Women with curly hair look really pretty. The extent of curls varies from one another. While in some women, the curl is restricted only to the lower ends of the hair; for some the entire hair is curly in small, dense circular structure. Due to the structure of the hair, curly hair patterns are naturally fragile and dry in nature. This is because of the curls that the nutrients do not reach uniformly across the entire hair shaft and make them weak and brittle.

Along with these, various kinds of styling products, chemicals, heating etc hamper hair health considerably and makes it look dried and frayed. Hair cortex, cuticles and hair shaft become cracked and frayed, and refuse to return to normal shape and texture easily.

Steps To Repair Damaged Curly Hair

Repairing dry, damaged and frayed curly hairs

There is nothing to be disheartened as there are ways in which the problem of dry and damaged curly hairs can be sorted and combated. Though it might not be possible to repair every single strand of damaged hair, but an overall repair can be done for sure to ensure that the hair looks nourished and healthy.

In case the damage is really bad and serious, there is no other alternative than to chop the hairs off completely so that when new hairs develop, they are curly and healthy. But if the damage is in controllable limits, there are ways of repairing the same without the need of chopping them off.

It is true that young women love to style their hairs in different ways. And women with lovely curly hair have a tendency of straightening their hair saying that they don’t like the frizzled look of the curly hair. For straightening the hair, heaters and different kinds of chemicals are used, which cause great damage to hair when done at frequent intervals.

It is recommended to use the best hair sealant before using heat on hair. Pulling, over styling and use of wrong hair styling products can take a toll on hair and make it look flat and dull. The saddest part is that if you want to restore the curly look back, it will be an uphill task.

5 Easy and Simple Steps For Repairing Damaged Curly Hair

1. Resort to Protein Treatments – They Really Work

We all know that the main components of hair are proteins. As a result, protein treatment will definitely be of great help for repairing damaged curly hairs. With this treatment, the hair shaft gets reinforced and the cuticle layer gets harder.

Basically, the main hair root and base is strengthened so that damage can be minimized in the best way possible. Most of the protein treatments used for hair repair contains hydrolyzed proteins. These proteins temporarily help in mending the hair by filling all the gaps in the cuticles so that the hair is able to retain better moisture.

With better moisturization, the hair develops more strength and more sheen. The curly hair is also revitalized by restructuring the hair bonds, which are responsible for making the hair curly.

Check out in the market and you will find various kinds of protein conditioner treatments, deep penetrating treatments, reconstructors, light protein treatments and protein packs. Reconstructors show great positive results for severely damaged hair.

If the hair is moderately damaged, it will benefit excellently from deep penetrating protein treatments. Light protein treatments or protein packs help in repairing slightly damaged hair strands as the hairs absorb the nutrients easily and become healthy and shiny.

Apart from using these kinds of treatments, there are some natural ways of dealing with damaged curly hairs as well by providing them abundant protein. Create a protein treatment at home with readily available ingredients like egg, banana, Aloe Vera, conditioner, mayonnaise and honey. Take all these ingredients and blend them well to get a thick paste.

Wet your hair and apply this paste generously on your hair. The best thing would be to leave the treatment on the hair overnight. This will help in absorption of all the essential nutrients and give excellent moisturization to hair. Wash the hair normally in the morning for best results.

There is another natural protein treatment, which will require 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, 1 egg, 8 drops of lavender essential oil, ½ avocado, 1/3 cup coconut milk and 8 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.

Put all ingredients in the blender except the essential oils and blend well. Once blended, add the essential oils and give a nice stir.

Every single hair follicle gets strengthened and moisturized with this protein treatment. The brittle curls get restored with this treatment. Keep the pack on the hair for ½ an hour and then rinse off.

2. Minimize Rather Stop Using Chemical Products on Hair Immediately

Using chemicals will leave hair in sorry state of affairs. Natural beauty of hairs is hampered greatly with rigorous use of chemicals. Heavy chemical products can prove to be highly detrimental for health of curly hair. Various kinds of chemicals are used in hair bleaching, hair coloring, texturizer, highlighting, straightening and so on.

All these chemicals have really bad effects on the hair. If possible stop using the chemicals completely or minimize them as much as possible. Refrain from using silicones for the hair as they build on hair shaft and do not let moisture penetration in the hair. The hair becomes dry, brittle and weak. Hair growth is also restricted with use of silicones.

3. Using Gentle Hair Cleanser and Deep Moisturization After That

With the amounts of pollution increasing with each day, you have to shampoo your hair to keep it clean. But shampooing hair everyday will take away the essential nutrients and make the hair drier. Therefore it is recommended to use a gentle cleanser for cleaning up the hair.

Go for sulfate-free cleansing shampoos or the ones which don’t have harsh chemicals in them. These shampoos will not only cleanse the hair and scalp gently, but also ensure that they get proper moisturization.

There is also a great way of keeping hair clean without shampooing. And this can be done with apple cider vinegar. This natural ingredient is excellent for use like a rinse on days when you don’t shampoo your hair.

Take filtered water, apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus essential oil and create a rinse with the same. Wet your hair and rinse with the mixture for keeping scalp and hair clean without shampooing.

Along with using a mild cleansing shampoo, it is also important to deep condition and moisturize the hair well. With proper moisturization, the hair becomes soft and manageable and the dryness and brittleness disappears completely.

4. Refrain From Using Heat for Hair Styling for Long Time

Heating is one of the main contributors for damaged hair – whether it is plain hair or curly hair. Curls that used to be lively and healthy become brittle, dry and loose with constant heating for styling. Many women use extensive heating techniques for styling their curly hair and on the long run damage the curls completely and make them look lifeless.

Many women don’t get the curls back even after trying many methods, which means that excessive heating has incurred great damage to the curls. The first thing that needs to be done is to put down the hair dryer for drying the hair.

Let hair dry naturally. Secondly, put away the straightener in the closet for a long time now. Straighteners use heat for straightening the hair and it should be avoided completely if you are intending to repair damaged hair and get curly, thick hair back.

5. Handling Dry and Damaged Curly Hair with Immense Care

Handling weak and brittle tresses is quite difficult as they are prone to breakage and damage. The problem is more for curly hair. Since curly hair is more complex when compared to flat and normal hair, the damage inflicted on the same is also higher.

If you handle curly hair in a rough manner, it will lead to breakage and more damage. Hair tangling is a common problem in curly hair. A renowned hair expert opines that for detangling curly hair, the best thing to do is to use a comb which has wide-tooth.

The hair should be combed very gently when it is wet. Also after the shampoo, make sure that generous amount of moisturizing conditioner is used all along the hair shaft to make it smooth and minimize breakage.

Also, if you are using a scarf for the hair, ensure that the scarf is of smooth material like satin or silk so that there is no friction between the cloth and the hair. The same stands true for pillowcases as well. These precautions will lead to less hair tangling, static hair and dryness.

These above mentioned steps are truly effective and useful for repairing the damaged curly hair in the most effective manner. Natural things are always good. Even when it comes to styling of hair, try doing that occasionally for events and functions; don’t make it a regular habit, until absolutely necessary.