College is the most crucial time of one’s life, but at the same time it’s the most memorable time as well. We all are confused what to wear, especially girls, and when it’s the first day of your college you are super confused. Trust me or not, you imagine how you will look on the first day, night after night, till the day finally arrives. Confused, perplexed, muddled, puzzled, fuddled, nervous, baffled; for whatever you may be, we are there to help you. We are here to make you look the most stunning and gorgeous girl in college on your very first day. Remember, FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION.

You do not need to spend your parent’s hard earned money on extra expensive clothes and accessories. What you need to do is, be little cautious, and try mixing and matching. Use your imagination. Let the wings of your imagination flutter and clutter. Do not forget to try your dress beforehand.

This really helps. Not only will you come to know how your dress looks on you, but you will also be warned if your dress is not comfortable.

Not standing in between you and your first day at college, let’s just directly move into twenty stylish girls outfit ideas to try on first day of college.

Outfit Ideas For First Day of College

Simple Tee and your Favorite Pair of Skinny Jeans

This is the most comfortable look. Wear a simple dark color mid hip length round neck t-shirt. Bang on for solid colors, like black, dark brown, chocolate brown, charcoal. Opt for a round neck t-shirt. Wear black well fitted skinny denims. Skinny jeans help you to style your outfit and also are very soft to wear. Go for comfy boots. Add on some arm candies. Leave your hair open. Straighten them if you have curly hair. Pick a watch that matches the entire outfit.

Outfits Ideas To Try On First Day Of College

A Sexy Short Dress

Short dresses not only make you look different but can be very comfortable as well. You can choose a single colored dress in any color of your choice. Ensure that you wear a plain dress for this look. Go for dark blue or black dress. To add comfort, pair the dress with simple soft leather boots which are comfortable yet stylish. Avoid sneakers or canvass shoes with this look. Style your hair is braids that runs across your head. Add a pop of color to your lips.  A lip stain also makes you look beautiful naturally. Avoid lipstick. Opt for tainted lip balms. These not only heal your cracked lips but also add a dash of color.

First Day College Outfit Women Girls

Baggy Jean and Stylish T-Shirt

If your approach is about ease, settle for this awesome look.  Basic lose high waist denim jeans, colored plain girly top, a beautiful sling clutch and flat sandals with a statement locket.  There can be nothing better than this.  Be the wannabe amazing chic with this look. Style is all about comfort. As you will be spending a very long day at college, you need to prioritize comfort and juggle it with style and fashion.

Dress to Try On First Day Of College

Cozy Jacket Teamed With Denims

If winters are hitting your place, this look is for you. Denims, all time favorite, paired with a spaghetti top tugged inside your jeans. To keep the chilly waves at bay wear a knee length summer jacket/coat. Hang a cotton or woolen scarf in your neck. For your feet, go for ankle length cress cross sandals. You can wear same color belt and shoes.  This looks not only keeps you cosy but also make you look pleasant.

What Dress On First Day Of College

A Cute Floral Dress

Short floral dresses accentuate the feminine factor.   If you are on bulkier side, go for small flower patterned dress. If you are on the skinny side, go for big flower pattern. You can decide on the sleeve length as per season. Pick up brighter colors if its winters and light ones in summer season. You can team your floral dress with simple flats or matching heels.

First Day Of College Outfits Ideas

Coloful Pant and White Shirt

Add colors to your first day at college by dotting these colored pants. They are available in variety of colors; red, green, yellow, pink, orange; name a color and you have it. Wear a plain top or tee, with pink collared pant and you are good to go. They are congenial to wear and are made of light fabric that helps your legs to breathe.  Add to your look matching footwear. Accessorize with a golden watch or wrist band. You can also carry a matching or mix and match wrist bag with it.

Outfits Ideas First Day Of College

A Lacy Top

You can never go wrong with a lace top. It’s always in fashion.  Keep it minimalistic so that your top can grab all the attention. Pair a white lace top with black shorts. You can also pair it with a skirt, denims, your favorite pair of pants, or anything to everything. This will delight the onlooker.

What To Wear On First day of college

Palazzo Paired Up with Monochrome Shirt

If you want to feel airy and breezy, and yet want to look up to date, here is a look for you too. Palazzo pants are thing to be in. Choose your palazzo wisely. They can be tricky to wear. Palazzo should end up at your ankles. Always wear heels with them. Sport a short top or shirt, or may be a shirt with it. Try not to wear patterns together, for eg. If your palazzo is printed wear a plain top, and if you are wearing a printed top go for a plain palazzo. Go for a blue palazzo with white shirt.

outfits for first day of college women girls styles

Oversized Shirt with Jeans

Chubby is cute, but this may end up into confusion, to what to flaunt on the first day of college. If such is your case, be dressed in a daddy shirt, that an oversized shirt and jeans. It will make you look slim and sophisticated.

Accessorize with scarf and hanging ear rings. Opt for a clutch or a big hand bag in basic colors.  A little make up with this look also works wonder. You can also settle for colored eye liners that match your outfit. Go for matte eye products.

Outfits To Try On First Day Of College

An Elegant Long Dress

If you are not comfortable with short dresses yet want to wear a dress chose a long dress. Opt for a cut sleeve or mid arm length dress. Pair them with a comfy flats or wedges. Long dresses also make you look tall. Do not add any accessory. Decide on your body type and choose from the various styles, colors and patterns.  A floral long dress looks chic for first day of college.

Dressing ideas for first day of college

Denim Shorts and Polo Tees

Shorts can be shortlisted for your first day at college as well. Team it up with a polo or crew neck tee. Carry a small stylish backpack along to put all your stuff. White sneakers look great with denim shorts. You can give socks a miss.

short dress for first day of college

Leather  Jacket and Short Skirt

If you are unable to decide if you are feeling cold or hot, this is the look to chose. Style four favorite short skirts with a simple round or v neck t shirt or a racer back top. Top up with a short leather jacket. Add a pop of color to your lips to jazz up your look. Accessorizing your simple outfits with a stylish statement bag or a piece of chunky jewelry like a neckpiece or ear ring also makes you look like a diva. Hat can make you look chic. You can go for matching footwear. Match your footwear with your skirt or jacket Go for comfortable heels, the ones you can stand in whole day kind.

black dress for first day of college

Ethnic Top and Jacket Paired with Denims

Try this effortless look. Add a waistcoat to your regular jeans and hip length ethnic top. It is a wonderful mix of west and east and is sure to win many hearts. Spot a leather footwear and here to go to conquer the world girl. Add some bangles or bands to your arm.

Rugged Denim Shorts and Shirt

You can also team up your denim shorts with shirt. A light blue or white cotton shirt is all you need. Add a sling bag for all your goodies to compliment this look. You can make a messy bun of your hair to style them up. For your feet you can wear gladiators, not only will they make you look tall but also glamorous on your first day of college.  You can go for a casual style or a laid-back. You can pick any colored; shades of grey, blues, whites or blacks.

hot outfit for first day of college

A Flowing Long Skirt

Skirts can be worn all around the year and there can be nothing better than a skirt for your first day at college.  Pick a pastel color skirt and team with a white top and pastel shrug. Wear a simple silver chain and a wrist band. You can choose from the vast variety of prints, patterns, hues, styles and length. Team them up with a top or jacket as per the season. You can also pick a cute cardigan if winters are hitting your steps.  You can tuck in your top inside your skirt or can work on a layered look. Skirts are the most versatile outfit.

Stylish Outfit First Day Of College

Bright  Floor Length Ethnic Top and Palazzo

Floor length or ankle length long top with matching palazzo is also a good choice for first day in your college. You can style them with leggings, jeans, pants, palazzo or even long ethnic skirts. Be the boohoo chic. Go for bright colors that uplift your personality.

Elegant Outfits To Try On First Day Of College

The Ageless Dungarees

Yes, dungarees are back in fashion. All you need is to style it diligently. For a sporty look, try with t shirt and shoes. For a feminine look opt a pair of heels, a sexy lacy top, some hair pins and you are all ready to bang some college fun. Opt for denim dungarees that are stretchable. Pin up your front hair and wear a pair of shades, and bask in.

Dressing ideas first day of college trends

Crop Top With Long Skirt

If you are a college student, crop top is a must have. There are multitudes of ways to wear crop top. Let your imagination run wild. Wear it with a long skirt. Elevate your style with crop tops. Play around with styles and you are sure to carry it your way on your first day to college. For your hair, make a loose bun. Accessorise with a statement neck wear and a clutch.

what to wear on first day of college

Jeggings and Oversized T-Shirt

Jeggings are a mix between leggings and jeans. They carry the comfort of leggings and the looks of jeans.  They are very comfortable for college. Pair your jeggings with an over-sized round neck t-shirt. Carry a big handbag. Tie your hair in a high bun. Match your footwear with your handbag.

dress styles for first day of college

A Stylish Cold Shoulder Dress

Cold shoulder dresses are a fashion statement all by themselves.  A black cold shoulder dress is all you need when in dilemma over what to wear. Style it with black stockings and a black handbag. Curl your hair and add a dash of dark black kohl, or an eye liner. Choose either of the two as using both will make you look a little over the top for your college look. It is the trendiest thing to adorn.

latest dressing ideas first day of college

Walk straight. Your gait too enhances your personality. Maintain a straight posture. Don’t stoop. If you are tired, take support for your back. Besides this, smile. A smile is a curve that can put lot of things straight. So do not forget to wear your smile.

Confidence is what you will need in your kitty girls. No dress will go well unless you project yourself full of confidence. Every one admires a confident person. So pull your stockings, and do not forget to be confident.

 College is all about fun. Don’t forget to enjoy.

All the best for your first day at college and do not forget to Keep It Stylish…..