Decorating a Small Apartment- Creative Ideas and Tips- Small apartments are charming and cozy in their own way. However, you can only make that tiny space look beautiful and feel cozy if you know how to decorate it in the right way. Otherwise, it is simply going to look like a scanty and congested area where every household item is randomly assembled. It is not easy to decorate a small apartment especially if you have a lot of furniture and belongings but while using some pro tips, you can make your small apartment look exceptionally stylish and spacious.

Just because your apartment is small, you should not deprive it of style and beautiful interior. After all, you are going to live in that place and should be comfortable living in it. So to decorate your small apartment, you will have to embrace your personal style as well as use some genius tips that work miraculously. Go through this cool guide that’ll help you elaborate the space in your apartment and will help you build a marvelous home!

Incorporate some Multipurpose Furniture Items

This is probably one of the smartest steps you can take to renovate your tiny apartment. If you have a small apartment it doesn’t mean that you have to be deprived of the basic furniture items like a dining table, a closet, a coffee table etc. These days, here are plentiful of smart furniture items that are available in the market. Utilize these amazing foldable furniture items and save more space in your tiny apartment.

For example, in your bedroom, you can accommodate a cool foldable bed into a seating space or get a nice closet that can be tucked on to the walls. You can get a folding dining table that can be folded on the wall to save space. Foldable furniture items will not only save space but will also make plenty of room for your guests.  This furniture is build for micro living and will make your little space look huge and clean.


Experiment with Vertical Storage

Storing the things vertically will definitely save some remarkable space for your tiny apartment. When you have huge vertical storage racks, you can accommodate ample of things on a single rack without wasting a lot of your house space. Tall, narrow and huge storage systems will work best for your tiny apartment as you can create a book shelve type storage and store some art pieces, crockery, books and other household items on the rack. You are simply using the space from floor to ceiling effectively with vertical storage.

You can place a vertical storage rack in your kitchen, in your living and bedroom and make it the ultimate storage shelf for each room. You can use a sliding vertical storage as the ultimate hiding rack to store your kitchen accessories and food items. You’ll love how this smart rack will make your tiny apartment look spacious and serene.


Use Light Color Palettes and Brighten up the Space

Colors play a very significant role in making a space look either congested or roomy. If you are willing to make your tiny apartment look spacious and blissful, use light color palette while painting your rooms. When you are paint the walls with shades like light pink, white, cream, lavender etc, and your rooms will tend to appear broader and spacious. Although white is the obvious choice, you can also experiment with other bright colors if you like.

Especially neutral colors never go out of style. Beige for example is a shade that will create a deeper impact and can the casual white color. Accommodate the furniture that contrasts the wall paints so your walls and the furniture will pop like anything. Pearl grey, lavender, sparkling white, straw yellow etc are the colors that’ll make your small space look bright and breathable as never before.


Try your hands on Floating Design Trend

Compared to huge shelves and tables, it is better to use the floating shelves.  If your house is narrow spaced and you are running out of space, take a look at the furniture. If you have huge desks and tables, replace them with floating shelves and a lot of space will get freed. Wall mounted shelves are not only a great idea for storing your belongings but they also look stylish and modern.

Just because your apartment is small, it doesn’t mean that you have to deprive it of some funky decoration pieces. You can choose designer and different shaped floating shelves and arrange books, photo frames, vine bottles, trophies, your books and plentiful of such items on it. Trust us, accommodating few floating shelves and wall mounted decorative pieces in your living room will simply brighten up your house.


Hanging Lights on Heighted Ceilings

Floor lamps might accommodate huge space in your living and bedrooms. Ditch the traditional lamps and instead try using ceiling lights. Especially, if you have heighted ceilings, you can try hanging lights or wall mounted lights to brighten up your space. A lot of people go for DIY lighting for saving money and to decorate the home in their dream way.

Hanging or wall mounted lights will not only save a lot of floor space but will also light up each corner of your room creating a very effective look. For heighted ceilings, you can use layered chandeliers, hanging lamp series etc. While for wall mounted lights, you can use LED wall mounted lamps. There are some elegant wall mounted lamps out there that can match your mood as well as the interior of your house.


Accommodate Moveable Room Dividers

If you want to divide your home into certain areas, instead of building walls and separating the rooms, go for moveable room dividers. Sliding doors ad movable room dividers will not only make your room feel larger but will also let you store things effectively. Their flexible positioning will make the decoration of your house more versatile and manageable.

The moveable room dividers are flexible to use, need a little space for accommodation, saves time, saves money, allows privacy, and reduces noise and distribution.  This single choice will give you multiple benefits and thus, go for the portable room dividers. Make the most of your tiny apartment while accommodating some interestingly designed portable room dividers.


Place a Huge Rug in your Rooms

Bold prints and patterns often drag the attention from smallness of the space and it is a promising trick to make the rooms look bigger. The small sized rugs would visually break up the floor while on the other hand, the large bold printed rugs will cover the entire room and will make the room look spacious. You can use similar rugs in your living and bed rooms to create an even and blissful feel.

Instead of using different rugs, use 1 huge rug to make the room look bigger. Place this rug within 12 inches of the wall from all the sides. Also keep the rug few inches away from the furniture items so that it doesn’t suffocate the space. Keep in mind to buy a light colored rug to make the room look brighter and spacious.


Use Floor to Ceiling Curtains

Small rooms can look bigger and spacious if the ceilings are properly heighted and to create a heighted ceiling feel, you can use the floor to ceiling curtains. Don’t use those tiny and small curtains and grace your windows with long heighted curtains. Not only window curtains, you can also use the sliding curtains to divide a room into two when you need some privacy.

Hanging the curtains till the ceiling definitely maximizes the lights and allows light to pass from the window to each corner of your room. The curtains are also used to add a statement look to the rooms and enrich the interior of the house.


Use Accent Decoration Items instead of Too many décor items

A lot of people accommodate plentiful of décor items at one place. This might make your tiny space look congested and extremely packed. To create a breathable as well as stylish interior, choose large and statement décor items. A gorgeous huge painting, a statement mirror, a fine chandelier or a ravishing chic style hanging lamp is something you can consider.

While using statement décor items, your home will not only look spacious but it will also look expensive and elegant. Large wall art and antique décor items are available at reasonable prices so grab one and make your home look luxurious and spacious at the same time.


Use Multiple Sources of Light

Brighten up your rooms as much as you can because light makes any tiny room look expansive. Especially if you have a very considerably small apartment, your windows are probably small and there’s less room for natural light. In such situations, accommodate hanging or wall mounted lights along with the basic lights you use to brighten up your room.

Visually beautiful ceiling lights such as tiny multiple chandeliers, diy lamp series,  interesting square and round led lamps etc are the key to making your small rooms look spacious, bright and blissful. After all, lighting can either make your home look dull and congested or bright and spacious.


Use Wall Mounted and Slide In Cabinets

If you have a tiny apartment, you might face storage issues in your kitchen too. To make your kitchen space savvy, go for slide in and open up cupboards. He wall mounted cabinets, the cabinets that slide in beneath the gas stove are highly trendy as well as space savy.

Not only these cabinets will keep your kitchen accessories organized but they will also make your kitchen look modern and stunning.

These were some smart tricks that you can use for decorating your small apartment. While implementing these ideas, you can make your small apartment look luxurious, spacious and stunning.


Apart from these tips there are several more creative ideas and tips you can consider:

1. Try using mounted TV designs. Instead of using large shelves and desks for placing your TV, mount it on a wall or on a vertical shelf. This will save a lot of space in your living room.

2. Use antiquely designed and statement mirrors in your home. The mirrors will spread some light in the dark areas of your home and will brighten up the corners.

3. Also hanging mirrors will bounce the light from windows and will create a nice illusion of spacious rooms.

4. Use creative and unconventional storage solutions. For example, use a storage bed instead of the simple one and it will eliminate the need of a dressers or closet.

5. Use the Murphy beds instead of the large and chunky wooden beds. The Murphy beds get easily folded up to the walls and saves space.

6. Don’t forget flooring. Flooring plays a very important role in making your home pop so choose wooden or some sort of beautiful flooring to expand your rooms.

7. Try using geometric and linear prints. Small spaces often look stunning and huge when they are structured properly.

8. If you have stairs, use the area under the stairs carefully. You can place your storage under the stairs and utilize the walls for decoration purposes.

9. Use wall papers for decorating the walls of your living and bed rooms. Statement walls can simply make your rooms look stunning and if you don’t want to paint them, go for wall papers and you’ll need nothing more.

10. Add plants in your home décor. Especially if you have light paints and a nice window that throws in some natural lights, decorate the room with plants. You can also use fake plants and it will give your home a nice monochromatic and spacious feel.

11. Use stackable stools and not fixed furniture for seating if you have a small space. Also if you have a lot of guests frequently visiting your home, use the stackable stools so that you can use it when needed and can easily store it in a stack when not used.