Ages are gone where wearing glasses was thought to be embarrassing. Specially for girls it was closer to judge them as blinds. Even in old movies we can see a very few girls wore glasses. In cartoons also these glasses are meant for the ugly looking ladies. But now the time is being changed. Wearing glasses has become the most common things. People find it stylish. We can see girls wearing them almost for every occasion. There are different kinds of glasses available in the market. They vary with their size, shape, color and the material they are made of. You can choose based on their interests and needs.

In this era glasses have become a part of makeup a women do. The light weight glasses and their styles have captured ladies’ hearts. You can match them with your dress, occasion, makeup and also hairstyles. Here we go for the special hairdos you can choose for your glasses. Though it depends on the shape of your faces, you always have a choice of deciding the one which suits you. Following are the best among many hairstyles you can pair with the glasses.

Long Straight Parting Hair

For the one who got straight silky hair, this hairstyle is the most suitable one. Lucky are the one who got these silky hairs. This simple hairstyle is easy to do and beauty to see someone wearing. You can do this by parting your hair in the middle or side using your fingers or edge of the comb. With glasses this hairstyle looks very decent and formal. You can try it when you are out for an official meeting etc.

Short Haircut

Short haircut is the trendy one in these years. If you are the one who got short hairs, there is nothing much dressing is needed for your hairs. That tomboy look itself is enough to catch the attraction of the people. Choosing the big framed glasses will make your hairstyle chicer and outstanding.

Long Bob cut

Long bob haircut has already ranked as the No.1 haircut also as a celebrity one. Most of the celebrities choose this since it is a sophisticated and need less maintenance. If you are a person travelling around the world on works etc. this hairdo will definitely be a best one. You can part your hair to a side or dress it with a rhinestones band to make it look elegant. This hairdo will suit the best with glasses. It enhances your modern look.


Ponytail is the most common hairstyle a women love irrespective of her age. Rather being common it’s one of the simple hairstyle you can get done in less than a minute. Going with glasses, ponytail has retained its style and beauty from years. When you are done with most of the stylish hairstyles, you can always get back to this minute made hairdo. Just grab your whole hair and tie it with a ribbon.

Layered Haircut

You can give an instant business look to yourself by matching layered hair with your glasses. This hairstyle remained to be a graceful one among all other hairstyles.

Parting of hair can be done at the center or side of forehead. With the simple makeup and decent jewels, you can appear to be the best among the crowd.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Between long and short hairs, girls are always loved to have shoulder length hair. By giving it a bang and making them wavy, you can look stunning among your group.

When you wear glasses, it adds an extra life to your face. The front bang looks amazing with the wavy hair along the face. Give it a try when you are out for parties. This suits for celebration wears as well.

Trendy Side Braid

Though looking simple is advised, this braid has carried its popularity in almost every occasion. Being known as the traditional hairdo, it got added up with the trendy touches to become more stylish even today.

When you have little more time to get ready and have long hairs, you can always choose this hairstyle to match with your glasses. Glasses with round frames look fabulous with this hairstyle. It goes well with both modish and traditional outfits.

Lovely Pig Tails

Popularly known as kiddo hairstyle, piggy tail is also a most famous hairstyle among many. Now it’s no more reserved just for school going kids. You can see many wearing this at beaches and parties. With round or oval shaped frames these too tails look young and modish. Though it gives nerd look, it also appears to be stylish with the proper matching outfit.

Swipe Your Hair Aside

When you got those silky wavy hairs, don’t hide them with buns or braids. Let your hair free on shoulders and swipe them to a side. It looks amazing with glasses. You can choose rectangular or wide framed glasses for this hairdo. You can also try twisting your hair.

This hairstyle is easy to do by yourself and it is made for any kind of occasions. It can also be worn for any kind of outfits. This has become the most common hairstyle nowadays.

Stylish High Bun

Even this hairstyle is the one which is been popular since centuries. We can see in many old movies that this high bun is used by heroines and goddesses also. Hence we can easily say it’s the most gorgeous hair dress one can get done. This high bun is the perfect match for glasses.

This looks graceful with both modern and traditional outfits. The bun can be made by yourself by making a high pony and twisting the hair around the knot. You can make loose, tight, swirly buns in the same manner. You can also give front bang or pulling out little hair on to the side of face also works well.

Stunning Messy Bun

This contemporary hairdo has become viral among youngsters nowadays. We can see girls with messy buns almost everywhere. It doesn’t need much accessories nor it takes more time to get done. When you want to look voguish with the glasses you wear, this is the ultimate choice.

Just put a high pony and twist your hair around the ribbon. Mess your hair using fingers or comb. Pull out little hair on the sides and front of the face. That’s it. You are ready to rock the party with those gorgeous glasses.

Beauty of Curls

If you are one among those lucky girls who got natural curly hairs, this is the best hairstyle for you. You don’t have to think of an alternate hair dress. You got the ideal hairstyle naturally.

Curls are the best match for glasses. Parting your curly hair to a side or in the center is just enough for getting ready. It’s an appropriate one to go with those big trendy glasses. Use your real hair to make yourself stunning.

One Sided Pony

To enhance the beauty of glasses, just grab all your hair to a side and clutch them up. It gives you a flattering look within a minute. You can choose between loose and tight pony. This hairstyle looks unique in its own way.

Being simple one, you can choose it for formal occasions. Dressing it with glittering stone accessories and hairband, you can also wear this to match your glasses at celebration hours.

Knot It Up

Knotting up the hair was categorized as homemakers’ hairstyle. But with multiple modern touch-ups it has now become a trend to wear. That too with glasses more like high bun, this hairstyle too goes perfect. With or without front bang, this can be made stylish.

Depending on the occasion you can knot your hair in different styles. To remain the shape of the knot for longer, use sprays once you are done with the hair dress.

Half Hair Updo

This hairstyle is a very well-known one since many years. It is said to be the simplest hairdo and also can be seen at great celebrations too. It has its own special look. When you simply part half of your hair and clutch it, it looks very simple and decent.

For the same hairs if you dress with a very few accessories or flowers, it looks grand and gorgeous. After knowing its two extreme variants, it is obvious that it also goes well with the glasses. You can get ready in minutes with this hairdo. Even when you are in hurry for anything, it beautifies you in few seconds.

Twisted Braid

There are various types of twisted braids. Rather going for normal braid, you can always try this out. This suits for almost all kinds of glasses. You can get the most striking hairstyle in a very short time. Just swipe your hair aside. Twist them uniformly till the tip and clutch it.

You can try other types as well. It includes putting ribbon at the beginning, knotting hair, twisting braid from the side pony etc. pairing with the glasses, this hairstyle makes you look outstanding among your friends definitely.

Pony with Bang

Pony tail is the most preferred hairstyle among women of all ages. Being simple and decent, it is the first idea comes up in your mind when you start getting ready for the outing. You can increase the look of your glasses by this special kind of pony with side bang.

Nowadays no hairstyle goes without bangs. For this high or medium pony, side bangs give the chic appearance. You can wear this for both official and unofficial events. It goes good for any kind of dresses you wear.

Short Curls

As you heard before, curls are the natural gift for women. Without any efforts they can be made look extravagant. If you are having these extreme short curls, just let the hair by parting them a side.

It is enough to match with your glasses. You look super sexy with this pair. Also wearing the proper makeup and simple accessories beautifies you much more than anything else. A big framed glasses suits this hairstyle for you.

Twisted Updo

When you are at home or out for casual parties or outing with friends, this hairstyle will help you brighten up your appearance along with those stunning glasses. This pair of glasses with twisted messy updo is unique and charming.

It takes very less time but gives a best output from yourself. Take parts of your hair and swirl them all up into a low bun. Let those partings be visible.

If you wish you can mess up your hair to make it different for different occasions. Dressing it up with matching headband or flowers with your glasses will make you ready for the red carpet events.

Short Hair & Bangs.

Short hairs are feast to eyes when paired with glasses. Here rather you search for a suitable hairstyle for your glasses, you can plan to buy a pair of glasses for this hairstyle. This is so much enchanting hairstyle.

It suits best with rectangular medium sized frames. Also you can try this out every day. Dressing your hair with different headbands for different days will not be boring for you to opt this with your glasses.

When you plan for any event, not just hair dress can do wonder with glasses. You should also care for the makeup you wear like lipstick, eye-shades etc. it also includes the accessories like ear rings and studs the dress you choose etc. When all these combine, it gives that delightful appearance to you. Since glasses capture the maximum part of your face, be choosy about their colors and shapes to match the shape of your face.