with fling hearts is a creative tattoo idea that adds fun to tattooing. Get identified as a lovable and jolly person with this amazing tattoo idea.


Stylish Love Heart Tattoo Design For Wrist

If you are fond of lettering tattoos and wish to play with the lines around, try this simple yet curvy heart tattoo design. The black outlines write the word love in a beautiful and artistic manner on the wrist.


Mind Blowing Chest Piece For Daring Men

Having large chest piece tattoos engraved can invite a lot of pain. Still some daring men go for such big tattoos. For example, this cool and alluring tattoo with central heart imparts life to the floral artwork around.


Rainbow Colored Star Heart Tattoo On Shoulder

Heart tattoos are always loved by everyone but combining it with stars will add a definite charm to the design.  What is more attractive in this design is the rainbow colored etching which attracts everyone.


Four Little Heart Red Tattoo Behind Ear For Delicate Appearance

Delicate symbols of hearts placed behind the ear looks beautiful and alluring. The smaller the tattoo design more the sensuality it offers to the personality of the wearer.


Rosary Heart Tattoo For Religious Men

Men who believe in religion have deep faith in God which is shown in this simple tattoo design. Nice tribal heart with beautiful rosary bracelet around the wrist denotes that people feel secured and safe with God in their heart.


Small Threaded Heart Pattern For Tattoo Lovers

Keep the heart tattoo simple and sweet as this small threaded heart tattoo on the wrist. The design is inked in black outlines that look elegant and sober. Both men and women can sport this type of designs.


Bleeding Heart Tattoo For Young Girls

Make a fancy statement of art on your stomach with this classic bleeding heart tattoo pierced at the center with a dagger. The reason behind sporting such tattoos may be different for everyone but none can deny the fantastic appeal of the design.


Arrow Heart Tattoo For Forearm For Women

Women like to flaunt simpler tattoo designs that lend a stylish and elegant appeal in the society. The two bend arrows are brought together to make the shape of the heart in simplest forms.


Bizarre Heart Tattoo For Your Biceps

Guys like it bold and unique; so this tattoo is designed in a most bizarre fashion to attract people’s attention. The biceps is most appropriate place for etching such tattoo patterns.


Realistic Human Heart Tattoo For Men’s Arm

Human heart tattoos without any motifs also look very enchanting and surreal. This colored anatomical hearts captivates all emotions and passion towards sporting heart tattoos together. Mode detailing with the shade work can work wonders for the tattoo artwork.


Men’s Chest Tattoo Design With Wings And Sun

The rising sun and the eagle wings bring out the message of hope and life and the human heart is in the safe hands of Mother Nature. Sport this fabulous heart tattoo design to spread the message of love and peace across the world.


Emphatic Hand Heart Tattoo For Bold Look

This tribal heart tattoo is a neat and bold tattoo piece on the hand. The emphatic design oozed emotions of bravery and power that wins the heart of your family and friends.


Heart Padlock And Key Tattoo Design For Shoulder

Three keys and one heart padlock tattoo is a marvelous idea to express your feelings. The keys are tied with named ribbons for a unique look.


Skull Human Heart Tattoo For Men

This heart tattoo is an artistic representation of human heart hosting a skull inside. Men who like it bold go for this happening tattoo on arm.


Geometric 3D Heart Tattoo For Fab Appearance

Enhance your appeal with this beautifully outlined 3D heart tattoo integrated with geometric lines. Try double lineup or colored sections to get a delighted tattoo option.


Artistic Heart Art For Cheerful Look

The designer has let her desires flow-freely in the form of lines dancing around the shoulders to shape the heart. The colors add drama and beauty to the design.


Blazing Heart Tattoo Design On Neck

This breathtaking idea for heart tattoo on the neck is appreciated by everyone. The fierce coloring of the heart resembles the real fire oozing out from the heart on chest.


Men and women can wear tattoo designs alike. There are some designs for couples or a gang of friends too.Adding motifs like stars, cross, angel wings, dagger, infinity sign and more will add drama and style to your heart tattoos.