Hair is the natural gift by the god, which has power to make you look outstanding among the crowd when it is properly done. Everyone irrespective of their ages care about hair, its growth, its volume, its texture. Specially for ladies out there, the way you do your hair itself will decide your nature! Yes, it can definitely have a bigger impact on the fellow beings. Few hairstyles look formal, few of them traditional and many more can be casual ones.

According to the occasion, your desire, dress or may be your comfort-ability and interest, you can choose one among thousands of hairstyles. Here you can see an attempt made to filter few beautiful, enchanting hairstyles among those many.

Though there are multiple hairstyles done, these 50 hairstyles can be taken as the most loved hairdos among the young ladies throughout the world. Varying from simple to difficult, self-made to beautician, short hair to long hair, there are various styles available to opt. You are free to select the one for that important event.

Simple Middle Parted Loose Hair

There may be millions of hairstyles in the trend. But this simple but elegant hairstyle is in the race from centuries. This hairstyle is an example of formal and professional character of a woman. It takes less than a minute to get this done. Comb your full hair and part it at the center using the edge of comb. That’s it. You are ready!

Side Parted Hair with Bang

Though the procedure of parting hair is same as that of middle parted loose hair, the beauty of side partition is amazing. You can give a side bang and long sweep to enhance the look. For your long wavy hair this will surely be a most flexible hairdo.

Funky Short Hair

Being boyish is the most loved thing among the youngsters. It’s not just in the way you dress. You can show off your rocking nature with this funky short bob. You will definitely be noticed among the people around you!

Simple & Stylish Pony

Again the one hairstyle which looks simple and most pleasing. There are different pony styles that can be tried. This a less time consuming but much sweet looking hairdo. It goes well for any kind of events from official meetings to red carpet events.

Long Layered Bob

Layered hair will sure intensify your beauty. Shoulder length layered bob will give the queen appearance when dressed with crown like headband. This is the one style loved by the young ladies with soft silky hair.

Side Tucked Hair

When you have long beautiful loose hair and doesn’t want them to disturb the beauty of your face in the parties, use this simple trick. Take the hair from a side and twist it and tuck with a small pin. Done! No more you will feel discomfort nor the beauty of your hair got lesser.

Twisted Pony

Coming from the family of ponytails, this hairstyle is the most stylish one. For your outing with friends, you can try this out just by twisting single side or both sided hair and tying into a pony!

Braided Headband

Wear a natural headband made of your own hairs! Yes, braid up your front hair to a side or to wrap your forehead to wear your own pretty headband.

Beautifully Diffused Curls

No need to be sad if you have not got natural curls. Always you can diffuse your hair using diffuser and make them curly. Curls looks best for parties with or without side bang.

Puffed Hairstyle

Nowadays everyone is wearing this puff, which was always thought as old fashion. That is the beauty of puff. Using mounts, you can wear bigger puffs, the smaller ones can be made without them, just by pushing the hair a little to the front. This puff can be combined with pony, braid or bun with or without bangs.

Braided Hairstyle

This hairstyle is no more meant for old ladies. It made itself trendier to present in this modern era too. With its simplicity and distinctive style, it steals the hearts of those guys who are behind you!

Bumped Up Curls

Being known as the bridal hairstyle, this is the most pleasing hairstyle you can ever wear. The combination of curls and bumps or puffs are the feast to eyes. You can dress them up with glittering hairband or clips to make it charming.

Braided Lower Updo

Summer parties are never irritating with this hairstyle. When you want to be unique among the crowd without those common buns or French twist, you can wrap up your braided hair and fix using pins. This looks very special and stunning with single sleeve or no sleeved dresses.

Effortless Half Updo

If you got a short time to get ready and still need to find a distinctive hairdo, this is the one for you. Take top half hair and clip it at the back. You can pull of little hair to the front. Try pearl headband or floral side pin to make it look loving.

Remarkable Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid is the present-day hairstyle. You can see almost every college going girl love to wear this on alternative days. It might be difficult for you to do by yourself. You can take a help from your friend or beautician to get this done.

Humble Side Ponytail

As the name itself says, it’s the most modest hairstyle. Early morning, when you leave your bed with just a ribbon, unknowingly you will dress up your hair like this! This can also be made for parties and meetings. You can mess up your hair a little to make it stylish.

Loosely Braided Crown

You can look like a princess with this braided crown. You can add up the glitter using flowers or beads. This is famous as a ceremonial hairdo. You can keep your back half hair free or knotted, both looks notable at the event.

Seductive Twisted Bun

Along with the comfortableness, a bun gives at long hour celebrations, it can also be beautified with few tricks. Now there are many ways to tie up the bun and dress it with flowers, beads or a bow as shown in the image.

Trendy Messy Bun

Messy bun is an example to show you that any hairstyle will do a magic. This hairstyle is now the most loved one among the gorgeous ladies. It can be worn for any kind of events. May it be casual or glorious, it always looks gracious.

Appealing Waterfall Braids Hairstyle

If you want to try out something new for an occasion, this is the one must hairstyle to be kept in the list. Both for silky long hair and curly medium length hair this waterfall braids gives different and stunning look.

Flowery Bridal Hairstyle

For an Indian bride wearing this graceful hairstyle brings out the ethnic flavor of the occasion. It is a feast to an eye to look this chivalrous hairdo. Though it takes time and patience, it is a pleasant feel to wear this. Try it out for your next festive or ethnic event.

Long Spiral Curls with Single Side Braid

Showing off your long wavy hair at a casual outing is a special thing. Make it little more special by trying this unique hairstyle. Braid a single small pleat at a side of your parted hair and leave the full length hair free.

High Topknot

Top Knot is the most relaxing hairstyle. When you are bored of other hairstyle or letting your hair free, go for this. It takes less time to give you a chic look. For your western attire, this is the best choice.

Dazzling Chignon

A chignon is a simply classic hairdo. Since years it has retained its unique appearance. You can tie up chignon in different ways for different occasions. You will surely get addicted for its eccentric look.

Twisted Side Bun

Side bun is an engaging hairdo. You just need to knot your hair to a side to make it a bun. A front side sweep and a bang can be used as an addition. Its polite look makes you look much attractive.

Bulky Bouffant Bun

When you got no other options than a bun in summers, you always got huge list to choose from. You can prefer wearing this Bouffant over other types. It makes your hair looks voluminous. You can pull out few hairs on your side face too!

Loose Side Swept

Rather leaving your hair free, you can sweep them up to a side and clutch them using a pin. With side bang and few strides of hair on the other side is enough to make it look appealing. Even this hairstyle is the most loved one these days.

Contemporary Bow Bun

A classic look for your long and soft hair can be brought by this bow bun. Follow the steps shown to get this. Being an old aged hairstyle, it gives you the retro look with matching retro attire.

Attractive Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

Bring on a distinctive bun on your head with this style. Ballerina Bun is the most favorite for those ladies who are busy whole day and never gets time to check on their hairs often. This hairstyle remains perfect and stable for a longer time.

Loose Feathery Hair

When you wish to leave your hair free for most of the times, go for feathered cut with your beautician. Front small bang or side bang may go well with this hairstyle. Wear different headbands for different occasions to give special looks.

Side Ponytail with Puff

Two beautiful stylish things can be combined which results in an elegant hairstyle. Both pony and puff are special in their own ways. But a pony with a puff gives completely a trendy look. Nowadays most celebrities are behind this hairdo.

Twisted Knot with Deep Side Sweep

Using different hair dressing accessories you can make many kinds of buns. Here is another kind, which you will be loved to have at parties and trips. You can even match with deep side swept bangs.

Top Braided Long Hair

When you decide to show off your long wavy hairs, add this centered braid to it. It looks amazing for those wavy textured hair. It can be easily made using fingers or combs and fixing using a pin. You can wear this for casual occasions where simple loose hairs can be replaced with top braided hair.

The Pleats and Jewell

Going for this Indian ethnic hairstyle itself is a very special thing. This hairstyle can be found on ladies in occasions like marriage, festivals etc. Even flowers can be used as added accessories to this. This goes hand in hand with Saree, Gagra and few more ethic wears. If you are the one planning for next family celebration, you can get yourself ready with all these accessories to shine among your relatives and friends.

Multi-Braided Bun

Multiple braids which are woven around the head can be wrapped into a bun and a puff at the front. This hairstyle is a real beauty to hairs. You can dress up these braid with pearls or beads to make it more elegant in look.

French Braid and Knot

Two French braids can be mixed to get this double French braid hairstyle. Weave French braid from the front and middle of your head. Make a bun with backside braid. This is one of the most preferred bridal hairdos in recent times.

Messy Low Side Bun

Messy hairstyles are easy to make and maintain. Messy side buns are the most popular ones. This is perfect for red carpet events and parties. If you wish yourself to be attracted among the crowd, wear this messy bun with a soft side sweep and a stoned thin headband.

High Bumped Beehive

Your level of attitude and standard can be raised up by this beehive hairstyle. If you are short, this hairstyle looks promising in making you look tall at the events and parties.

Navy Bun

As the name itself says, it’s the navy approved hairstyle. But it has become well known even outside navy because of its tidiness. It looks much cleaner and well fitted hairdo. For the ladies who are out for whole day can wear this to avoid concentrating on their hairdo.

Double Braids

Nothing can get older in the field of fashion. Everything comes back with an additional look as time passes. Even this double braided hairstyle is never meant for school girls anymore. You can try out wearing this for a get together.

Wrap a Turban

When you are left out with no other hairstyle, you can always keep this as a supplementary one. Wrap different colored turbans for different day and your hair dressing is done!

Piggy Pom

Double braids can be rolled up into two buns to make it piggy pom. Though it looks like kiddo’s hairstyle, it gives a chic for your modish attire.

Piggy Tails

It is an urban hairstyle. Piggy tails are famous as school going hairstyle. But with those bangs and lower ponies it has got a captivating look.

Traditional Indian Bun

For the festive season, be ready with few accessories and jewels to rock with this ethnic bun. When the simple bun is dressed up with this jewel it looks lovable.

Colored Textured Waves

Coloring the hair has become so common these days. Every youngster loves to get their hair colored. These textured hair looks fabulous with modern assets. Whatever hairstyle you do, it looks astonishing with textured hairs.

Bridal Hairdo

For an Indian bride, wearing all the jewels itself looks gracious. For any celebrations you can dress your front hair with this so called Maang Theeka in Hindi.

Half Pony Look

Plain half updo can be replaced with this half pony for your parties. Since the pony will be tied high, it looks outstanding. Your wavy hairs can be made charming with this hairdo.

Princess Hairstyle

Every girl can look like a princess with this hairstyle. For a twisted or braided bun with side sweep bang you can wear a crown like band. This is also known as a bridal hairstyle.

Retro Bandana Hairstyle

Preferences will never change when it comes to fashion. Even now women fall for retro styles for clothes and other accessories. Retro Bandana is one of those loved retro styles. It look perfectly amazing for casual attire.

Reverse Braid with Top Knot Hairstyle

Weave a braid from the back bottom of your head and tie a knot up right there. It looks rejoicing at your workplace or meetings.