A complete look for any occasion comprises of one’s glamorous makeup and creative hair styling which holds a very important role to play. Ladies cannot agree more to the fact that it is actually one of the most highlighted part of someone’s appearance. Practically, you see a person from the head first which is why a good hairstyle is essential to hold any kind of look. Now for party wear and fancy weekend wear, one shoulder dresses have become quite a trend.

This is why there is a basic need of awareness towards the right hairstyle too. Here, your confusions might get transparent with these amazing hairstyles for one shoulder dresses.

Casual Pony Wavy Hairstyle

This is a common hairdo which you can sport to literally all kinds of occasions and dresses, but to be specific over one shoulder dresses, it stands out quite beautifully. The hairstyle does not require you to treat your hair with any kind of special process to get the look.


Simply strap your hair with 1 by 4th of your hair density and tie at the upper part for a casual pony look. You would need to use mild rollers and a little bit of conditioning to attain the wavy look.

Also, if you have wavy hair naturally then only conditioning would do the job. Be all graceful with this hairstyle at the party or in the weekends.

Carefree Low Lying Bun

There has been quite a few complaints from women that their ‘good hair days’ have started to pop up very rarely. This is an obvious phenomenon because of the increasing pollution and dirt throughout the day.

Our hair is also lacking the ability to hold on to fancy hairstyles because of the stress it bears. So, if this is one of your concerns as well, then you would absolutely love the idea of this hairstyle. To apply this hairdo on your appearance is not a tough job either.


A simple shampooing and conditioning session before going out would get you the best look. Tie a messy bun at the lower part of your hair and flaunt your carefree look. This is going to be one of the best hairstyles for off shoulder or one shoulder dresses.

Let the Hair Glide

Okay, now this one makes up to the best hairstyles for 2 major reasons and both of them are well appreciated. The first one being the feasibility and the comfort it provides to carry it around all day. It is easy to attain because you do not really have to style your hair.


You would just need to apply a hair serum and you are good to go. The second one is, it goes with all kinds of occasion and it is graceful. Who does not want a clean and natural look?This could be your hairdo for an evening party or a weekend function if you want something subtle yet graceful. This hairdo would not disappoint your efforts.

Top Braided Medium Curls

This is yet another amazing hairdo for the parties that need a fancy hairstyle. All kinds of parties need a little bit of fancy touch in the appearance which is adequately justified with this hairdo. The hair-styling might be a little complex for those who are bad at making braids but this can be simplified as well.


The appearance of the hairstyle makes the hair look dense and elegant. One shoulder dresses usually make one side heavy while the other side pretty light, having a top braid would make your upper part of the body uniform. Use medium rollers to slightly curl up your hair.

Sleek Hair Bun

If you are a fan of having sleek hairstyles which can be put up in a casual manner, then this hairdo is meant for you. You can experiment on its look and figure out different ways to sport it as well. Usually, this looks the best in sleek outfits or body fit party dresses.


The one shoulder dresses would definitely compliment this look. Another good thing about this hairdo is, it keeps the texture of your hair organized and healthy which is one of the best parts of having a hairdo like this. You can also choose to have your hair bun at either of the sides or at the center to have a uniformly elegant look.

Single Braided Hairdo

An elegant looking hairdo that justifies your glamour and steps up to all your expectation for a fancy party. This hairdo might be a little complex for most of the people to try out as it needs a lot of precision and skill.

However, you can take the help of someone who can help you with getting the single braid. This utilizes all your hair and gives you a sleep and uniform look. So for the one shoulder party dresses or for the evening gowns, taking up this hairstyle would give you great results.


This is also a great alternative for all the people who have issues in managing their hair for a long time. It holds up for hours and delivers the same charm throughout the time. Also, in addition, you can use small beads of hair jewelry too keep the frontal part of the hair in their place as they might come of if you have shorter fringes at that part.

The Classic Straight Hair Look

Arguably, the straight hair look is one of the best looks of the past decade having taken over in almost all kinds of fashion segments. The straight hair look might need a little bit of processing to your hair, so if you already have weak hair strands or undergoing any kind of medication then you should drop this now.


But if you really like to have sleek chick look at the parties or any kind of event, and ready for processing your hair, then it is a great choice to consider.

The hair looks absolutely stunning with the post conditioning of the hair and would suit your one shoulder dress with grace. Since the hair becomes uniform, your one shoulder dress would also find the uniformity in the appearance as well.

The Old School Curls

No matter how ahead you go in time and how many fashion trends you jump, the old school curls hairstyle remains young forever. It grew into fashion in the late 60s but the most importance to this beautiful hair do was given in the early part of the 80s which suddenly became a trend setter.

Prom Hairstyles For One Shoulder Dresses Whiteazalea Sheath Dresses April 2012 - Hairstyle For Women Inspirations

Even today, this hairstyle is well appreciated in modern party appearances segment. The look is bold and glamorous and depicts a tone of elegance in it. The old school curls can be attained with strong rollers which would make sharp curls. This hairstyle looks the best in short hair which works as an advantage.

Since the shoulder are appears to be neat in this design, the one shoulder dresses work beautifully as well. You would not be disappointed with what this hairdo has to offer.

Curly Bouffant Bun

The frontal part of this hairdo appears to be as a hairstyle with just a bang because the back would be barely visible. However, the hairstyle stands out as one of the best hairstyles in the fancy party appearances. To attain this look might be a little difficult as it needs to be precisely carried out with expert help.


It is quite different from the regular curls and needs the use of rollers even though you have naturally curly hair. Use a dryer while the rollers are on for the best effect.

After that, you need to twist an inch of the hair so as to get the bouffant effect properly visible. You can sport this look to parties and fancy gatherings. For enhancement of the look you can go sleek tiaras according to your outfit.

Wavy Side Brush

A fresh look includes ingredients like comfort, flawless appearance and a really calm posture to make up for the elegance. The wavy side brush hairstyle is one of the few ‘low maintenance’ hairstyle that every girl can try right now.

Beautiful woman

The hairstyle is probably the best option for one shoulder dresses as it covers most of the empty side shoulder for a uniform look. Simply brush your hair with a little serum to one side to attain this hairstyle.

Side Parted Medium Wavy Hair

A gentle yet elegant hairdo is always appreciated and it is well proven in this hairdo. As glamorous it seems, it is easy to style too without any kind of processing to the hair. You can brush your hair on both sides and leave the back side to empty for a uniformly divided look.

You can also go for some small floral head bands according to your outfit to enhance the look of it. Overall, this would not disappoint you at the parties.


You hairstyle largely defines your appearance and hence, it should be one your priorities while dressing up. However, keeping off with all the processing would keep your hair healthy and would appear naturally beautiful. So these were the cute hairstyles for one shoulder dress for you .