France is a native of many fashion elements from ancient times to till date. As Paris is a city of modernization, French nail arts does too. Because of its simple and elegant look, it has retained its popularity since years in the field of nail art design. French nail arts are amazing in going along with any kind of dresses or occasions. Sometimes you don’t have to think of changing your nail paints every day for different outfits. They will be ready to rock with anything you wear.

Being known for its pleasant appearance, it needs utmost care while creating. You have to be so perfect in order not to make them look awkward. Another important thing is to have well maintained nail tips. You need soft and well-shaped nails for this French nail art since it mainly decorates the tips.

French Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

You can use as many colors as you want to give a sensational look for your nails. In the initial stages you can take help from an expert and later you can draw them yourself easily.

French nails will go with a base of clear, soft pink, beige or nude colors. Nowadays having French nail designs is become stylish compared to others. Try them once, and you will get addicted!

Black Tips with Beige Base

Black is a dashing color when it comes to fashion. Specially it is always the first and best choice for the rocking night outs or parties. They definitely need a company of black nails. You can apply beige or transparent nail color as a base and go for black colored tips. Be careful while coloring your tips. Take help of adhesive tapes to make the line go perfect and smooth.

White Tips with Rhine Stone Base

White is another dominant and basic color after black. It is most needed when you think of coloring your nails. You will already have natural white tips which are ready for French nail art design. You just have to apply another two or three layers or white paint. Now coming to rhinestones, they are the real beauty. Glue them at the bottom of your nails to give a charming appearance to the entire nail.

White Beige French Nails

Go plain with this nail art design. It will definitely be complimented among your companions at your office or parties. With beige base white color looks awesome. It looks as if there is nothing on your nails. So natural you feel to have them. You can opt this nail art design for any formal events.

Colorful Glitters Design

Start the celebration with sparkling nail art. This glorious French nail art design is famous for its outstanding look. Use the clear nail paint as a base.

You can decide to have glitters all over the nails too. But that looks so heavy on your soft nails. French manicure is the best when it comes to glitters. You will have less but you will have something elegant. So apply glitters just for the tips of your nails to finish it well.

Black and White Polka Dots Design

Combine two superior colors to make your long nails look attractive. Black and white, both are ruling colors in their own way. Their output when they get combined is ultimately amazing. Give a twist to their mix with polka dots. Here you can even see a tiny dragon fly, which totally has changed the appearance of the nails.

Bright Sunflower Nails

No one will feel bored to see the brightest flower in the world on their nails. Yes! Sunflowers are with dashing color and appearance compared to all other flowers. It is because of the bright yellow color. You will definitely love to have them on your nails with French tips. Using yellow and brown colors create the petals near the tips. You can opt between having them on all five nails or alternative nails.

Colorful Rainbow

You might be in a misconception of not having multicolors for your short nail tips. But this rainbow French nail art is an example for removing the thought in you. You can play with vibrant colors in that short space itself. Look how fascinating it is to have rainbows on your nail tips. Use all the seven colors and apply them in curvy lines to have many rainbows at a single shot.

Glittery French Tips

Even you may feel too much to have glitters on your whole nails right! Same here. It feels too much of shining and sometimes too much is too bad.

Reduce the amount of glittering by applying them only at your nail tips. It automatically creates a French nail art with lots of sparkles. You will get ready in minutes for parties just by using shimmer nail paint.

Fusion of Pink and White

Soft pink nail base is the most favorable one for French plain nails. But why use pink for just base painting, when you can use them even at tips! Yes, Mash up white and pink, you will be able to see so many nail art designs using these two lovely colors. If you want to go simple, just apply the colors a sin the image, else you can create flowers, dotted, striped designs for your French nails.

Delightful Pearl Nail Art

Pearls are the beautiful creation of the nature. Anyone will fall for its elegant look. If you are a pearl lover, who always choose pearly jewels, dresses etc. why don’t you try out having pearls on nails? You will get fake pearls in the shops and you can use them for creating your pearly French nails.

Zebra Nails

Here is another way to blend white and black colors. Zebra is an animal with this beautiful natural pattern. Apply black and white nail colors in a zigzag manner to your nail tips. Before that don’t forget to apply pink or beige base paint. It is one of the most loved French nail art designs in recent days.

Acrylic White Nail Tips

Snow white is a cute color among all other colors. Especially acrylic nail paints are wonderful for painting the nails.

You can draw anything you love on your long French nail tips using acrylic white nail color. This composition looks unique and fabulous on your pink nails. Give a pink base rather beige one to enhance its elegance.

Unlike Pink Zebra Nails

You might have never seen a zebra in pink color right! So does your friends feel when they see this nail art design on your nails at gatherings. Create something distinctive and colorful for this festive season using pink and black colors. You also add up some glitters to it to make your French nails charm in the evenings.

Black and White Floral Design

Flowers don’t look awesome just in multiple colors. They can even be made beautiful using black and white colors. Here is an instance where black and white flowers are making superb nail art design for your soft pink nails. Have a clear nail paint base and white tips with black and white flowers on one or more nails.

Distinctive Blue Hibiscus

Shocked to see blue hibiscus?? But it is just wow! When you got those pretty long nails and have a thought to go for French nails, apply white color for tips, pink for base and create stunning hibiscus using blue shaded colors. You can create them on your own but need time and patience. If you wish to make them pin perfect, better use stickers.

Green Grid Nail Design

How stunning it is looking in the image! Though French nail art design mainly concentrates on nail tips, you can make use of the rest space on your nails for design too.

This green, black, white grid nail art design looks stunning. It is unique because of its diagonal shape. It is easy and simple to make, that too in a blink of an eye time.

Cute Hello Kitty Nails

Hello Kitty is the cutest cartoon we have ever come across. Specially for girls who are fond of kittens, hello kitty is like a dream pet. Draw your favorite kitty on your nails to design them into French nails. It just needs your time, patience and more than that you need creative mind to make them look prettier.

White Lace on Pink Nails

Agreeing with that cuteness the pink nails give, this nail art design is a next step of pink nails. Here you can see the nails with glitter baby pink nails with astonishing well defined white lace at tips. The lace looks very accurate when it is done with utmost care. It shows how sure you are about the things you wear to dress up yourself for any occasion.

Love in Pink

First of all, pink is a lovely color. The idea of creating hearts using pink nail paint is really a lovable one. Look at the image, how beautifully hearts are being drawn as if they are bloating like balloons on the glittery clouded nails. You can also make the amaze by having blue, yellow or other colored paints for hearts.

Pink and Black Ombre French Nails

Ombre paints are made for long nails, where you have enough space for letting colors to play with each other. When you have a plan to make two or more colors to blend along one another, you definitely need space.

Here though the tips are to be painted with colors, for long nails ombre design is perfect. Considering black and pink colors, the combination is stunning. It looks attractive with a flower on a nail among five.

Red Mosaic and Black Tips

We all know how stunning black tipped French nails look. The prettiness of black will surely be doubled when combined with dashing red color. Here you can scatter the red color along the intersection of plain nail and black tip. It can be done using red glitters. The mosaic look is different and beautiful for long French nails with black tips. It is a perfect nail art design for parties.

Soft Black and White Lace

Your soft nails always deserve the best out of fashion. This black and white retro lace design with polka dots looks enchanting for your baby pink long nails. This is a contemporary French nail art design even though it appears to be a retro one. It suits the best for your black and white attire, preferably with dots over them.

Shiny Pink Bridal Nails

If you are bored of having simple nail art designs for relatives’ or friends’ weddings try this new design with a mixture of stylish French nail design with pink rhinestones. You can also use other nail art accessories like bow, 3D stones etc. to make them celebratious. Your look will get attracted at the event just because of your tiny nails.

Snow Tipped with Cheetah Print

French nail art designs are known for their simplicity. Nails look nice with simple colors and textures.

This snow white nail paint makes magic on your long nails. If you are bored enough of plain nails, add up cheetah prints for one or two nails to give a cozy look. It really makes you look stylish in your western attire at parties or get-togethers.

Tiny Black Bows

Give your French nails a royal look by placing tiny bows. At the intersection of your pink base and white tips, draw these black tiny bows. You can stick a 3D stone at the middle of the bow to improve its look. It is a perfect nail design for your official events. You look both stylish and professional at the same time.

Bang on with Red Tips

Being another dominating color in the family of colors, red has its own dashing effect. Wherever it is present, it illuminates the beauty of it. You can always choose red at the first when it comes to dressing or fashion. Try this diagonal red French nail art with black feathery line. It looks simply superb!

Multi Colored French Tips

There is no rule to follow uniformity in the area of fashion. Whatever you do, whatever you create gets its own value and popularly, not may be from everyone, but surely from few designers at least. With the beige base paint and vibrant colors, paint your nails as in the image. You can also make up some other design using different colors for different nails.

Beauty of Red

If you own a fairer skin complexion, this nail art is just made for you. Apply cream nail paint as base and give a layer of cherry red over the tips.

Red French manicures are popular among the celebrities. You can see this design in one or the other red carpet events definitely. You will surely become a fan of this nail art design once you wear this.

Striped Blue and Black Tips

Here is another great combination of colors. Blue and black go very well along each other. You can see that in the design made above in the image. Base paint can be light pink or clear one and blue and black horizontal stripes are to be made. You can create flowers over the stripes to make it much more different and lovely. Match it with your blue outfit to have a best of this nail art design.

Black and White Plaid French Design

Black and white plaid nail art design is the fascinating one. Specially for tips of your long nails it looks dazzling. You will not just be needing black and white colors here; you also have to have grey nail paint. Once you are done creating the grids, it looks as if the colored tapes are woven along each other. Added accessories like pearls, beads, bow etc. will be plus for the beauty of plaid nails.

Combo of Animal and Flowers

Here you can see an unlike combination of soft flowers and wild animals. Zebra, cheetah, lion etc. are the scary animals in the forest. In the same forest you also can see the softest flowers blossom. Bring on the unique combo on your nails to show off your beautiful creativity. No one can imagine how stunning you will go among the crowd with this different nail art design.

Monsoon Snow Flake

Monsoon is the best season in the year. The soft snow fall steals our hearts without any doubts every year. It is also called as the Christmas season because of its arrival in the month of December.

Who doesn’t love snowfall! You can easily create them on your nails for the Christmas evening party. Having snowflake is not a special thing, but making them up as a French nail design will surely makes yourself get attracted over the crowd.

Glamourous Mosaic French Nail Tips

No extra words can be used to exclaim the glorious look of this mosaic nail art design. But still to let you know about it, it is a perfect French nail art design for the long night parties. It keeps you rocking for the whole time even if you don’t want to. There are glittering or shimmer nail paints available and you can use them to dress up your long nails tips.

Streaking Lavender Tips

The fragrance of lavender can be felt just by looking at its color. So much cuteness in a single flower. It is a superior natural color among many others. Lavender color is the prime choice of many designers when it comes to fashion. Because of their blossoming color and appearance, it looks even amazing on your long nails. You can choose between plain and glitter nail paints white creating lavender French nails.

Colorful Combo for Christmas

Green and red shiners are the symbol of Christmas balls hanged on the tree. When you are in a great confusion of choosing nail art designs for Christmas evenings, add up two shimmer nail paints to have this marvelous French nail art design. It goes well with all kinds of dresses and you can change the colors and theme for different days of Christmas.

Black and Silver Blend

Though silver and white colors look similar when blended with black, the clear appearance of them are totally different from each other.

Along with filling up the space like white nail paint, silver does even glowing part along with it. This uneven nail tips intersection looks something unique than the usual nail art designs. Black and silver is the best formal combination ever you will have. You look changes to bold from even one.

Cherry at The Tips

Cherry is a fruit known for both its taste and looks. A shade of red color is named along with this fruit name as cherry red. And it is distinct from other shades of red. It is simple to create tiny cherries along with the leaves on your long nail tips. Before having cherries, prepare the nails with beige base paint and white paint for tips. It looks funky to have cherries on your nails for any events you wish to attend.

Go Crazy! Go Rosy!

When you look at these roses, you may feel it is difficult to create them. But once you are done with this multicolored roses on your nail tips, because of the beauty it expresses, you will forget the whole tiresome and feel stunned to look at the colorful roses. Rosy nails are for all those occasions where you will wear colorful dresses and look gorgeous.

Simple Black Diagonal Design

You will never come across this kind of nail art designs for French nails. Such a decent and simple nail art design it is. You can see beige nail polish applied on the nails as a base color and black is been applied for a very little part of the nails. It is suitable when you got to go for official meetings and also for short nails if you have. The same design when it is doe with other colors like red, pink, green etc. will give a totally different look.

Shining Purple Tips

Here is another simple looking but gorgeous nail art design for your long nails.

The specialty of French nails is, even though the design or the way we apply the color for tips are same, just by replacing the colors totally a different effect can be expected from the nails. Here we can see the shining purple color is applied almost as same as that of the previous one, but the appearance is not at all in resemblance with each other.

Acrylic Twist of Colors

You can see no shining on the nails here. The paints used are acrylic and matte finished. Even your plain nails are made to look opaque. Along with the white tips, the colorful leaves emerging from the corner of the nails look so natural. It appears as if they are grown up from the root on the nails itself. Mixing of different colors is advised to get different styles using the same design.

Water Marble Waves

Water marbles are done by mixing two or more colors in water and dipping the nails in the water to get the marble effect on nails. Have a note to cover your base nail with a tape to avoid applying colors. If you get uneven edges while creating this, hide them using white dots. Here you can see the waves effect and also blue marble texture in the same design. It looks perfect with French nail art design that other types.

Pink Base with Polka Dots

Pink is known as a girls’ color. It is the most loved color by women. It looks pretty on your soft and long nails to have pink all over your outfit. When you decide to wear something pink for an occasion, remember to match them with this nail art which doesn’t take much from your time. Give a soft pink base and a glittery pink paint for tips. Dress it with white polka dots using dotter instrument or a toothpick. You are ready to look gorgeous!

Love Day Special

Love is a special kind of feel. When you are getting ready to meet that special one, aren’t you so particular with your looks to make your partner look surprised at your cute outfit?

Have these beautiful hearts along your long nails. This stiletto nail design is accurate for the lovable dating. The red color symbols the true love between you both. Adding up glitters or rhinestones is your choice. Love! and Be Loved!

Red Nails with White Butterflies

When two most charming creatures of God meet each other, it takes the look to another level. Paint your nails normally using beige paint and red one at tips. Using stickers, you can make butterflies fly on your nails around the blossoming red tips.

Shiny Silver Nails

Silver is another glamorous color. It sometimes appears to be more than just a color. Along with adding colors to the nails, it also gives a dashing shiny texture. That is why it will surely be present in the bridal nail arts. For creating French nails, you just need a silver glitter nail paint. Apply them at the intersection of tips and nails. You ca create flowers or apply in in any pattern like stripes etc. to avail a different look.

Lovely Carnations

Carnations are a symbol of love and pleasant life. Carnations are available in various colors. Having green leaves along the floral braid is the specialty of this carnation. Create them using pink or red colored paints for flowers and green paint for leaves. Draw them all along the tips. It looks blossoming on your nails. Giving a soft pink base is recommended for this French nail art design.

Natural Rock Textured Nail Art Design

Brown marble are pretty at their look. They have a mixture of few colors in them like gold, black, white, brown, orange and red sometimes.

All these colors give an added elegance to this nail art design. Create them using marble nail paint or water marble art. Paint the intersection using any nail color. Your nails will rock with the rock nail paint.

Funny Angry Birds On Nails

There is a kid alive in every adult. When we check about cartoons, funky games etc. we see adults are more addicted than kids nowadays. If you are a one among them then this nail art is specially dedicated for you. Don’t go for having angry birds for full nails. Have them near the tips as shown in the image. This makes a perfect funny French nail art.

Green and Gold Matte Nails Design

Matter finished nail paints have become so popular nowadays. Because of its rough and soft texture, it feels so good to have them on your nails. Rather going with plain colors nail base, choose something dark, like green, grey, black or red matte. Color the tips using golden or silver nail paints. It looks both decent and glamorous at the single sight.

Multicolor Shiner Nails

It looks as if a drop of petroleum spell over water in a pit. Yeah! Haven’t you screamed of seeing a rainbow in the water after petrol spillage? All the colors in the rainbow got mixed with each other to form a multicolored shimmer paint. For the clear nails this multicolored tips looks dazzling. Mix up the colors when you feel bored of two-three colors.

Double French Tip Nails

When you are thinking you got a single tip for a nail, here is a shocking design with two tips for a nail. Yes! You have got two nail tips here.

One is natural and the other created by yourself. Instead of designing one tip, you got to think of another design for another one. One important thing is ti make a clear distinctive intersection between the base and double tips.

Sunshine Yellow Nails

Yellow is the brightest among all the colors. It also lights up your mood from gloomy to interesting one in a second. Such a powerful color can be used for French nail art design. You can draw flowers, vines or any pattern using this color. Even tribal art looks decent here. Match yellow with either black, orange or blue to get best designs.

Doggy Footprints

This is a nail art design which is specially made for pet lovers. In the tiny tapered space itself you can create wonders. Use toothpick or hairpin to create the paws of dog and the face on your nails at the tips. This French nail art design is distinct in its own way. It can be done for your love towards your doggy or for the sake of trend you want to set in order to be different than others.

Cross Plaid Purple French Nail

It looks like a turban wrapped around the head of your long nails. The criss-cross lines can be easily drawn on your nails using white nail paint. Fill the gap with purple and silver colors on alternative spaces. You can also reverse the process by primarily painting the nails and then drawing the outlines. You can replace the purple color with any other color according to your interest or to match your attire.

Chess Board Design

When you are searching for the patterns to dress up your nails, you will surely come across the chess board design.

The checker board design looks special as a French art design. Usually it is created for the whole length of your nails, but here you will cut that along a diagonal line or a straight line after the tip from the top. That is it!

3D Orange and Lime

You might feel bored to see your nails in beige, pink or clear nail paints when you go for French nail art designs. But there is nothing fixed in the way of fashion and there is nothing permanent. Look at this nail art design, it looks colorful just with two colors. Juicy oranges and limes are on the way to get squeezed here. Get 3D accessories to feel their real presence on your nails.

Raw Watermelon

The first color that comes in our mind when we talk about watermelon is inner pink fruit with black seeds. But even from outside it is an art to see the watermelon skin design. It has green skin with black uneven crackles all along the cover. Be creative enough to observe the design and create the same on your nails in a French style. It looks different and unique.

Turquoise and Rhinestones

A greenish blue color is an extraordinary color which can be commonly seen in the sea water. Turquoise color itself is enough to make your nails glow. Adding rhinestone along with the color gets a celebration mood in you. Go for this nail art design for any special occasion at your home or outside. It lets you sparkle among others at the event.

Stars and The Blue Sky

Bring down the glittered sky to your nail using blue and white nail paints. The starts on your nails will make you twinkle among your friends at late night parties or official events.

Apply pink base and blue for the tips. Draw stars near the intersection of tips and base nails. Better to use stickers for stars in order to have them uniform and perfectly placed.

Bridal French Nail Art Design

Women always wants to look gorgeous in their wedding. And if you are a lover of French nail art design and need an idea to make them ready for your wedding, here you go. Have preferable pink nail base with shiny white tips. Glue up rhinestones, 3D stones or/and floral accessories on your nail. Don’t use so many accessories and they make your whole nail look disturbed. Keep it simple! Keep it Glowing.

Tribal French Nail Design

You will never get bored of tribal designs on anything you wear like clothes, shawls, bags or any other accessories including nails. There are millions of designs can be made with tribal base art. Even for French nails tribal designs do well in making them look awesome. You can design either top or bottom base of your nails, and both give a different French nail design.

Mother of Pearl Diagonal Design

Nature has so many wonders in its treasury. Mother of pearl stand in one of the top most valuable thing among them. Its delicate beauty should always be appreciated. The presence of mother of pearl can be brought over your nails to design as a French nail art design. There are accessories which look like mother of pearl and you can easily go for them to go natural with your long nails.

Geometric French Nails

Geometric shapes are so commonly seen in the zone of fashion. Even for nail art designs they are preferred first.

Here you can use them for creating beautiful and simple French nail art design. As in the image you can go with plain black or white or any colored nails and draw the patterns for two or three nail tips only. This looks very simple and decent.