25 Hairstyles To Wear With Long Dresses- Women love adorning different kinds of costumes. Long dresses are common among them. These dresses can be in the form of maxi dresses, long frocks, gowns, long skirts, etc. Long dresses can be worn for casual occasions as well as to parties and special events. Many women like to wear long, flowing costumes to the beach as well.

Just having the right dress is not enough. Hairstyle also plays an important role in deciding as how you will look in the attire.

Long or medium length hair looks best with long dresses

You might not know, but the length of your hair is an important factor that plays a pivotal role in wearing long dresses. Usually long maxi dresses look good on women who have a slightly tall and slim figure as well as medium length or long hair. With long dresses, long or medium hair looks great. If you have short hair, you can try using various kinds of hair extensions for flaunting long hair with maxi dresses and long gowns.

Different hairstyles that you can try with long dresses

1. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyles look really pretty on women when they wear lovely long, flowing dresses. The bouncy and long tresses match exceptionally well with the long dress and probably make this the perfect hairstyle for the maxi dress. Shampoo and dry your hair thoroughly before using the curling iron on the lower end of the hair to get the curls at the bottom. To maintain the hairstyle for long, apply a strong hairspray.

2. Side Pony Hairstyle

Side ponies look great with long dresses. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be done with straight, wavy and curly hair.To make side pony, gather all hair on one side of the neck. Use a band for securing the hair at the side. You can use various kinds of hair accessories. If your hair is styled in layers and steps, this style will give a messy look. Many women wear a stylish cowboy hat or Panama hat with this hairstyle giving a trendy and fashionable look.

3. Long Straight Hairstyle

If you are short on time and looking for an easy hairstyle with your long maxi dress, there is no better option than choosing a long straight hair style for the same. If you have medium to long hair, straighten it and see the magic it does with your long dress.

4. Updo Hairstyle with Long Dresses

When you are planning to do an up do hairstyle for long dresses, particularly a maxi dress, leave some hair strands on the face so that it looks fuller. You can wear this hairstyle to casual gatherings as well as to parties and special events. The slightly messy hair-do makes you look extremely stylish. Become a show stopper at any event and grab the maximum eyeballs at a party with this amazing hairstyle.

5. Long Curly Hairstyle with Long Dress

It is said that women who have curly hair are already blessed with a hairstyle. If you are lucky in having naturally curly hair, you can flaunt the same with log maxi dresses easily. Again, if your curly tresses are long, they look great with any kind of long dress. You can color or highlight your curly tresses to make them more attractive.

6. Half Ponytail Hairstyle with Maxi Dresses

Try half ponytail hairstyle with long maxi dresses. The half ponytail style is extremely cute and interesting to look. In this hairstyle, there are loose hair layers at the back and there is a bump on the top of the head.

This style compliments well with the length of the dress you are wearing. The half ponytail can be accessorized with different kinds of accessories like a butterfly clip, nice flower or a bow tie.

7. Medium Curly as well as Straight Hairstyle

Women who have medium length hair can also do wonderful hairstyles with maxi dresses. If your hair texture is smooth and straight, you can maintain that easily. If you want that some bangs should fall on your forehead, flat iron them. Once done, apply hairspray and brush the hair down gently for best results.

Medium curly hairstyle also looks great when worn with flowing dresses and gowns. Such hairstyles are perfect for all kinds of events and occasions. In fact, you can flaunt the style on casual days or on an evening out with friends.

8. Half up Half Down Hairstyle with Maxi Dresses

For maxi dresses, the half up and half down hairstyle suits really well. The half up and half down hairstyle means that one part of the hair will be tied up, and the rest part will be left loose, hanging down on the shoulders. If the length of the hair is long, it will reach to the back. Use interesting accessories to fasten the hair at the back and make a great style statement with the hairstyle

9. Ball Gown Hairstyle

If you are wearing a long gown for a ball or a prom, you can try this stylish hairstyle. Add suitable accessories to the hair for giving a more stylish look. The hair is twisted and fastened with Bobby pins for great styling. This hairstyle can be tried with the medium as well as long hair.

10. Neat Side Swept Hairstyle

Are you planning to wear a strapless long dress for the evening party? Neat side swept hairstyle looks great with such costumes. This hairstyle is not only simple to do, it looks elegant as well. The hair at the bottom can be curled for giving a voluminous look and appearance.

11. High Bun Hairstyle

Chinese collared evening gowns and maxi dresses are quite popular with women. High bun hairstyle looks excellent with such costumes giving a stylish yet sophisticated look at the same time. It is preferable if the bun is kept messy for that extra jazz. This style works really well with women who have thick hair.

12. The Donut Bun with Embellishments

Whether it is for a ball, the prom night or any other function or event, the donut bun goes for all such occasions. The bun looks just like a donut and hence the name. Puffed from all sides and tapered in the center, the bun looks quite elegant. With the right kinds of hair accessories on the bun, it looks splendid for sure.

13. Braided Updo with a Stylish Bow

Decorating hair with a bow is a style that has been followed for long. Braid your hair in different ways and create an up do with the same. You might need few bobby pins and other clips to keep the hair in place. Place the bow strategically right in the lower center of the hair for making it look attractive. This hairstyle can be worn with long dresses to formal as well as informal parties and occasions.

14. Short Wavy Hairstyle

When the long dress comes in sleeveless form or with halter neck, the short wavy hairstyle looks excellent. Girls who have short, layered hair can wear with tousled and voluminous hairstyle with ease. This hairstyle gives a careful and playful look to the wearer. This is the perfect style for casual getaways or weekend fun and parties.

15. Detailed Chignon Hairstyle

When you are the maid of honor in your best friend’s wedding, you need to be perfect with the dress and hairstyle and makeup. Usually long gowns or long dresses are worn for such occasions. The loopy chignon hairstyle looks perfect with this attire. Let the style be a little messy for the best look. If you want you can add some hair accessories as well.

16. Winding Waves

This hairstyle can be done in women with plain as well as curly hair. Individual curls are created in this hairstyle and they are then worked on in the pattern of a wave or in a wayward direction to give a stylish look.

Clips and pins are used to fasten the hair. The hair falls on the nape, giving the design a delicate touch. This hairstyle is best accessorized with a white flower.

17. Knock Out Knots

Side buns, high buns, low buns are passé now. Knock out knots are the new entrants in the hairstyling world. Instead of pinning up the curls, use the spirals for creating a bulky knotted hairstyle. The bun should be in side swept style with a classic touch to the same. if you want to bring in a romantic touch, leave some curly tendrils for caressing the face casually.

18. The Side Braid and the Textured Ponytail

Flaunting a long dress with a hairstyle that is a combination of coolness, fashion and elegance is simply great. Work on the hair on the crown into a stylish texture. This should merge casually into a messy side braid. But the braid should not continue till the end. It should end right at the neck area. The rest of the hair should be let loose like a ponytail.

19. Twisted Hairstyle on one Shoulder

When people know you as a carefree and playful person, why not reflect the same in your dress and hairstyle? This hairstyle is just perfect for such happy go lucky souls. Create prom curls and combine them in varying patterns to make an interesting hairstyle. Style the hair in a manner so that they fall on one shoulder only. It not only gives a relaxed impact, but also makes a sophisticated style. The flowing locks and the easy twists make great hairstyle.

20. Carelessly Braided Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for strapless long gowns. Since the neck and shoulder area remains exposed, this hairstyle draws all the attention and makes the area look fuller. The braid comes all across the nape and the side ponytail covers the exposed shoulders smartly. Right at the juncture of the braid and the ponytail, tuck in some beautiful flowers to complete the look.

21. Double Crown Braid Hairstyle

Many women love to wear an embellished headband with a long dress. Instead of this try doing something with your own hair. Create a double halo braid and dress the locks accordingly. This hairstyle is mainly possible for women with long or medium hair.

22. Voluminous Prom Hairstyle

Balance is very important in any hairstyle. In this one, the crown is given voluminous look along with tousled front layers. The middle section of the hair is double pinned. Obviously the hair that is left loose falls over one shoulder and leave a playful impact. The hairstyle is unusual and fresh at the same time.

23. Low Curly Side Ponytail

This hairstyle might take some time to do, but once done it looks fabulous. The basic ponytail gets a twist with braiding. In fact small sections of hair on either side of the head can be twisted and pinned together so that they look like a pony. Curl some hair strands in advance for added texture. The bangs can be braided or left loose to hang.

24. Stack of Spirals

Apt for one shoulder costumes, this hairstyle can make you the showstopper at once. Since it does not cover the neck or the shoulder area, the one-shoulder strap remains visible. The tightly pinned and stacked hairstyle gives voluminous appeal, visual treat and fabulous texture.

25. Double fishtail

When you are wearing a long dress to the beach or an evening out with friends, this hairstyle is just awesome. Fishtail braids are very popular with women who have thin hair as this hairstyle gives an illusion of thick hair. So, double fishtail will be more fascinating.

Now that you know about so many hairstyles for wearing with long dresses, start experimenting with them and see how they look on you.