Easy Love and Relationship Advice for Guys – Some men find it difficult to please their women although it’s not such a hectic thing. This is because men often think of women as complicated and impractical and emotional creatures. Men fail to understand that women these days are independent and self sufficient and they don’t need a man who dominates them. Women have certain expectations men can easily build a wonderful relation if they are aware of these basic expectations.

Men are very competitive in general and they always aspire to be the best in every zone. If you too want to be the best boyfriend around, there are some simple tricks and tips that’ll work very well for you. If you keep scratching your head wondering how you can keep your woman happy, scroll down and have a look at these amazing and realistic relationship tips. These tips will help you understand your girl even better.


Always Remember Small things that Matter to her

Remembering small and important things about a person is a sign of deepest love. If you want to move your girl while showing her all your love, learn and try to remember everything about her. Be it her favorite place, her favorite restaurant, the hobby she wanted to peruse for long or anything else. Know what she wants and surprise her. Take her to a place she wanted to visit since years, gift a subscription box and let her fulfill her dreams.

When you give such surprises, it shows that you are paying attention to her and her wishes and how willing you are to make her happy. Any woman would find it hard to resist a man guy who pays so much attention to her. Make your girl feel loved and special by surprising her with the things she always wanted.

Give her some Space and Freedom

Gone are the days when men used to control and run the lives of women. Women need strong men who can support them and not govern them. Your girl is not there to complete you but she’s there to compliment you. To make her happy, you have to understand that she is a person who deserves all the respect and love. Let her do her own thing, be it her work, her hobbies or her personal decisions. Don’t restrict her just because she is a woman and you can control her life.

If she wants to work, help her find her dream job, if she wants to start something new, encourage her, if she has forgotten or left behind her dreams, encourage her to try things she always wanted to do. This is something that’ll bond you forever.

Respect Her and all Her Decisions

Respect is a building block of any relationship and if the base is strong, the relationship will become even stronger. A relationship is build between two people and these two people should always be considered equal. If your girl respects you, it’s very important for you to respect her and her decisions. Make your relationship equal and respectful while giving her the right to make her decisions.

Your role as a boyfriend is to help her take better decisions and not dominate her thoughts. If she needs your help, she’ll ask for it and if she doesn’t, is because she is self sufficient and strong enough. Don’t feel offended and let her do her own thing. When it comes to the relationship or your life together, always discuss matters and take decisions collectively. Keep the domineering approach at the bay and discuss things together. This togetherness will make your bond stronger and deeper.

Spoil Her with so much Love

Every woman wants a man who can add something to her life. A woman wants to be treated like a boss, like a princess and it’s your time to be the gentleman who spoils her with love. Be the man who can understand what she wants and fulfill her wishes in a way she could never imagine. This doesn’t mean that you have to do thing for her everyday; just be consistent with your gestures and make her feel special every now and then.

Don’t shy away from showing your love, offer her the things she always wanted, make her feel like a queen in front of people, treat her like a princess in front of her family and she’ll love you forever. Spontaneous kisses, some PDA and romantic gestures are always fantastic. Try this and keep your love blossoming.

Resolve the Fights and Arguments before Sleeping

A small argument can turn even bitter if you sleep without resolving it. A bad night can turn into a bad morning and a bad morning can turn into a bad day. Don’t let the arguments and fights take over your love and resolve everything before going to bed. It is difficult to completely avoid fights with someone you love sp much but it’s always possible to solve the fights and get back to normal. After all, you love them and the fights are temporary.

When you disagree or quarrel with your girl, remember that it is temporary and your love is more important than the fight. Take some time off, get calm and take to your girl about it. Solve the problems, make her smile and go to bed together. When you’ll laugh about a fight and solve it quickly, nothing will remain unresolved. This way you’ll be able to avoid long term tensions and stressful mornings.

Keep Surprising her

Who doesn’t love surprises? If there’s one thing that can make any one smile immediately, it is a well planned surprise. Get spontaneous and make your relationship blossom. If you want your relationship to work smoothly, make efforts. You might find certain things very repetitive and boring in a relationship but there are also plentiful of ways to make your love life interesting.

Cut the monotonous routine and surprise your girl. Take her to a surprise trip, make her favorite morning breakfast on weekends, take her to meet her family, gift her something she wanted from long and do anything that’ll surprise her immediately. This will reignite your love and care for each other with such interesting surprises. Don’t underestimate the power of surprises as it can simply loom your relationship.

Don Take her for Granted

When something becomes a part of your routine, you start taking it for granted and this also applies to human beings. If a person becomes a part of your life, its sometimes natural for you to take them for granted. However, you don’t want to spend your life in a boring way and thus, it’s time for you to step in and change this feeling. Don’t take your girl for granted. When your girl does something every day, just because you feel that it should be that way, then you are taking her for granted.

Instead of thinking that it’s her duty, feel thankful that she is doing it for you. If she is cooking everyday for you or doing your laundry, it’s not because she is a girl and she is supposed to do it. It is certainly because she loves you and wants to do it for you. Understand her dedication and be thankful. Always thank her and make her feel special.

Appreciate Her in Different Ways

We just discussed how important it is to not take your girl for granted and to not take her for granted, you’ll have to appreciate and thank her. Your girl will feel even more special and loved if you’ll appreciate her efforts. Write her a thank you note if she cooked your favorite dish. Drop a thank you message if she helped you with some work. Simply express then thankfulness you feel for her regardless of the time and place.

You know that she is a very important part of your life and to make her feel so, you’ll have to tell it to her. So why not get more creative and experimental? Keep telling her how she makes your life wonderful and beautiful and she’ll surely blush.

Help her Achieve her Dreams

It is not easy to achieve the dreams being a woman. There are plentiful of hurdles and restrictions for women compared to men. Be a true man and support your girl without being threatened by her success. Give space to her and help her when she needs. Not only you’ll be successful, but you’ll also feel satisfied and happy in life.

No matter how big your or her financial role is in the relationship, just remember that your partner is no less than you and be the one whom she can thank for her success.  It’s not always the woman to make a man successful, sometimes; a great man can also become a strong support system for his girl and help her achieve all the dreams. When you’ll help and encourage her, she won’t be able to resist your love and care for sure.