Dress Colors That Look Good On Brunettes : Blond girls are pretty, red girls are smart, but only a brunette can steal a man’s heart. Brunettes are taken to be more sexually attractive women as compared to other color hair women. Brunette models have ruled the ramps since ages. Not only are brunettes beautiful, they are also intelligent. A study reveals that majority Nobel Prize winners are brunettes. This shows that brunettes are beauty with brains.  Blonds are crazy, red heads are impatient and brunettes are attractive.

Brunettes can flaunt all colors but there are certain colors that make them look prettier. If you are a brunette looking for a flawless look, tie back your brown hair, and read on carefully about dress colors that look good on brunettes, so that you can incorporate these colors in your wardrobe.

Mustard Color Dress

Mustard color represents positivity and optimism. Brown color hair contrast perfectly well with mustard color. Mustard and brown though belong to different color spectrum, but they have the power to blend with each other very well.

Choose a knee length mustard jersey dress with three fourth sleeves. Mustard color looks incredible with brunette hair. If you are a brunette you can choose a Jersey dress in mustard for office or work place. Maroon lipstick goes real well with mustard dress. You can add some golden bangles and bracelets to accessorize your looks. Adorn mustard and be energized all day long.


Pink Color Dress

Pink is pretty so are all women. Women love pink as much as they love dressing. So be it; red haired, black haired, grey haired, golden haired or brown haired women; pink is a wardrobe essential for all women. Pink is not just a color for women, it is a state of mind.

World could not be beautiful had not women dressed in pink. The tenderness and cuteness of a brunette dressed in a pink colored dress can never fail to win all hearts. If you do not wish to be all pink opt for a pink sweeter over a printed pink blouse and a pastel color pencil skirt.

You can also go for pastel or some darker color footwear. Go for bright pink lipstick to add some pop of color. Apply pink nail paint as well for the pinky pinky look.


Turquoise Color Dress

If you are a brunette who believes, “I am an ocean, I am a sea, there is a whole world inside me”, then we have a fresh color for your dress choice, turquoise!!!!. Turquoise is a color that recharges energy, heals emotions and gives balance to life.

Brunettes can pick colors that contrast their hair color. Turquoise is one such contrasting color. Opt for a short, simple and sober tortoise color dress. You need no embellishment on the dress as the color itself grabs all the attention and charm. Wearing this mystical charm in turquoise can lift your looks instantly.

Apply a pleasing red lipstick, something like tomato red or rose red. Open your brown lock and let the winds get play full with them. If you are a brunettes, keep calm and love turquoise. There is no color, quite like this.


Mauve Color Dress

Mauve represents charm and luxury.  This color has a great impact on mind. It calms all the senses. Mauve color fires up the beauty of brown haired beauties. If you wish to have a princess look, choose a floor length mauve color gown in some flowing fabric that does not sticks to your skin.

You can opt for an off shoulder gown to enhance your beauty. Apply a lipstick in purple shade but is darker than mauve. You can play with your eyes by applying plenty of kohl and eye liner to draw attention to your eyes. A pink blusher can enhance your cheeks any time of the day. You barely need any accessory with this mauve gown.


Dark Blue Colored Dress

Let the blue sky, meet the blue ocean and all is colored blue. Blue is not just a favorite color for men, it occupies a predominant place in woman wardrobe as well. Brunettes should opt for blues, especially darker shades of blue. Dark colors fare well with dark colors.

If you have brown hair you can pick a dark blue dress. In case you do not wish to completely go for dark blue pick a dress that has darker upper area and lighter skirt area like white color print. You can go for nude pink lipstick with this blue and white dress.

As far as your beautiful tresses are concerned opt for straightening them and make a center partition, leaving your hair open. Blue color represents life and a brunette can be life of every place she goes if she is wearing a blue.


Red Color Dress

Red represents love and passion. It is also a color of revolt and revolution. Red is a bold color. The beauty of red color is there is a shade of red for every woman, but for brunettes; all red suits them. When you are in doubt, wear red, as simple as it is.

A brunette can never be wrong with a red color dress. Go for red on red by applying a red lipstick or if you want to underplay apply a nude brown lipstick with a red dress. On woman red is one thing but on brunette red is a whole new and different thing.

You can opt for a beautiful red color full length gown that draws all the eye balls to it. It is ideal for your best friend’s wedding, your own engagement or your birthday, a family function or romantic candle light date. This dress will surely make your brown hair look more tempting. Choose a red outfit; be at fire and at peace, at the same time.


Black Color

Black represents power and authority. Brunettes too have a strong personality. Black color matches the personality of brunettes real well. Black is a great recourse for brunettes be it an official black suit or a black gown. Black has universal appeal. Often brunettes feel that black does not work well for their brown hair.

But that is a myth that needs to be shunned. Black and brown make a wonderful pair. So brunette hair beauty, do not hesitate to dawn black color. If you are a brunette and wish to try black for office, opt for a complete black suit comprising of black boot cut trousers and black fitted blazer with a black blouse underneath. To add some color, apply wine color lipstick that will instantly lift appeal for brown hair.


Magenta Color Dress

If you are a brunette and wish to spend an evening out with your friends, but is still wondering what to wear. We have an option for you that will make everyone go in praises for you. Pick a magenta color shift dress for the wonderful evening. You can apply magenta lipstick and nail paint with this dress. Go for an embellished heeled tip toed bellies in black with this dress.


Black And White

Zebra print is a great option when you do not wish to completely go for black color or white color. Zebra prints are gaining trend and are adored by masses. Zebra prints look chirpy and girly. It is a great combination of dark and light color, the mystery of black and the calmness of white; amalgamates together.

You can opt for an off shoulder black and white stripped short dress. Off shoulder dresses look stylish. Choose a fabric that is thick if you do not wish to make your dress go transparent. Pick silver dangles for your ears. Apply a rose pink or wine red lipstick as it looks great on brunette hair.


Baby Pink

Girls and pinks are inseparable. Baby pink tops the list of pink and is everyone’s favorite. Baby pink is a romantic and charming color that is associated with candies and bubble gum. Baby pink color is a smoothening color for all occasions, be it formal or informal.

Brunettes can opt for baby pink gown that is of floor length. You can pick cuts and designs as per your body type. A shaped gown is a great choice that fits well on all body frames. Opt for a delicate fabric that has a touch of femininity. Apply a thick layer of mascara and dark kohl on upper eye lip.

Brunette hair looks great when curled or made wavy. You can add some pink accessories to your hair. Opt for baby pink lipstick for the matchy- matchy look. You can go for black or white footwear that has comfortable heels.


It takes little fashion sense and more wisdom to decide on which colors look better on brunettes. Brunettes have matchless hair that can put to envy any woman and may be some men too. Life is beautiful and so are these colors. So keep experimenting with colors and do not forget to look charming. Brunettes do it like no one else, everyone loves a brunette.