Dating Tips and Pieces of Relationship Advice for Men -Men and women handle their relationships in different ways. The things that work for men doesn’t always work for women and these differences certainly make the relationships more thrilling but tricky. Sometimes, a man’s approach towards a relationship can create a stressful experience for a woman and thus, it is important for men to understand their women better. When you are able to sense that something is missing in your relationship and that nothing is right, it’s time to reconsider your perspective towards the relationship and sort things out.

A lot of men are unable understand what their partners need while a lot of women fail to open up in front of their men regarding relationship issues. This creates a very stressful and unsatisfying scenario. To help men understand certain complicated aspects of a relationship, here are certain dating tips and relationship advice for men. These are the promising advice that’ll help all men revive their relationships.


Make your woman feel Empowered

We all know that a woman’s ability and self-esteem is always questioned due to gender bias. From the very young age, women are told what to do and what not to. Women long to feel safe, secure and empowered and are always in search of a man who can make her feel so. Not that all women are dependent on their partners for their confidence but a partner who understands her and support her will always be a great option.

A woman needs a partner who is strong emotionally and physically to protect her. She doesn’t want a person who is judgemental and dominates her so if your woman is a strong and independent one, make her feel more empowered. His way, she will be to open up to you and you’ll be able to have a strong and matured relationship with her.

Make her feel S€xually Desirable and Pulsating

The one thing that’s different in your relationship with your partner from the relationship with the other people is s€x. S€x is one of the most important elements that can empower your relationship with your woman. Your woman needs to feel desired and loved and thus, it is important for you to appreciate their beauty and s€xuality. Praise her body, hold her passionately and remind her that you cannot resist her.

Physical intimacy undoubtedly strengthens the emotional and physical bond between two people and cultivates closeness and love. Physical closeness also involves deep emotional connection and can boost ecstasy towards each other. It’s an expression of love, it reduces stress and helps the couples keep apart the differences and get bold.

Not only the feel-good hormones are released but trust is doubled between two people. The couples who are intimate are happier and satisfied in life. Thus, if you want to please your woman and want a steady relationship with her then embrace her desires and build an intimate relationship.

Appreciate your Woman every now and then

When a relationship turns old, men often start taking the relationship and their woman as granted while women crave for appreciation. Women want their men to praise and appreciate them. It’s your responsibility to make your woman feel appreciated and happy when she does so much for you. Appreciate her for the things she does for you or how miserable your life would be without her.

Show her how much you care for her and how much she means to you. A relationship can turn boring when you start ignoring your partner and if you don’t want to let your relationship fade, keep appreciating your partner. When she’ll know that she is doing everything for a partner who values her, she will be do things more enthusiastically for you. Your love will only nurture if you have this thankful and appreciative mindset.

Develop Mutual Trust and Faith

Being in a relationship isn’t easy. Sometimes, when difficulties arise, here’s always a possibility that your relationship may fall apart. A Woman needs a relationship that stands strong and does not fall apart during difficult times. There are plentiful of men who run away from difficult situations and there are several instances of relationships breaking due to the lack of support from partners. Women want to know if they can count on their partners and if you want to win her over, make her feel safe. Show them that you are reliable and they can always count on you.

Any woman jumps into a relationship while having trust on her man that no matter what; he’ll stand by her side. Don’t give your girl the chance to distrust you, be the man of your words and be a partner that cares. Women don’t need perfect partners but they definitely need a partner on whom she can rely. Put in some effort and build a relationship in which, both you partners can depend on each other and stand strong.

Communicate if anything is bothering you

Not all men are verbally open with their partners and this is the reason why women sometimes feel unsatisfied in a relationship. A lot of men completely cut off communication when they are hurt. Men need to understand that there’s no way a misunderstanding or problem will get sorted by silence.

When you keep secrets and remain silent, you are hiding your emotions. Neither you nor your girl will be able to understand what’s going on. If you are having any misunderstandings with your partner, take your time to calm down and relax but after some time, approach her.

Talk to her about your feelings and explain how you can improve the issues. Women always appreciate men who can talk about their feelings without holding grudges. When you are in a relationship, communication is the best way to improve the relationship. Thus, if there’s anything that’s bothering you, talk about it to your girl and sort it out immediately.

Put more Efforts in the Relationship

In the initial phases, any relationship is blissful and thrilling. The couple falls in love, have s€x and enjoy each other’s company. In this situation, a guy generally feels confident about his position in a relationship but a girl sometimes holds back her interests and choices. While the man is enjoying his relationship with the woman of her dreams, she might be restricting herself seeing how he reacts. She might not get the liberty to express herself in front of you. In this case, it’s your responsibility to put more efforts in the relationship and woo her.

When you’ll become more open and accepting towards her, she will be able to express herself better. Make her feel loved and accepted in the relationship. What if you have to put more efforts than her? There’s no harm taking that step if it enriches your relationship. Treat her well, respect her decisions, don’t be judgemental and be affectionate towards her. Putting more efforts in the relationship will simply add more joy in your life.

Don’t consider Relationship as a Hard work

You might have heard a lot of people say that relationships are hard and tough. Unknowingly, people label their relationships hard though it’s not true. This completely depends on the way you look at the relationship. If you take everything seriously, you’ll definitely be unable to solve little problems. Make the relationship joyous instead of stressful. If there’s anything that’s bothering you, go and talk about it to your girl and try to sort it out. You don’t have to take things too seriously. Simply laugh at funny things and have fun. Don’t take things as a personal attack and react calmly.

Communication is a pillar that holds a relationship strong and when you start communicating effectively with each other, half of the problems will vanish automatically. If you want her to do something, ask her. Don’t take decisions alone and include her viewpoint while taking any important decision. Consider your relationship as a partnership in which, both the partners matter and this will make your relationship blissful instead of hard work.

Be Emotionally fearless

Emotional insecurity and fear will simply destroy any relationship and thus, it’s very important for men to be fearless. If you had a bad relationship in the past, you don’t have to be unconfident about the next relationship. Not all the relationships are same and thus, you should be confident and fearless about it. When you are insecure and unsure about your relationship, it will slowly ruin your bond and it will not let you build a strong bond with her. Instead, have a fearless approach towards your bond and you’ll be able to strengthen it. If you think that you’ll get hurt if you put yourself out too much, you’ll not be able to explore the best sides of your relationship.

Don’t protect yourself too much from experimenting and be emotionally fearless. Also don’t have doubts about your woman’s contribution and input towards the relationship. Don’t be afraid of the consequences of falling in love, getting hurt or getting involved in a long lasting relationship and this is the only way you’ll be able to explore the beauty of a true bond.

Bring out her Good side

Some people bring your good side and a true relationship has this strength. When a man treats her woman in a special way, she is definitely going to do the same. When a person behaves affectionately, you can resist but behave in the same way so if you want all the love and care from her, give it to her first. A lot of men complain that his woman isn’t respectful and affectionate towards him, but there might be reasons behind this.

When you treat women well, they will replicate these actions while taking care of you. Every woman wants to be a wonderful girlfriend or wife and if you treat them well, they’ll also behave in the same way. Show how attracted you are to her and how she has changed your life and she’ll put even more efforts in making the relationship work. Remember, the way you treat your woman will largely affect your relationship and will encourage her to be a better person.

Be Super Confident

Women need confident and positive men. We know that it’s common to get dating jitters but it’s time to focus on your inner positivity and confidence. Don’t feel unsure due to the self critical thoughts and remember that you are looking for a great partner who knows your value.  Be confident and approach your woman every time you meet her.

Women feel secure when they are with confident guys and it’s your responsibility to make your woman feel sure and safe. You can gain her trust by being confident and sure yourself. Don’t be a boy and man up, every time you meet her. A lot of men aren’t able to open up properly in front of men due to self doubts and confidence issues but remember, if you’ll feel confident from within, you’ll be able to express yourself in front of your girl even better.

Don’t try to fix her Issues

In a relationship, sometimes, men try to dominate women. This is something women don’t need. Women are highly confident and independent and they are capable enough to solve their issues by their own. Men find it hard to avoid the urge to solve the issues of women and this can result into fights and issues. When a girl starts dating a man, she needs her space and independence. There might be times when she doesn’t need your help so at those times, let her take her decisions and solver her issues.

If you feel that she needs your help, just go to her, ask her politely if she needs any help from your side and if she insists, help her, supporting her will make your bond emotionally stronger and thus, by being polite you can handle such situations easily. Continue to understand her situations and letting her solve her issues.